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Annie (standard:fantasy, 64634 words)
Author: PeachiePieAdded: Feb 27 2003Views/Reads: 2043/1592Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A story of a little girl left on the steps of an orphanage and the mysterious family that loved and adopted her.

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didn't see the four giant men that followed close behind that man. 

The next day the same thing happened. When he got in front of the
orphanage he saw the note and rushed to it. He looked and only saw kids 
playing but Annie saw him.  Now on the third day when it was time for 
him to pass Annie saw a woman with him but not the four giant men.  She 
was so afraid he would not look on this day. But she was wrong, this 
woman was his wife and in a distance they saw the note blowing in the 
wind. Than they saw a little old lady stop and look at this paper on 
the ground. This man was so afraid someone else would get his note so 
he prayed “Please Father in Heaven, Let this lady pass by and leave our 
note for us. We are so close”. 

Suddenly the old lady raised up and walked on. This man and woman rushed
to the note and picked it up and held it tightly. They had fell in love 
with the Author of this note. Unaware what was to happen Annie rushed 
off with a smile on her face? 

The next day Annie would do the same as she did the days before but this
day the man in the suit would be there before any kids was in the yard, 
and he would wait. He would wait as long as it took to see who was 
writing this note. 

About two hours later the doors opened and kids went every where. No one
could see him or the four giant men. He saw a little girl with a worn 
but clean little dress standing on the porch with a teacher.  The 
teacher had a sheet of paper and she wrote on it than gave it to the 
little girl. She than wrote on it, she rushed to the fence and found a 
stone and tied the note to it and pushed it under the fence. He watched 
Annie go back and hide behind a bush and watch the note. This time she 
did not know this man could see her. He watched her for just a minute 
than rushed toward this note; he picked it up and held it tight.  Those 
four big men were there also but Annie didn't see them. 

Now this man went to work and when he got there he made some calls and
found out all he could about this orphanage. He was told it was a very 
low budgeted home ran by the church next to it. He found a phone number 
and called. There are twenty volunteers that work there and on that day 
when the phone rung a lady answered; 

him all about Annie and the things that took place the last week or 
two. Then she asked, “May I please ask who is calling”? 

Then she heard,  “I am the man in the suit. Please don't tell Annie I
called and keep doing what she asks, I will call back in three days”. 

This man called his wife and they decided what they were going to do. 
He hung up the phone than he called cooperate lawyers and advised them 
to arrange for an adoption.  Him and his wife wanted a little girl 
named Annie from God's Gift Orphanage. He also told them to find out 
where the Orphanage did they're  banking and deposit $25000.00 to their 
account. His next call was the Department of Office Supplies. They were 
to deliver 30 boxes of paper and 30 boxes of crayons immediately and to 
continue this monthly. Annie was not to find out this was to happen.  
She continued each day to get her paper after Miss Watkins wrote on it, 
she would look at it and thank Jesus for that man in the suit. She 
would get her rock and yarn and tie it on but before she put it under 
the fence she would read it one more time. 


Than after three weeks Annie fixed her note and she tied it to the rock
and pushed it under the fence and hid behind the bush to wait for the 
man in the suit, but as timed passed he didn't show up. Annie waited 
and waited until the wind torn her note from the rock and blown away. A 
very sad little girl bowed her head and she told Jesus she was sorry 
that she was not a good girl and she said I know you will always love 
me. She opened her eyes to get up and go in to change her clothes and 
she saw right in front of her a note tied to a stone. It was not there 
when she sat down but she opened it and it read: 


It was Signed Your New Mom & Dad. 

Annie looked around and she saw and heard only the other kids playing in
the yard. There were people passing in the street and then Annie heard 
Miss Wakins call her name. 

She turned to answer her, then she stood in shock. Beside Miss Wakins
was a Man. A man with a brief case was wearing a suit. Beside him stood 
a woman. Both kneeled down on their knees and open their arms to her. 
She ran as fast as her legs would carry her. The three of them kneeled 
there in a hug not ever wanting to let go. They each gave her a big 
kiss and they said.“ Annie if you will be our little girl, we will love 
you  “FOREVER”. 

Annie said, “If you will be my mom and dad I will love you “FOREVER”

Annie went home with her new Mom & Dad that day. Now she or no one else
had a clue what lay in store for her. They left that day and walked 
hand in hand to that big office building where her new dad worked.  
Eight giant men followed close behind but Annie did not see them this 
time either. 

For the next hour she received more hugs and kisses than she ever had in
all four years of her life. They were waiting in a room in the basement 
garage when someone entered and said, ”Mr. Johns has arranged for a car 
to pick you up and take you to one of his homes until yours is 
completed they were told. Annie's new mom and dad never ever expected 
to have a child of their own and they wanted her new home and room to 
be perfect.  It would not have mattered what her new home looked like 
as long as the man in the suit with the brief case was her dad and that 
woman was her mom. 

In a few minutes a big black car with 4 doors on each side came to get
them. Annie had seen the old church buses at her church but never had 
she seen a new black one with black windows. When it stopped she didn't 
say so but she wanted by the window if no one else was sitting there. 
The big black bus with 8 doors stopped and a driver got out. She had 
never seen anyone dressed in a black uniform and wearing a black cap. 

This man with the black cap walked directly to her, he opened the door
and said, “Miss Annie, you sat where you please and your mom and dad 
will sit beside you”. Annie got in and her Mom and Dad.  Four of the 
biggest giants got in with them also. 

Then this sweet little girl understood that they were the first people
to be picked up. She was amazed that the windows were thicker than one 
of Miss Watkins paper tablet, and you could see out but not see in. She 
waited patiently to see who would be the first to be picked up.  Annie 
didn't realize in a few minutes this big black bus with only her and 
her Mom and Dad and those four giants passengers pulled in front of a 
gate and it looked to her to be a mile high. Suddenly the gate opened 
and the black bus pulled through and the gate slid closed. It pulled in 
front of a house with a thousand rooms she thought. Annie and her Mom 
and Dad got out. The four giant men were out and around them all. 

Her dad immediately kneeled in front of her.  He put his arms around her
and said, “My precious baby. You are never to be afraid of what you see 
or anyone around you. Mom & I are here for you anytime day or night. If 
you don't understand you ask us and we will try our best to answer. 
This little girl had 10 thousand questions. She asked, “Is this an 
orphanage for little kids”? 

Her dad answered, “No sugar, Mr. Johns lives here”. 

Her next question was. “Who is Mr. Johns”? 

Her dad said, “He owns the big office building where we were picked up.
Mr. Johns is a multi billionaire and it is not safe for him to be in 
public. Myself and all these other people work for him and it is our 
job to protect and make sure his business is run, please don't worry, 
he wants you to stay here as long as you like and mom and I will always 
be with you”. 

Annie was so worried about Mr. Johns so she asked, “Is he happy”? 

Her dad answered and said. ”He is the happiest person in the whole

That was a good enough answer for her so the four giants walked them to
the door. The door opened and another lady said, “Good Day Annie”. 

Everybody knew who she was. She was so confused but her mother kneeled
down by her and said, “Dad and I would show you your room if you are 

She was ready so they went upstairs and entered a room. On the wall were
dozens of stones. On the stones was a note tied with a piece of yarn. 
She opened one and it read. FOREVER WHO FINDS THIS I LOVE YOU. 

Her dad said to her, “I saved them all. This is our room. Yours is
through that door”. 

She ran in and saw dozens of dresses, she saw hundreds of crayons, she
saw pads of paper, and she saw dolls and stuffed animals. She was just 
too young to understand, so her mom and dad held her tight and said, 
“That door goes to your bathroom and the other door goes back out in 
the hall. The door that leads from our room to yours will always be 
open for you. If ever you are afraid or want to talk you call out and 
we will always be here for you”. 

Annie got ready for bed that night and her mom and dad came in. They
asked if she was ready to say her prayers? 

She answered yes and all three kneeled together and Annie said, “Thank
you Jesus for all you gave me today. Please watch over my Mom and Dad 
and never let them get sick and leave me. Thank you for Mr. Johns and 
him letting us live in his big house. Thank you for the 4 giants and 
the big black bus with all them doors and the man with the black hat 
that drives it. Thank you Jesus for loving me. Amen”. 

She raised her head and her dad said, ”I will be gone for work when you
awake in the morning”. 

Mom said, “I will be here all day for you”. 

The next morning her mom awakened her. She was introduced to a lady
named Miss Lucy. Miss Lucy was there to clean her room. But first, 
Annie had to pick up and straighten up the best she could and Miss Lucy 
would help if she needed it. 

She finished up and went down stairs to find her Mom. Miss Lucy went
with her and they found her in the Kitchen. 

Miss Lucy said, “Miss Annie has cleaned her room and bathed and is ready
for her breakfast. Her Mom gave her a big kiss and hug and Annie 
noticed one of the giants was always with her. Annie had got used to 
him being around and finally she went to him and gives him a hug and 
said, “Don't be afraid, I will take care of you”. 

He smiled, and said “Thank you Miss Annie”. 

After breakfast her mom told her that would be their day and she could
do or go wherever she liked. There was one place she wanted so much to 
go visit, but only if her mom would not leave her. She was worried 
about her giant because he went ever where with her and when she went 
to the bathroom he would wait out side the door until she returned. 

She asked if he could go with her because she was afraid for him to be
left there alone. She was told the other three giants went with her dad 
and would be home later that day. She wondered what her giant did 
before she came to live there but he was not to worry she would take 
care of him. 

Her mom told her how nice of her to thank of him and if it was ok with
her he would never, never leave her. She told her mom that's ok and she 
told her giant the same thing. Annie couldn't understand so she asked 
her giant, “Where do you live and where do you sleep”? 

He replied, Miss Annie, “I'm never over the length of that big black bus
from you, I sleep out side your door. When Miss Lucy gave you a bath 
this morning I was in the other bathroom taking mine. She kept you 
there until I returned. My bathroom is next to yours. I will never be 
over 20 feet away”. 

Annie said, “That is fine, I will take care of you”. 

Mom smiled at her and said, “What is it that you wanted to do today”? 

She said, “I want to see Miss Watkins and make sure she is ok”. 

In a few minutes the big black bus with 8 doors pulled in front of the
house. The man with the cap got out and opened the door. Annie, her Mom 
and the giant got in and off to the orphanage they went. She was so 
glad to see Miss Watkins, she told her all about her new friends and 
her new house. She said Mr. Johns was letting them live there and maybe 
if they saved all their money they would move. 

Annie said, “I want my giant to go because he doesn't have a place to
live. I love him very much”. 

She went on and on, just like a 4-year-old should. At last she asked,
”When would my daddy be home”? 

Her mom said, “Why don't' we don't we just go and see”? 

Back in the big black bus they went and off to the big building where
her daddy worked. They pulled up and stopped. In a few seconds a door 
opened and the big bus disappeared behind it. They stopped and got out 
and Annie saw her dad appear with the three giants by his side.  He 
rushed to her with kisses and hugs. 

He said, “I love you”. 

She said, “I love you too Daddy. I just wanted to see you; I let my
giant come to because he had no place to go”. 

Her Dad smiled and said, “That's ok. Daddy has to work, but you and Mom
and your giant stay for awhile with me”. 

How happy this little girl was. She now had a Mom and Dad and these 4
big men seemed to always be with them. They went all over the building 
that day. She wondered when she and her mom got close to the windows by 
the street, her giant and one of her dad's stayed very close to her and 
her mom. About 2 hours later Annie was so tired and sleepy, her giant 
picked her up and carried her to the big black bus. Little Annie was 
fast asleep and home they went for a long nap. 

About four weeks had passed by now and no problems had occurred yet. 
Annie would never be tired of her new family. She had names for 
everyone. There was My Giant, M giant went with Mom, D Giant one and D 
Giant Two went with Dad. And Black Cap drove the bus. Mom was usually 
with her every day all day long but about once or twice a week for a 
couple of hours she would go to the beauty shop. Black Cap and M Giant 
would take her, D Giant and D Giant Two would be with Dad and My Giant 
and Miss Lucy would be with Annie. Annie's Dad would be home every 
evening except Wednesday, but he would be home in the afternoon for a 
while before he went back out in the evening. This all was just fine 
with Annie. In fact this was the way she liked it. This gave her time 
with My Giant, he was so scared, and he never went anywhere without 
her. If Miss Lucy gave her bath he would take a bath, when ever Annie 
eat he would eat, Annie thought he was doing better now because one day 
last week a car picked him up and he was gone all day, but late that 
night he came home. He slipped in her room and covered her up. He gave 
her a kiss on the head and said, “I love you”. 

He thought Annie was a sleep but she wasn't. When she knew he was home
safe she got sleepy. She thought that was when D Giant Two left. Annie 
thought was just as scared as My Giant because all that day My Giant 
was gone D Giant stayed right by Annie. 

That evening when Annie's Dad arrived home she was waiting at the door
for him. He said, “I wanted his kiss and hug because I have waited all 
day for it”. 

Then Mom came in and set down with them. In the room now was Annie's
whole family. There was My Giant, M Giant, D Giant One, D Giant Two and 
Black Cap. Dad held out his hand and asks Annie if they could talk to 
her. Mom & Dad had some things they needed to tell her. But first they 
said how proud of her they were and how much they loved her. 

Dad reached in his coat and took out a little case. He opened it and on
the inside was a beautiful little gold watch. She had never seen a 
watch like this one. It didn't have numbers or a face like other 
watches. It had a little red light that blinked very softly. In each 
side at 12.00 o'clock and 6:00 o'clock were two little keyholes. At 
3:00 o'clock and 9:00 o'clock were two little buttons. 

Dad said to her, “Sugar, when I snap on your clock you are to never try
to take it off. You are to sleep in it, and take a bath with it on. 
Don't worry about getting it wet, you can't hurt it. Once it is snapped 
on you will see Mickey Mouse hands on each side where the buttons are. 
Now do you understand all I have said”? 

She said, “Yes”. She held out her arm for her daddy to snap it on. 

He said, “First I need to show you one more thing before it is snapped”.
He lay it across her arm and he told her,” if any reason you get scared 
or lost or if someone takes you and you don't know, you are to push 
Mickey Mouse's hands and hold them in as long as you can. Hold them in 
at the same time and don't let go. Do you understand”? 

Annie did so Dad snapped it on her arm. She could see a little red light
and she could see Mickey's hands. Never are you to push and hold unless 
you are afraid or someone is hurting or trying to take you. 

Annie said, “I understand”, Than she asked, “Daddy may My Giant have one
also. He needs it more than me and I love him”. 

Dad smiled, he reached in his pocket and taken out 4 boxes. He gave one
to My Giant, M Giant, D Giant One and D Giant Two. They all put them on 
and Annie went to My Giant. 

She looked at his and she said, “Daddy My Giant's Mickey Mouse hands are
broken off”. 

Dad took her in his lap and said, “Their watch was not the same as hers.
Theirs don't have a light or Mickey's Hands. They have one button and 
across from the button is a small key. They wanted you to have the best 
one if that is ok”? 

She said, “Yes” 

Dad said, “There is one more thing. While we are all here we need to
talk about names. Do you understand about names? There is Miss Watkins 
at the orphanage. Miss Lucy helps take care of you. You see that is 
their name. Did you know all of Miss Watkins name was Miss Diane 
Wakins? Miss Lucy is Miss Lucy Drake. Your name is Miss Annie”? 

Dad asked, “What is your last name”? 

Her sad little face said, “I don't have one. I'm just Annie”. 

Miss Lucy brought in a big brown envelope and hands it to Annie's Dad.
He told he, ”You must have a last name because everyone has two names, 
a first and a last. Mom's name is Erika Johnson, My name is John 
Johnson. Let us look in this package and see what it is”? 

He pulled out a big piece of paper and he showed it to Annie. He said to
them all, “This paper is for Annie Johnson! Is there a Annie Johnson in 
this house”? 

Annie put up both hands and shouted, “That is me”. 

Dad said, “Kisses and hugs for everybody”. 

Mom said, “Me first Annie Johnson”. 

Then in a few minutes dad said, ”Annie there is just one more thing we
need to talk about. Please try to understand”. 

She knew Dad was bothered, but she held his face and said, “I have a big
family and that's all that mattered”. 

Dad said, “You will always have this family, but what I need to talk
about is names again. We need to try to call everybody by their real 
name; it may hurt their feeling if you don't. Did you know that My 
Giant had a Mom, she doesn't call him My Giant I don't think? His name 
is William. He may want to be called Bill or Willie, do you 

Annie said, “Yes Daddy”. She went to William and said, “I am sorry, I
would never mean to hurt you”. 

Then Dad said, “I have a good ideal.  Let's pass around a paper and we
will let William and all the other guys write down their birth name or 
what they preferred to be called. We will get Miss Lucy to help Annie 
say and spell all five of these guys' names”. 

He ask, “Would be OK”? 

They said, “Yes”. 

Annie said, “Ok Dad”. 

Mr. Johnson gave a paper and pen to William, he wrote on it and passed
it around until the big guys had signed it. When the last had signed 
they gave it to Miss Lucy. 

She looked over it and she asks,  “Annie will come here? We will start

Mr. Johnson said to Annie, “Sugar, I know this will be hard for you but
please try to carry out the wishes of each one of these guys”. 

Annie sat beside Miss Lucy and they started with William. She told all
in the room, “I will pronounce each name first just like it was wrote 
on the paper and Annie could try pronounce them. When I was finish I 
want you to pronounce them the best you can. Don't worry if you miss 
one, we will work on them tomorrow”. 

She started with William and she told Annie to listen very closely and
do the best you could do. That is all you have to worry about. 

Then Annie taken a big deep breath and they started. Miss Lucy read from
the paper. “This is My Giant, This is M Giant, This is D Giant One, 
this is D Giant Two and last we have Black Cap”. 

Annie's dad looked at these big thugs and smiled and said, “I don't have
a chance in this house”. He said Annie; you practice and do the best 
you can. This is their official name starting now”. Now a few more 
weeks had passed by and Annie grew happier as each day passed. Her and 
her mom went out more places now, and what Annie liked best was My 
Giant and M Giant stays with them more. Annie was so happy with all the 
things she received. She loved her new watch, but she was afraid it 
would hurt her Dad's feelings if he knew she could not tell time. She 
loved her watch anyway. All her toys and animals were kept neat just 
like the day she arrived. She still missed Miss Watkins and looked so 
forward to when they visit. In fact they were to visit that very day. 

Finally her Mom called and they were ready to leave for the orphanage.
My Giant and M Giant waited at the door for Mom and Annie and when they 
came they all got in the big black bus and off they went. When they 
arrived Annie's Mom was talking to Miss Watkins and Annie asked her 
mom, ”Can I go out with the other kids and play”? 

She wanted to play because in the yard was all new gym equipment. There
were swings, merry go around, sandboxes, and tunnels that lead 
everywhere. There were toys all over the yard. The best thing of all 
was a big pipe coming out of the ground with swings around it. Everyone 
would hold on to a chain and run around real fast, pick up their feet 
and see who could hold on the longest. Sometime two or three would hold 
the same chain and run and pick up their feet. The more that could hold 
the longest won the game. This time was Annie's time so they were 
trying to do three people on one chain. One little girl went first and 
got the pipe turning. When she got it moving fast she would pick up her 
feet and than Annie was to grab the chain run around one time pick up 
her feet and the third girl would grab the chain run around and than 
pick up her feet. It looked like they were about to win and than 
something very strange accidentally happened. 

Annie's watch slipped down and the bottom button got pushed in. The last
little girl's hand was on the top button and it got pushed in. In about 
20 seconds a bright red light flashed and a very loud whistle came from 
Annie's watch. Suddenly as fast as lighting and from no where appeared 
My Giant. He put his arms around her and gently covered her body with 
his and his eyes were on the street. At the same time M Giant was 
facing him looking over his back. Each had a gun drawn and one faced 
front and the other faced back. Annie was in the middle as snug as a 
bug in a rug. Then the guns disappeared as fast as they appeared. 
Immediately like lighting M Giant was over Mom. When he was satisfied 
everything was ok back to Annie and My Giant he went. With the Whistle 
still blasting My Giant pushed a button on his watch and at the same 
time pulled out a small key. M Giant did the same thing and at the same 
time they held Annie's arms and each placed a key in her watch. 

My Giant said, “Turn on three, one, two three, turn”. 

The whistle-stopped and the little red light flickered one more time. My
Giant brushed of Annie and gave her a hug. Then he asked, “Did we hurt 

She said, “Know My Giant, does your Mom know you have a gun”? 

M Giant said, “Know, and please Annie, don't tell her”? My Giant told
Miss Watkins they were sorry if they frightened the kids and he said to 
Annie's mom, “We need to go now but will return whenever Miss Watkins 
says it's ok”. 

They all got back in the big black bus and home they went. Annie was
still amazed where My Giant and M Giant found guns so fast and they 
disappeared just as fast. 

The last few weeks had went by so fast for Annie, and the strange things
that had happened around her was just a hint what lay in store for her. 
She was soon to realize that her Dad was not just a ordinary Dad. She 
would find out that all the people around her were not just ordinary 
people. This little girl was less than 5 years old and the things she 
would face the next few months would be hard for and adult to endure 
but this 5-year-old child would face some tragedy. 

Annie loved to visit the orphanage where she grew up. Her Mom  & Dad did
allow her regular visits. So one day Annie, My Giant and M Giant and 
Mom got ready for a visit. Black Hat drove the big black bus around and 
picked them up. They drove to the orphanage. Miss Watkins was so glad 
to see them. Annie still wore her watch but she was more careful with 
it now. Dad didn't tell her that her watch made My Giant and M Giant's 
watch blink and whistle.  Miss Watkins was showing Annie all the new 
things that the church had bought them. Miss Watkins asked Annie if she 
remembered what happed there every year when the leaves would turn 
color and fall on the ground. 

She did remember, she said, “That was when they opened the kitchen at
church on Wednesday night and feed all the street people they could”. 

Annie got to help along with all the kids at the orphanage. Annie said,
“Please Mom let me help”? 

My Giant said Please, Please Mom let us”? 

M Giant said, ”We will be good if you let us”. 

Annie said, “I will take care of them both if you will let us”. 

Mom smiled and said,  “Yes”. 

And Miss Watkins said, “I will see you Wednesday at 4:00 o'clock”. 

A short while later they returned home and Annie was waiting by the door
to tell Dad the good news. 

Dad said,” I would like to help but I can't on Wednesday”. 

Annie remembered her Dad was not home on Wednesday but a disappointed
little girl said, “That's ok Daddy”. 

Wednesday finally arrived and Annie's Dad was home early to say bye. My
Giant, M Giant and Annie got in the big bus and off they went. They 
stopped and My Giant said, “Don't forget about your watch”, 

Annie said, “ok”. 

They went in and Annie knew everyone there. Each one of the homeless
people called her Miss Annie. Then She saw a little old man in the 
corner that she had never seen before. She wanted to talk to him and 
see whom he was but My Giant wanted to go first. Annie thought My Giant 
and M Giant thinks I can do nothing by myself, but she didn't have the 
heart to tell them she could. 

My Giant asks, “Can we stay with you”? 

Then she realized they were afraid around all these strange people.
Annie said, “You can stay close, I will not let no one hurt you”. 

Annie tried to talk to the old man but he pointed to his mouth and shook
his head. She new then he could not talk. She wanted to help him but 
she didn't know what to do. She did fix him a bowl of soup and bring it 
to him & she stayed there with him while he eats it. She told him all 
about My Giant and M Giant and her Mom & Dad and how much she loved 
them. She told him to be sure to come back next week and she would fix 
his soup. He shook his head ok and then a short time later Black Cap 
returned and they went home. 

She told her mom all about the old man and she didn't think he had a
coat. She begged her Mom just to stay up until Dad returned home. Mom 
promised if you go to bed now Dad will come in and awaken you and you 
can tell him all about your new friend. She said her good nights and 
Miss Lucy came to put her to bed. 

Mom said, “I will be up to tuck you in”. 

Annie said, “My Giant, are you going to come now or you going to wait a

With a startled look, he said, “I will be there when you get in bed”. 

She said to him, “Tonight kiss me goodnight on my lip and not on my
forehead, and My Giant, I love you too”. 

He waited about 10 minutes and he went up stairs did just as she ask him
but after his goodnight kiss he asked, “Does hugs come with it”? 

He got a bear hug that night. Soon she was fast asleep. Then a short
while later she heard her Dad gently call her name. She couldn't wait 
to tell him all about her new friend she met that night. 

The next morning she jumped out of bed and rushed down stairs. She had
to find My Giant. She looked all over but she couldn't fine him. She 
knew he had to be close, Then she heard him say, “Looking for some 

Annie said. ”I have looked all over for you”. 

My Giant said, “You didn't look behind you”. 

Then she remembered what he had said, “I'll never be no more than 20
feet from you”. Annie put her hands in his and pulled him down so they 
would be eye to eye. She put her little hands on his cheeks and she 
said, “I will shine your shoes for a quarter”. 

He asked, “Why does a sweet little girl like you need a quarter”? 

She said, “It's a secret now but I will tell you later”. 

He said, “ok” and she shinned away. 

When she was finished that day she had made 75 cents. That evening when
her Dad got home she asked him, “Does Black Cap own that big bus”? 

Dad said, “No, that belongs to Mr. Johns. Why do you ask”? 

She asks, “Do you think he might have a dollar for me if I helped Black
Cap wash it”? 

Annie's Dad said, “You get a Dollar a week for cleaning your room, what
do you need to buy”? 

Annie said, “I can't say now but I need a sack full of Dollars before it
snows”. Then she showed him the 75 cents she had made for shinning 

Annie's Dad said, “My Giant let me see your shoes”? 

He raised his foot and Dad said,” I pay two Dollars for a shine like
that”. Annie was off like a flash to get her rag. 

The next morning she asked, “May I go to the garage where Black Cap

. My Giant taken her and they walked to the garage. She said to Black
Cap, “The wheels on that bus should be wiped off”. 

He said, “You are right but I can't find no one to do it. The little
girl that used to do it quit because she said it was worth more than a 
quarter a wheel. Do you know any little girls who need work”? 

She said “No, but I guess I could do it if you can't find anyone”. 

He said, “Thank you”. 

Annie went to wiping.  Now finally Wednesday came and Annie couldn't
wait to get to the church. She wanted to see if her new friend was 
there. She found him in the same place, wearing the same shirt and 
pants as before. He still had no coat and it was a cool evening. She 
fixed his soup and made sure he eats every bite. She said, “You should 
wear a coat so you would not be sick”. She reached in her pocket and 
pulled out a candy bar. She said, “I was going to eat it but I can't 
hold a bite”. 

He did take it and then he kissed two fingers and touched her head with
them. She said, “I will see you next week and don't forget your coat”. 

The next two weeks Annie did all the odd jobs she could do and she saved
every penny she earned. Then one Tuesday evening she got in her Dads 
lap. She asked, “Daddy, If you wanted to buy a coat where would you go? 
Not a coat like you wear but an older coat, I need it about your size, 
but I just want to pay about 25 quarters and five one dollar bills”. 

He asked, “Why would you need such a coat as that, You have a closet
full of coats”? 

She said, “You never know when you might need an old coat”. 

Dad said, “You are right. Why don't you ask My Giant? He may know of
some places” 

. Mom said, “I need to go down town tomorrow, may be we can find a

My Giant said, ”I know where there is an army surplus store where we
might find one”. 

The next morning was Wednesday so off to town Annie, her Mom My Giant, M
Giant and Black Cap went. Mom did as much as she could with My Giant 
and M Giant and Annie too, right on her heels, but she was used to that 
and it didn't bother her. They went back to the big bus and on to the 
army surplus store. They went in and Annie found what she wanted. It 
was an old field jacket with a liner in it. Annie told the storekeeper 
she wanted it only if it cost 25 quarters and 5 one dollars. It was 
marked $20.00 but My Giant had pulled the price tag off. He had already 
given the storekeeper the tag with a twenty-dollar bill stuck to it. He 
had slipped the storekeeper a tag that read 25 quarters and five one 
dollars. The storekeeper took her money and gave her the tag. 

