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Lo Mejor Amegia (standard:fantasy, 2754 words)
Author: PeachiePieAdded: Jan 05 2003Views/Reads: 2097/1414Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A story of a young boy confined to a wheelchair and his word was always misunderstood. This little boy was filled with love and he wanted to share this love.

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If they would have taken the time to find out the meaning of his words
that day. Mr. Majors and the Lady left after checking for food in the 
house.  They found plenty and they told Banjo someone would be there 
soon to watch over him.  Banjo didn't understand.  All he knew was the 
three people he loved the most was gone. Banjo was scolded that day for 
his words.  Now his heart hurt and became heavier as he touched the 
picture of his Mom. 

Than he ran his little fingers over the picture of the Lady. He couldn't
hold the tears back any longer.  He picked up the picture and clutched 
it to his heart.  Softly through his tears he whispered “Lo MEJOR 
AMIGA.  The back of the picture was signed Ellie. Ellie worked for 
Social Service and Banjo spoke those three words to her when he was 
just six years old.  She scolded him that day and walked out of his 
life.  That's why he never spoke in public. 

He could remember when his Granddad would read from his little Bible. 
He would tell him the tongue was sharper than a double edge sword. 
Banjo put the pictures and his bible back in the box.  He made his way 
to his bed. He slid out of the chair and put his wooden box under his 
pillow. Oh how his little heart was broken again that day. All he had 
was the pictures and they were priceless to him.  Banjo held to his box 
and cried himself to sleep. The next few days had been very hard for 
Banjo.  He had just lost his will to live. His Doctor was amazed he was 
still alive anyway.  He predicted him not to live past his 6th birthday 
but Banjo proved him wrong.  The only medication he was taking was one 
pill in the morning and at bedtime. 

Mr. Majors made sure that Banjo was cared for and Maria spent the nights
with him. She read to him from his little Bible each night but Banjo 
never spoke a word. He was afraid his words might drive her away so he 
kept quite. She would plead with him to speak but he would only drop 
his head and pull away.  In the morning she would prepare his meals for 
the day before leaving for the farm to work. 

Some days when the weather was bad Mr. Majors would make her stay in the
house with Banjo.  She would here him playing his banjo and singing the 
most beautiful words she had ever heard.  If she came in the room with 
him he would stop playing and singing until she left.  This sad little 
boy was so afraid to love because all the ones he loved were gone. Then 
one day Maria realized Banjo was singing to the picture in his box.  It 
was a picture of Ellie. 

The Lady that was with Mr. Majors that day when he found out his Mom
wasn't coming home. Now she made her visits once a week. Some days 
Maria would be there and some not but there was always food prepared 
for Banjo and he was never alone more than 4 hours at a time. 

Banjo knew her as Miss Ronda and she was very polite to him.  He knew a
lot more English than she thought.  Banjo would only smile and nod his 
head yes or no. She would think how cruel it was for someone to teach 
such a sweet and kind little boy such fowl words.  She knew that day he 
talked about My Whore, he didn't understand what he was saying. 

A few more weeks rolled by and on one of Ronda's visits she was
surprised to see Mr. Major's car parked out front of the house.  When 
she went in she found Banjo in his bed.  He had his box clutched to his 
chest but he was asleep.  Mr. Majors and Maria were next to the bed.  
When they saw Ronda Mr. Majors led her in the other room.  He said we 
can't get him to eat and I am so afraid.  Can we get him to the 
hospital?  She agreed and called and made the arrangements. 

They loaded him in the ambulance and Banjo never released his box. Mr.
Majors and Maria followed the ambulance while Ronda returned to her 
office to take care of all the paperwork that would be needed at the 
hospital.  That day when she entered the Social Service building there 
was a young lady standing at one of the desks.  She looked very 
familiar, but Ronda was new and never had met any of the other workers. 
 Than she remembered, it was the lady in Banjo's picture.  It was 

She stopped and said, “Hi.  My name is Ronda.  You are Ellie aren't
you”?  Ellie smiled and said, “Yes but I don't think I know you”. 

Ronda said, “I'm sorry, you don't.  I met a very good friend of yours
and he showed me your picture”. 

She looked puzzled for a minute but than she remembered.  “Have you met

She answered, “Yes”.  Ellie said, “He is such a sweet little boy.  I
haven't seen him for a couple of years.  I had so many cases than I had 
to give some up.  He had a grammar problem and I just didn't have the 
time to work with him on that”. Ellie said, “I don't think he liked me 
much anyway he never told me”. 

Ronda said “Oh you are mistaken.  Today we rushed him to the hospital
and he will not turn loose of your picture”. 

