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Don't Cry (standard:drama, 1218 words)
Author: A.M. SneadAdded: Dec 31 2002Views/Reads: 2283/1420Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
As a small child leaves her body after a fatal car crash, she is faced with the grief of her parents and comforted by a gentle stranger.

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She left the woman and walked around the bed and stood beside the man in
white.  Her big eyes grew worried as she stared at the silent man 
sitting beside the hospital bed.  “What's wrong with my daddy?” 

“Sometimes grief can be so great that even our tears are unable to flow.
 Right now he is hurting so much that he doesn't believe he will be 
able to go on without you.  And he is blaming himself for what happened 
to you.” 

“But...but it wasn't his fault...was it?” 

“No, sweetheart, it wasn't his fault.  But it will be years before he
finally understands that.” 

Tears glistened the child's eyes.  “But will he be okay?  He looks

“He will be okay, time.  My Father is sending him another
little girl, and she will help ease the pain.  But he will always miss 

“Until I see him again?” 

“Yes, until then.” 

The child fell silent as she stared at her daddy's silent, broken form. 
“Does he know he will see me again?”  She whispered. 

“No.  Not yet, he doesn't.” 

A single tear slid down the little girl's face.  “He doesn't look like
my daddy.  My daddy always smiled and laughed.  Will he ever do that 

“It will be awhile, but he will learn to laugh and love again.  Right
now, the prospect of life terrifies him.  But he will learn not to be 
so afraid of it again.”  The man in white touched her small shoulder.  
“It's time for us to go, sweetheart.” 

“I wish I could tell him I was okay.”  She said softly.  “I want him to
be happy, I don't want him to be sad.” 

“He will be okay, sweety.  My Father and I will stay beside him and your
momma until they come home to us and you.” 

“Will he know you're there?” 

“In time.  But even when he doesn't, we will still be holding his hand,
and at times carrying him when life becomes too much.  But we will let 
nothing happen to him.”  He smiled and touched the little girl's cheek. 
“Now you go and tell him goodbye.” 

The child never felt the cold tiles beneath her feet as she went and
stood before the grief-stricken man.  Her tiny hands touched his 
cheeks, cradling his face.  “Please don't be sad.”  She whispered, then 
lifting up on her tip toes, she kissed his brow then pressed her 
forehead against his and stared into his blue eyes empty with grief.  
“I love you, daddy.  I love you so much.  My new friend says we'll see 
each other again.  I believe him, daddy.  And if you believe too, then 
it can happen.  You just have to believe.”  The little girl slid her 
small arms around his neck and hugged him tight, then pressed her 
little hand to his heart.  “I will always be right here, watching and 
waiting.”  She hugged him again then kissed the tip of his nose.  
“Please be okay, daddy.  Please, please, be okay.” 

When she stepped away, the man in white took her hand and held it
tightly in his. 

“I wish I could tell them I love them.”  Tears slid down the child's
face.  “So they could hear me.” 

“They hear you, sweetheart.”  The man said.  “In their hearts, they hear
you say it everyday.” 

The little girl looked up at the man holding her hand, her young
innocent eyes asking the same question that pulsed painfully through 
the hearts and minds of her momma and daddy; why do I have to go, why 
can't I stay? 

The gentle man squeezed her tiny hand tenderly.  When he took her home
to his father, she would understand that her leaving them now had been 
an act of mercy, rather than a merciless act.  It would be much longer 
before the anguished parents understood this as well. 

~ The End ~ 


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