He said, “Little girl you are in luck. This is the last coat I had left
for 25 quarters and five one dollars”. He put it in a sack and off to 
home they went. When they arrived she couldn't wait to show her Dad the 
old coat. 

Dad said, “That's a good-looking coat. Maybe I ought to get me one. You
never know when you may need an old coat”. 

Now it being Wednesday Dad left for his meeting and My Giant, M Giant
and Annie went to church. When they arrived she carried a big sack and 
off she went to fine the old man. She found him in the same place 
wearing the same as before. Annie fixed his soup and he eats it all. 
Annie pulled the coat out of the sack and she asked him to put it on. 
She said, “it's just an old coat I found. You never know when you might 
need an old coat”. 

Then she kissed two fingers and touched it to a tear that ran down his
cheek. She said, “I would see you next week”. 

The next morning Annie wanted to go back to that store they went to
yesterday. Her mom tried to talk her out of it but she begged her to 
let her go. 

My Giant said, “We will go next week and I might buy an old coat”. 

She asked in a way that he gave in. He said, “Mom, Let us go, it will be

Mom said, “Only if you think so My Giant”. 

They got in the black bus and off they went. Annie, My Giant, and M
Giant went with them this time too and Mom Stayed with D Giant One. 
Annie didn't think a lot about it because she was a good friend with M 
Giant also. No one asked what was so important that Annie had to return 
back to that part of town. They passed a few stores and then Annie 
asked Black Cap to stop. 

Then My Giant asked, “Where are we going”? 

She got out a sack and taken out one of her best-stuffed animals. She
said, “Yesterday in the alley I saw a little girl like me with her Mom. 
They were sitting in a paper box. I want to find her and give her my 
stuffed bear”. 

My Giant knew this was not a good neighbor hood but he said, “We will go
for just a little way but you stay very close”. 

They got out and went just a short distance and they saw what Annie was
talking about. She gave the bear to the little girl and said, “Will you 
take care of him for me. I am sick and can't take care of him any 

The little girl said, “Yes” and held him and hugged him. Then she told
Annie, “I would never let nothing happed to him”. 

They turned to walk away and went for just a short distance and a car
pulled close and a man rolled down the window. He had a little dog in 
his hands. He twisted its back leg and broke it. The dog yelped in 
pain, then he dropped the dog. Annie screamed and broke away to pick up 
that little puppy. She got to him and the car stopped and a man grabbed 
Annie's arm and started to pull her in the car. In Seconds Annie heard 
three gun shots and she saw the man fall. She heard My Giant shout down 
Annie. She saw him fire twice more in the car and the other man fell 

Suddenly another car stopped three more men got out shooting toward
Annie. She saw My Giant over her trying to get between her and the bad 
men. M Giant shoots two of the men and they fell to the ground. There 
was only one left but My Giant or M Giant couldn't shoot without 
getting to close to Annie. 

What was about to happen next would haunt this precious little girl for
the rest of her life. My Giant didn't shoot any more, Instead he would 
pick up Annie; he would turn her toward M Giant and turn his back 
toward the shooter. Annie heard three thug, thug, and thug. 

The last words she heard from My Giant was, “Stay under me precious baby
just stay under me”. 

Then she heard 6 shots from M Giant's gun and then the last shooter was
dead. M Giant was over My Giant and Annie. When she did see out she saw 
the black bus beside them. Black Cap was out with door open and they 
shielded Annie with their backs and put her in the bus and shut the 
door. They turned over My Giant but he never moved. Through all tears 
she told M Giant, I caused My Giant to get killed. Why did he get in 
front of me and turn his back to the bad man, I caused My Giant to get 
killed, I am sorry My Giant, Please forgive me Jesus” 

Seconds later Annie heard sirens and they were getting closer and
closer.  She watched as an Ambulance pulled beside My Giant and M Giant 
moved so they could look at him. They checked him and one of them give 
him a shot in the arm. It had a hose and a bag hooked to it. Then they 
started putting bandages on him. Annie watched but the body of My Giant 
was lifeless. A policeman came to the door of the big black bus but 
Black Cap wouldn't open it until M Giant stood there. M Giant came over 
and the door opened. 

The policeman asks, “Is Annie ok”? 

She replied, “If My Giant gets up I will be”. 

By this time another Ambulance was there, and the Policeman said, “one
of the Paramedic's wants to check you and make sure you are ok”. 

M Giant said, “It will be ok Annie, I will be in the car with you”. He
said, ”Your Mom and Dad are on the way”. 

Annie said, “Dad will be mad at me because I caused My Giant to get

M Giant said, “My Giant is still alive but he is in very bad shape. None
of the things that happened here was your fault. There was nothing you 
did to cause this. Please wait a few minutes and your Mom and Dad will 
talk to you. When the Paramedic gets through I will get out. You stay 
in the car with Black Cap. I will be only a few feet away and your Mom 
& Dad will be here soon”. 

The Paramedic's put My Giant in the Ambulance and it rushed off with
sirens blasting. The police had covered the bodies of the five bad men 
and Mom & Dad with D Giant One & D Giant Two pulled beside them. D 
Giant One & D Giant Two got out first and opened the doors while Mom & 
Dad got in the big bus. Then D Giant One and D Giant Two got in with 
Annie. Dad wrapped his arms around her and held so tight. That was the 
first time she had seen her Dad cry. 

He whispered, “My Precious Princess, I am sorry I caused you to go threw
this. I love you so, so much. I couldn't go on living if something 
happened to you”. 

Mommy cried and cried and Daddy tries to hold both of them. Annie said,
“Daddy this is all my fault”. 

He kissed her tears and said, “NO, NO, Darling; I have been on the phone
with M Giant. He told me all that had happened. You did exactly what My 
Giant said. He put his back to the bad man so he could shield you from 
gunfire. He lifted you up so M Giant could see you. The shots he fired 
were no more than an inch from you and My Giant's head. The bad man 
knew they would not fire the gun so close to you when you were 
unshielded. If you are ready we will go to the hospital and be with My 

When the big black bus got to the hospital there was another car waiting
there for them. When M Giant opened the door, the door of the other car 
opened and 6 men as big as M Giant got out. 

They went to M Giant and one said, “We have searched the premises and
all is secure Sir”. 

M Giant looked at Annie and he said, “Don't be afraid of these men
Annie, they work for Mr. Johns also”. 

They all went in and a Doctor came out and he said. “We have him stable
Sir, but I am afraid he will only last for a short while”. 

Annie's Dad said, “As soon as you can move him to the Pen House floor.
You tell me how many Dr.'s and Nurse's you need and I will see that 
they get a clearance pass. Absolutely no one goes past my men unless 
they have a pass”. 

He gave that Dr. a cell phone with a number on it. He said, “If you need
more manpower you call this number and I will ok it. If you don't they 
will not get by. If you think you need 6 Dr.'s to handle this you order 
12 or if you think you only need 3, you order 6. Do you understand”? 

“Yes sir, To the fullest,” replied the Dr 

Annie along with her Mom & Dad, M Giant, D Giant One, D Giant Two and
the other 6 men got on the elevator. D Giant put a key in the slot and 
the elevator took off. Soon the door opened to a large room. There was 
an empty bed with a lot of machines around it. Against the wall were 
chairs. This is where Mom & Dad and Annie went. All the big giants set 
next to the door. 

In a few minutes Dad's Phone rang, he answered it. “My men will be right

Dad hung it up and he said too M Giant One, “Take 6 key passes to the
Dr. Three are for female and 3 are or Male”.  M Giant got up and one of 
the Big Guys followed. 

A short while later Annie said, “Dad My Giant is coming”. 

Seconds later the doors open. Six people pushed a gurney in with My
Giant on it. M Giant and the other Giants were with them. They pushed 
him to the side of the bed and moved him over on it. They fastened some 
wires to his body and 5 of them went threw a door with a window that 
over looked the bed. 

The other Dr. came to Dad and he said, “We have done all we can do. He
has only a short while. The beeps you hear are his heart rate. He can't 
last long at the rate it is at now” 

Annie stood and she looked at his lifeless body. A body just hours
earlier that was as strong as an elephant, but he was as gentle as a 
lamb. One of the Dr.'s came out of the room and put a small stool at 
the side of the bed. Annie stood and watched as the life drained out of 
his body. Dad rubbed her arm and motioned for her to go to My Giant. 
Not a dry eye was in the room as they watched the tears run down this 
little girls face. Slowly and very quietly she approached his bed. Mom 
could watch no more. She turned away and Dad held her so tight. Mom 
heard him softly pray this prayer. 

“Dear God in Heaven. I Have the Earthly Power and Means to own or Do
Anything I Want. Father, I Know that This Power and Wealth was a Gift 
from You. I know you own All and Control All.  I will give it all back 
to you now if only you pass the pain and grief that Annie feels now. 
Give me the Strength and the Wisdom to Explain to Our Little Girl Why 
one of Her very Best Friends She has. Passed On Today. If it were Your 
Will Father Let My Giant stay with us For a While. We know you know All 
and Control All. Father I Know Our Little Girl will Have Questions 
about This Day. Please Put the Answers in My Mouth and may I answer In 
a Way That Will Please You. In Jesus Precious Name We Pray. Amen”. 

They all raised their Heads and they saw Annie standing on the stool
over My Giant. The words that Annie was about to speak brought 7 large 
bodyguards to tears. They bitterly wept. Enough so that Mom and Dad 
threw their tears comforted them. 

Annie placed her little hand on his and finally she could speak. Softly
she said, “I take my eyes off you for a second and look what happens. 
You knew better then to turn your back on bad men. You can't leave me 
now, who would watch over me. Now it is my time to watch over you. I 
will never be over 20 foot from you. If only you will wake up and tell 
me what you need, I will get it? All those times you came in my room 
and kissed my forehead and said I Love You. I play like I was asleep 
because I was afraid you would fuss at me for being awake. I Love You 
My Giant, Please Wake up so you can Here me say it. I Love You My 
Giant, I love you”. 

Then Annie gently lay her head on his chest and she let her emotions go.
She cried so hard that all had to hold Mom back. 

Threw all M Giants tears he gently sat Mom & Dad down and he very softly
said to them, “Give her just a minute with him and than you go too her” 

No one had noticed two of the Dr.'s was over My Giant. One of them said,
”Annie do not move, stay against your friend”. 

Mom & Dad and all the Giants were around the bed by this time. The Dr.
said, “”He is responding to her voice. His heart rate is normal and his 
blood pressure is normal while she is close to him”. 

Then Annie asked her Daddy, “How big is this room”? 

Dad said, “About 30 or 40 foot, why honey do you ask that Princess”? 

Annie said, “I promised I would not be more than 20 foot from him. I was
to far away”. 

The Dr. told one of the nurses to arrange for another bed to be placed
beside his. Then he asked Mrs. Johnson, “Can your little girl stay here 
for awhile”? 

Mom looked at Dad, and he said, “As long as it takes. We will need
several beds. No one is going anywhere for awhile”. 

Several days had passed and My Giant was a little better but still in a
coma. He hadn't awakened from the medicine he was given during surgery. 
As long as Annie didn't leave the room My Giant's vital signs were 
normal, but once she left they would be off the chart and medical 
alarms would sound. They would rush Annie back and she could touch is 
hand and talk to him and he would settle right down. 

Then one day the strangest thing happened, or the Dr. thought so, If
they had asked Annie or her mom or Dad they could have told them. It 
was a lot of prayers. This is the way it happened.  One-day Annie's Mom 
and Dad come to the hospital to check on them. When the elevator door 
opened Mom and Dad saw two of the big guys standing with their heads 
bowed. Gently they raised them and pointed to the bed. They saw Annie 
holding on of My Giant's hands. Next to her was M Giant with his hand 
in Annie's. Dad motioned for all the guards to go to the bed with them. 
They kneeled beside the rest and Mom taken hold of M Giant's hand with 
her left and Dad's hand with the right. Dad was beside D Giant One and 
than was D Giant Two. The other 4 bodyguards kneeled and made up the 
rest of the chain. 

Just in a very few seconds they heard a very soft and weak voice say,
“Hi precious Baby, I love You, What about a Hug”? 

Annie couldn't hold back her tears. Gently she wrapped her little arm
around him and said, ”I Love You Too. I thought you had left me”. 

My Giant said, “I told you I would never be over 20 feet from you, don't
you remember”. 

“Jesus gave you back, He told me he wasn't mad at me and he would prove
it. He bought you twice. The first time he paid on the cross, the 
second time he bought you because he loved all of us. My Giant we all 
asked him and he said yes,” replied Annie. 

It would be many weeks before My Giant would recover even enough to be
out of bed and walk. Annie would leave the hospital some but only if 
she stayed close to M Giant and D Giant one. D Giant and one of the Big 
Guys stayed with Mom and two of the Big Guys went with Dad. 

Annie told My Giant, “Now we need that big black bus for all of us to
fit in”. 

It was in the middle of winter now and Annie would still visit the
kitchen on Wednesday evening. She still watched over her buddy and made 
sure he had soup on Wednesday. She worried about him the rest of the 
week also because no one knew where he went. He would just show up on 
Wednesday. There was something about this old man that touched her 

One Wednesday just before Christmas she worn one of her very expensive
Gold Hearts on a Gold Chain. This was one of her favorite pieces of 
jewelry she owned. She had in her pocket another solid gold chain. That 
night before she went home she asked M Giant to break it in two pieces 
for her. He couldn't believe what he heard but she insisted. He was so 
curious as of what she had in mind that he would do it for her. If they 
got into trouble he would pay for having it repaired. He insisted she 
tell mom & Dad that night when they got home what she did with it. She 
agreed to this. He went to the trunk of the big bus and got two pair of 
pliers out of the toolbox. He bent it back and forth until it broke. 
After he had two pieces he used a file to smooth the edges and than he 
took it back to her. 

She told this old man she had a gift for him. She slipped one side of
the heart on one chain and the other side on the other chain. She put 
one around her neck and the other around his neck. 

She said. “Now when we are together our hearts is one. When we are apart
they are broken”. She told him no one wants a broken heart. She said, 
“The winter will soon be over and the kitchen will close and I may 
never see you again.  If you will still come here I will work and buy 
you a bowl of soup every Wednesday night if you will return”? 

This little girl had a way about her you couldn't believe. She was truly
a gift of god put here by him and lead by him every day. She changed 
ever life she touched. This old man excepted her gift and as always he 
kissed two fingers and touched to her forehead. 

She looked at him and saw a tear on his cheek. Usually she would do the
same back in return, but not this time, She put her arms around him and 
gently kissed his tear away. And she softly said to him, “I Love You My 

My Buddy did as he promised over the next few months. Annie would do
every odd job her Dad would let her do. She always made enough to buy 
My Buddy his soup. He would eat it and disappear after just as fast as 
he would appear. Annie didn't mind as long as he got enough to eat to 
stay alive. 

Now all the things that were happening around the church and orphanage
were unbelievable. The church had been torn down and one twice the size 
had been built back to replace it. The memberships had grown from and 
average of 120 to 375. No one really knew where all the money had come 
from. It was deposited directly in their account and the donor wanted 
to remain anonymous. One twice the size replaced the orphanage. 
Children there had all their needs cared for. The church was to send 
all bills to a Post Office Box and they were taken care of.  Every 
volunteer there that wanted was put on payroll with full benefits. Any 
of the volunteers that wished to attend college and teach was paid. All 
together the church had a budget of 1.5 million dollars annually and 
with their help that amount was met plus money left for the following 
year. The bank had informed the church leaders as long as no one tried 
to find out where that money was coming from, that it would always be 

Now thing was about to get back to normal for Annie's family if there
was such a thing. My Giant was doing fine and was about ready to return 
home and take back over watching Annie. Her sixth birthday was coming 
up and her Dad and Mom had some thing they needed to tell her but Dad 
didn't know how. This was a very smart little girl and he didn't know 
how she would react to some of the things he had to say. The day 
finally came and Dad told her he had something to say. This would 
effect her for the rest of her life.  That evening he called her in and 
she sat very quietly. There was Mom & Dad, My Giant and M Giant, D 
Giant One and D Giant Two, and Big Guy One and Big Guy Two, Black Cap 
and Miss Lucy made up the group. Annie had never seen all of them 
together all at one time all in the same room. Her little heart raced. 
She just knew they were going to tell her something bad. 

Then Dad told her to come over and set in Mom's lap. First he told her
she was the most important thing in their whole life. She was their 
Daughter and would always be their Daughter. 

Dad said, “Darling; Your Mom and I have been together now for 2 years.
She knows very much what is going on in my life and I want you to know 
the same. You see, Mom doesn't know all about me and she accepts and 
understands that. Now it is time for you to know as much as all in this 
room. Darling no one here knows all. There will come a time when you 
will and Mom will along with everyone in this room will understand. 

Before we could adopt you we had to find some answers. Once we met you
there would be nothing that would stop us. We both believe God intended 
for you to be our daughter and he helped us through it. You will be 
going to school next year if you want. You can go to public school if 
you like. If you go there, My Giant and M Giant will accompany you. You 
can go to home school. Your teachers will come here and you will not 
have to leave the house. That is our choice but that is a selfish 
choice. We wouldn't have to worry as much about you then. That is not 
fair to you. Your last choice is School at the orphanage. My Giant and 
M Giant would go with you and bring you home at the end of the day just 
like kids in regular school. You can decide now or you can decide later 
if you want. 

“Princess, do you have any questions”? 

“Yes Daddy. Why would anyone want to hurt a dumb little old girl”? 

“Darling it is me they are after” he replied. “The most painful hurt in
this world for me would be to hurt you or Mom”. 

“But why would anyone want to hurt you, you are the best daddy in the
whole world,” replied Annie. 

“ Princess, that is what I can't tell you or Mom or any one in this
room. I hate my life but I live it for you and Mom. With the help of 
Jesus only do I get through each day? I know 12 years seem like a 
lifetime but that is when you and Mom will know all. 

The only way you will know any sooner is if something happens to me.  I
live with that every day. All these guys in this room are bodyguards. 
They are trained to do what they do. There carry a special gun. There 
is none other like it in the whole world. There are none other like 
these special friends of yours. They all did  something they were 
trained not to do. They were not supposed to fall in love with you. The 
day My Giant got shot. That was his Job. But this time it was love that 
drove him to it. He willingly and knowingly offered his life for yours. 
Pay or no pay. I know for a fact he would do it again and again if he 
had too. 

Annie My Giant and all the rest pack that special gun I was telling you
about. Their guns are over a foot long and weigh over 5 LB when fully 
loaded. They keep them fully loaded at all times. They have them on now 
but you or even I don't have a clue where they are. They can have them 
drawn and firing in less than a second. 

I want My Giant to stand and you give him a big hug. 

My Giant said, “Hug as long and as hard as you like my Princess”. 

She loved that ideal so in a flash she had arms and legs around him and 
held as tight as she could. In a minute he gave her a kiss and she let 

Dad asked, “Did you feel a gun”? 

She said, “No Dad unless it is in his socks”? 

Dad said, “Feel and see”. 

She did and it was none there. 

Now Dad said, “You watch his hands, watch his legs and when you get
ready I want My Giant to hand me his gun”. 

Annie watch him close, for I don't know where it is at either,” replied
Dad.  “When you get ready say go”. 

Annie had her eyes glued to him for a few seconds and she said, “Go”! 

From no where a large gun appeared in his hand. 

Dad said, “I changed my mine, put it up”. Just as fast as it appeared it
disappeared. Dad said, “There is one final thing I want to show you. 
Watch the floor in front of the fireplace. Don't take your eyes off 

Suddenly it opened and an elevator came up out of the floor. They all
got in and it went down and opened up in a big room. In the center of 
the room was another room with glass walls. 

Dad said, “Go over My Giant to the locker and get out another gun just
like yours” 

. He did and he went and laid it out in the middle of the glass room. 

Dad said. “Now suppose someone did get their hands on My Giant or one of
the other guy's gun, let me show you what would happen. I can make that 
gun and whoever is packing it explode anytime or anyplace I want. I can 
be any distance I want and make this happen. Whenever you want the gun 
to explode you say now”. 

“Ok,” said Annie. She waited about 10 seconds and said, “now”! 

Instantly the gun exploded in a million pieces. Dad looked at her and he
said,” What you have seen here tonight is a secret. You can never speak 
of it to anyone. If the wrong people found out about this not only are 
you, Mom and I would be in great danger but My Giant and all the rest 
would be also”. 

After that night Annie had a little better understanding of their
family. She soon learned to avoid big crowds or if she couldn't she 
would stay between My Giant and M Giant. This let them watch the people 
a little closer. She would face great danger one more time and two men 
would lose their lives. 

Annie or My Giant or M Giant would not be harmed. Annie was getting out
of school one day and she saw a car slow up when they approached them. 
The car slowed and a man rolled out on the pavement.  He had a gun 
drawn and was firing at M Giant and My Giant. 

Both men had dropped to one knee and were reaching for Annie. She had
already dropped and rolled under them. She lay there very still rolled 
in a little ball. When she did this My Giant and M Giant put both knees 
to the ground and covered her. In seconds there was no sign of life in 
the car. Instantly the black bus was by their side with door open and 
Annie was safe inside. 

Standing back to back My Giant and M Giant didn't put away their guns
until they were satisfied all was safe. Black Cap was already on the 
phone with Annie's Dad before the first siren was heard. 

Black Cap handed Annie the phone and she heard his voice say, “Are you
ok Princess”? 

She told him they were and Dad said, “I'll be there in a few minutes”. 

That would be the last time Annie would have to face gunfire for years
to come. But after that day, Annie, My Giant and Black Cap would 
practice on what to do if this ever happened again. 

The next 12 years flew by like a flash. Annie lost contact with the
little old man. He disappeared as fast as he appeared. Annie looked all 
over for him but he was not to be found. 

Annie was driving now, and that was about the time My Giant gone gray
headed. Daddy told him he was lucky that he wasn't bald headed. 

Annie was a very beautiful young lady and was ready to graduate high
school and start into college. She would pick the school of her choice. 
She knew My Giant, M giant and D Giant One and D Giant Two would be 
with her. She had grown too like and expects this. One evening Dad told 
Mom and Annie to come into the room. They needed to talk. 

They entered with the four of Annie's giants and Mom & Annie sat with

He said, “I have waited and longed for this day for 20 years. I have
decided that only My Giant, M Giant, D Giant One and D Giant two hear 
this. Just in a minute the four of you are about to enter a part of 
this house you have never seen or been in. I didn't need body guards in 
there because it will withstand a small atomic blast. There are enough 
supplies to last 6 months. There is a way in and a way out that runs to 
the big office building above the orphanage. I used to use it 
regularly. But one day about 18 years ago it was a pretty day and I 
decided to walk. 

That was the first day I found the note with the rock tied to it. I
first planned to kept Annie and Mom hid here, than I decided I couldn't 
make them prisoners in their own home. 

Mom, before you and Annie came along my work was my whole life. This has
been so hard for me to keep from you all these years. What I am going 
to tell you and show you next, I wouldn't blame you if you walked out 
and never looked back. 

This scared Mom and Annie both because they saw a side of Dad they had
never seen. 

Please believe me I had to do this to protect you. Do you remember all
the money that went to the church and the orphanage? I did that. 

Mom said, “I thought Mr. Johns did that”?. 

With a tear in his eye, He asks Mom and Annie to come there. With a
quivering lip he spoke these words. ”I am Mr. Johns”. 

A silence fell over the room. “My Father and myself invented the weapons
that all the guy carries. Do you remember when I showed you how I can 
make them explode. Dad died before we could get that perfected. I made 
some promises to him on his deathbed and I had to carry threw with 
them. I changed my name before I met Mom. I was Mr. John's Son, So I 
changed it to Johnson. Other countries knew we were working on this 
weapon and they wanted it. They found out Dad died and I had to lose 
them some way. This weapon is available in a larger form now. It can be 
placed on a space shuttle and dropped off in orbit. I have the power to 
destroy that weapon with brain waves. Headquarters for this weapon is 
our large office building.  The hardest thing I have left for last. 

When Dad was working on his project he was so involved in the church. It
was nothing he wouldn't do for our Lord's sake. All his enemies knew 
this. That is how they found him. I personal checked out every church 
here in town to make sure the same thing would not happen again. I 
promised Dad if I found one that really and truly worked for Jesus and 
not personal gain I would reward them with some of the wealth God gave 
me. It all was his. He just lets us use it for a while. 

Annie I have something to show you now.  Another door opened, He asks
Annie and Mom to enter. Annie couldn't believe what hung before her 
eyes. An old brown pair of pants, An old brown shirt and one old army 
field jacket. Beside it was a white wig. Dad looked at Annie and he 
said, “I have something else”. 

He opened his shirt and pulled out a half a heart. He said, “I was My
Buddy. I had visited the church wanting to find one My Dad would have 
been proud of. I wasn't expecting to run into you Annie. I hated 
fooling you like that. I waited now to tell you all of this. Now each 
of you possess the same power as I. your mind can control the 
destruction of these weapons. If the wrong people had gotten their 
hands on you before you developed they could have taken your powers. 

Now the time is up. You will take this power to your grave. Annie's Dad
went over and turned on two monitors. There was a weapon in a glass 
room in each of the monitors. 

Dad said, “There is a colored dot on each weapon. Annie, Mom,
concentrate on these weapons and tell me if you can see a color”? 

Both said, “Yes”. 

Dad asks Mom, ”Tell me one color you see”? 

She said, “red & blue”. 

Dad asks Annie, “Do you see any colors”? 

She said, Yes, I can see blue and Red'. 

Dad told Annie, “Look at the monitor and name a color”? 

She pointed to the red. 

“Consecrate on destruct,” commanded Dad. 

She closed her eyes and in seconds it exploded. He told Mom to do the
same with the other monitor. In seconds it exploded. He told them these 
weapons were over 10 miles away and it wouldn't have mattered if it was 
10 or 10 thousand, the results would have been the same. 

Then he asked, “Do both of you still love me. That is more important
than the 100 Billion Dollars we are worth”. 

Both hugged him and said “You are more important than 100 trillion
dollars.  We will love you FOREVER AND ONE MORE DAY”. 

Annie Remembers         Chapter Two 

Annie was almost 19 years old now. She was in college now, and she
wanted so much to continue her Dad's work. He was still so busy and 
everything was so secret.  The business part of him wanted and needed 
her help because she was so good with this type of global military 
defense. The Dad part of him wanted her safe in a job where there was 
no danger at all. Mom and Dad both begged her to be office Manager on 
one of the floors at the plant. That was a little safer position, but 
no matter how many billions of dollars Mr. Johns had, his Jesus Christ, 
his wife, his Annie, was more important than all his power and his 
wealth. Every country and every bad person in the world knew that much 
about him and that is about all they knew for sure. The hundreds of 
people that worked at the plant for him didn't know all about what was 
going on. They knew only it was some type of defense. There was more 
than one plant and that made things even more confusing for the outside 

Annie didn't know quiet all that would come yet but she knew how much
protection that was around her all the time. She had her time alone but 
she knew My Giant and now M Giant plus Claw was never any more than 
twenty feet away. What was scary her friends and even Annie didn't see 
or realize they were so close. These memories would bring a grin to her 
face when she remembered when The Claw started working for them. 

One of her favorite memories was about a month after Dad told her and
Mom about the secret room at the house and the special guns. Annie was 
18 years old and she had developed into a very beautiful young lady. My 
Giant was with her 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Annie had her 
private time but there was only a wall between them. Annie had another 
defense weapon beside the gold watch. She had out grown this but what 
she had now was even more mysterious. No one in the world knew about it 
except Mom and Dad and at this time My Giant & M Giant. 

Annie could shut her left eye and think My Giant. In seconds he would be
there from no where. She would try it occasionally just to make sure it 
worked. She would set down and look for him. He would be no where you 
could see. She would shut the left eye and think My Giant, In seconds 
she would here voice say, “ I'm here Precious”. Never was she to shut 
both eyes and think this. My Giant and M Giant knew this. 

Then one day at the plant Dad told Annie to come to the window at the
front of the plant. He asked, ”Annie, do you understand about your new 
defense weapon that you have now”? 