Ellie said, “I am sorry, how is his Mom taking it”? 

Ronda replied, “She was killed in an accident a few months ago.  He has
nothing now but a picture of you and his Mom.  Mr. Majors let's a girl 
from the farm help with him.  She says he plays his banjo some but only 
when no one is around.  He just sets and holds that little box and 
looks out the window.  He loves to watch the kids play and the fields 
being worked. 

Than Ronda taken Ellie by the hand.  She said, “Banjo is in very bad
shape and we don't know how long he will last”. 

Ellie said, “I guess I should go see him but he probable would not
recognize me”.  Ronda assured her he would. 

Ellie left that day but she didn't go directly to the hospital.  She was
sure that Banjo didn't care about her.  It would be so embarrassing if 
he called her a whore in front of total strangers. She thought if she 
could slip in and see him and him not recognize her.  She did care 
about him. She cared very much. 

Suddenly something happened to her shoe.  There was a seat just down the
street a few more feet.  She barely got there without falling.  She set 
down and removed her shoe.  She could find nothing wrong with it so she 
put it back on. 

Than from no where she noticed a lady setting beside her.  Ellie thought
she was going crazy.  Her mind was playing tricks on her. 

Than the stranger spoke.  She said, “Aren't you going the wrong way

Ellie broke down in tears and she sobbed,” I can't go there, who are you
please tell me”? 

This strange lady said, “Don't be scared, I am your friend. I am also a
friend of Banjo”. 

Ellie cried harder and sobbed, “If I go there he will embarrass me. You
don't understand”. 

Softly this young girl spoke “I understand Ellie, It's you that don't
understand.  Banjo said LO MEJOR. The last word was AMIJA.  It is not 
the word you thought.  Today I bring you a gift directly from God 
himself.  She said, “Behind us is a Library. I want you to take this 
tape and go inside and put it in a player.  Put on the earphones and 
play it”. 

Than as suddenly as the young girl appeared she disappeared. Ellie
didn't know if she dreamed this or not.  Than she realized she had a 
tape in her hand.  She went in side and did as she was directed.  The 
words hurt so much she had to stop the player just for a minute.  She 
was drying her teary eyes when employees of the Library come to her. 

He asked, “Are you OK Miss”?  She answered, “Yes Sir I am sorry”. 

He politely answered, “Its no problem, Please bring your tape and follow
me”.  He led her to a small private room.  “Go in there and play your 
tape, it's more private”. He said,  “Stay as long as you like and if 
you need me I will be in the front”. 

Ellie thanked the nice gentleman and he closed the door.  She pushed the
play button and it was Banjo's voice in perfect English.  Ellie closed 
her eyes and just listened.  After Banjo finished talking his song, the 
soft banjo and the beautiful Spanish lyrics continued. Than the song 
played over except this time it was perfect English once again. 


Ellie removed her tape and she clutched it to her heart. She prayed and
begged God for one more chance to talk to Banjo.  There was something 
she had to say to him if he would just give her one more chance.  She 
wiped her teary eyes than she rushed to the hospital. 

When she got in the room she found a lot of people.  There was Mr.
Majors and Maria. Also the lady from Social Service and two doctors and 
two nurses were present. As soon as Ellie walked in they all recognized 
her from the picture in Banjo's hand. Mr. Majors motioned for her to 
approach the bedside. 

They all stepped away and Ellie set beside her little friend.  He was
asleep. Softly she called his name.  Slowly he opened his eyes.  A tear 
fell from Ellie's cheek and landed on Banjo.  He only smiled at her and 
grasps her hand. 

Than Ellie touched his little cheeks and softly whispered, ”LO MEJOR
AMIGO”. Banjo's eyes opened in disbelief Ellie said it louder this 
time. “LO MEJOR AMEGIO”.  Than she pulled him close to her and held 

She kissed his cheek.  Ellie looked into his big eyes and he whispered

Ellie cried, “Yes Banjo, always and forever.  Listen to me Banjo,  I
love you.  Do you hear me”. 

With tears in his eyes he whispered back in perfect English. “I love you
Ellie. I love you”.  Than he gently closed his eyes and ran outside to 

Everyone was heartbroken that day.  Each one in the room begged Ellie to
tell them what he said.  They held on to Ellie and she closed her eyes 
very tightly.  She whispered I said, “LO MEHOR AMEGIO”. In English it 
means My Best Friend is Boy”. 

He answered back “LO MEHOR AMEGA which means My Best Friend is Girl”. 
All he was trying to say the last few years was that I was his best 
friend. Please forgive me God, I have lost my best friend. 


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