She assured him she did. Annie said, ”I will shut my left eye and think
My Giant. He will appear in seconds. If I shut both eyes and think this 
both him and M Giant will appear, but I am never to do this unless I am 
sure it is a full emergency”. 

Dad asked, “Do you know where My Giant is now”? 

“No”, she replied. “But I can have him here in two seconds if you want

With a very serious look, Dad said, “No Honey”,  “No one but you and I
will know this now. When I tell you, I want you to shut both eyes and 
think My Giant. I want to try this inside because it is less danger of 
anyone getting hurt. We are going to test it and only you and I know it 
is a test. Get ready to be knocked down. In seconds you are going to 
see more guards and more weapons than you have ever seen. 

Annie did as Dad requested. She shut both eyes and thought “My Giant
Help”. In seconds My Giant was over her along with M Giant and four of 
Dads Guards. All had guns drawn, My Giant's arms went around Annie and 
she went to the floor. The same thing happened to Dad. My Giant very 
quickly and easily turned her under his body and even covered her arms 
with his body. Her head was tucked under his chin and she lay concealed 
under him. M Giant was over them with gun drawn and covering My Giant. 
No shots were fired that day but each of the giants was ready to kill 
or be killed if it come to that. 

In a few seconds when all was cleared they let Annie and Dad up. Dad was
so proud of these guys and he told them that when they watched the tape 
of that incident. He told them that were a drill and he had to do that 
just to make sure they were ready. The other drills before that were 
known to each before hand, but that one that day was the first and last 
drill of that tender. They all knew now the next would be the real 
thing. Annie was so amazed how My Giant was on her so fast but yet not 
to hurt her in any way. He gently lay her down but did it in seconds. 

Now the next day would be when Claw would come on board with My Giant. 
That's when My Giant thought he needed help beside M Giant. M Giant was 
not with them 24-7 like My Giant. He would only accompany at certain 
times or places. 

Annie wanted to go to the beach one day, so My Giant and M Giant went
along. They arrived that day and was wearing their trunks under their 
clothes just like Annie had on her bikini under her tube and mini 
skirt. Annie was very mischievous and she had found out that how easily 
My Giant was embarrassed.  It was a lot of her girl friends there that 
day and all knew My Giant was always with her. A lot of times they 
would not see him but they knew he was there, boy how they knew that. 
When they arrived at the beach My Giant told Annie to give him her 
clothes and he would stay out of her way so she could enjoy her 
friends. He reminded her he was near and could see her every move, not 
to worry or be afraid. 

Then very seriously the little rat said, “My bikini is in my bag with my
rob and towel. I was going to put it on when I got here”. 

My Giant stuttered and said, “You can't, I will have to go in that
girl's tent with you while you change, And, And, them others girls and 
you will be naked under all your clothes”. 

Annie was about to burst with laughter but she said with a serious look,
”My Giant, just pull one of your disappearing acts and no one will see 

My Giant replied very quickly, “But I can still see you”. 

She replied back to him, “That's what you get paid for is to keep a eye
on me”. 

Then she realized how serious he was about this. She apologized to him
and promised she would never put him in that position again. That was 
the first time she had played a trick on him. Annie was a normal 
18-year-old and My Giant was 33 years old but he looked and had the 
body of a 20-year-old. 

He didn't approve of these teenage ways, when he grew up girls didn't
change clothes in front of boys and he was not wanting to start now. 

Annie said, “I will ask all the girls to leave the tent and just you and
I will be in there”. 

In a public place such as the beach, she was not allowed to be out of
his sight. At home Miss Lucy would be with her while he waited outside, 
but in public places he would clear the bathrooms and wait out side her 
stall. There were no stalls at the beach house. Everything turned out 
all right except for My Giant's embarrassment but he soon got over it. 
They told Mom all about it when they got home and Annie promised she 
would never do that again. 

Mom asked, ”My Giant, will you wait outside the door so I can talk to
Annie alone”? 

My Giant felt bad about getting her into trouble put he told her he had
to mention it to Mom. It would be up to her to tell Dad. My Giant left 
and shut the door. Mom just looked at Annie and finally she couldn't 
stand it, she burst into laughter and said, “Annie, I didn't think you 
had that in you. I'm dying to know, did My Giant look or did he turn 
his head”? 

Annie said, “He watched every move. I'm sorry Mom, I should not have
done him that way, I love him so very much”. 

Mom said, ”I know, get him back in here”. 

Annie went to the door and got My Giant.  He came in and she put her
arms around him and she asked, “Do you still love me even though I am a 
bad girl”? 

He grinned and said, ”You are no bad girl, just a very, very pretty
young lady”. You are the same little girl I use to lift out of the tub 
for Miss Lucy, just a lot older and I will always love you just like 
you were my own little girl. Will you and Mom not mention this to Dad?  
This is a need to know problem and Dad does not need to know”. 

All three had a good laugh and then My Giant said to Annie, ”There is
something I have wanted to talk to you about for a long time now and 
after today the time is now. M Giant helps me with you and he is the 
best I have seen. He and I have talked about asking your Dad about a 
girl bodyguard to replace him and M Giant would move back to Mom”. 

My Giant said, “I hate to do this because a girl body guard might
present a weak length in the chain of guards”. 

Mom and Annie looked at him funny when he said that and he quickly tried
to get his foot out of his mouth but it was too late. 

Annie said, “Yea, A dumb old girl couldn't do anything could she Mom”? 

Mom said, ”Nope, Dumb old girls are good for nothing except

Annie said, “Looking at”, 

Mom said, “Yea, especially if they have no clothes on”. 

Together Mom and Annie said, “Yea”. 

Then all three had a laugh and a hug together. They agreed right then, A
girl Giant would be fine. 

Then Annie said to My Giant, “Please let it be one I like ok”. 

My Giant said, ”Ok. If Mom says ok”? 

Mom said, “Ok, let's tell Dad”. 

Dad thought this would be an excellent ideal so they started
interviewing candidates. Annie set in with My Giant on all the 
interviews and they had it narrowed down to two girls about 18 years 
old. My Giants pick was a girl that was muscular and tall like him. 
Annie's pick was just the opposite. In fact she would have passed as 
Annie's sister. They were the same size, the same complexion, same 
hair. This was the one and only thing My Giant liked about her. She 
could have doubled for Annie if the need ever arise. 

The last interview Annie whispered in My Giant's ear, “It will be no
need of seeing her naked, you have seen me. Ha! Ha”! 

My Giant just rolled his eyes over and said. “Won't let me forget that
one will you”? 

She smiled and whispered back, “I love you”. 

That was all it took, My Giant said, “Miss, We would like to hire you
but you are not big enough to whoop up on a Big Mac, Little alone a gig 
guy like me. Look at them nails of yours, Looks like they came out of a 
picture book. You will have to prove your self. It will take more than 
a name Anna”. 

Annie asked My Giant, “Can I talk to Anna alone just for a minute, it is
girl talk”? 

My Giant said, “Yes, I will be outside the door”. 

When he was gone Annie asked Anna, “Do you think you can take him down”?

She replied, “I don't know he will be tough”. 

Annie said, “Listen very closely, My Giant is left handed. He will work
you to his left side and keep you there. I have seen him do this in 
practice. Watch for this and when he moves you squat and step backwards 
and to his right and then move on him then. He is as fast as lighting 
and tough as a nail. Hit him hard and high to his chin. Do not kick his 
mid section like the book says to, If you hit him there it will be over 
and your butt will be on the floor! Tell him you want a match today and 
you want all guards and Mon & Dad to watch. Be sure to say, bring a can 
of whoop ass because you will need it. You can do this if you do 
everything just as I said. He will not be able to refuse you. Will that 
be ok with you”? 

Anna said, “Annie you will get me killed do you know what you're doing”?

“Trust me,” said Annie. “Now listen very close to the last part of this
plan. When you have him on the floor on his back, sit right on his 
throat and hold his head between your legs. Do not let him move. 
Squeeze his ears with your knees if he tries to move. Make sure he is 
face up and looking you in the eyes. At this time you will find an 
unloaded gun in your hand. Get his attention with it, do you understand 
all of this”? 

Anna said, “Yes, but I have no gun”. 

From no where Annie hand her an unloaded 5 lb. Weapon”. 

Annie said, “Hold it and get used to it because it will be yours”. 

Anna said, “Ok but put roses on my grave”. 

Annie went to the door and told My Giant to come back in. He walked over
to them and Annie said, “Meet the Claw”. She has something to tell you. 

She told My Giant word for word what that Annie had said. He couldn't
refuse this challenge. 

He said, “I will kick your butt and you will be on your way home in a

He took out his phone and made the arrangements. They proceeded to the
gym to get ready for the match. When they got there Annie asked My 
Giant if she could go with the Claw while she got ready. 

My Giant said,  “Yes because the Claw would be leaving very shortly”. 

He tipped his head and smiled at them both. The Claw said back to him,
“Cancel your dinner reservations tonight because after you eat all them 
words you won't be hungry for a week”. 

They all three grinned and My Giant was starting to like her, he hated
to see her lose but he had made up his mind, He wouldn't make her look 
to bad and maybe her and Annie could still be friends after this was 

An hour had almost passed and everybody was present except Annie and the
Claw or that's what they thought. Then a door opened and then a young 
lady dressed in a black suit that fit skintight. 

She was so beautiful and My Giant looked at her and said, “Annie where
is your friend The Claw and why are you dressed in gym clothes and not 

Then from the other side of the ring My Giant heard Annie say, “My Giant
that is The Claw, I am here with Mom & Dad”. My Giant looked at The 
Claw and he would look at Anna. He couldn't believe his eyes, they 
would pass as identical twins. 

He looked at Anna and said, “I can't do this, you look to much like my

The Claw said, “Prepare to get your ass kicked”. 

My Giant said, ”Ok, but I won't hurt you, I promise”. 

M Giant would referee this match so he called them both to the center of
the ring. He said, “You both know all the rules so face each other and 
when I say start you may begin”. 

They did so and M Giant said, “Start”. 

My Giant stepped one step toward The Claw and usually the opponent would
counter this move. The Claw didn't counter move, immediately she tucked 
her head down and rolled to the back of My Giant and then up to his 
right side. In two seconds she was on her feet and the next thing My 
Giant felt was the back of The Claw's heel under his nose not once but 
three hits. My Giant went down hard and so fast that he didn't know 
what hit him. She straddled his throat and with her knees in his ears 
she applied pressure. He was going to grab her with his arms but the 
next thing he knew from no where and in seconds he was staring down the 
barrel of a global weapon. He didn't move. With the barrel between his 
eyes she said “Bang! Bang! Your Dead! 

Instantly the gun disappeared. My Giant knew then that Annie and The
Claw had tricked him. He knew then that the 3 of them could conquer 

She let him up and he asked her. “If Mr. Johnson clears this can you
start tomorrow. 

Mr. Johnson heard this and he approached them and said, “ She went on
the payroll thirty minutes ago. Welcome aboard”. 

Annie heard this and she ran and wrapped her arms around My Giant and
said, “You showed her didn't you”. Then she whispered in his ear, “And 
you already know what she looks like naked.” 

He returned her hug and he asked, “Why do I love you so much, You have
gotten naughty in your old age”? 

She gave him a big kiss and said, “I love you to even if you are a old
guy. Don't worry The Claw & I will protect you”. Then very innocently 
she whispered, “I put the gun in her hand but I put no bullets in it”. 

Then while still holding her he said, “Ok, you are pretty smart for a
girl. Ha! Ha”! 

Annie loved so much to remember the times over the past few years. There
would be evenings when Annie would ask My Giant and The Claw to come in 
her room at school and just be their self. My Giant enjoyed these times 
also because now with The Claw and Annie both 19 years old going on 
twenty it seemed he could relax more often. Annie would change clothes 
in front of him now more often and he had gotten use to this. It was so 
common for him to be around she did it without thinking. She meant no 
harm and he understood. 

Annie loved to just watch him the way he did things, and just how much
he meant to her. She loved so much to play tricks on him and never once 
in her whole life did he get angry with her. She would think about the 
time that he would willingly offer his life to save her and the time he 
lay in a comma when the doctors said he would surely die. What would 
she do without that big guy? 

Annie had noticed how close My Giant was getting to The Claw. Annie did
everything she could to bring them together. She knew some day she 
would meet someone and she wanted My Giant and The Claw to be with her 
forever. Annie wondered what My Giant and The Claw would do if she 
decided she wanted to date one of the guys at school. Would they follow 
in a car or would they pretend to double date with her. 

Then she thought, “I will bring them together”. 

She arranged for one of the guys at school to call and ask for a date.
They would go to a drive in. Annie would suggest that them two double 
with her and the both of them could keep an eye on her and be in the 
car with her at the same time. All four had a super time and Annie 
started to see a personal side of My Giant she had never seen before. 
He still watched her every move but now it was easier for him with The 
Claw helping him. He just seemed more relaxed than before. 

My Giant still didn't think girl guards were good as men, but he would
soon change his mind about that. This was so crazy how the things would 
come together over the next few months. It all started when a young man 
applied for a guard position with them. This takes months to check out 
and just anyone doesn't make it. The Claw was the quickest one to hire 
and even she took over three weeks but dad had something to do with 
that. The last hurdle for a guard to pass was My Giant. He had the 
final say not counting Annie's Dad. If My Giant said yes than it was 

Then one day after month of tests and inquires one of the guards brought
a young man in for My Giant to talk to. Usually My Giant checked and 
checked again before recommending some one to Mr. Johns. Today would be 
different. The young man comes in and My Giant was drawn to him but no 
one knew why. Annie noticed it and she asked My Giant did he know this 
guy before he came there that day. It was as if someone returned from 
the grave, because My Giant looked as if he had seen a ghost. 

My Giant kept anything from Annie and he told her no he had never seen
or heard of him before that day. She had no reason to doubt him because 
My Giant was never wrong. Things were going good but My Giant looked at 
The Claw more as a friend than a partner. Annie thought it may be 
because them two looked so much alike. My Giant watched over them both. 
Then when this new young guard comes along he asked to be with My Giant 
as much as possible. 

This made Annie and The Claw nervous. There was something about him they
didn't like but they couldn't put their finger on it. 

My Giant said, “It was just a girl thing”. 

Than one day one of the most horrible things happened. Annie was at
school in her room one day.  The new guard, Snake was his name, come in 
and told My Giant that M Giant needed to see him. He offered to stay 
there if The Claw would stay there with him. My Giant thought this 
would be good experience for him so he agreed. 

Annie was taking a bath and The Claw was going to eat lunch. Snake told
her to stay with Annie and he would go get her a drink. The Claw 
thought this sounded reasonable so she agreed. He came back with it and 
set it down for her and started reading the paper. All was quiet. 

Annie was still in the bathroom and The Claw was eating and after a few
bites and drinks she fell over. Instantly Snake jumped up and bursts 
through the bathroom door where Annie was bathing. The terrified little 
girl just sat there and didn't know what to do. The snake took her by 
the hair of the head and told her to stand or he would pull her hair 
out by the roots. He than told her to spread her legs and put her hands 
behind her. He would have his way before he killed her. 

She closed both eyes and thought, “My Giant Please come. Please hurry”. 

Just a few seconds passed and My Giant was there with gun drawn, but he
didn't shoot immediately. My Giant had a look on his face Annie had 
never seen before. A frozen look but she knew My Giant was afraid of 

By this time Snake had a gun drawn and pointed at My Giant. Then
suddenly shoots rang out, three than four and Snake fell dead.  Behind 
My Giant was The Claw. She fired the shoots that killed the Snake. 

Suddenly My Giant realized what had happened. He ran toward Annie and
lifted her out of the tub. 

With his arms around her he wept, and he said, “Are you alright”? 

Annie said, ”Yes, Please don't let go. Hold me”. 

He whispered, “I almost lost you again. If it hadn't been for The Claw,
Annie, You and I both would be dead”. 

My Giant held her just for a minute and than he carried her over to her
bed and wrapped a blanket around her. He put his hand out for The Claw 
to join them and all three sets for just a minute and held each other 
and thanked God one more time for watching over them. 

My Giant than very hurriedly pulled a blue scarf from his pocket and
said to The Claw,  “Hang this on the top outside part of the door and 
shut it and return to immediately”. He said her, “Please hurry, they 
only had a few seconds now”. 

The Claw returned and set beside Annie with My Giant on the opposite
side. He said “Prepare for about eight guards to burst through that 
door. The scarf means, fire no shots immediately, the room is secure. 
They will enter fast and hard and ready to fire on what ever or who 
ever seems to be a threat. They will respond to Annie's request to 
please hurry, she had both eyes closed tightly when she said it. Thank 
you Princess for remembering to do that”. 

My Giant had just finished speaking when they heard what sounded like
thunder coming up the steps and down the hall. Then the door burst into 
splinters and eight men lead by M Giant crashed the room. With four 
squatting and four standing with guns drawn and ready to fire. My Giant 
was calling out to them “CODE TWO-----CODE TWO---M GIANT CODE TWO”. 

Then finally M Giant did stand and instruct them to vanish their guns.
He then approached them and My Giant filled him in on all that had 
happened, but first My Giant was on the phone to Mr. Johns. Annie just 
watched as My Giant spoke to him, “CODE TWO, CODE TWO, ONE BLUE DOWN 

He hung up his phone and said Annie, “Dad will be here shortly”. Soon
there was security at the door. The Claw held them back while Annie 
dressed. My Giant wouldn't leave her not even for her to get dressed. 
Never would he be embarrassed again in front of her, clothes or no 
clothes. Annie assured him that was fine. She did not want to be away 
from him. She felt secure when he was around. If The Claw could be 
there too that would be even better. 

Than Annie asked, “What took you so long to come when I called you”? 

He said, “I was a mile away and that was the longest 5 seconds I ever
spent in my life. If the Snake was sent to kill you, why did he wait 
for?  I wonder why he didn't shoot immediately”. 

Annie said, “ He was checking me out like you did that day at the

My Giant said, “Will you please let me forget that, No I don't want to
forget it I just don't want you to remind me. I can think about it on 
my own without your help. Thank you”. 

Than The Claw said, “Will you two please tell me about that beach trip”?

Annie said, “ have a better ideal. Let us three go one day soon and we
can get some sun”. 

My Giant said, “Bathing suits would be put on at home”. 

The Claw said, “We can dress there, I here you keep a close eye out when
it is time to put on a bikini. Is that right Annie”? 

“That is right he doesn't even blink, because he is afraid he will miss
something”. Annie said with a giggle. 

My Giant said,  “OK. You two know I have killed before and I can kill

The Claw said, “Yea, but you couldn't kill lookers like us could you.
Ha! Ha! Ha”! 

After that day Annie saw a side of My Giant she had never seen before.
The Claw had proven herself to him and never again did he doubt her 
ability. She was one of the best guards on staff and My Giant let her 
know that. My Giant wanted Annie and the Claw around him more and more. 
They didn't mind that at all. 

Than one day it was to be a off day for My Giant, but he asked Annie and
Anna if they would like to meet his Mom. After all these years this was 
the first time he ever offered to take Annie to his Mom's home. The 
three of them went that day and when they arrived they met the sweetest 
little lady they ever seen. She told Annie how often My Giant spoke of 

Annie was embarrassed, but she said, ”I thought you called him William”?

She said, ”I did 15 or 16 years ago, but he told me that one of the most
important people in the world to him called him My Giant, and from then 
on he would answer only to that name. I found out a little later a 
little girl named Annie called him that, and now after I have met you I 
know why you stole his heart. He never told me you had a twin sister”. 

Annie said, “No this is not my sister this is Anna. This is My Giant's

His Mom said, “Now I know why he don't come home on his days off
anymore, Who could blame him. But he does check on me each day”. 

Then Annie saw a picture on the table that startled her. She looked at
My Giant and said, “That is a picture of The Snake”. 

His Mom said, ”I don't know who The Snake is but that is not him, That
is Be Bit. That is My Giant's little brother. On My Giant and Be Bit's 
first Guard job when he was only 18 years old, Be Bit was killed. It 
was a terrible accident. There was a lot of shooting, bodies were 
falling and some how Be Bit ran behind My Giant. Before he thought he 
turned and fired. Be Bit fell dead. My Giant has always blamed his self 
for that. 

Annie looked at My Giant and he dropped his head. She went to him and
hugged him She said, “That is why you couldn't shoot The Snake, wasn't 
it. You saw Be Bit”. 

With a quivering lip he answered her. “Yes, It almost cost you your life

The Claw took his arm and kissed his cheek. She said “But it didn't
happen. We are a team and a good one too”. 

My Giant took her in his arms and said. “Promise me you will never leave
us. Annie and I need you and could not make it now without you”. 

She looked at him and said, ”I promise”. 

Annie said, “Yes, Finely I have got you all together. Thank You Jesus”. 

The Forgiven Chapter Three 

Annie was nearly 20 years of age now and she was more involved in her
Dad's work as each day passed.  She talked her Dad into letting her 
start back where her Granddad had stopped when his accident had claimed 
his life.  Brain telepathy was her specialty. She would go into the 
secret room and work for hours. Only four of the guards knew of this 
room and she was safe there alone. Dad gave My Giant the approval to 
let the Claw in on that secret. That made a total of five guards that 
knew of this place. My Giant would often spend the whole day and half 
the night with her while she worked with this big machine. This was the 
way Annie liked it. She could think clearer  if he was present. 

She finally talked him into helping her. She told him all he had to do
was set in the big chair while she hooked probes to his head. Then she 
could monitor his brain waves on the big TV screen. My Giant was afraid 
she could tell what he was thinking and that might embarrass him. 

She said, “I don't care what you are thinking. I just needed to see what
kind of pattern it would print”. 

After weeks of this she hooked the probes to her head also and would try
to make her line and his line run on top of each other. She said, “If I 
can control this I think I can communicate with you and never say a 
word. Once I do that than you hearing my thoughts also will be easy”. 

My Giant couldn't believe this. He said, “You mean if I want to tell you
something, all I need to do is think it and you can here me”? 

She said, “Yes, than you can here what I say back and we will never open
our mouths or say a word'. 

He said, “I can't believe you can do that”. 

Annie said, “Let me think about exploding your gun while it is in your
pocket and we will see if that will work”. 

He said, “No thank you”. Than he thought a minute and said, “If I think
something dirty about you it won't be my fault”. 

She smiled and said, “OK”. 

A few weeks more passed and one day they did it. My Giant was reading a
magazine while Annie was reading over her notes. She didn't open her 
mouth but My Giant heard her voice in his head say, “That is not a very 
nice book you are reading”! 

He raised his eyes and they made eye contact with her. She heard him say
in her head, “How do you know”? 

She smiled at him and a few seconds later she said, “Your chest looks
nice too”. 

He jumped up and went over closer to her and said excitedly, “it works!
It works! How do we turn it on and off”? 

She showed him that when he wanted her, just consecrate and learn her
normal brain wave path and hold there. As long as their waves were at 
the same level, they could have conservation and never open their 
mouth. He couldn't wait for them to find The Claw and drive her crazy. 
They had a lot of fun with this and it was very useful if Annie was 
ever in danger. Never in their dreams would they ever think the thing 
that would happen in a few weeks to come. 

My Giant, The Claw, Annie with her Dad and D Giant One and D Giant Two
were in town on business.  They were in a small place of business when 
something went total wrong. A young man of about 25 years of age 
followed them in the store. My Giant and all the guards were very much 
aware of his presence. Normally no one ever got within touching 
distance of Annie unless My Giant or The Claw was next to and very 
close to her. But today something was very different. Some how this 
young man was within arm length of her and My Giant was around 
five-foot away and The Claw was the same distance away behind her. This 
guy reached out and took her arm and pulled her to him. 

Any other day and within seconds this would have gotten you killed
instantly. But for some unknown reason today was different. Guns would 
be drawn instantly but shots would be delayed that day. It was if the 
hand of God frozen the triggers that day. 

Then in a few seconds My Giant heard Annie's thoughts and she said, “My
Giant all guns are empty. No one can fire and no one is in real 

Than a very tired and nervous young man said, “Put $5000.00 on the
floor, turn and walk out of here and I will let this girl go unharmed. 
If you don't I will shoot”. 

My Giant heard Annie say, “His gun in empty and so is yours”. 

Then Annie heard My Giant say, “Go along with me and you will be

Then My Giant pointed his weapon at this man's head and with a stern
voice said, “Let her go or I will blow your brains out on the count of 
three.” ONE—TWO”.  Suddenly the young man fell to his knees and 
bitterly wept. He pushed his gun to My Giant and knelt there with his 
head in his hands. My Giant picked up his gun and walked next to him. 

My Giant said, “Do you know who we are Mister”? 

The man said, “No Sir. I watched you get out of that big black car and I
figured if anyone had $5000.00 it would be you”. 

My Giant asked him, “Would you give up your life for $5000.00, you come
close to loosing it for nothing”. 

In a trembling voice the man said, ”Sir, today I will sell it for that
amount. I tried to sell all my organs but they said I couldn't do that” 

Annie and her Dad and all the guards seen right than this man was not a
bad person just a desperate confused guy down on his luck. Annie asked 
him,” Why would you give your life for $5000.00 

A few seconds later he wiped away his tears and with a quivering lip
said very sadly, “My little girl needs surgery today and I don't have 
the money. I have sold all I have but the clothes on my back. I work 
two jobs and my wife works two jobs and that is not enough. The 
hospital said I would have to pay today or they had no choice but to 
dismiss her. He said she would be dead in two days. I have prayed and 
prayed but God will not answer my prayers”. 

“My wife is with Annie Marie now-------Oh! This will kill her when she
finds out what a stupid thing I have done”. 

Mr. Johnson asked him. “Sir, are you sure you don't know who we are”? 

I am new here and don't know anyone. I am sorry I would not have harmed
anyone of you. All I have in this world is Annie Marie. She is four 
years old. I have a wife. In a couple of days all I will have is my 
wife”, he sadly replied. 

My Giant picked up the man's gun and he told him, “Sir your gun is
unloaded and the firing pin is filed down, It wouldn't shoot if it had 
been loaded”. 

The man said, “Yes, I know, I filed it down so I couldn't hurt anyone”. 

Annie looked at her Dad and with tears running down her face, she tried
to speak but all she could say was “DAD”. 

He smiled at her and assured her it was OK.  Mr. Johnson asked, “Son,
what is your name”? 

He said, “Jack”. 

Mr. Johnson said,” Why do you think God didn't here your prayers”. 

Jack said, “He just didn't”. 

Mr. Johnson said, “God doesn't have a watch, a calendar. He may not
answer just the way we want or expect but he does hear and he does 
answer. We just see a portion but he sees the whole picture. He knows 
all things. You said awhile ago that you sold all you had but the 
clothes on your back. What about that gun of yours, did you try to sell 

Jack said, “No, it is of no value, it will not fire”. 

Mr. Johnson ask, “Did you try, Let us auction it off right here and see
what we can get for it OK. Who will make a bid on this gun”. 

My Giant said,” $100.00”. 

The Claw said,”$500.00”. 

Annie said, “If you want that gun you will have to pay dear, I bid

Mr. Johnson said, “The handles are worth more than that. I bid
$25000.00. and than he said put up or shut up”. 

Annie looked at her Dad and it reminded her why she loved him so much.
Jack stood in shock while he wrote out a check for $25000.00 for a 
$25.00 broken gun. 

Mr. Johnson asked, “Is your Annie Marie at the big Hospital at the end
of this street”? 

Jack said, “Yes Sir”. 

Mr. Johnson had taken out his cell phone. Jack heard him say, “Ben. This
is John Johnson, You have a little girl there called Annie Marie who 
needs surgery today. I want it started within the hour. Move her to the 
Pen house floor. If you think she needs 3 doctors, I want 6. If you 
think she needs 6 doctors, I want 12. Her mom and Dad will be staying 
on the floor with her. All their needs are to be met to the fullest. Do 
you understand all I have said”? 

The voice on the other end said, “Yes sir”. 

Mr. Johnson said, “We will be there shortly”. 

He hung up the phone and said, “Jack, meet my Daughter Annie. Now let us
go and meet your Annie Marie. Then he Asked Jack, “Did God answer your 
prayer today”? 

Jack said, “Yes, about 10 times over and introduced me to a few of his
Angels also”. 

Tempted                                                      	 Chapter

Now one more year had passed and the only thing that had changed was
Annie spent just a little more time in the secret room as before. She 
was so close to completing her project. My Giant was always by her 
side. Annie had become accustomed to this and she would have it no 
other way. Their rooms joined each other and now the door was seldom 
ever closed between them. They each had their own bathrooms and 
dressing rooms but the bedroom door was never closed. My Giant was 
usually ready first, then he would go in Annie's room and wait. She 
would be almost ready. They both would go to the gym for the next hour 
for a work out. Sometime My Giant would finish his sets before her or 
he tried too. He would watch her do stretches, and he liked to watch 
her stand on one leg and stretch the other foot above her head. She 
would hold it there for 10 seconds and switch to the other. Annie knew 
he watched and she liked it. Then off to the showers they both would 
go. My Giant always finished first and was outside the door waiting. He 
would insist they both had their breakfast before starting a 14 to 
16-hour day. 

My Giant moved his desk into the secret room where Annie was so he could
do all his paper work and be with her too.  Sometimes when he finished 
he would watch her as she hurriedly worked at the computer. Then there 
would be times when he would try to read the paper. Annie would see 
this and she would do one of her favorite things with him that had 
started when she was just over 4 years old. She was almost 21 now and 
that made no difference. She would shout, “Here I come ready or not.” 

My Giant knew then to drop he paper and get ready to catch her. She
would jump in his lap and snuggle up against him and hold on. Then she 
would give him a kiss on the neck, He would look at her and then she 
would kiss his bottom lip and snuggle in closer.  In about 5 minutes 
she would be sound asleep. That's the way it was when she was 4 and 
nothing had changed. 

Annie's Mom would visit each day because that was the only time she got
to see her. On this day Mom would come in and see her 21-year-old baby 
in the lap of My Giant. She would smile this day and softly told him, 
“I think I should start to knock before I enter, do you think so M. G”? 

My Giant would say, “Oh Mom”. 

Mom would say this day; “You love her don't you”? 

My Giant said, “More than life it's self.  I have since the first day I
laid eyes on her”. 

Mom said, “Wake her up and I will send her on an errand. I want to talk
to you”. 

M. G. did wake her up and she stretched and stretched. Mom smiled at her
and then asks, ”Would go get The Claw from the Kitchen”? 

M. G. asked her, “Would you bring me back an apple”? 

Annie said, “Yes, if you will give me a massage, I cannot walk”. 

He said, “Ok get on the table”. 

She did so and M. G. started at her neck and shoulders. Mom watched him
as the muscles in his back and shoulders rolled as he rubbed Annie. 

Mom thought, “What a handsome young man he was and not even thirty-six
years as of yet”. 

She was so proud to have him there over Annie. She knew that ever one on
their payroll and everyone that knew them was aware how protective he 
was of her. Then she watched as he finished her massage. Mom's legs 
cramped as she watched him take Annie's left leg and push it up and 
past her head. Then he did the same thing with the right. M. G. helped 
her up and she took about five steps forward and stood flat footed and 
done a back flip and landed right back on her feet. 

Mom said, “I could do that too if I wasn't wearing shoes”. 

Annie smiled at her and said, “I know, Dad said he could do it too, but
he didn't want to mess up his hair. I will be back in a second with The 

Annie disappeared and Mom said, “M.G., Do you know how old I am”? 

My Giant said, “No, I don't think you are too much older than Annie”. 

She said, “Thank You but I am a little older than that. Do you know the
age of Mr. Johnson ”? 

He said, “Know, but I think either one of you are over 35”. 

She said, “Fifty would be a closer number, but that is not what I am
talking about. I am 15 years younger than John is. Do you know what I 
am talking about”? 

He said, “I don't think so”? 

Mom said, “Just remember it ok”? 

He said, “Ok if you say so”? 

At this time Annie was back with The Claw. Annie had MG's apple. She
reached out to give it to him and then quickly pulled it back and took 
a big bite out of it. 

He grabbed it back and then she jumped and wrapped her legs around him
and asked. “Did you miss be while I was gone”? 

He held on to her and said, “Nope, not as much as much as my apple you
bite. That was the best side and you bite it”. 

She said, “I would fight you for the rest of it”. 

He said, “I got beat up the last time I fought a dumb old girl, and it

She released her legs from around him and gives him a little kiss on the
neck and said, “Poor Baby. You finish your apple and I won't hurt you”. 

Mom smiled at them both and then she said, “You two work to hard, you
are never out of this room just to sleep. That is what I wanted to talk 
to The Claw about. I want her to Double Date with Annie and one of her 
friends. M.G. and Claw can go as a date and everything will work out 

Annie looked at her Mom with a hurt look and she thought. “Mom please
no, I don't like for Claw to kiss him”. 

Than M.G spoke and said, “No we can't do that, I don't like Annie's,

The Claw spoke up and said, “My Giant you don't trust any one with
Annie, It will be ok, both of us will be there”. 

But the problem was he didn't like to see any one kiss Annie either.
Then My Giant thought, “Why did Mrs. Johnson suggest such an awful 

But Mrs. Johnson knew exactly what she was doing. 

That next week they had their date and they both had an awful time just
like they thought. Annie's heart nearly broke when she saw The Claw 
kiss My Giant. My Giant had to turn away when the young man kissed his 
Annie. They both were so relieved when it was time to go home. They 
went in the big house and started up stairs, 

My Giant asked, “Did you have a good time”? 

Slowly she said, “Yes, but I would rather been home working”. 

He pulled her next to him and said, “Precious, you never have any fun, I
am sorry I am like an old mother hen”. 

She tipped toed and kissed his neck and hugged him goodnight and said,
“Promise me you will always be my Mother hen”. 

He said, “I promise and then said goodnight”. 

Mom lay in her room wondering how many times will I have to do this
before they wake up. She prayed never again Please! I hurt both of them 
so much and I love each of them more and more each day. 

The next morning Annie couldn't wait to get started on her secret
project. She thought she could finish it up and then she would surprise 
her Dad and My Giant. She had completed her little receiver and 
transmitter for brain waves. It was a two-way radio she could control 
with her mind. The best thing it was no bigger than a small diamond. It 
could be planted under the skin but she planned on putting it on an 
earring. My Giant would have one planted under the skin on the under 
side of his arm just below the armpit. The only problem was he didn't 
know it yet. 

She removed her earrings and put this new diamond's on. After she
snapped it on you couldn't remove it unless you cut her ear. She picked 
up My Giant immediately. He was reading the sports section of the 
paper. She called him by using telepathy. He answered back the same 

She said, “Would you hold me, I need to ask you a favor”. 

He put down his paper and said, “Come on”. 

She jumped in his lap and looked up at him and asked, “Do you like my
new earrings”? 

He said, “Yes”. 

Than she explained all to him and said, “We need to go to the doctor and
implant yours under the skin under your arm”. 

He almost fainted. He said, “That will hurt.  I got a better ideal. Let
mine be a flesh colored ear insert like your diamonds. The doctor can 
put me to sleep and pierce my ears”. 

She laughed at him and said, “They don't put you to sleep for that”. 

He said, “But it will hurt”. 

Annie said, “I will give it a sugar and make it all better”. 

She looked at him and smiled and waited for her kiss on the bottom lip
like she had got all her life. But this time the kiss was different. He 
kissed her bottom lip but his was open just a bit. Then this warm kiss 
moved to the top lip and then his tongue brushed hers. He pulled her 
close and she could feel the muscles roll in his shoulders. She never 
wanted to let him go.  Suddenly they realized Mom and The Claw had 
walked in the room. 

M.G. said, ”I am sorry I caused that”. 

Mom said, “Sorry nothing, Do you know how long and how much planning
this moment has taken”. 

The Claw said, “I am sorry Annie, I know how much it hurt you that night
of the date. The next time you will be with M.G. and I will have 
another date”. 

Annie said, “Thank you Anna and Thank you Mom for being my best friend”.

My Giant said, “Well I guess Mr. Johnson will fire me when he hears

Mom said, “Don't say I said this but he has prayed for this day since
Annie's 19th birthday. Dad knows what you two mean to each other. Do 
either of you realize you have been together 24 hours a day, 7 days a 
week for the past 18 years and never a cross word have I heard come out 
of your mouths”. 

Annie said, “M.G., You have to promise me you won't get in front of
bullets for me any more”. 

M.G. said, “I couldn't promise that, That's my job, That's what I do”. 

That day M. G. told Annie, “I have to talk to your Dad very soon. I
don't know if he will like the idea of me and his little girl being so 
close as we are getting”. 

Annie said, “Mom said he would like it”. 

M. G. said, “We have to ask him our selves, don't you think he would
like that”. 

“Yes”, she replied, “It would make him feel so good if we did that”. 

M. G. said, “There is something I have to tend to first. We will go to
his private office tomorrow but I have to talk to some one first”. He 
kissed her cheek goodnight and said the words she had heard since she 
was four years old, “ I love you”. 

She said, “I love you too”. 

M. G. went in his room and on his knees he knelt. This was not an
unusual thing for him to do but tonight it was a more different type of 
prayer. He prayed, “Father please help me tonight. Am I going the 
direction you want me to go or are this selfish thing I want. I love 
Annie more than anything in the world does. It seems like something is 
pulling us this direction or is it just me wanting this beautiful young 
girl. Father, I pray for your guidance and your will be done and not 
mine. In Jesus precious name I pray, Amen”. 

The next morning M. G. and Annie were both up early and M. G started out
to wait for her like he did every day but today would be different. 
When he got out in the hall she was setting there and had two cups of 
coffee. He stopped and before his eye was the most beautiful young lady 
he had ever seen. Just in the past few days had he realized how 
beautiful she was? Her Golden hair hung around her shoulders; Her eyes 
were as blue as the sky. Her honey brown complexion, from the top of 
her head to her toes. 

Soon he spoke, “Hi Princess, how long you been waiting”. 

She said, “Just a minute, but I will wait forever if I have too”. 

He took his coffee and then he picked up her hand and kissed it, M. G.
softly said, “You can do better than me”. 

Annie said, “ don't want better, I want you”. 

She said, “I have prayed and prayed about this. Someone more powerful
than us is behind this. I don't know what it is but I have a feeling we 
will find out and when we see it, it will all make sense someday”. 

M. G. took her hand and said the sweetest words that she had only
dreamed about before this. He said “Annie, Will You Marry Me”. 

She said, “Yes, When ever you're ready”. 

M. G. said, “We have to ask your Mom and Dad first”. 

Annie said, “Mom is down stairs, we will have to go to Dad's office to
see him”. 

They both started down to find Mom and as soon as Annie saw her she ran
to her, and tears of joy running down her face she hugged Mom and said. 
“M. G. asked me to marry him”. Then Mom started crying and The Claw 
joined them in a big hug. 

M. G. asked, “Does this mean it is O.K”? 

Mom turned loose and hugged him and said, “Of course it is O.K”. 

M. G. said, “but I have to ask Dad and I am scared to death.” 

Annie said, “I think both of us can take him, he is old”. 

Mom said, “If you can't I know for a fact all three of us can”. They all
had a laugh, 

Mom said, “I would call him for you”. 

Annie asked, “Mom would you go with us”. 

Mom said, “Darling, I would go anywhere in the world with you, but this
trip you would have to make alone”. 

M. G. said, “Yes you are right, but I know he will fire me, than he will
kill me, than he will kill me again, you here he will kill me twice”. 

Mom and The Claw loved this. Mom winked at The Claw and she said, “We
will follow in our car”. 

The Claw said, “Do you want me to shoot him if he says no”. 

Mom said, “Yes; a couple of times will be plenty”. 

Annie said, “Mom it's not funny, This makes M. G. nervous”. 

Mom said, “We are sorry, Everything will be fine, you will see”. 

Mom made the phone call and off to the office Annie and M. G. started. 
M. G. had been to the office thousands of times but this was the most 
difficult trip he had ever made. They arrived and entered into the 
outer section of the office. The Receptionist picked up the phone and 
said, “M. G. & Annie are here to see you”. 

Dad said, “Send M. G. in, tell Annie to wait there for a minute”. 

This made M. G. very uncomfortable but he went in and sat down where he
could see out a small glass. He looked out to make sure Annie was O. K. 

John noticed this, but he only said, “What's brings you here M. G. do we
have a personnel problem”? 

He said,  “No Sir, I just wanted to ask you”...He stopped and looked out
where Annie was setting because he heard the outer door open. 

She was fine...John said, “Ask me what”? 

He said, “I wanted to ask for”...The outer door opened and he watched as
the person passed Annie. 

John said, “Are you trying to ask for a raise, You are my Security
Supervisor and a good one at that, How much you want, you tell me”? 

M. G. said, “I don't want a raise I want.... Want”.... The outer door
opened and he couldn't see so up out of the chair he came. 

Mr. Johnson said, “Son please stop. This is a secure building. No one
can get close to this end of the building unless they have clearance. 
You can't stand that wall between you and Annie when there is a 
stranger around can you”? 

He smiled and picked up the phone and said, “Please send Annie in here
before someone gets hurt” 

The door opened and Annie entered, Dad smiled and said, “See there she
is O. K”. 

Dad opened his desk drawer and pushed a button and a door behind them
opened. They both knew this was Dad's private quarters. He asked Annie 
if she would go in and have a seat for just a minute. She went in and 
sat on the couch. The door closed and Dad pushed another button and a 
TV screen lowered and they watched Annie on TV. 

Dad smiled again and said, “Now Son you can see her and tell she is
safe”. He pushed another button and said, “Annie, we have you on camera 
so M. G. can see you”. 

“O. K”.  Replied Annie. 

Dad smiled again and said, “Now Son, you can see her and tell she is

She said, “O. K”. and telepathic said to M. G., “I Love You”. 

He said back, “I Love You”. 

Dad said, “If you two are going to talk do it so I can here”. 

Then he turned on the speaker and said, ”Annie, What are you doing in
there, get in here with us where you belong”? 

The door opened and she come in and took a seat beside M. G. Dad just
looked at them both and said, “”M. G. If you need a raise just ask for 
it. If you want to borrow money just ask for it. Do you need ten 
thousand or one hundred thousand.”? 

M G. said, “Neither. I want to marry Annie”. 

Dad said, “A Million or Ten Million. You don't want money, just my
daughter”, He said, “Son, my accountant said I was worth around ninety 
to one hundred billion dollars. My little girl is worth more than that 
to me. I knew that some day someone would ask for her hand. There was a 
time I would have given up all I have just to know she was always safe. 
Thank God you finally asked for her. I was afraid you were going to let 
her get away. Yes she is yours. I only ask that you take care of her 
just like you have the past few years. I know you love her more than 
your own life, You have proved that”. 

Annie hugged her Dad and said, “I love you Daddy”. 

M. G. said,  “If only I could be one half the Dad you have been I would
be awesome”. 

M. G. and Annie left the building and Dad picked up the phone and called
Mom. She answered the phone and John said, “The kids has gone”. 

Ericka almost in tears asked, “Did you say O.K”? 

John replied, “Of course I did, I thought that is what you wanted just
like me”? 

She said, “I do but our little girl is grown up and don't need us any

John said, “Darling I will be home in five minutes, please don't cry”. 

She said, “O.K”, and hung up the phone and cried her eyes out. While
this conservation between John and Ericka was going on, Annie and M.G. 
were in the car headed home. M.G looked at Annie and she started to 

M.G. Said, “You are hearing Mom  and Dad's thoughts aren't you”? 

She said, “You heard them too didn't you”? 

M.G said, “Yes”. 

Than excitedly Annie said, “I have a ideal. You are a licensed Mucous.
Mom and Dad are always talking about how much out of shape they are. 
Let us start an exercise program with them and end each work out with a 
professional massage”. 

“That will be fine with me if you can talk your Dad into that”? asked M.

Annie said, “We would leave that to Mom”. 

M.G said, “Let me call and tell The Claw to meet us out front; we need
to go to town so I can buy something” 

Annie's limousine pulled in front of the house and The Claw got in and
off to town they headed. Annie asked, “Are we going after something 
gold and round with a little bitsy diamond on top of it”? 

He smiled and said, “Nope. It will have a big diamond on top of it”. 

They went on to the jewelry store.  Soon they found the perfect ring.
When they were back in the car M.G. asked, “Can I put it on your 

She couldn't wait, she put out her finger and he slipped it up on it and
these words he spoke. Annie, I love you more than anything in this 
world does and this ring will mean that my thoughts will be your 
thoughts and my love for you will be as great as God himself. I want 
you to be my wife when you are ready but if it is O.K with you we will 
wait for a sign from God. May every thing we say or do from this day on 
will be pleasing in the eyes of God”. 

Annie said, “I would have it no other way, but can you stand to wait for
me, what if it is another year”? 

“ I will wait ten years if I have too, just so it is you and no other”
he sighed. 

Annie gave him a kiss and said, “You won't be sorry it will be worth the

Soon they arrived home and Annie couldn't wait to show Mom and Dad her
ring. She put out her tiny ring finger and smiled ear to ear. Mom 
hugged her and the tears run down her cheeks. 

Annie said, “Mom I love you, Please don't cry”. 

Mom said, “Precious baby they are happy tears, I just hate to think my
little girl is all grown up” 

Annie said, “I will always be your little girl. M.G. and I have decided
to wait until the time is just right before we set a date”. 

Dad said, “If you two are happy that is all that counts. M.G has always
been like family. He started working for us when he was 18 years old. 
Since that time he runs the whole security force”. 

Mr. Johnson said, “I don't even know how many guards we have. M.G., how
many people you have under you”? 

M.G. said, “Twenty including myself. Six of the twenty have clearance to
the house. And only three of the six can enter the private secret 

Mr. Johnson said, “Precious you can tell what I think of your man. If I
need to know something about myself, I have to ask him”. 

Annie said, “Now we have a surprise for you two. It seems our lives are
so busy anymore we never have family time together like we did when I 
was a little girl. I miss that so very much and I know you two do 
because I have heard you say it. Starting in the morning will the two 
of you spend the first two hours of each day with me? This will be 7 
days a week starting at 7:00 o'clock.”. 

Dad said, “Honey that is when you do your exercise, Do you want us to

Mom patted his belly and giggled and said, “Yes you look like that you
need to watch”. Then Mom said, “Annie you wear a bikini when you do 
those, I can't wear a bikini and sweat”. 

Dad said, “Why can't you wear a bikini you look fine, If I have to do
all this you have to wear a bikini, It will be only the four of us”. 

Then Dad said, “M.G. squeezes your neck and legs when you are done, will
he beat me up the way he does you”? 

M.G. couldn't hold back the laughter any longer.  Annie giggled and
said,” Dad that is the best part, you will long for the moment for him 
to work the soreness out of your body”. 

Dad said, “I have seen them big muscles roll in his shoulders and arms
when he is squeezing you. That has to hurt”. 

Annie said, “He is as gentle as a lamb, He is a professional. He has
been trained to do that”. 

Than Annie said Dad, “I forgot to mention this, but M.G. is the trainer.
Where do you think that big muscles came from. He earned them”. 

Dad said, “This will be pretty, Mom all sleek and trim and poor old dad
in a wheel chair”. 

The next morning Mom and Dad were early and waiting for Annie and M.G.
to start. Dad knew he was in trouble right off because M.G had three 
bottles of water with him. This meant one of two things. He was either 
very thirst or three people was going to do a lot of sweating. M.G. 
didn't look thirsty. 

He said, “Let us get started. Today will be easy and each day will get a
little harder. Mom & Dad, I want each of you to watch Annie for just a 
minute and this is where you will be in 6 months. You will mostly watch 
today and each day will be a little harder. He called for Annie and she 
stood and slipped off her robe. 

Mom thought, ”What a gorgeous and beautiful body”. Mom said, “I would
kill for a body like that”. 

M.G. said, “You wouldn't have to kill. You are not far from it now, give
me three months and you will be there”. 

Annie stepped up on a white panel lying on the floor. In the back of her
were two digital displays. He picked up a jump rope in the center of it 
was a thin strip. When he touched the board with it a counter and clock 
appeared on the displays. 

M.G. said, “Each time she jumps the rope and it comes over her head and
touches the panel it will count. It will tell us how many times she 
jumps a minute”. 

Dad said, “I can jump 5 times a minute now, how many do we have to do”? 

He smiled and said, “Annie does 5 a second but first we have to warm

He picked up a spray bottle filled with oil and sprayed her arms, back
stomach and legs. He put her on a bike and she paddled for 90 seconds. 
She stopped and got off and laid on her back on a table. M.G. picked up 
her leg and gently rubbed the muscle in the calf of her leg and 
continued all the way to her crouch. He gently lifted it up and folded 
it in against her shoulder and than lowered it back on the table and 
repeated this with the other leg. 

She than flipped over and he rubbed her shoulders and arms. He told Mom
& Dad this would stop her legs and arms from knotting up and cramping. 
She than went to the jump rope board and started that set. Instantly 
the display went to 300 and held there two minutes than three, four 
five. It sounded like a machine gun as it would go around and tap the 

She went back to the table and he repeated the rub down just as before.
After this she went to a bench and lay on her back and M.G. folded down 
weights. On his command with her legs she would lift them until her 
legs were fully extended. He rubbed her legs looking for knots, He 
would rub it out before a cramp started. After 10 sets she stopped and 
raised up. He gave her a drink and back down she lay and he lowered the 
weights to her head. She repeated the same steps with her arms. After 
she completed these sets, back to the bicycle to unwind. 

She paddled and M.G slowly removed the tension so it would paddle
easier. Than at last her favorite part. M.G. stopped her and she stood 
and he sprayed her with oil once more. She lay on the table on her 
back. He placed a cucumber splice over each eye and than she relaxed. 

At last the massages. For the next 30 minutes every muscle in her body
would gently be rubbed. Mom & Dad watched as the muscles rolled and 
raised as he worked down her body. Than he removed her eye covers and 
she raised for another drink. Than she rolled over on her stomach and 
he started back on her neck and shoulders and worked down to her feet. 
Then he raised her foot and with his finger and thumb worked her toes 
and squeezed in the arch of her foot. Then he rubbed each toe gently 
folding back and than rotating her ankle. He than repeated the same 
thing on the other foot. 

M.G. asked, ”Do you feel any cramping”? 

She said, “Know I am completely relaxed”. 

Than M.G. told Mom & Dad, “Now you will see why you are wearing bikini
and trunks”. He pushed a button and a cover in the floor slid back. 
Under it were steps that led to bubbling rolling water. M.G. taken 
Annie by the hand and she walked down and set in a hot tub with only 
her head showing. 

Then he said, ”O.K. Mom. Your are up”. 

She stood and he sprayed her with oil just as he did Annie.  She lay on
the table and M.G worked her tired shoulders and neck. He repeated 
every step just like Annie. 

She thought, ”I could lay here all day”, but soon he had her up and on
the bike. She was on the bike just a minute and he had her off and back 
on the table. It felt even better now than before. They moved from the 
table to the weights. Mom just did 3 sets with only a 4th of the 
weight. He stopped her on the second set and rubbed her legs. She 
couldn't believe how much out of shape she was. 

M.G. worked her legs before cramps could start. She got her water and
M.G. finished and finally she got to the massage. That was the best. 
M.G. was surprised how far he could fold up her leg and push it to her 
shoulder. He was expecting her to be tighter than that. Finally the 
foot massage. She hoped it would never end. Dad did two because he knew 
his time was near. 

M.G took her by the hand and led her to the tub. He repeated everything
with Dad just as Mom & Annie. His legs would not bend like theirs but 
in time he would have him loosened up. When they were finished Mr. 
Johnson added one more thing for M.G. to do each night before bedtime. 
Him and Mom wanted that full massage every night before they went to 
bed. Now they knew why Annie would not go to bed with out it. 

For the next several weeks this morning workout became a family time.
Mom and Dad both enjoyed it as much as Annie. The lbs. Melted of both 
of them and they were back in shape and felt so much better than they 
did before all this started. 

The Gifts Chapter Five 

Annie now was almost 23 years old and her Mom Dad and M.G. was closer
now than they had ever been. She didn't know how, but she loved M.G. 
more today than she did the day he gave her the ring. They would work 
every day and occasionally the wedding would come up. 

Annie or M.G. would always say to Mom or Dad, “We don't know yet but
when the time comes we will know it”. 

They would let it go at that than in a few days it would come up again.
Annie told Mom one day, “We are together all time. At night our rooms 
are side by side. We slept within twenty feet of each other. We talk 
telepathy to each other when the lights are off. What could be any 

M.G said, “I could think of a couple things right off”. 

Annie said “Poor baby, take a cold shower”. 

M G said, “I take about 10 every day now”. 

Mom got tickled and said, “I have to go, you two can work this out”. 

Now a couple of weeks had passed and Annie and M.G. were at the plant
working and decided they needed to go home. They called for their 
limousine but it was at the garage getting serviced. They called Black 
Cap but he was out with Mom. All the company cars were tied up for the 
next couple of hours. They couldn't believe it. All their cars and not 
one were available. 

M.G. said, “We could call a taxi but I will need another guard”. Then he
said, “Annie, how long as it been since you walked home in the tunnel”? 

She said, “It has been years”. So off they went. They got to the
entrance and they were told they couldn't use it. There was some 
construction workers in side and it was blocked off so no one could 
tell where it lead. 

Then M.G. said, “Annie, it is about 75 degrees out side, why don't you
put on one of The Claw's tops and we will walk”. 

She said, “Darling do you think I would be safer if people thought I was
the Claw”? 

He said, “Not really, but I would be a lot safer, every body knows she
can kick butt”. 

Annie said, “Why M.G.! I will make you pay for that one”. She jumped on
him and wrapped her legs around him and just held on. 

He said, “I will give you only one week to let go”. 

She grinned and gave him a big kiss, and said, “You will need an ice
shower when I get done with you”. 

He said, “I would squeal like a pig”. 

She laughed and gave him another kiss and said, “Let's go find Claw's
locker so I can get dressed”. 

In a few minutes they were outside walking toward home. It was such a
beautiful day. Annie asks, “Why can't we do this more often”? 

He said, “I want to hold your hand but I can't”. 

She took hold of his and asked, ”Why can't we”? 

Than at that instant they passed one of the girls that worked in the
plant. She said, “I am going to tell Annie about you two”. 

Annie looked at her and than she gave M.G. a kiss and said, “Tell her
that too”! 

M.G said, “Stop it, I will have to fire my self if you don't quit”. 

She telepathy to him, “I love you, I love you”. 

He just looked at her and shook his head. 

Annie and M.G. were having so much fun and soon they found themselves
almost to the orphanage. Annie was looking and her mind went back to 
when she was just 4 years old and would play out by the fence. Suddenly 
she just stopped and stared into the yard. It scared M.G. so he stepped 
toward the front of her putting himself between the fence and street. 
Then he saw what she was looking at. He put his arm around her and drew 
her up against him. 

She snuggled up against him and softly said, “God put us by here to day
didn't he”? 

M.G said, “He had too, we have 30 cars and not a one was available

They just stood there and held each other and watched. They were looking
at a little girl about 4 years old they guessed. With her was a little 
boy no older than 5 they thought. They looked so much alike they had to 
be brother and sister. The little girl would play with one toy for a 
minute and then she would want what ever the little boy had. He would 
hand it right over to her. He watched over her every move as if he had 
to take care of her. 

Annie asked M.G, “Can we go in and ask Miss Watkins about them”? 

He said, “Of course we could”. 

They went in and Miss Watkins was so happy to see them. Annie asked her
all about the little girl and boy out side. 

Miss Watkins said, “It is ashamed about those precious little kids. That
is Lori and Cori. Lori has a rare blood disease and a rare blood type. 
We do all we can for them, I just hope it is enough. Cori watches over 
her every move. He is about the only Dad she has ever known. Their 
mother drank her self to death. We ended up with them because of all 
their medical bills. No other place wanted them”. 

Annie asked, “Can we talk to them”? 

Miss Watkins said, “Yes, but honey you will fall in love with those two,
are you ready for that. M.G”? 

M. G. said, “We are ready”. 

Miss Watkins said, “My prayer has been answered. I have prayed for days 
that you two would see these guys. I could not call you because you 
have done so much for this orphanage already”? 

“Are you sure,” asked Miss Wakins. 

Annie said, “Yes we are sure”. 

Miss Watkins said, “I will get them”. 

Soon she was back with Cori & Lori. They walked in and spotted M.G. They
couldn't take their eyes off him. 

Slowly they came over and Miss Watkins said, “Kids, this is M.G. and
Annie. Annie lived here until she was 4 years old”. 

Cori said, “She is so pretty, is she a Princess”? 

M.G. smiled and said, “Cori she is My Princess”. 

Annie smiled and said, ”Thank you”. 

Then Cori looked at M.G. and he said, “You got big muscles, can I touch

M.G. said, “Yes I guess so”. 

Cori touched his arm and M.G. flexed them. They jumped and Lori said,
“Could I ride them”? 

Cori said, “You know better, they will buck you off and hurt you”. 

M.G. and Annie just laughed and drew them little closer. Soon the
questions started and the just couldn't stop. They had soon been there 
an hour and didn't even realize it. 

Then Lori asked Annie, “Are you a Mommy”? 

Annie said, “No sugar, I'm not”. 

Lori said, “There are just no Mommies left.  Why did Jesus quit making

With a quivering lip and a tear in her eye, Annie said, “He still makes

Cori said, “We don't have a Mommy or a Daddy”. 

Then Annie broke down in tears. She telepathy to M.G, “I don't know how
to answer her”. 

M.G. spoke for her.  First he put one child on his right knee and the
other on the left knee.  Then he said to Cori, “You know Jesus loves 
you a lot, because you are just a little boy”. 

Cori said, “I don't have time to be a little boy, I have to take care of

A tear ran down M.G's cheek and he said, “Would you try to be a little
boy for a couple of days until we can figure this out”. 

Cori said, “I don't know what to do”. 

M.G. could only hug him. This little guy hugged back. 

Cori smiled and said,  “I have been hugged two times this week”. 

Then Lori asked Annie,  “Would you hug me so I will have had two hugs”? 

M.G. and Annie hugged them both again and they just sat there with a
puzzled look on their face. 

Then Miss Watkins said, “I hugged them this morning and I found out that
was the first time either of them had ever been hugged”. 

M.G. said, “Miss Watkins; we need to talk to you”. 

Then Miss Watkins said to the kids the kids, “You only have 10 minutes
of playtime left you better hurry and get back out side”. 

They didn't want to leave M.G. and Annie but they walked off and then
turned and asked, “Will you two come back sometime and hug -------I 
mean see us”? 

M.G. said, ”We will be back before you know it”, M.G said, “It would be
nice to get another hug.  If you see anyone who needs a hug send him or 
her in here”. 

They were all over him in a flash and then to Annie and back to M.G.
Then together M.G. and Annie said, “I love you”. 

Then Cori wrapped his arm around Annie and Lori around M.G and each
child cried their eyes out. Then with tears in everyone's eyes M.G 
asked, “What is wrong, Please don't cry”? 

Then Cori spoke words that tore their heart out. He said, “No one has
ever told us that before”. 

The kids went on out and Annie said, “Miss Watkins, we want to adopt

Miss Watkins said, Oh Thank God, but are you sure 

M.G. said, “We have never been surer of anything in our life”. 

She said, “You are not married yet”. 

He said, “No, not yet, you think the church will be available in a
couple of weeks. That is if Annie will marry me than”. 

She said, “In a heartbeat my love”. 

Miss Watkins asked, “Do you want to take them so your mom and Dad can
meet them”? 

“Can we”!  She asks excitedly. 

Miss Watkins said, “You forgot whom you are didn't you”? 

Miss Watkins went to the door and called them in. When they got there
Annie and M.G were down on one knee with arms open to them. They ran as 
fast as their little legs could carry them. Soon Cori passed Lori but 
he realized what he had done he slowed and let her keep about three 
feet ahead. She ran into Annie's arms and Cori into M.G's. 

Miss Watkins said, “Kids, how would you like to go home with Annie and
M.G. and meet her Mom & Dad”? 

. Lori said, “Do you have a Mommy and a Daddy all at the same time”? 

She said, “Yes sugar and do you know what their favorite then is to do.
They like hugging little girls and boys”. 

Cori said, “You mean we will get more hugs today”? 

M.G. said, “Son, you will get hugs and kisses every day, morning, noon,
night or when ever you want as often as you want”. M.G. said, “We will 
call for the limousine to pick us up. I have a feeling all the cars are 
available now”. 

He was right, Black Cap would be right there. When he arrived, the kids
couldn't believe their eyes. Slowly they got in. Cori let Lori in first 
and let her pick the seat she wanted. She wanted to set by Annie. 

Cori said, “OK, I will set by Mr. M.G”. 

Lori said, “I want to set by M.G”. 

Cori said, “It is Mr. M.G. and if you want to you can”. 

Annie saw where this was going so she said, “I want to set by you Lori”.

Lori smiled and said, “O.K”. 

Annie picked up the phone and dialed her Dad.  She told him what had
happened and they would soon be home. 

When they arrived, Annie knew just exactly how they felt. Slowly they
went in. 

Cori said, “You have to be quiet Lori, you will bother the other people
that lives here”. 

Annie said, “Cori; we are the only family that lives here”. 

Cori said, “You mean you live in this big house with all these windows
and rooms, and you ride in a train with wheels on it, and you got a 
Mommy and a Daddy, are you God”? 

Annie's Mom and Dad had just come in and they heard what Cori said. 

Mr. Johnson knelt down and said, “I haven't had a hug since this
morning, is anyone here got any hugs”? 

Cori rushed to him, this time he didn't wait for Lori. He wrapped his
little arm around him and he lay his head on his shoulder. Softly he 
started to cry. He tried to hide it. Annie looked at her Dad with tears 
in her eye. 

She whispered, “We want to adopt them, O.K”? 

Mom put her arm around her and shook her head, yes. 

Dad did the same. 

They noticed M.G. had picked up Lori and her little head lay on his
shoulder. They just held on. 

Then softly he said, “Don't cry Cori”? 

. Cori said, “I am sorry, I am to old to cry, I won't do it again”. 

Mr. Johnson said, “Son, look at me”? 

He raised his little head and looked in Mr. Johnson's eyes. Slowly he
raised his little finger up and touched a tear that ran down Mr. 
Johnson's face. He said, “I am a lot older that you and I cry. Darling 
we do a lot of that in this house and we do a lot of hugging too”. 

Cori asked,  “Is it O.K. to kiss some one”? 

Mr. Johnson gave him a kiss on the cheek and he asked him, “Like that”? 

Tears ran down his little cheeks and he said, “Yes Sir”. 

Mr. Johnson said, “They come with hugs. You can't get a hug without a

The little boy raised up and he said, “I don't know what to call you

Mr. Johnson looked right in those little brown eyes and said,” I want
you to call me Poppy if you don't mind”? 

. Mrs. Johnson said, “I am Grand Mommy”. 

Than Annie said,” I would like for you to call me Mommy”. She pointed to
M.G. and said, “This is Daddy”. 

Than they noticed Lori had laid in M.G's arms and was fast asleep. Annie
said to M.G. “What a precious Gift God has given us today”. 

The rest of the evening it was a very busy house. They had to find rooms
for the kids. Over the years Annie had changed rooms a lot. Every time 
she moved M.G would move next to her room. Tonight they found 4 rooms 
all next to each other and all had their own bath. The way it worked 
out Grand Mommy and Poppy was right across the hall from Lori & Cori. 
They knew Annie had planed it this way but they pretended they didn't. 

Cori went to M.G. & Annie and he asked,  ”May I have a little space in
the corner of Lori's room”? 

M.G. said, “You may but wouldn't you like a room all of your own”? 

The little boy said, “I have never been away from her, I am afraid she
may awake and be frightened”. 

M. G. said, “You are absolutely right”. 

Annie's Mom and Dad heard them and Mr. Johnson said “Honey. You have
forgotten where you are, look in the room next to your new room”. 

Before she looked she realized what they were talking about. It was her
first room she had when she moved in the house. Next to it was her Mom 
& Dad's old room.  It was just perfect for a little boy and girl. It 
was two rooms in one. 

Dad said, “You have a room for a guard now if you want it”. 

Annie said, “Please, Please My Giant, can you move The Claw in here next
to the kids”? 

M.G. said, “You called me My Giant, you haven't called me that for

She put her arms around him and softly said, “That's your name”. 

He said, “I know and yes to your question, I would try to get you the
moon if you wanted it”. 

She smiled and telepathy to him, “I love you”. 

He grinned and shook his head yes. 

Mr. Johnson said, “O.K. little children, how about this Grand Mommy &
Poppy are across the hall Then all in a row is first M.G your Dad, Then 
Annie your Mom, then your big huge room and next to you on the other 
side is The Claw”. 

Lori asked, “What is a Claw”? 

Annie said, “I thought you met the Claw”? 

M.G. picked up his phone and said “Claw, meet us in location T-3”. 

She replied, “I'll be there in 45 seconds”. 

She did appear and with a startled look, Cori said, “We got two Mommies
Lori. One is for you and one for me, at the same time”. 

The Claw said, “No, no------I just look like your Mommy. I will always
have on clothes like your Dad. In a few days you will be able to tell 
us apart in the dark”. 

All this suited the kids just fine and then Lori went to Annie and asked
to be held. She put her in her lap and soon she was sounding asleep. 
She was worn out from this busy day she had. She slept just a minute 
then she awoke and put out her arms for M.G. to take her. He did so and 
she snuggled in against his shoulder and wide muscular frame and was 
sounding asleep in minutes. 

Annie gives her a little kiss on the head and softly said, “Honey that
is the most comfortable and safest bed in the whole wide world. 
Yesterday I wouldn't have shared that spot with no body but today three 
of us own that bed”. 

He smiled at her and said, “Yes, yours forever and one more day”. 

The next morning after all the morning activities had ended M.G asks
Annie, ”Would you go to their church with me. I want to talk to the 

They ask Mom if Lori & Cori could stay home while they were out. Mom
loved that ideal. 

M.G. & Annie arrived at the church and M. G. didn't go straight to the
office, instead he went in the Sanctuary and on to the front. He knelt 
down with Annie at his side. He prayed a silent prayer but Annie heard 
every word. When she heard his prayer she realized only then how 
fortunate she was to have the opportunity to marry and spend the rest 
of her life with him. 

He prayed, “God, thank you for all the blessing I have received and
never let him forget how you blessed me. Annie, Cori and Lori were all 
that matter to me. Father with you guidance allow me to make them 
happy. Give me all their pain and suffering and help me to show them 
you are the way, the truth and the light. Jesus precious name I pray 

Annie and M.G raised to their feet and saw Brother Bob behind them. He
put out his hand and he said I figured you would be here today or 
tomorrow. When you called and told me the news I didn't say it then but 
I jumped in joy”. 

He said, “Annie, I became Minister here just about two months before you
came to the orphanage. The first month here I prayed to God how 
important this church was to that orphanage and the orphanage to the 
church. There was no way they could continue without a miracle from 
God. Little did I know you would be that miracle? Then M.G. was paired 
up with you. At first it was just a 19-year-old guard with a 4-year-old 
girl. The way he cared for you and you him. I always hoped and prayed 
this would happen” 

. He said, “Honey do you remember those days in the hospital when we all
expected M.G. to die? You never gave up, hours & hours I saw you by his 
side. God put you two together for a reason and I have preformed 
hundred's of weddings the past twenty years but never have I been more 
happy to do this one. When I am around you I can feel God's presence 
with you. I consider myself lucky to get to perform the ceremony. Annie 
can you ever think of a time when this Giant was not around, I can't? 
He has always been there. Do you remember when you were nine years old 
and I baptized you? M.G. stepped out and came with you. You didn't want 
to go to Heaven without My Giant. M.G. told me later he didn't only do 
it for you, he did it for himself also. So all I can say is may God 
bless this marriage just as much as he has all your lives”. 

Then Brother Bob said, “All we need now is a date”. 

Annie said, “June 11th at 8.00 o'clock”. Then they hugged and left the

They got in their car and M.G. turned the opposite way of home. 

Annie asked, “Where are we going, home is the other way”? 

He said, “The hospital”. 

She asked him, “Are you sick”? 

He replied, “No, we need a blood test”. 

She said, “Oh God I am sick. M.G I've never been sick or ever gave
blood, I can't do it”. 

He said, “They just need a little”. 

She said, “I need all my blood”. 

M. G. replied, “Poor baby; maybe they will put you to sleep”. 

She said, “No way! I know you! You will eat my sucker if I don't watch”.
Then she thought, “Poor Lori, how many time has that little sweet heart 
been stuck and here I am winning over a blood test”? 

. They got to the hospital and it all was over before she had time to
think about it. M.G. said to her, “You need to hurry home and plan a 

She couldn't wait. She knew her Mom had longed for this day. Every thing
was going fine. Lori & Cori had become a big part of that household. 
Everyone in the house fell in love with them. They were the most 
well-mannered 4 and 5 year old you ever saw. Lori couldn't play about 
half the day then she would be exhausted. One of the things that kept 
her going was the fact that she was going to be in the wedding. Her & 
Cori both were in it. M.G. & Annie both thought that was why she was so 
tired. Everyone was worn out. 

Soon the day rolled around. Annie was so excited. Lori came to her the
day of the wedding and she asked. “Mommy, what is your name”? 

Annie said, “Today it is Annie Johnson. Tomorrow it will be Annie
Starburst”. Then she picked her up and said, “Your name will be Lori 
Starburst and your brother will be Cori Starburst and your Daddy will 
be M.G. Starburst”. 

Lori said, “God loves me doesn't he”? 

Annie said, “Of course he does”. 

Annie said, “Honey did you think God didn't love you”? 

Slowly she said, “I don't know, I didn't want to die without a last
name, I wanted it to be Starburst, because my Daddy said I was a 
Starburst and I would always be a Starburst”. 

“Cori said I was a dumb old girl, but my Daddy said I was not, I was
smart as a pig. Then Cori said he was sorry for saying that”. 

Finally June 11th arrived and it was such a busy day. Annie was a
beautiful bride. The Claw was bridesmaid and M 2 was best man. 
Everything was beautiful. Everything was perfect. Soon the wedding and 
the reception was over and just before it was time for M.G. and Annie 
to leave Mr. Johnson wanted to speak to M.G. Ever what he said M.G. 
agreed because he shook his head yes and wrote something on a paper. He 
gave the paper to Mr. Johnson. He hugged him and off to Annie he 

He said, “Mrs. Starburst are you ready to get out of here”? 

She was ready. In the big black car they went with Black Cap at the
wheel. They had planned just a very short trip for a few days because 
they didn't want to be away from the kids. As soon as they were gone a 
man told M 2 and The Claw Mr. Johnson wanted to see them. What he 
wanted didn't really surprise them. He gave M 2 the paper M. G. gave 
him. Mr. Johnson wanted them to go to that hotel and check in. The room 
number on that paper was M.G. and Annie's room. They were to stay as 
long as M.G. did and no one was to bother them. M. G. and Annie both 
knew they were there and not to make contact unless the Newly Weds 
asked or needed them. Mr. & Mrs. Johnson had the kids my their self for 
a whole week and they were going to enjoy every minute of it. 

Soon the week had passed and it was time for M.G. and Annie to be home.
Mom & Dad were glade because Lori had become worse the last few days. 
They were going to take her to the hospital but they wanted M.G. and 
Annie to be there. What was so bad was Annie's Mom & Dad had to see the 
happiest couple in the world turn into a day of sorrow. 

They held Lori and she was so weak she could hardly speak. She did
realize her mom & Dad were home and she missed them so much. Little 
Cori watched as his Mom cried her eyes out. She gave him a kiss when 
she saw the tears slowly run down his face. They called an ambulance 
and in minutes it arrived. They loaded her up and Annie, M 2 and the 
Claw rode with her was M.G, Cori and Mr. Johnson. Four of the guards 

When the ambulance arrived they unloaded her and straight to the Pen
House floor they went. There was a medical crew waiting there for them 
when they arrived. The Doctors checked Lori out and M.G. & Annie with 
Cori and Mr. & Mrs. Johnson stood there in prayer. Cori knew his 
Mommy's heart was broke And Lori was very sick. He wanted so much for 
this to all go away. Last week he was the happiest little boy on earth 
and today everyone he loved the most was heart broken. 

Soon the Dr. came to them and he said, “Lori needs some blood tonight or
it will be to late. The problem is Lori has a very rare type of blood. 
There are only two other people in the whole world we know of with this 
type and they live in China. They have their personal blood bank and 
even if they would share it, it would be too late. There is only one 
other thing we can do and I need your permission M. G. and you're also 
Annie.  Lori's blood type is refereed to as A B negative plus”. 

He looked at them all and said, “Listen very closely. You too Cori. If
we don't get that blood tonight Lori may not make it. We have that type 
blood in this hospital tonight but without permission we cannot touch 
it. You see the problem is that is Cori's blood type also but his is 
healthy. The other two people with this type have never been sick in 
their lives. If that blood type is healthy it seems it is an aggressive 
blood. It will attack and destroy any bacteria or infection 
immediately. You see we can't except blood from a five-year-old without 
permission from all. That will have to be your decision, I know how 
tough that will be but that is the only way”. 

M.G. & Annie looked at Cori. He looked up at them and little tears ran
from those big brown eyes. He heard all the doctor had said. 

M. G. & Annie knelt down and he came over. They each hugged him and his
Daddy asked, “What do you say son”? 

He looked at Annie and said, “You want me too don't you mommy”? 

She hugged him and cried, “ Yes, She will die if you don't. You are the
only one who can save her”. 

The only words that came from a little quivering lip were “O.K. Mommy”. 

They all hugged him and told him how much they loved him and what a
brave little boy he was. 

The doctor said, “We will do an arm to arm transfusion”. He told Cori,
“I will put a tube in your arm and hook the other end in Lori's arm so 
the blood will run straight over”. 

The room was so quiet and after a few minutes they noticed little tears
still running down Cori face. Then the words Cori spoke tore their 
heart out. He asked the Dr. “How long before I die. -------“? 

Annie and M. G. both nearly fell. M.G. reached out to catch her and she
replied, “Oh my God, What have we done”? 

They both rushed to him, one on each side and Annie said, ”You are not
going to die”. 

Cori said, “You can't live without blood”. 

M.G. said, “Please Dr. Stop, Please Stop”! 

The Dr. said, “Only ten more seconds and that will be enough” 

. They both hugged him and ask, “Darling you were going to give your
life for Lori's wasn't you”? 

He said, “Yes, I love her and I love you Mommy & Daddy. I didn't want
you to be sad”. 

Annie said, “God bless your little heart, we don't deserve you”. 

The Dr. unhooked the needle from Cori's arm and said,  “That is all we
need son you both will be fine”. 

Than they here the elevator doors open and a nurse got off. She went to
the Dr. and she said, “I am sorry to bother you but I knew you would 
like to see this”. 

She handed him an envelope and he opened it and read it. He smiled, and
he asked Annie, “Girl have you ever been sick”? 

Her Mom said, “Not a day in her life. What is wrong? Please tell us
nothing is wrong”? 

The Dr. said, “Nothing is wrong, all is right. Annie, I want you to lie
down so I can draw a pint of blood. There seems to be a lot of A B 
negative plus blood in this hospital. That is your type also. If we put 
only one half of a pint of your aggressive blood in Lori, she will be 
doing back flips in ten minutes”. 

Annie's Mom said, ”It all makes sense now. This started when God sent
John up the street and he saw a rock with a note tied to it. Wonder 
what he has in mind for the next twenty years”? 

The Challenge 

Chapter Six 

Only one year had passed by and all was super good with the kids. Lori
was a healthy five-year-old girl and Cori was six. Both kids attended 
school at the orphanage and it was no secret how Mr. Johnson's family 
had grown. There were two guards with them at school at all times. 
Thing were safer back home but the guards were close by any way.  M.G. 
and Annie were happier than any other time in their lives. Annie's work 
kept her very busy but that was OK, her husband was her guard and that 
was the way they both wanted it. 

Early one morning when the whole family was together doing the exercise,
there was a call that come for Mr. Johnson. It was someone from the 
White House in Washington D C. There was a problem in space with two 
nuclear Satellites' and one Russian space station. Something had 
happened in space and caused these three units to get off course and 
drift into the wrong atmosphere but none of the three was used any more 
and they contained top-secret information. If not destroyed they would 
crash some where on earth. 

Not only could they harm life and cause damage when they crashed, in the
wrong hands they would be even more dangerous. Secret Service and CIA 
wanted to meet with him and explain what they needed. It was not known 
for sure if this was an act of nature or some other country behind 
this. They planed to meet at Mr. Johnson's home the following day at 
3:00 in the afternoon. They were right on time. Two black cars were at 
the gate wanting to enter. 

After a while of security checks the cars were finally allowed to enter.
But even then 8 of Mr. Johnson's guards accompanied them. 

The leader of the group introduced his self and he said, “I am impressed
with your security, It's not this tough getting into the White House. 

He looked around the room and he said, “You have some mighty big thugs
around you but I am afraid I am going to have to ask all to leave but 
you Mr. Johnson”. 

Mr. Johnson replied, “Sir This lady here is my wife, her name is Ericka
and she is as much part of this operation as my self. The young lady 
behind you we call Annie.  She calls more shots than I do myself; in 
fact she will be the one you are dealing with. The big thug beside her 
is her husband. We call him M.G. He is head of security and he will be 
the one to tell you when you will leave and who sees whom. Now them 
other big thugs over there will not leave us as long as a stranger is 
close to any member of this family. Sir I am afraid if you have 
something to say you better start because the only people that will 
leave this room is the ones that M.G tell to leave. 

The young man said, “I am sorry I only wish I had a group like you have.
You trust them with your lives don't you”. 

Mr. Johnson grinned and said, “Yes Sir, every day. They will shoot you
for even thinking something bad about any of the six of us”. 

The young man looked around the room and said, “I only see 4 of you
where are the other two”? 

Mr. Johnson said, “I am afraid you would have to have a tank to get
close to them two with this many strangers around”. 

The man said, “I got a feeling you mean every word of that. I respect
you very much and we will be out of here as soon as you say so sir. 
Please let me explain?  We are about 90% sure the satellites were 
sabotaged. We are not sure of what country but there is a possibility 
of Iraq.  If that is true you and your family may be in danger if you 
try to help us. We would like for the CIA to pick you up and drop you 
off. You will never be out of their sight”. 

Mr. Johnson said, “We will be more than glad to help you but M.G. will
make all the arrangements and I will do only as he says. If this is not 
suitable with you I have no choice but to decline”. 

This young CIA agent said, “Sir we have to have you so M.G. you tell us
what we are going to do. You have 100 % authority over this whole 
matter. We will be at your disposal. Anything you need we will get it 
for you”. 

With all that said M.G. laid out the plan. He said, “I would need four
cars. They will be out of our fleet. All will be identical. Three of 
the cars are decoys. There will be 4 of my guards in each of the cars. 
The fourth car will contain Mr. & Mrs. Johnson, Annie and myself plus 
one more guard. Our kids will remain in a safe location known only by 
the family. We will follow your car. Not any of your people will know 
what car we will be in. All I will tell you it will be one of the four. 
When we arrive at the launch and Command center we will unload all four 
cars inside after the doors are closed and my guards are satisfied all 
is secure. Remember Sir, they will only take orders from me. The last 
thing we need to make very clear.  At no time is there any one to get 
within five feet of Mr. or Mrs. Johnson or Annie. Make sure all your 
people know this. My guards will shoot and ask questions later. You 
will have to sign a contract stating this. We will not be held 
responsible for any harm that comes to anyone who tries to approach 
either of the three of them. Do you understand all I have told you”? 

He said, “I understand Sir, the President of the United States said his
self, we would never guard anyone as important as Mr. Johnson's team”. 

M.G. said, “He is right, that's why we trust know one with any of the
three of them. 

The young CIA agent said, “All demands would be met. All of our people
will be briefed and if anyone tries something, I can assure you they 
will not be any of my men”. 

He gave M.G. a card with a phone number on it. He said, ”You call this
number night or day and we will be here immediately with our car to 
lead you”. 

The next day at 11: 00 a.m. M. G. made the call. The voice at the other
end said, “Our car would be there within the hour”. 

M. G. said, “Our guards would check your car and let you in when they
are satisfied. You are to approach the house. The four cars will be 
loaded and ready to leave. We will drop behind you and our guards will 
let us out”. 

The agent said,  “We have a two-hour drive and then we will arrive at
our destination. We will unload inside a secure building. There will be 
a lot of CIA agents and all have been informed of what they are to do 
and what they are not to do”. 

Two hours later the cars pulled in front of a military base. M.P.'s
stopped the cars. Six CIA agents got out and motioned the four cars on 
through. When all cars were inside the gate closed. The CIA agents got 
back in their car and continued on. Soon they pulled in front of a big 
building. There were about 12-armed soldiers there. They made all CIA 
men get out of the car. They searched that car and then the big door 
opened. All five cars drove through and when the last car was in the 
door closed. 

The CIA agents got out but the other four cars set secure. Finally The
fourth car opened and four guards got out. They stood very alert beside 
their car and did not move. Then the first car opened and four more 
guards got out and did as same as the first four. In minutes the second 
car door opened and four more guards got out and did as same as the 
other. Then slowly the last car, the third one in line opened.  
Immediately 12 guards were around that opened door. First M.G. was out. 
He put out his hand for the next person. It was Mrs. Johnson. 
Immediately two of the guards were beside her. Then the second was the 
most beautiful young lady that group had seen. It was Annie. 
Immediately two guards were beside her. They would take only a few 
steps and M.G. would stop them. He put out his hand and Mr. Johnson got 
out. Two guards were around him. All three had guards completely 
surrounding them with M.G. closing the back. Then M.G. put out his hand 
for the last person. When she appeared you could here the gasps from 
all the CIA and military guards. It was Annie again. They were dressed 
the same, they looked the same, they walked the same. 

Than M.G. and all his guards were completely around them. They entered
into the room where the screens were that showed the images of the 
satellites. The doors closed and things got quiet. 

The CIA agent said, “Mr. Johnson we need your daughter to explode all
three units with her mind. They are nuclear powered and if we can get 
them to explode in space all traces of them will disappear. You see we 
can't get close enough to them to do this. We know your daughter can do 
this. We don't know which one is your daughter. They both look the same 
and they both are doing the same thing with their hands. 

What he saw was Annie and The Claw with their hands on their temples.
Annie was consecrating and The Claw imitated her every move. Suddenly 
it became very quiet in the room. 

By telepathy M.G. heard Annie say to him, “There is someone in here that
does not belong. I can here his thoughts. He wants to shoot the girl, 
but he is confused, he doesn't know which one he sees two of us”. 

M.G. answered, “Hurry Annie, tell me where he is”. 

“He is behind you by the wall,” she replied, “He has cold black hair.
Turn around and rest your gun hand on G 2's shoulder, he will be in 
your sights”. 

M.G. did as she said. As fast as lighting he turned face to face with G2
and fired two shots. That man was dead before he knew what hit him. The 
room was in a panic. All around Annie, Her Mom & Dad and the Claw were 

Then telepathy he heard Annie say to him, “There is another one, behind
you and directly behind Claw, Face her and look at 12:00 o'clock”. 

Instantly he turned face to face with The Claw, with his gun drawn he
stepped toward her with both arms around her he pointed toward 12:00 
o'clock. Immediately the guard behind The Claw stepped toward them both 
and M.G's gun hand rest on his shoulder. Claw was sandwiched between 
them. In seconds two more shots were fired and another man with cold 
black hair fell to the floor. 

M.G. heard Annie say to him, “All, is clear, your gun is the only one in
here that will fire. All the rest are frozen”. 

Then all in the room heard M.G. say, “All is clear Code four diamonds

Then as fast as he said that M 1, M2, D1, D2's guns were operational.
The little light on their bracelet's blinked Not any other gun in the 
room would work. The young CIA agent was trying to make his way to M.G. 
but he was still beside Annie and The Claw. He reminded him to stop no 
closer. Then this young man realized he was about to make a bad 
mistake. He stopped and took two steps backward. 

He said, “I'm sorry I forgot. Those two men don't work for us. I do not
know how they got in here. How did you know they were with us? They 
never said a word. 

M.G. said, “I just knew. That's what I get paid for. Before we go any
further or my men move away from my family you will personally check 
four of your guys and all the rest are to leave this room”. 

He did as M.G. instructed. 

The room cleared and the five CIA agents along with M.G's group got back
to business. Annie and The Claw stared at the images of the satellites. 
In 10 seconds they saw a fireball on the screen. All three were 

Mr. Johnson looked at the CIA agents and said, “Sir; our work here is
complete. We are ready to go home now”. 

The agent said, “We are ready, but how and which one did that? Then he
turned to M.G. and asked, Do you know which one is your wife”? 

M.G. smiled and said, “With my eyes closed Sir”. 

Bloodshed Chapter seven 

A few months had passed by and the Starbursts and Johnson  house hold
was as about as normal as it would get with 2 kids such as Lori & Cori 
around. Even though this family was billionaires they faced the same 
problems as all families. Every 6 weeks Annie would go to the hospital 
and draw one pint of blood for her and the kids in case they needed it. 
As soon as the kids was old enough they would do the same thing. Lori 
and Cori loved each other very much but they had their quarrels like 
every other brother and sister. When no one was around Cori referred to 
her as a dumb old girl. She was going to stop this all by her self. She 
had a plan and it didn't involve her Mom or Dad. 

There was one other thing that had changed in the house that week. A new
guard from the plant had advanced to the house with the family. His 
name was Shotgun. He had worked for M.G. for three years now and he was 
very quiet. He did not have clearance for the living quarters of the 
house, only guards that had the gold watch with the lights could go 
there. His very best friend there was The Claw but he was afraid to 
tell her. He worked with her every chance he could but she spent a lot 
of time up stairs with the kids. Lori and Cori both adored him because 
he was so polite and kind to everyone. Cori liked his name Shotgun, and 
he wished he had a cool name like that. 

Poppy and Grand Mommy had not changed anything since they had started
their work out with M.G. and Annie.  Each of them worked in their 
office every day and didn't bother anyone.  Lori and Cori found out 
real quick if you want something talk Poppy into it first and it would 
be yours. 

M. G. and Annie  was the same also. It was always exercise, work, and
every day they found time with Lori & Cori. Cori knew what would happed 
after they were gone because than it was time for their Mommy & Daddy 
to have their time. They would always have their coffee and Annie would 
finish up with carrot juice or some old dumb drink that was good for 
you. Today something happened different. The kids knew it was about 
time for them to leave and they got their hug and said their byes and 
was about to leave when M G. said to them, “Where you going RATTLE 
SNAKE & LADY BUG. Instantly they stopped and looked at each other and 
with a big grin they asked, “Daddy do you mean us”? 

He said, “Of course, is that OK”? 

“ Yes”! They both replied. 

Lori looked at Cori and said, “I am Lady Bug and don't you forget it”. 

Cori said back “ I am Rattle Snake and Rattle Snakes eats Lady Bugs and
don't you forget that”. 

Lori put her head back and politely said, “Excuse me, Mom & Dad”. She
left the room. 

Cori said after she was gone, “Boy I told her didn't I. My I be excused
also Sir”? 

M.G. grinned at him and said, “Yes you may, Cori it will take more than
Poppy to get you out of that”. 

Cori said, “Do you think that little girl can kick my butt”? 

Annie said, “I don't know son, but I remember one time when a little
girl kicked a big Giant of a man's butt, do you remember M.G”? 

M.G. said, “I heard about that one time and both grinned at each other”.

The Claw had not changed her schedule either. After work she would go to
the work out room and practice her Karate. She could stand flat-footed 
and kick and break a board 6 feet in the air with her foot. She had 
moves that no one could counter against and she practiced them daily. 

One evening Lori asked Annie, ”May I go to the work out room and watch
The Claw”? 

Her Mom said, “Only if it's OK with her”. 

Shotgun was close by and he asked, Mrs. Starburst, “Might I accompany
Miss Lady Bug if she will allow me”? 

Lori said, “Please Mommy, Let him, he called me Lady Bug. He is the
first to call me that”. 

Annie said, “Of course he can, but Shotgun, You can call me Annie”. 

He said, “Yes Ma'am”. He than looked at Lori and asked, “May I take your
hand Lady Bug”? 

She said, “ Of course Sir, by all means do”. Both left hand in hand. 
They arrived at the closed door and Shotgun knocked before he opened 
it. The Claw saw who it was and she was surprised to see him. She had a 
crush on him too but know one knew. She asked, “Did you want to work 
out with me”? 

He said, “Yes I would love too, but first Miss Ladybug wanted to see

The Claw stooped down to Lori and asked, “What did you need sugar”? 

She replied, “I wanted to learn how to fight. If a little girl wanted to
kick boy butt, what do I need to do”? 

The Claw grinned at Shotgun and she asked Lori, “Any particular little
boy or girl you have in mind”? 

She said, “Oh know! Any little girl like me and a little boy maybe a
little bigger than me”. 

Claw asked, “A little boy about the size of Cori and a little girl about
the size of you”? 

She said, “Yes, that is the size”. 

The Claw said, “O.K, if you can talk Shotgun into helping us we can do

Lori asked, “Will you please Shotgun”? 

He said, “As soon as I get my trunks on”. The rest of that afternoon all
three enjoyed their selves to the fullest. 

Mean while Annie was in her bedroom.  She had bought her self-a new
skirt and halter-top. She was anxious to wear it. She put it on and 
called for M.G. 

He answered her and said, “I'll be right there”. He walked in the room
and there she stood. The love of his life, he couldn't believe how 
beautiful she was. 

He told her and like all other women she said, “Are you sure”? 

He said, “Of course I'm sure.  Will you do the honor of walking down
town with me and I will buy you a drink”? 

She said, “I would love too, but there are no guards available to
accompany us. Mom & Dad taken Cori, I mean Rattlesnake to get him a new 
outfit. His old clothes are not tough enough for a rattlesnake. The 
Claw and Shotgun are working out with Ladybug and we are alone”. 

M.G. said, “I'll just call for four guys from the plant to join us”. He
called on his cell and in minutes four guards were at the front door. 
They had just gotten out their gate when heads would turn and watch 
Annie. M.G. and the guards did notice across the street were two 
strangers with brief cases watching them very close. They were watching 
close enough that two of the guards put them selves between Annie and 
the strangers without being asked too. Soon the strangers crossed the 
street behind them and the guards fell in behind between them again. A 
short distance later the men got in a parked car and drove off. Annie 
was still getting a lot of looks by every man she saw. They finished 
their drinks and headed for the short walk back home. 

Lori was wrapped up in The Claw's workouts and she wanted Shotgun to go
with her each day so she could teach her every move. That day when they 
had finished the 3 were enjoying a glass of ice water and Lori had to 
find out about the names The Claw, Shotgun. Her name was Ladybug. 

She asked Claw, “How did you get that name, my Daddy named me Ladybug”? 

The Claw smiled and said, “Your Daddy gave me my name also. My real name
is Anna. When I tried to get a job here my fingernails were very long. 
Your Daddy didn't think I was tough enough to do this type of work, but 
thanks to your Mom we proved him wrong”. 

Ladybug asked, “You remember when my Mommy talks about a little girl
kicking a big giants butt”? 

She said, “Yes I've heard her say that”. 

Than Ladybug said, “You're the little girl and my Daddy is the giant
isn't he”? 

She said, “Yes, but you must not mention that to him”. 

Shotgun said, “That will be our secret O.K. Ladybug”? 

She said, “O.K. but you tell how you got your name”? 

He said, “When I was taking my guard training I was not a very good shot
when it came to hand guns. So as a joke my buddies special made me a 
sawed off shotgun. It was only 16 inches long. With a lot of practice I 
could draw, fire and holster it back in one second. I've not told 
anyone here about it”. 

The Claw said, “We have to tell, because Annie is working on something
like that now. She could use your help. You would have to have a 
partner, I would love being your partner but I guess you would rather 
have one of the guys”? 

He said, “No, its you or no body”. 

The Claw said, “You got a deal. Now Ladybug, tomorrow Shotgun and I will
show you how to kick Rattlesnake butt if your are ready. She said I'm 
ready,  “? 

“I want to kick his butt just like you kicked my Daddies”. They all
three shook on it and agreed it's our secret. 

A few days later one evening at the dinner table when the whole family
was together, little sweet, shy and quiet Ladybug asked, Mom & Dad, 
“The Claw and Shotgun have being teaching me some self defense lessons. 
I want you and Mom with Poppy and Grand Mommy to watch and see what I 
have learned. The Claw and Shotgun have to be there too because they 
are my teachers. I want Rattlesnake to be my partner because I know 
Daddy has taught him. You have to make him to promise not to hurt me”. 

Rattlesnake proudly said, “Dad I promise not to hurt her if you will let

M.G. said, “OK. When do you want to do this”? 

Ladybug said,” I've drank all my milk and I am ready now if it's OK”? 

M.G. said, “If no one else has any plans I'll call down to Shotgun and
The Claw and have them meet us there”. 

Everyone was OK with this so they all proceeded down stairs. Annie
stopped Ladybug and when everyone had gone on but her and M.G. she told 
her, “Don't you hurt your brother you hear”? 

She promised, “I won't hurt him Mommy, I just want to show him there is
two things you don't mess with and dumb old girls are both of them”. 

M.G. said, “Let me feel the back of you foot”? 

She held up her leg and M.G. touched her heal and said, “I have a
feeling he will have a little headache when this is over”. 

A few minutes later they all were in the workout room. Annie looked
around but did not see Ladybug or The Claw. Shotgun said, “They are in 
the dressing room. They will be here in a minute, they have a surprise 
for you all”. 

Suddenly the two appeared in the door. The Ladybug was wearing black
tights. They covered her from her neck to her ankles and were 
skintight. On the front and back was a large ladybug. The Claw was 
wearing the same outfit but on the front and back of her was a big 

Ladybug ran to her Mom & Dad along with Poppy and Grand Mommy. She
asked, “Do you like them, Shotgun made them for us”? 

They were so proud of her. The Claw told her she had to warm up before
she could start. The family watched, as she stood perfectly still and 
flat-footed. Suddenly she did three back flips and as soon as she 
finished she did three front flips and was back where she started. They 
noticed there was a welcome sign on a board beside her about 5 foot 
tall. She gave one kick and pieces of board went flying through the 
air. She did a little bow and said, “Thank you for coming”. 

She walked over to The Claw and Shotgun and Claw told her, “Remember,
face him and immediately tuck your head and roll to his right side. And 
do everything we have told you and do it in the order we have showed 

She hugged Claw and than hugged Shotgun and he said to her, “Just kick
his butt don't hurt him”. 

Ladybug said, “I promise”. 

While all that was going on M.G had Rattlesnake and was trying to tell
him it would be different match than usual. But Rattlesnake wouldn't 
listen, he said, “Don't worry Dad, I remember what you showed me. I 
won't hurt her”. 

Than he turned and hurried off to face Rattlesnake. They stood face to
face only a few seconds and Ladybug faked a move to his left than 
suddenly tucked her head and rolled to his right side. She flipped to 
her feet and jumped in the air. The back of her foot hit just above the 
nose on the forehead. Rattlesnake hit the mat hard and fast.  Instantly 
Ladybug straddled his neck with her knees in against his ears. 
Rattlesnake put his arms up to pull her off but she applied pressure 
with her knees. She pointed her finger and fist between his eyes as if 
it was a gun and she said, “Bang! Bang! You're dead”. 

Ladybug jumped up and off she ran to Her Mom and Claw.  Rattlesnake
slowly got up and with his head hung down walked toward M.G.  He looked 
at his Dad and said, “I didn't do very good did I”? 

“ Son, you were perfect. Anyone can only be as good as the teacher. You
did to the letter as you were taught,” replied MG. 

This made him feel better and he lifted his head and Ladybug was by his
side. She asked him, “I didn't kick to hard did I”? 

He said, “No but will you show me how you did that”? 

This made her feel so good, but before she could speak M.G. said,
“Rattlesnake, maybe if you ask Claw and Shotgun, they will let both of 
you work out with them. You see son old Dad cannot jump and kick like 
that any more. You and I will still work together but we will let them 
call the shots. Will that be OK with you”? 

Claw and Shotgun both said they would love the company but only if M.G.
would come sometime and watch. 

The next morning Annie was in their bedroom with M.G. She had her new
skirt and top out on the bed.  She asked M.G. “Do you think Claw would 
try this on so I could see what I look like”? 

He said, “I am sure she would. She is scheduled to take three of the new
guards out today. I will call her before she leaves”. 

M.G. called and she said she would be glad to do it. She would come
right there. When she arrived M.G. and Annie were in the TV room 
waiting for her. Annie told her how glad she was that she was doing 
this for her. She told her where the outfit was and to come back to the 
den when she was ready.  In a few minutes Claw came back.  Annie 
couldn't believe how she looked in it. 

She said, “There is no way I could look like that, she is so pretty”. 

M.G. assured her she is a mirror image of your self. The Claw couldn't
get over this outfit. She said, “I hate to take it off”. 

Annie said, ”Wear it today if you like.  M.G. is it OK for one of your
guards to be on duty looking like that”? 

M.G. said, “Its OK with me Claw but be prepared for some looks”. Then he
said, “This may be a good ideal, if the three new guards can keep their 
mind on their work today they can get through anything”. 

The Claw was so happy and she promised to take care of it. She started
out of the house and even the housekeepers thought she was Annie. 

She started outside and saw Shotgun. He said, “Goodbye Claw, I wish I
could go with you today but I have another assignment”. 

She stopped and asked him, “How did you know it was me. Everyone else
thought I was Annie”? 

He said, “I would know you with my eyes closed, I can feel your presence
when you are around”. Then he hung his head with embarrassment when he 
realized what he said. 

She said, “Goodbye I'll see you later”. She went on to the patio where
the three guards were waiting.  When they saw her they jumped up and 
stood at guard alert. She said, “I am sorry I am late guys are you 

Then one of them said, “We are sorry Mrs. Starbrust, we are not here to
escort you. Not any of us are diamond guards. At least two of us are 
suppose to be diamond to escort one of the family”. 

She looked at them and smiled and said, “No I should be to one to
apologized, I'm not Annie, I am Claw”. 

She then held up her arm and they saw her diamond bracelet. They loaded
up in a car and started to the old training center of 5th street. When 
they arrived the street in front of the building was taped off. It had 
been that way now for a couple of weeks. It was always gone when they 
came out to leave. So today they parked up the street and would walk 
back the same as usual. Only this time they had a looker with them. She 
usually had a guard uniform on. They got out and hadn't walked thirty 
feet when three cars pulled up and shots rang out from everywhere. 

In an instant the three male guards were dead and The Claw stood in
shock. In a second two men had grabbed her and had her in the back of a 
car.  One of the men in the front said, “Get out of here, something is 
wrong, this was too easy”. 

Another man said, “Shut up. I told you if we would be patient they would
get careless”. Then he turned toward the Claw, and he said, “OK Little 
Mrs. Hot Starbrust. If you do as your are told you would not be hurt. 
You're worth two million dollars alive and 10 thousand dead.  I want 
the two million but 10 thousand is not a bad days work. So sat there 
and shut up”. 

Soon the car they were riding in pulled up behind a tractor trailer
truck.  The doors opened and ramps slid down and up in the truck the 
car drove. Seconds later sirens were heard coming from every direction. 
The truck proceeded on to the airport. It pulled into a lot with about 
50 other trailers. They parked it in a row with all the others. The 
tractor dropped it there and left. There they sat, just another trailer 
in a lot with 50 others just like it. Inside this trailer was every 
kind of equipment you could think of. Not only were there computers and 
monitors, there were enough supplies to last a month. It was a 
refrigerated truck like all the others except this one had a generator 
so they had electric also with enough supplies to last for weeks. The 
Claw knew she had to keep them thinking she was Annie. She knew once 
they found out different that she was dead. 

All these four bad men had were the pictures that was taken from the
brief cases that day M.G. and Annie had walked to town. The Claw was 
wearing the clothes Annie wore that day. 

A phone rang and one of the men answered it. He said, “Sure we got her,
I am looking at her and I have a picture of her. Do you think we are 
crazy?  If you know what she looks like why do I have to describe her 
to you”?  He said, “OK! She is a beautiful dark completed babe. Yes she 
has long blond hair with blue eyes. If pretty was on a scale of 1 to 10 
she is a 14”. 

Suddenly Claw realized Annie had special earrings. The man on the other
end of the phone might know she always wore them. So very quickly she 
asked one of the other men could se have her earrings out of her purse. 
She said, “They are in a little case on the side pocket”. 

He hands them to her and very quickly she pushed them in and snapped on
the backs. The man on the phone said, “I have already told you 
everything about her”. He turned to look at her once more and than he 
said, “Yes, she has a gold diamond bracelet with diamond earrings. Of 
course I see them how did you think I knew she was wearing them”! 

He hung up his phone and turned to the three guys. He said, “We are to
stay in this truck until we hear back from them. No one makes a move 
and no one touches the girl”. 

Back home Mr. Johnson and M.G. received word of what happened. The
officer in charge told them the three guards are dead. He said, “Sir, 
your daughter is missing, she is not dead. Witnesses seen 4 men put her 
in a car and drive away. I promise we will get her back”. 

Mr. Johnson said, “Thank you officer, my son-in-law will be right there.
Please you clear that area because you don't want my guards to do it 
for you, do you understand”? 

He assured him he did, “Sir I have worked with your group before all my
men know to get out of the way or your guys will put them out”. 

Mr. Johnson said, “Thank you sir for understanding, we have a very close
group and all are upset, please have patients with them. We will be 
there in a few minutes”. 

The officer said, “Take your time sir, the bodies are covered and no one
will touch anything until you say its OK”. 

He turned off his phone and turned to M.G. and Annie. She was in his
arms with her heart broken. Soon Mrs. Johnson rushed in with the kids 
to join them.  She wiped away the tears and said, “Mom they will kill 
her when they find out its not me”. 

M.G. was heart broken also, he reached down to pick up Lori & Cori and
at the same time each of them touched a tear that ran down his cheek. 
Then he said to them all, “The Claw is one of the best guards we have. 
I think she will be able to fool them for a while, maybe just long 
enough for us to find her”. 

Lori and Cori lay their heads on their Dads shoulder and cried their
little eyes out. Annie's Mom taken one and Annie the other and tried to 
comfort them the best way they could. M.G turned to Mr. Johnson and 
said, “Shotgun is down stairs, we have to tell him”. 

Mr. Johnson said, “I know, I will go with you to tell him”. 

They found one of the guards that were working with Shotgun but they
didn't see him. That guard motioned for them to come to him. They did 
and he told them, “They have just announced on the news. They are 
broadcasting to the world that it was Annie and three of John Johnson's 
private guards. We have to make everyone believe its really Annie don't 
we? If we don't sir they will kill the Claw”. 

Mr. Johnson said, “You are right son. Just a hand full of our people
really knows who they have and we have to keep it that way”. 

That guard said, “You can count on it Sir”. 

Then M.G. asked, “Do you know where Shotgun went”? 

He shook his head yes and pointed to the small room in front of them. He
said, “As soon as he heard, he bowed his head and then he went in there 
and got on his knees to pray. I stayed out here because I thought he 
wanted to be alone”. 

Mr. Johnson and M.G went in where he was. M.G. walked beside him and put
his hand on his shoulder. He lifted his head and when he seen who it 
was, he said, “I am sorry Sirs I didn't rise to attention, I didn't 
realize it was you”. 

Mr. Johnson said, “Please don't rise, you are talking to someone a lot
more important and powerful than us. With your permission we would like 
to join you”? 

He said, “Please do”. The prayer they heard Shotgun pray was one each of
them had prayed before. Once when My Giant lay close to death and once 
again when they both thought Lori would leave them. He prayed, “Please 
Father---Return Anna to us safely-------You know her better as 
Claw---She is such a nice person and I know personally how much faith 
she has in you. If you would only allow me to trade places with her 
today. -------Father, she is more important than I-------We all know 
you control all and know all------If it be your will please return her 
to us safely------No matter how this works out you give us the courage 
and the wisdom to work through this------Watch over Lori & Cori and 
give Mr. Johnson and M.G. the answers to any questions that are put 
before them------and may all we say and do will be according to your 
will and not our own---------Father I didn't get to tell Claw I love 
her-------Please give me one more chance and help me not to blow it 
this time--------I love her so much but am afraid to tell her.-------In 
Jesus Precious name we pray amen”. 

M.G and Mr. Johnson both said softly, “Amen”. 

All three arose to their feet and then M.G. said, “Don't worry, we will
get her back. He said, “Mr. Johnson & I are going to the scene. There 
will be about twenty of our guards there, We need you to go up stairs 
and stay with the family. Lori and Cori are taking this real hard. I 
think it would make them feel better if you were there”. 

He said, “Sir I can't go up there, that is diamond guards only”. 

Mr. Johnson said, “Hold out your arm”. He did as he was instructed and
Mr. Johnson snapped a gold diamond bracelet on his arm. “Do you 
understand about the lights”? 

He said, “Yes sir. I have dreamed of this minute but I wish it were
under different circumstances”. 

M.G. said, “You will just have to wait a couple of days to tell Claw.
You will find all up stairs. This bracelet will allow you clearance in 
all rooms. In a few days we will let Claw give you the grand tour. 
Thank you for the prayer awhile ago”. 

Claw set quietly in the truck at the airport.  If only she knew what
they were planning she might think of something. She knew it was just a 
matter of time before they found out who she really was then it would 
be over for her. She decided she would ask these guys what they were 
planning. They told her she would know soon enough.  She would be going 
on a little trip. At 6:00 o'clock that day there would be a 
announcement on the news.  USA was to follow the plan to the letter or 
some one would be hurt. 

That day around 5:45 the men turned on a monitor so they could hear what
was going on. Than at 6:00 o'clock the announcement came over the TV. 

The news bulletin said, “Annie Starbrust had been adducted by a Foreign
Country and had agreed to help them if they caused her family no harm. 
They wanted five Army transport planes to land at the airport. There 
would be one trailer load of equipment loaded on each trailer. All five 
trailers were to be allowed to take off unharmed or Annie would start 
destroying passenger planes right out of the sky. Now to prove to the 
world that Mrs. Starbrust had agreed to this plan she would destroy one 
plane at 7:00 that day. All cameras were to be on the airport and the 
world could see how powerful she was”. 

M.G. and Mr. Johnson knew than they had made their first mistake.  If
something blew up it was the kidnapers doing the blowing. They watched 
as 7:00 o'clock approached. Back in the trailer Claw watched as the 
three men fixed their eyes on an empty plane parked out by the runway. 
One of the men said, “Honey, you are not the only one that can blow up 
stuff. You watch that big red plane out there”. 

Exactly at 7:00 o'clock they touched a switch and the red plane was a
fireball. Then the newsperson said, “If 5 transport planes are not here 
and fueled for take off one jumbo jet full of passengers will end up 
just like the plane you just seen explode”. 

M.G. knew they had to be close to the airport because they were the ones
who destroyed the plane. He went to Annie and he asked her something he 
would have rather not have to ask. He knew she was safe as long as she 
as home. He asked, “Honey, I need you to go to the airport with us.  
These people have to be close by and Claw will be with them. Do you 
think you can pick up her thoughts if we get close enough”? 

Annie said, “If my kids are safe here in this house with Mom & Dad and I
am with you I am ready to go now”. 

“This will be hard. Claw will have to be concentrating hard on one
thing”, replied M.G. “I think she knows and expects us to do this. She 
knows you always telepathy to me so I think her thoughts will be along 
that line”. 

Shotgun said, “Please M.G. let me come along”? 

M.G. said, “I would have it no other way. Annie doesn't usually leave
for a dangerous place unless there are no fewer than two diamonds 
guards. We are the two”. He said, “Goodbye kids, you stay with Poppy 
and Grand Mommy and we will try to bring Claw home”. 

Mr. Johnson said,  “Go son and please be careful”. 

Back at the trailer at the airport Claw was doing just as M.G. had said.
She was rubbing her temples and trying to think of something Annie 
could pick up on. One of the gunmen saw her and he asked her, “Are you 
trying to blow up this trailer with us in it”? 

She said, “Don't be stupid, that would kill me also”. 

He said, “OK I didn't think of that”. 

Claw said, “I have a headache, will you gently rub my temples while I

He liked that idea so she laid down and he gently rubbed her temples.
She shut both eyes real hard and thought “My Giant Please come. My 
Giant Please come”. 

Instantly Annie said, “I can hear her!  M.G. Shotgun I can hear her”! 

M.G. said, “I can too Annie. She is here at the airport in a trailer”. 

Annie said, “It is a truck trailer not a house trailer”. 

M.G. said, “Where on earth here is a truck trailer”? 

Than Shotgun said, “Stop the car. There is a lot with dozens of them.
But which one is it”? 

Annie said, “Be quiet just for a minute”? 

She heard her again. “Please My Giant come! Please my Giant come! 

Annie said, “The fifth one from the end. There is four men and Claw”. 

M.G. said, “This will be hard. There are four of them and two of us. We
have to watch Annie and not hurt Claw”. 

Shotgun said, “You didn't count Mr. Buck. There are three of us counting
him. Mr. Buck and I will take down all four. You wait and when we are 
done if they move you finish them off”. 

M.G. said, “Sounds good to me but who is Mr. Buck”? 

Then instantly he pulled out a sawed off shotgun. He said, “Meet Mr.

They drove as close as they could to the trailer. Shotgun said, “If its
OK with you Sir Mr. Buck and myself will go on alone. You hang back 
here and don't take your eyes off Annie. When I am finished if it moves 
shot it. You promise me you will shoot through me if you have to too 
get to them.  Just get Annie and Claw back home safe, do you promise?  
Remember the diamond code, you didn't get a chance to give me my oath.  
Diamonds can be replaced but family is forever and one day.  Amen”. 

M.G. said, “Go Brother and bring Claw home”. 

Shotgun crawled within 30 foot of the back doors. He than made some
noise where they could hear him in the trailer. Suddenly the back doors 
opened. He heard one of them say, “Go out side and see what that is. We 
will be with you about 10 feet from your side”. 

They stood looking but saw know one. Suddenly Shot gun stood and before
they knew what happened he fired a shot and three of them went down. 
The forth tried to make it back to the trailer. He was running in a 
direct line with it. He knew no one would fire and take a chance on a 
shot going into the trailer. He was right. M. G. stood with his gun 
aimed but he couldn't fire for fear of gunfire penetrating the gunman 
and entering the trailer with Claw. Then just for a second he realized 
the helplessness M 2 felt the day he couldn't fire for fear of hitting 
Annie.  He remembered how he had rushed in and lifted her up with his 
back to a gunman just so M 2 could hit his target. 

He than realized what Shotgun was doing. He ran and in a bear hug pulled
the gunman from the trailer doors and stood there waiting for M.G. to 
fire knowing both would lose their lives. He was ready to fire but 
suddenly out of the corner of his eyes he saw the Claw run toward both 
men. She jumped in the air and with both feet kicked the gunman in the 
head and neck. This broke his neck pulled him away from Shotgun. She 
wrapped her arms around shotgun and fell on top of him. At that instant 
they heard two shots and the gunman fell dead. 

Claw and Shotgun just lay there with arms around each other. Finally he
asked her, “Are you all right”? 

She said, “Now I am”. 

Shotgun said, “I forgot to tell you something”. 

She asked, “What is it”? 

He said, “I love you”. 

Through her tears she said, “You didn't have to kill you self proving
it. I love you too”. 

By now M.G. was by their side and he asked, “Are you two O.K”? 

They told him yes and they were up and back at the car with Annie. The
two girls set in the car while M.G. and Shotgun looked over the 

Soon there was police all over the place. They covered the 4 bodies and
asked M.G. “Is your wife OK”? 

He assured them she was and one of his guards was with her. Annie was on
the phone to her Mom & Dad telling them all was OK. 

Mom said, “They have pictures on TV. Did you know they were filming live
there now”? 

She said, “Yes, but Claw and myself are in the car.  M.G. said the world
is not ready for two Annie's yet”. 

Then M.G. noticed the cameras were getting to close to the car. He
motioned for Shotgun and both were by the door immediately. The newsman 
asked, “Can Annie really blow up things with her mind'? 

He looked toward the trailer and no one was in it. He told the officer
there in charge to clear all away from the trailer. It was scheduled to 
blow up at any time. The officer cleared the area. 

M.G said through the window ”Honey, when I touch this window the next
time make that trailer a fire ball”.  He looked at the newsman and 
said, “When you are ready you say when”.  He told his cameraman to 
focus on the trailer. 

Then in about 5 seconds the newsman said, “When”! M.G. touched the
window and the trailer went up in one big fireball. 

The newsman said, “That is amazing. Can you get her out here and us talk
to her”? 

M.G. said, “No I am sorry sir. We will have to decline that one, there
is a couple of things at home waiting on us. Goodbye Sir”. 

As they were leaving Claw said to Shotgun, “When you get home Ladybug
has something to tell you. She told her mom on the phone awhile ago”. 

He asked, “What does my Ladybug want to tell me”? 

She said, “It was just like a dumb old boy, get right in front of a gun
fight and stand there hugging a bad guy”. 

Six  Pack 

Chapter eight 

One and a half years had passed now and Lori was six and Cori was seven.
Both were in school at the orphanage. This was a private school with no 
state funding and all classes were based on the Bible. They were taught 
that Jesus Christ was the one and only Son of God who died on a cross 
for all our sins.  Lori was in her first year at school and she came in 
one evening and asks her Mom for an interview. She had homework and she 
had to talk to someone. 

She assured her she would but she asked for a favor. She asked Lori,
“After we finish will you go to Poppy and ask him for the same 
interview. After you have finished you pick the better of the two and 
turn one in”. 

Annie said, “If you pick Poppy's story that will be just fine”. 

Lori looked at her with them big brown eyes and said, “Mommy you worry
about Poppy too don't you. I wanted to do that but I didn't want to 
hurt your feelings. That's why I asked you first”. 

Annie hugged her and thanked her for her thoughtfulness. Then she asked
Lori, “Do you worry about your Poppy”? 

Lori said yes, “Poppy is so full of love there is not enough to go
around.  I love my Poppy more than anything in the world.  Lori said, 
“After Anna was almost killed Poppy cries a lot.  He doesn't know I saw 
him.  Please don't tell him I said him”? 

Annie said, I won't sugar, but Poppy has always been that way. He tries
to do too much and he always thinks of everybody else first and his 
self last”. 

Lori asked, “Might I go to his office and talk to him now”? 

Annie said, “I think he would like that, he is up stairs now you go on
if you want too”. 

Lori ran up stairs to Mr. Johnson's office. She knocked at the door and
waited for him to speak. Soon she heard his say, “Come in”. 

Lori opened the door and walked up to him. He looked at her and smiled
and he said, “What a pleasant Surprise. What can I do for you LadyBug”? 

She dropped her head and softly said, “I have something for you”. 

He said, “Thank you what is it”? 

She raised her head and gave him a kiss and said, “I love you”? 

He put his arms around her and said, “That is the best gift I have got
all day. I love you too Ladybug”. 

Lori said, “Mommy thinks you work to hard and she worries about you”. 

He said, “I know, your Mommy and Grand Mommy tell me that all the time”.

Lori said, “I worry about you too, I don't want you to work hard. Will
you make someone else do it so you won't have too”? 

He said, “I would if you want me too”? 

Lori asked him, “After you rest could you help me with my homework”? 

He said, “I would love too, let me do it now I'm not tired”? 

That made Lori happy so she asked, “May I borrow paper and a pencil”?
Than she asked him, “Do you know Mrs. Franke at school”? 

Poppy said, “I don't think so”. 

Lori said, “You know her Poppy, she used to be Miss Watkins and worked
in the orphanage”. 

Poppy said, “Yes I know her, in fact I've known her since she was 20
years old.  She used to take care of your Mommy”. 

Lori said, “That's her, she told me about that.  Than Lori said I need
to interview you and ask you a question. You have to talk slow and use 
little words because my pencil cannot spell to good”. 

Poppy said, “That's my pencil and it spells well”. 

He moved over so she would have room to write and they got started. Lori
said “In the morning if God woke you up and said, Poppy in 24 hours the 
world will end. You could not tell anyone else, even your family. You 
have one day to prepare for it. What would you do the rest of that 

Mr. Johnson thought for a few seconds and than he said. “Ladybug, will
you set in my lap while I tell you and then I will help you write it on 

Lori jumped in his lap and Mr. Johnson thought just a few seconds and he

He said, “I would get out of bed and take a shower. I would go down
stairs to set with your Grand Mommy and drink a cup of coffee. I would 
say a prayer for that day. Than I would wait for you and Cori to get 
out of bed. I would hug and kiss you both. By this time your Mom and 
Dad would be dressed and I would hug and give your Mommy a kiss.  I 
would tell your Daddy where I was going and how many guards I would 
need for that day.  I would kiss and hug Grand Mommy and tell her where 
I would be that day.  I would have the guard's pick me up and I would 
drive to the orphanage and stop across the street.  I wouldn't get out, 
I would just look for awhile and make sure everything was OK. 

A few minutes later I would have the car drive to the church. I would
get out and go inside. I would go to the front and knell down and ask 
my Farther to forgive me for all my sins and I would thank him for all 
he had given me. I would ask him to guide me the rest of the day.  I 
would ask him to use me in any way he seen fit and give me the strength 
and wisdom and strength to face whatever come before me.  I would leave 
there and finish up or work on the project that was before me that day. 
 I would tell the guards to leave me and I would tell them where and 
what time to pick me up at the end of that day. I would return home at 
the end of the day and give you and Cori hugs and tell you I love you. 
I would do the same for your Mommy and Grand Mommy. I would spend the 
rest of the evening watching all of you. At bedtime I would tuck you 
and Cori in and give you a goodnight kiss.  I would give your Mommy a 
goodnight kiss and tell her and your Dad I love them. Then Grand Mommy 
and I would go to our room to spend some time alone. I would tell her 
how much I loved her. I would say my prayers and than go to sleep and 
wait for Jesus to come”. 

Lori looked at him and then she said. “Poppy, you didn't change
anything, you do that everyday now.  Mrs. Franke said most people would 
change their ways a lot if they were told that. Lori said I thank God 
everyday for the orphanage and for letting me be there.  If I were not 
there you wouldn't be my Poppy”. 

About three weeks later Mr. Johnson received a call from Mrs. Franke. 
She asked him if he could drive past the orphanage that day at 9:30. 
There was something she wanted him to see. Than if he could call her. 
She wanted to make an appointment to talk to him and explain. 

At 9:30 that day Mr. Johnson was setting across the street from the
orphanage. He sat there and just stared at the playground. His guards 
become concerned about him. D-1 touched his arm and asked, “Are you all 
right sir”? 

He shook his head yes and they noticed a tear run down his cheek. He sat
there just a few more minutes and then he picked up his phone and 
dialed the orphanage. 

When the phone was answered he asked to speak to Mrs. Franke. She came
to the phone and he asked, “May I pick you up now and we can talk”? 

The car drove to the back and she got in.  She said, ”I am sorry Mr.
Johnson, I didn't want him to drive by and see this and not 

The sad miracle he had seen was 6 of the sweetest little girls that
could have come from one family.  Erika & Diane were 6, Lori & Shannon 
were 5 and Kay & Noemi were 4. Erika, Diane and Lori were sisters 
Shannon, Kay, and Noemi were sisters. They were first cousins but had 
lived as sisters for the last 3 years. The two mothers were sisters and 
were killed in a car wreck three years ago. They had a younger sister 
with no kids and her and her husband taken the 6 girls to raise as 
their own.  A month ago they left the six girls with her Mom & Dad just 
for a while until they could run to the store for some cough syrup for 
one of the girls. While they were in the drug store there was a robbery 
attempt. The girl's new parents and the owner of the store were killed. 
The girl's grand parents are not able to care for 6 little girls. They 
have begged the court not to separate them. 

With tears in her eyes she pleaded, “Mr. Johnson no one, even you are
expected to adopt 6 small children. We want to try to keep them here 
and together. I know Mr. John's controls this orphanage and if you 
could talk to him and see if he will allow them to stay here together. 
I just got married 6 months ago and we live in a small home and even if 
we could afford it we wouldn't have room for 6 kids. My husband and I 
will donate $300.00 a month toward their expense. In the future all my 
raises will go toward their expenses. I don't want them to know we are 
doing that. I will work 12 hrs a day but the last 4 hrs each day I will 
donate. I want to spend as much time as I can with them”. 

Mr. Johnson said, “That is very nice of you but you don't understand.
There is only room for two kids by law here at this time. The state 
will allow them to stay for a little while but 4 kids will have to 
leave. If we could only get someone to adopt 4 kids now that would make 
room for the six. Once that happened their spots could be locked in”. 

Mrs. Franke asked how, “Hid you know that, Only Mr. Johns and state
officials knew this”? 

He thought for just a second and said, “I guess Annie or Mr. Johns told
me”. Then sadly he said, “I don't know what to do”. 

Mrs. Franke said, “I am sorry I shouldn't have bothered you but I don't
know what to do either”. 

He said, “We have about 4 more weeks to think of something, I have a
feeling a lot of prayers will go out tonight”. 

Mrs. Franke said, “One was answered today. Thank you for coming”. 

Later on that week D-1 asked to talk to M.G. alone. They went into the
office and D-1 said to M. G, “I am worried about Mr. Johnson. For the 
last week he goes to his private office and they don't see him any more 
until it is time to come home. There is an exit out of there and I am 
afraid he is using it and going out alone. He works too hard and I know 
everyone is worried about him”. 

M.G. thanked him for his concern. He said, “There was a lot going on and
maybe soon everything would be back to normal”. 

That evening Annie's Mom sent word to Annie and M.G. She wanted to speak
to them but she didn't want John to know. When Annie was told this she 
called her Dad. She asked him, “Daddy, will you take the kids to town 
this afternoon for ice cream”? 

He was delighted with this ideal.  Lori and Cori liked this for two
reasons.  They got to spend time with their Poppy and that meant 6 of 
the Big Guards would go with them. That evening Poppy and the kids with 
6 guards loaded up in the car and off to the ice-cream shop they went. 

Mom would have over an hour before they returned so she called M.G. and
Annie. First thing she gave each a hug and told them both how much she 
loved them. Mom said, “It's not fair the way you two get put in the 
middle of everything.  I know you don't have secrets from each other 
but M.G. knows every move Dad makes. I don't know and I know Annie 
doesn't know. We both worry about him but I made John promise he would 
tell M.G. every thing he did and every place he went”. 

M.G. dropped his head and Mom said, “Don't feel bad about this son, as
long as you are comfortable with John's schedule, Annie and I will have 
to accept this.  John leaves this house at night and doesn't return 
until the next day.  D1 and D2 think he is in his private quarters”. 

“Annie do you remember when we talked about your Granddad and John
promised him things that he would do?  Part of that promise was to keep 
all secrets because the fewer people knew what was happening the safer 
it would be for the ones that he loved the most”. 

Mom said, “The reason I am telling you this is because for about the
last week John has been working on something very important to him and 
it takes a lot of his time.  I know he has made a lot of calls lately 
and I know this is something that might take a while before he is 
finished. M.G. couldn't look them in the eyes. 

He said, I am sorry, this night mare will be over for you soon I

A short time later Mr. Johnson was back with the kids. They couldn't
wait to tell Mom & Dad and Grand Mommy where they had been.  They both 
said together “We eat ice-cream”. 

Poppy said, “Tell them about your new friends”. 

Cori said, “Oh! Oh! They are the prettiest things on earth”. 

Annie asked him, “What on earth are you talking about Cori”. 

Lori said, “Girls, girls. He has six girl friends”. 

M.G. said, “Come here son and talk to me. I thought you didn't like dumb
old girls”? 

Cori said, “They are not dumb old girls like Lori”. 

Lori started after him and M. G. picked him up and put him on his knee. 
He said, “You want to think about what you said for a minute”? 

Cori said, “I'm sorry Lori, I meant they were different.  You are pretty
too but I can't kiss you like I could them”. 

Annie said, “Cori Starburst, you got some explaining to do”! 

Then she asked, “Daddy, what have you all been talking about”? 

Lori said, Mommy, Poppy, we didn't do anything.  Cori is talking about
Erika, Diane, Lori, Shannon, Kay and Noemi.  They live at the 
orphanage. They don't have a Mommy and Daddy or a Poppy or Grand 
Mommy”.  Mrs. Franke said we would be going to school with them”. 

Mr. Johnson said, “Let me tell you their story and maybe we can put our
heads together and figure something out”. 

Annie asked Dad, “Can't they all stay at the home together”? 

Dad said, “Yes honey, for awhile but you see there are some state and
federal laws.   We have to go by even it is not a state run orphanage. 
I don't think we could ever find someone to adopt 6 small kids but if 
we could find some one to take three or four of the other kids they all 
could stay there. If only the church would buy another building or 
property to build another that would work. 

The board asked, “What happens when we fill the second one up, what do
we do them. We are sorry but we have to stop some where”. 

For the next four weeks Mrs. Franke attended to the kids every need. Six
pack was so happy now because in the evening at 4:00 o'clock when 
normally she would go home, her husband Denny Franke would come by and 
stay there with them all until 8:00 o'clock. They would put the girls 
to bed and give them good night kisses and home they would go.  Those 
short 4 hours a day was the closest thing to a family life the girls 

They began to love Denny as much as Mrs. Lucy does. Since the girls' had
been at the orphanage it would be two and sometime three prospective 
parents come by. One couple had fallen in love with Erika but even if 
they adopted, she would have been the only one. 

Then one day the director of the orphanage told Mrs. Franke the elders
of the church (the orphanage directors) wanted to meet with her. They 
said, ”You could invite her husband to attend with her if that makes 
you more comfortable”. 

She agreed and went to the office. She locked the door behind her and
picked up the phone. She couldn't call, she gently lay down the phone 
and her heart broke. She cried so hard that the director heard her. She 
unlocked the door and went to her and with arms opened they both stood 
and cried on each other's shoulder. 

Lucy asked, “Cassandra, are they going to split up my babies”? 

Cassandra said, “I don't know what is going on. Federal and state
officials have called here all day long. They not only wanted to know 
the total amount of kids they asked for staff and total employees”. 

Lucy said, “They know we have to many kids for the staff that cares for

Cassandra said, “Yes, they know and than she broke down in tears”. 

Lucy said, “I am going to loose Erika, Oh please God don't take her from
us. Take my possessions and my health. Please let us keep the girls 

Cassandra said, “Lucy five would be better than two or three”. 

Lucy said, “No! No! It has to be all six”. 

Cassandra picked up the phone and called Denny. She said, “Please get
here as fast as you can”. 

She said, “No! No! The girls and Lucy is fine. We will explain when you
get here”. 

In 10 minutes he was rushing threw the door. He rushed to Lucy and took
her in his arms and asked, “Please tell me what happened”? 

Cassandra explained what had happened and Denny asked, “Do you know for
sure they are going to tell you that”? 

Lucy said, “What else could it be. We have had calls all day and they
have asked us everything”. 

Denny said, “I don't know. We are not able to raise 6 kids and we can't
live without them. Denny prayed Dear God in Heaven show us a way we can 
do this. If this be your will we can make it work. I would give the 
clothes off my back and food out of my mouth for them. Amen”. 

Cassandra said, “You two have 2 hours before they want to talk to you.
Spend some time with the girls and than go up stairs and freshen up for 
the meeting”. They all wiped away the tears and did just as she said. 

Two hours later Cassandra called them and said, “The directors are down
stairs and want to speak to both of you”. 

They went down stairs and the three men introduced their selves. One of
the men said, “We have some questions for you if you could answer”? 

They both assured them they would help in any way they could. The first
question they asked, “Mrs. Franke, what kind of degree do you hold”? 

She answered, “A degree in child management”. 

Than the man asked, “Mr. Franke, what is your position”? 

He said, “I am a state building inspector”. 

They asked as many questions to Denny as they did Lucy. Either one had
any ideal what was going on. Than finally one of the gentlemen said, 
“Let me explain, we need information from you both. You see Mrs. 
Franke, we want you to be our executive director of this orphanage. 
Your salary will increase from thirty thousand to sixty five thousand 
annually. In other words you are the same level now as Cassandra. With 
two directors, we will hire one more teacher to fill your spot, which 
will make room for 6 more kids. We would like for you to pick 6 kids 
from this orphanage. They will be your responsible. You will have 
people under you to assist you however you see fit. One of your jobs 
will be to determine when and who adopts the 6 kids under your care. 
You have that final say on any adoption for kids under your care”. 

“ Mr. Franke, we asked you those questions because we needed to know
what kind of life outside this orphanage each of you led. We already 
knew but by law we had to ask and record this for legal reasons.  Once 
you have decided the six kids you want to take charge of let us know 
and we will finish this and make it legal”. 

Lucy grinned and asked, “Can I tell you now and us finish this up

They said yes, “We thought you might know the six names already. There
is more we have not told you. With two directors and the staff level we 
have now, there will be room for 4 more as of today. This means the 
next 4 kids here are your responsible”. 

Lucy said, “I look forward to the challenge”. 

Mrs. Franke was glad the girls got to stay together at the orphanage,
but if some one would take all six of them to raise as one family that 
would please her just fine. She knew the odds of that were slim to 
none. She spent a lot of time at the orphanage and spent as much time 
with the girls as she possible could. This was not a problem with her 
husband Denny because he had taken on an inspection job that taken not 
only all his work hours but a lot of overtime as well. 

Denny had received a call from his superior and he gives him a job that
would last the next 6 to 9 months. An oil tycoon from Texas wanted to 
build a home office in their town. It would be a small hotel but 
resemble a home. He wanted to schedule meetings with clients that may 
last as much as one week at a time. The tycoon's lawyer had purchased 
25 acres of land and wanted this large home built on it. He wanted the 
building to be over seen by local building inspectors. Every thing had 
to be by code. They didn't want any screw-ups during construction. 

Denny's boss had arranged a meeting with the contractors that would
build this project and they would explain what he wanted at this 

The next morning Denny and his boss were to meet with the Lawyer's and
the contractor. They arrived at his office and they were present and 
waiting on them. The lawyer thanked them for coming and introduced them 
to the contractor. He told them his boss wanted this lay over office. 
They had a print of the outside structure and it would be Denny's job 
to place walls and rooms and keep it all by code. He wanted it large 
enough for 7 clients and would need a 7 car garage. The budget would be 
$750,000.00 up to one million if needed. 

He said, “Mr. Franke you were highly recommended for this job because
not only do you know all the codes you have a back ground in home 

The lawyer said, “My boss wants this to resemble a large home and not a
hotel.  I want you to drive to the 25-acre lot today because the 
contractor was ready to dig the foundation. We need to know where on 
the lot to dig. Please look at the blueprints and make any changes you 
want too. This will be your project from start to finish. My boss will 
not see this until it is completed and then he will have some guests 
with him to spend some time”. 

Mr. Franke asked, “What about paint and carpet”? 

The lawyer said, “You are to choose everything even light fixtures”. 

The lawyer stood and they shook hands and he asked, “Can you follow Mr.
Singleton to the job site and get started today”? 

Denny's boss said, “I will give your work load to someone else and you
devote 100% of your time to this project”. 

The Lawyer said, “Please feel free to call if you have any questions”. 

Denny got in his car and he followed the pickup just a few miles out of
town. They were headed for some of the riches farmland in the state. 
Huge rock fences lined each side of the road for miles. Huge oak tree 
with bases as large as the hood of his car was all along the road. Soon 
they pulled over and on to a large field with rock fences all the way 
around it. 

Mr. Singleton got out and he asked Denny, “Have you ever seen a prettier
spot for a home. What a waste to put a meeting hall on”. 

Mr. Singleton said, “I know for a fact this lot sold for $250,000.00
just last week”. 

Denny just stood and marveled at this beautiful location. He asked Mr.
Singleton, “Can I see that blueprint”? 

They unfolded it and Denny asked, “What are we to use brick, vinyl.,
Wood or what”? 

Mr. Singleton said, “You tell me that's your job”. 

Denny said, “Your right I forgot, we will use fieldstone. We will build
almost in the middle of the 25 acres or about 200 feet from the road. 
We can put a two-car garage on the left as you drive up connected to 
the house with a rock garden. On the back not visible from the road 
will be a 6-car garage. This way it will look like a home and not a 

Denny made some marks on the blueprints and he said, “Please do not move
any trees unless it is absolute necessary”. 

He handed back the prints and said, “I am going to walk around to the
back end and check the rock fences. When Denny got to the back left 
corner he got a big surprise. A homeless man had some wood pallets 
against the fence and this was his home. Denny looked at him and he 
dropped his head. Denny said, “Sir, I am sorry but you will have to 

The little man said, “Yes Sir, I heard someone had bought my home. I
wondered how long it would be before I had to leave”. 

Denny asked him, “How long have you been here”? 

Sadly he replied, “Only 12 weeks I think. The young man that mowed it
for hay never mentioned it to anyone. At first I would hide when I 
heard him coming but he knew I was here. Every time he mowed he would 
leave his weed eater and lawn mower here over night. I didn't bother it 
at first but he would mow one pass around my house and than he would 
stop and leave the mower and gas here and not come back to get them for 
a couple of days. One day his tractor broke down and he left to get 
someone to look at it. While he was gone I fixed it for him. He came 
back with some help a little later but the tractor was running. I hid 
but he looked my direction and just grinned. When he left that day he 
put a drink cooler full of food and drinks right up against my door. 
From that day on he would leave his equipment under my tree and when he 
left the cooler stayed here full of food. There was usually a broken 
tool left here with parts wrenches and a twenty-dollar bill. He left a 
paper here a couple of days ago advertising this property for sale. On 
the bottom was marked sold. He had a $100.00 bill stapled to it and it 
read, Please take care of your self”. 

Denny thought just for a minute and then he noticed how neat this little
guy's area was and he said, “Don't be in any hurry to leave you will 
not be in the way”. 

Denny asked him, “Why didn't you run away and hide like you did when the
farmer come and mowed”? 

The little man said, “I have know other place to hide”. 

Denny asked him, “What is your name”? 

He thought a minute and replied, “They called me Gunner in the service”.

Denny said, “Nice to meet you Gunner, my mane is Denny, you don't ever
have to hide from me if you don't want too”. 

Denny went home that evening and he told Lucy all about his day and
Gunner and he said,” I am suppose to pick out paint and carpet for a 
$750,000.00 House”. 

Lucy said, “Somebody has more money than sense”. 

She said, “You couldn't even match socks with your pants”. 

He said, “I know but you can. Ha! Ha”! 

In just a few short weeks the house was starting to take shape. Every
morning when Denny arrived he would always look and see if Gunner was 
there. He would be there but out of everyone's way and never bothered 
anyone. One morning Denny pulled his pickup close to the trees where 
Gunner lived. In the back of the truck were hot coffee, donuts and ham 
on biscuits. That afternoon when Denny returned the food was gone and 
his truck had been polished. Denny didn't realize the wax and rags were 
behind the seat. Gunner was no where to be seen so Denny put a twenty 
dollar bill on the front of his shelter. 

One morning Mr. Singleton asked Denny to show him where he wanted
computer, and phone lines. The prints called for a phone computer in 
each bedroom. Denny thought for a minute and he said, “Each of the 
bedrooms has a window in the birdhouses in the roof. Put them close to 
that. That would be a good place for a desk so the light from outside 
could shine on them”. 

There were 6 bedrooms with 6 baths up stairs. The master bedroom was
down stairs with its bathroom. 

The time had come now to pick out some paint and carpet colors. Denny
asked Lucy, “Will you please take off work and spend a day with me at 
the big house”. 

He promised her if she would do it she could bring the girls and make a
day of it. She loved the ideal. This would give 6 pack some time out of 
the orphanage and that would be good for them. Denny and Lucy both had 
forgotten about Gunner. They scared him to death. They wanted to talk 
to him but he would run away. 

The girls asked, “May we fix him some Lunch and maybe he would like us”?

They told them they could, but they also told them Gunner was different.
He didn't like to be around people. They quietly went to the trees with 
him some lunch. 

They sat it down and Erika said, “Please Mr. Gunner, will you be our
friend. Gunner looked and saw 6 little angels. Slowly he approached 
them and Shannon said, “We won't hurt you we are just dumb old girls”. 

Gunner grinned and said, “No, your angels”. 

A friendship started at that minute. The girls said one by one,” I'm
Erika, I'm Diane, I'm Lori, I'm Shannon, I'm Noemi”. 

He said, “I'm Gunner”. 

Erika asked him, “Are you a Poppy, Cori and Lori has a Poppy”? 

No, “I'm not, don't you have a Poppy”, asked Gunner? 

“No we don't even have a Mommy or Daddy. We have a Grandma and Grandpa
but they live far, far away,” said Erika. 

The girls asked everyday after that about Mr. Gunner. They wanted to go
with Denny every day if he would let them. One evening when Denny got 
in his truck, 6 little angels carved out of wood were on the seat. 
Denny thought, “Dear 	God, how can I ever make him leave. He cannot be 
here when the owner arrives”. 

The day finally arrived when Denny knew he would have to talk to Gunner.
As he approached him Gunner just dropped his head. 

Denny asked him, “Can't you go down town to a shelter Gunner”? 

Gunner said, “Too many people, Can't be around people”. 

Denny said, “I know”? 

Denny pulled a card out of his back pocket and said the girls wanted you
to have this.  He took it and opened it up and read it. Each of the 
girls had written a few lines. It read,  “We love you and want you to 
be our Gunner Poppy. Please say yes”? 

Through the entire long hair and beard Denny saw a tear. Gunner said,
“Tell the girls that Gunner Poppy loves them and always will”. 

The next morning Denny got a call from the Lawyer's office. He told him
he had to meet with him immediately. An emergency had arose and had to 
be taken care of. 

Denny went to the office and the Lawyer asked him, “What do you like
finishing the house”? 

Denny said, “Just carpet; all the tile has been laid”. 

The Lawyer said, “Can you finish up for $100,000.00”? 

Denny said, “Yes with no problem”. 

The lawyer said, “My client has a change in plans. He wants to put the
house on the market for $800.000.00. He wants to build closer to 

Denny said, “What a shame. The house and land are worth over
$1,000,000.00. That is a bargain for a millionaire”. 

The Lawyer said, “”My boss said to ask you if you was aware of anyone
who would be interested.  If so let me know. I will not advertise it 
until all the carpet is down. He said if you had $800,000.00 I'd sell 
you that house today”. 

Denny said, “Yes, in my dreams”. 

Before Denny could leave the office his boss called him on his cell
phone. He replied, “I need to talk to you right away. Come by the 

Denny did as he was asked and when he arrived he went in the office. His
boss said to him, “Mr. Singleton found a letter addressed to me on the 
job site this morning. I opened it and I would like to read it to you”. 

“ Dear Sir: The past few months I have made good friends with Denny. I
know as bad as he hates it he was going to have to make me leave. I 
have no place to go and I would rather be dead than start over. I don't 
want to hurt him or my 6 pack of angels so I will go away and handle 
this alone. I have all my possessions in a safety box at the bank. If 
you will go to the First bank with this key, my will and all I have are 
yours now. Their lawyer will read it and take care of everything. Thank 
you for being my friend and tell my girls I love them. Its signed, 
Gunner Poppy”. 

Denny's boss said, “I called the bank and they do have a box. They would
like to meet with you and Lucy in an hour”. 

Denny called Lucy and told her the bad news. He said, “Only if we could
find Gunner's body we could give him the burial he deserves”. 

Lucy said, “He didn't have the money and he knew you would do that.
That's why he left I just known it is”. 

Denny said, “You are probably right, I will come by and pick you up.
Maybe he left some carvings for the girls”. 

Denny and Lucy went to the bank and a Lawyer met them with the box. The
lawyer opened the box and took out a will. It read, “I Gunner leave all 
my possessions to Denny and Lucy Franke”. 

The lawyer pulled out one more paper. He looked at it and than he said.
“You won't believe this but this is real”. 

Denny and Lucy looked at each other and than the Bank lawyer said, “It's
a cashier's check for $2,000.0000.00. The taxes have been paid and 
there is a note with it. It says use $800,000.00 to buy the house and 
adopt my 6 pack. Before I die I have made arrangements for all taxes 
and up keep on your house to be paid as long as the girls are at home. 
The money is in this bank in a trust”. 

Denny looked at the lawyer and he asked him, “Is this for real”? 

The lawyer said, “Yes sir, you can pay for your home when ever you

That evening Annie and M.G. asked Denny and Lucy to come over and bring
the girls. Annie asked over the phone, “Is it true Lucy, did you buy 
the house and are you getting the girls”? 

Lucy said, “Yes it's true. We will be there at 6:00 o'clock if that's

They arrived and hugs and tears and kisses. Lori and Cori were happy for
their friends. Cori said, ‘”he 6 pack has a Mommy & Daddy”. Mr. Johnson 
was so glad everything worked out for the kids. Than Erika comes to Mr. 
Johnson and she said, “Your Lori & Cori's Poppy aren't you”? 

He said, “Yes honey I am”. 

She looked at his eyes and they just looked at each other.  Either Poppy
or Erika turned away.  It was as if they were looking into each other's 

Than she asked him, “Can I have a hug”. 

He said, “I would love that”. She put her arms around him and hugged and

No one notices what was going on not even Annie. M.G. watched them and
he kept everyone attention off them. 

Erika said, “I have a secret, I can tell you but you got to promise
never to tell anyone. Do you promise”? 

Mr. Johnson said, “I promise and Erika whispered in his ear, “I love you
Gunner Poppy. Thank you for not leaving”? 

Mr. Johnson had a tear in his eye.  He kissed her cheek and whispered,
“I love you.  Now I can be your Poppy forever.  He asked her, “How did 
you know”? 

She smiled and whispered, “Your eyes told me”. 

Cricket				Chapter  nine 

The Franke family had been settled just over 6 months now and six kids
with Mom & Dad was working out just fine. Lucy Franke was adjusting 
just fine as her new role as Mom. All the kids had their disagreements 
and spats, but no more than a normal family. If Lucy had to pick one of 
her children that had changed just a little it would be Erika. This 
little girl was so different than all the rest of the kids. She was 6 
and one half years old going on twenty. 

Lucy had talked to Annie and Mrs. Johnson about this and Mrs. Johnson
said, “She is Annie made over again. The more secrets she can have the 
better she likes it”. 

Lucy said, “I know, she wants to be a guard like Claw when she grows up.
She would live with the Starburst and Johnson family if we would let 

Annie said, “Cori would like that, she is his girl friend”. 

Lucy said, “Denny and I know all about that Her and Cori plan on
marriage and M.G. & Mr. Johnson are Gods to her One is the best 
bodyguard and the other is the smartest man in the world. Then Lucy 
smiled and said Denny and I think so too”. 

“Denny and I noticed a big change in Erika ever since Gunner left”,
replied Lucy. “Denny and I have talked to her and she ensures us its 
OK. We didn't realize how close she was to him until after he left”. 

Annie said, “We didn't either until one day when all the kids was over
playing with Lori & Cori and she was so pitiful when Dad passed by them 
that day”. 

Cori said, “Hi Poppy!  Erika just dropped her head. Daddy stopped and
took her little chin and raised up her head and made eye contact with 

He asked, “Cori who is your little friend”? 

Cori said, “This is Erika Poppy, She thinks you are the smartest and
bravest man in the whole world”. 

Mr. Johnson noticed a little bottom lip quiver and he asked Cori, “What
did you tell her”? When he asked his eyes and Erika's eyes stayed 
locked on each other. Cori said, “I told her you were. She wants to see 
your Private office but I told her she or nobody was allowed in there 
only if Daddy was in there with you two”. 

Mr. Johnson said, “M.G. is in there now, would you mind if I took her on
a private tour? Just Ericka and myself”. 

Cori said, “Please do, I wanted to ask but I didn't know what you would

Mr. Johnson said, “It will take a little while, can you wait down stairs
for her”. 

Cori said, “Yes”. 

Mr. Johnson said, “Only if its OK with you. Than Mr. Johnson felt 5
little fingers in his hand. He looked down and once again he saw the 
diamonds dance in her eyes. Cori broke and ran down stairs. They walked 
a few steps to the office. Mr. Johnson lay his hand on a panel of the 
door and it opened. 

They went in and M.G. said, “I didn't know we were going to have special

He shut the door behind them and said, “Neither did I until a few
minutes ago”. As soon as the door closed he went to his knees and two 
little arms went around him. For a few seconds they each held as tight 
as they could. Then Erika tried so hard to hold back the happy tears 
but she couldn't. Finally she was able to speak. 

Her first words were, “I love you Gunner Poppy”. She looked in his eyes
again and saw a little tear run down his cheek. 

She kissed it and than M.G. said, “Mr. Johnson I will wait in your
quarters for a while”. 

Erika said immediately, “You can't Sir you have to stay here and protect
Gunner Poppy”. 

M.G. smiled at her and said, “He couldn't be in safer hands as he is
now. I have a feeling if anyone tried to harm him they would get their 
eyes clawed out. If you promise me you will watch him I have something 
to work on. I will run it by each of you when I get finished”. 

After that visit with Mr. Johnson, Erika was a different little girl. 
She was more her old self now.  Mr. Johnson picked up his phone and he 
asked M.G to come back in the office.  M.G. come in and Mr. Johnson 
asked him, “What do you think about us introducing Erika to Claw?  I 
want to speak to Denny and Lucy first and make sure its OK with them”. 

M.G. said, “I think they would like that. He asked Erika, Would you like
to meet Claw”? 

With eyes sparkling she said, “Yes Please, Cori has told me all about
her.  I want to be just like her when I grow up”. 

M.G. pulled out his phone and said into it, “Claw, Will you bring Cori
back to Mr. Johnson's office”? 

She replied back, “Yes Sir, We are on the way”. 

In minutes they were at the door requesting entrance. The door opened
and Cori rushed in to Erika and he asked, “How did you like Poppy”? 

She said, “Mr. Johnson is very nice”. 

Cori said, “No Erika, He is---Then Cori turned to his Dad and Mr.
Johnson and he asked, Sir's May Erika call you Poppy if she wants too”? 

Mr. Johnson said, “Yes that would be fine if she wants”. 

Then Erika smiled and said, “I will try Mr. Johnson Oh! I mean Poppy”. 

He smiled at her and said, “It will take some getting use to calling a
total stranger Poppy but you work on it”, and then he winked at her. 

M.G. grinned at them both and than he said, “Erika this is Anna.  We all
call her Claw”. 

Then with a puzzled look Erika said, “Cori isn't this your Mom”? 

Cori said, “No Erika, She just looks like her”. 

Then Claw took her by the hand and they sat down. She said,  “A lot of
people even some of the guards get us mixed up”. 

Cori said “Erika, I can't tell if Claw doesn't want me to, that is just
one of the ways my Mom is kept safe”. 

Then Claw said, “There is one way you can tell very fast. We had to do
it so the guys I work with can tell”. 

Mr. Johnson asked Erika, “Sugar do you think you can keep a secret”? 

She swallowed hard and said, “I think so Mr. Jo----I mean Poppy”. 

Mr. Johnson said, “I get the feeling you can keep a secret, what about
you M.G”? 

He said, “I think it would be OK”. Than they all noticed Cori, He looked
as he had seen a ghost. 

M.G. asked Cori, “Do you think we should tell her”? 

Slowly he said, “If you think so Sir”.  Then he looked right at Erika
and said,  “Erika you are my very best friend in the hold world, I 
believe you but remember if the bad people knew this they could hurt my 

Erika said, “I promise to all of you I can keep a secret”. 

M.G. said, “Claw would you take Erika down and find Annie and you three
come back Code Two---Red—Blue”. 

She arose and said, “Yes Sir”. 

When the two had left the room MG took Cori by the hand and said, “I'm
sorry son for scaring you like that, I had no right. Do you remember 
when Poppy told the hold family once about all the secrets and the 
mystery about our family?  This is one more step in the unknown we want 
you to take. What we are about to share with Erika is a secret known 
only to the guards that work at the house, Poppy, Myself, Your Mom and 
Lori are the only one knows.  We need to share this with Erika and if I 
thought for one second it would put Mom in danger I wouldn't here of 

Cori said, “I understand Sir. Erika promised, We don't have to worry
about her”. 

Soon there was a buzz at he door.  Claw asked, “Might we enter Sir”? 

The door opened and Erika couldn't believe her eyes.  Was it two Claws'
or was it two Annie's. 

Cori said, “Erika, If they don't want you to know it is impossible
unless they speak”. 

M.G. just smiled at him and than he said, “Erika, you want to be a guard
when you grow up don't you”? 

She said, “Yes Sir”. 

He said, “Look at them very close.  This will be your first test”. 

Erika looked at them both from head to toe.  Then she said, “I can tell
no difference”. 

Than MG asked. “Can you tell me what you saw”? 

“Both have Blond hair the same length.  It hangs at the shoulders.  Both
have eyes as blue as the sky.  Both have skin as smooth and golden 
brown. Both have rings on the same fingers and both are wearing a 
bracelet and they look like a picture in a book, I mean they are 

M.G. said, “Honey you did better than most of the guards. Which one is
Cori's Mom”? 

She said, “I can't tell”. 

M. G. said, “Cori. Which one is Mom”? 

Cori just stared at them and then both at the same time looked at their
nails on their right hand. Than at the same time they both touched 
their right thumb with their left thumb. At that instant Cori jumped up 
and put his arms around one of them and said, “I love you Mom”. 

She said back, “I love you sugar”. 

That drove Erika nuts.  She said, “I don't understand they both did the
same thing at the same time with the same hands”. 

M.G. looked at Mr. Johnson and he said, “Honey, you are barely 7 years
old and you noticed all that”.  He said, “When you get out of school 
and if you still want to be a guard, You have a job here waiting for 

Erika said, “Poppy, I still can't tell them apart.  He said, “Honey you
are so close you can't see it.  Cori, Do you want to explain”? 

“Yes Sir, I would love too.  He said, Erika do you remember what Dad
said right before you left with Claw”? 

“Yes, he said go find your Mom and come back here”. 

Cori asked, “Do you remember how they were to come back”? 

She thought for a second and than she remembered.  “Code

Then Cori said, “Just remember Mom always comes first.  Code 2 is Mom
and Claw. Red is the first color he said, so Mom is wearing red”. 

Erika said “I don't see any red”. 

Cori said, “It's on their right. They touched their right thumb. Look at
their bracelet”. Than as plain as the nose on their face, Erika saw a 
red band around one bracelet and a blue band around the other. 

Cori said, “code 2 is them and Mom is always first.  Dad called red
first so Mom' bracelet has a red band around it this time”. 

Now little Erika wanted to be a guard now more than ever.  M. G. kept is
promise to her that afternoon.  He telephoned Erika's Mom and Dad and 
asked them to come over.  After they arrived and was in the office with 
his self and Annie and than he called for Lori and Erika.  These two 
little girls came to his office. 

They knocked on the door and asked, “Permission to enter Sir”! 

All four of them just looked at each other and smiled. Than M.G. said,
“You may enter”.  Than they approached his desk and stood at attention 
waiting for him to speak. They did just as all the guards did when they 
were called to the office. 

M.G. said, “At ease girls”. The relaxed and each said, “Hi Mom”. 

Two very proud Moms said, “Hi Girls”. 

M. G. said, “Erika; I want your Mom and Dad to meet the Claw”. Erika's
eyes lit up when he said this. 

Denny said, “Finally we get to meet her. Lori has told us all about her
and Erika is ready to sign on as a guard. That is all she thinks about. 
 We have been so worried about her since that old man left. If only she 
could have said goodbye it might have been easier, God only knows”. 

Than Erika said, “Mom, I have a new Poppy now”. 

Lori said, “I let her have some of my Poppy, Now we both have the same

Annie said, “Yes and that is as happy as I have seen Dad in months. It
was as if part of him had left.  He loves all of your girls but Erika 
is just special to him”.  Then she said, “Denny, Lucy, are you ready to 
meet Claw”? 

They said, “Yes”. 

Annie said, “M.G. She is in my office, next door, may I go get her, I
want to close a program on my computer”? 

M.G. said, “Please do and I will try to explain what is going on. You
see Anna or Claw is not only one of our best guards she knows and can 
teach ballot. There is not much she can't do”. 

Than suddenly before Lori thought, She said, “Yes and she beat up my

M.G. said, “Lori Lee”! 

Than Lori turned red faced and said, “I'm sorry Daddy; I didn't mean it
like that”. 

He took her hand and gently pulled her to him and kissed her fore head
and said, “I know Sugar, but she did kick Old Dad's Butt didn't she”?  
They all grinned and M.G. said, “I think she would be good for all 7 of 
the girls if you don't mind.  Lori Lee works out with her now”. 

Lucy said, “That sound good for Erika, but it will be a miracle if we
can get the other five up on their toes. That is not their cup of tea. 
If they will do it I'm all for it”. 

About this time Annie and Claw walked in the room.  Denny and Lucy would
look at each other than back at them. They couldn't believe what their 
eyes were telling them. Then Lucy said Annie, we used to think you had 
a twin sister when your Mom dropped you off at the orphanage but her 
note made us change our mind”. 

Than Erika said, “Mom, can't you and Dad tell the difference between
Claw and Annie”? 

Lucy said, “Honey I'm sorry but I can not”. 

Denny said, “You can forget me”. He said, “Little girl, Are you telling
us you can tell them apart”? 

She said, “Of course, Annie entered the room first”. 

Denny said, “I tell you what us do.  You shut your eyes just for a
minute and we will mix them up.  If you can pick out Annie, I'll double 
your allowance for this week”. 

Erika said, “Dad, That's too easy. I'll shut my eyes; you mix them up
and have them turn their back to me with their hands behind them. If I 
can pick out Annie, you triple my allowance, if I miss I will work all 
month for free”. 

Denny was loving this, He said, “OK, and you'll be begging your sisters
all month to loan you some money”. He said, “Shut your eyes while I mix 
them up”. 

She did and Denny moved them around and they turned their back to Erika
with their hands behind them. In two seconds Erika saw a red stripe on 
her bracelet. She touched her hands and said, “Turn around Annie”. 

Annie turned and said, “Hi Erika how are you”? 

Erika said, “$15.00 richer. Thank you”. 

Than Claw turned to Denny and Lucy and said, “They call me Claw, It's
nice to meet you”. 

Denny said, “I don't want to know so don't even try to tell me how she
did that”. Denny and Lucy felt the same way toward Claw as Erika. They 
were ready for Erika to start her dance as soon as all was ready.  Then 
Claw told them it would be more than dance. That is just the first part 
of the class.  It is a defense class. I will teach kick box and Judeo. 

They all agreed and two weeks later the big black car pulled up in front
of Erika's house and all 6 girls came out and got in. They felt so 
important. Not only were there Lori and Cori in the car, there were 4 
guards with them. As soon as they were in the car one of the big Giants 
snapped a bracelet on each of the girl's arms. He said, “Now you have 
bracelets like Lori and Cori. They are on your arms so we know where 
you are at all times. When we return home later we will unlock them and 
remove them from your arms”. 

After a short drive the car pulled in front of the Johnson's Mansion and
all the kids went in with the guards to the gym. When they got there 
Claw was ready for them. For the next hour they did tipi toe dance. 
They did flips and jumps. Claw was amazed how Erika took to this so 
fast.  Lori lee was good but she had been at it for awhile. She was 
interested in the dance part of it and that was all. She wanted to kick 
Cori's butt and she did it and that's was enough for her. Cori hated it 
all.  Now Erika was going to kick his butt and because he could tell 
the very first day she was going to be bad news. Erika was in Heaven. 
She wanted to learn dance and most of all she wanted to know all about 
defense. She was not even 7 years old and she knew she was going to be 
a Johnson guard. She knew she had 12 years to learn this and she didn't 
want to waste any time. 

Now the other five Franke girls, they liked to watch but that first day
was enough for them. Claw didn't realize that day it wouldn't take 12 
weeks for Erika little alone 12 years. Who would have thought just in a 
few months down the road the state would license two little innocence 
hands as deadly weapons. Two little feet and short legs that could 
snatch the life out of a full grown adult person. 

After three short lessons Claws class had reduced from 8 to just 1. Lori
Lee worked on the dance but than Erika would work two more hours doing 
kicks and jumps. Erika got better each class. Just in 4 weeks of 
classes Erika was doing things at college level. 

One day after class Claw called MG.  She said she needed to talk to him
as soon as possible. She told M. G. all about Erika and how lighting 
fast she was. Claw said, “Please do me a favor. I know you will think I 
am crazy but I want you to be her opponent in a match”. 

M. G. said, “You mean you want to match me up with a 7-year-old child”? 

She said, “M. G. trust me, the reason I don't do it is I will have to
coach her and keep her clamed down. Turn her loose and she will kill 
you. I know what she can do; we will have to be careful. The three of 
us only will be in that gym with the doors locked. Than when the match 
is over, you tell me what is the next step”. 

M G looked at her and said, “Your are serious aren't you”? 

She said, “Dead serious”. 

No one but Claw & M. G knew about the match that next day. Not even
Erika knew until they were in the gym and the doors were locked. They 
all three sat down and Claw begins to explain to Erika what she wanted. 
Erika was to delivery three moves only. Absolutely was she not to do 
two moves back to back.  When the whistle sounds you are to break. 

Claw than said, “Listen close M G, the first move is the head kick with
the right foot. Claw said Erika, do not double pump”. 

M. G. stopped Claw and said, “I don't understand, if you tell me what
she is going to do I might can block it”. 

Claw said, “Please trust me and expect first a kick from the right foot.
You won't see it nor either will I.  You will hit the floor and I will 
see you fall. That is when I will blow the whistle”.  Claw said, “M G. 
you have to wear headgear or we will not do this”. 

M. G. said, “Thank God the door is locked”. 

Claw said, “Just one more thing Sir. I will start the camera and film
this. Slow motion is the only way we can see this”. 

M. G. did put on the headgear and to his surprise Claw hooked the
chinstraps to his shoulders. Claw told him, “You would thank me in the 
morning when your neck still works”. 

When she had him all fixed she called for Erika to come on the mat with
them. She reminded her again, No doubles kicks and break when the 
whistle sounds. Claw positioned them and she fixed her eyes on M G. 

He looked at her and said, “Don't watch me watch her and blow that
whistle when she kicks”. 

Claw said, “I won't know until you hit the floor, that's why I am
watching you”. 

M. G. said, “This is great. Tomorrow the headlines will read;
SECURITY JOHNSON GUARD”. Than very calmly M. G. said to Erika. “If you 
hurt me I will not give you a job.” 

She said, “I won't Mr. Starburst”. 

Claw grinned and than said, “We all need to consecrate for 30 seconds. I
will drop the flag than the match will begin”. She moved Erika about 
three feet in front of M. G.  Than she said, “30 seconds start now”. 

Total silence fills the gym. Claw released the flag and M G watched it
float to the floor. His plan was when it hit he would drop immediately 
to the mat. The flag touched down and he hit the mat. He hit it hard 
and landed 6 feet away. He was disoriented for a few seconds but he 
could hear the whistle. When his eyesight returned Erika was right over 
him. Claw blew the whistle one more time and than a little hand reached 
out to him. Erika and Claw both were trying to remove the headgear. 
Very gently they lifted it off. 

Erika rubbed his neck and said,  “I tried not to kick to hard Mr.

“Thank God you were easy on me”.  He asked Claw “Please call Annie and
see if she will rub this out of me or I won't be able to walk in the 

Than Claw asked Erika, “Go to her Private shower in the Gym and we would
wait there for you to return”. 

After Erika had gone Claw said to M G.  “I'm sorry Sir but I had to let
you see and feel this first hand.  We can't let her compete with no 
one.  I will give her a Black Belt today”. 

M. G said, “Do you realize that you and I are level Seven Black Belts.
She put me down before I knew what hit me. Now by law she just passed 
us to level 8. Now I know why you filmed this.  By law we have to 
declare her hands and feet deadly weapons. We will have to file a copy 
of that tape with the state”. 

Claw said, “Oh Lord! The state will make her wear a black shoulder bar
with gold hands and feet emblem pined to it”. 

M. G. said, “I know.  I have some calls to make tomorrow if Denny don't
kill me tonight. Level 10 is the highest and most deadly level to date. 
 She is hardly seven years old.  Can you imagine what she will be like 
in a couple of years? If we can find the right person to work with her 
she will she will be at that point in a few more weeks”. 

Than he said, “I remember when I was going to school I had a friend that
gave defense lessons. He called it Rick's School of Hurt. He introduced 
me to an oriental girl just a year older that myself. She was level 10. 
She had more belts than J. C. Penny's. That was the very first person I 
ever saw with a Black Hand & Feet Bar.  She had the prettiest name. The 
only way we could say it was to break in down in syllables. It was 
Ja—net—tha—ju—ett.  We couldn't say it so we changed it to Jeanette”. 

Claw asked, “Did she like it”? 

M. G. said, “I guess so, I lived to tell about it”. 

By this time Erika was returning from the shower and Annie had entered
about the same time.  She seen M. G. on the floor and she asked, 
“Darling are you O K. What happened”? 

M. G. looked at Erika and said, “Do you remember about keeping secrets”?

She said, “Yes Sir”. 

M. G. looked at Annie and said, “Honey I was in top of the gym changing
those bulbs and I fell thirty feet to the floor. The minute I hit the 
floor lighting struck me in the neck and I am lucky to be alive”. 

Than Annie said, “You mean Erika did it instead of Claw”? 

Claw said, “I couldn't wait to tell Shotgun”. 

Annie said, “Claw, will you make me a copy of that tape, Dad would enjoy
watching it”? 

M.G said, “All of you promised to keep this a secret”. 

Annie said, I didn't promise, did you Claw”? 

Little Erika not realizing they were only teasing M.G. Put her little
hands on his cheeks and said, “I promised Uncle M.G. and I think you 
took a dive and if any one ask, that is what I will say” 

He said “Thank you sugar. That old mean Annie and Claw may not love me
but you do, you just proved it”. 

Than Annie said, “Poor baby, I'll give your neck a sugar and make it all
better”. She said, “Lay on your stomach while Claw walks on your back 
and I will rub your neck”. 

M.G said, “That's O.K. You two think you are so smart, Do you know what
has 4 legs and 4 arms and stands guard over the sewer pond at the back 
of the Mansion”? 

Both shook their heads know and M.G. said, “A Annie-Claw”. 

At the same time each of them gave him a kiss on his cheek and said,
“Why do we love you so much”? 

Than Little Erika said to each of them, “I am the one who hurt him I
should be the one to kiss him”. 

That next day M.G. made a call to Denny and Lucy and invited them over.
He told them it concerned Erika and they had some decisions to make 
that would effect her future. That afternoon they arrived at the 
Johnson's Mansion and all the kids played down stairs. 

M.G. and Annie sat down with Denny and Lucy. They said we would call for
Claw and Shotgun. M.G said, ”You haven't met Shotgun, he is one of our 
Diamond guards”. 

Than Denny said, “Thank you so much for all each of you have done for
Erika. She is a different little girl. We were so worried about her 
after Gunner left.  Than something happened the day she visited here. 
She is so happy now and Claw and her defense classes are all she thinks 
about. Her grades at school have improved. She told us Johnson Guards 
are not only tuff, they are smart also”. 

M.G. than told them all that had happened the last few weeks. Than he
asked, “With your permission Claw wants to continue to work with her 
but we need to bring one more teacher on board. The new Teacher's name 
is Janette. She will only teach defense to the ones with a very special 
talent. I sent her a tape of a match Erika had. She said there wasn't 
but a hand full of people in the world that possessed the skills of 
this child. She has already earned her black belt. Claw and I have been 
at this for years and we are only level 7.  She has been at this a few 
weeks and has reached level 8. Level 10 is as high as it is. Janette 
will have her there in no more than 4 more weeks. Now she is a 
seven-year-old that is required by law to wear her black hands & feet 
shoulder bar when she is in public. She will be one bad little fighting 
machine. What will be so hard for you is making the decision, what to 
do. Denny you have only two choices.  You can train her and harness her 
power, or you can let it grow wild. God have mercy on the person who 
provokes her anger”. 

Denny looks at Lucy and says, “We will have to train her to use her
ability.  She wants this and we can't stop her”.  He said, “Call your 
friend back and tell her to continue on”. 

M.G. said, “I believe you made a wise choice. Claw & Shotgun will be
with her and watch her as long as it needs to be”. 

A few days later Janette arrived at the Johnson home. They wasted no
time.  Claw & Shotgun went directly to pick up Erika.  They returned 
and the two made friends right off.  Just to look at her one would 
never know the things she could do.  Usually people break boards with 
their hand.  She would break an 8” concrete block with one strike. What 
impressed everyone about Erika was her bravery. She was ready to break 
blocks right off if Janette would let her. She would tell her, 
“Soon---Very Soon”. 

The weeks passed by so quickly.  One day Janette told M.G. and Annie
that Erika was ready. The things this little girl could do would shock 
all. All Erika's family and all of Annie's family along with each of 
the diamond guards were invited to watch what she could do. She could 
jump and kick the brains out of a six-foot person hit the floor and 
jump back up on an 8' platform.  The best they saved for last.  Shotgun 
brought out a 6-foot manikin. Its head was fixed to the shoulders with 
a 1” thick rubber strap. It was operated by remote control. The head 
turned and the arms and legs moved. Shotgun worked the controls and it 
moved very fast. If one of the arms or legs hit you it could do some 

Erika faced it the same way her and M.G. faced each other the day of
their match. Claw didn't tell Shotgun what Erika was going to do the 
way she did M.G.  Claw approached them and said. “When the flag hits 
the floor take your best shot”. 

Claw said, “Erika, kicks are free, use as many as you want. Shotgun,
Erika is wearing headgear. Try to stop her, she can take a punch from 
the dummy if you are fast enough”. 

Than she said, “In thirty seconds, I will drop the flag, when it hits
the floor each of you give it all you got, don't hold back anything.  
In thirty seconds all in the gym saw the flag hit the floor. They saw 
and heard the dummy's arm swing around but than they saw the head of 
the dummy get ripped off at the shoulders and roll twenty feet across 
the floor. The one-inch strap broke like a thread.  Claw had filmed the 
match and that was the only way anyone could tell how she did it and 
only than if they run it in slow motion just like the day they did with 

Frame by frame they watch two little feet strike the head. First the
left foot and instantly the right foot. That is what ripped off the 
head.  When it was over Denny said, “I don't understand how a little 
girl not even 4 foot tall can cause so much damage”. 

Janette said, “Denny; A 38 slug is not much more than an inch and half
tall. Look at the damage it can do. There is one more thing she can do. 
She can throw a disk over 100 feet away and hit any target she wants. 
It can be a moving vehicle or the back of someone's head. Claw & Annie 
with the help of Shotgun fine-tuned this skill. Now I would like to run 
the tape for you frame by frame”. 

Jeanette started the tape at the point where Claw dropped the flag. She
said, “You will see Erika squat about two inches and hold there for the 
30 seconds. Then went the flag hits she can from the floor at the speed 
of a 38 slug”. 

Then she stopped the frame just before she kicked the head. She
explained, “Her ankles went around the neck and she rubbed them 
together like a cricket. She did it so fast the rubber didn't have time 
to stretch. She can jump as quickly as a Cricket. Shotgun has something 
for her”. 

He gave her a box and Erika taken a pair of yellow tights. She was so
excited. She ask, “Mom, & Dad, may I go put them on”? 

They said, “Of course”. 

Claw accompanied her to the dressing room and in a few minutes they
returned. She was wearing the yellow tights and on the front was a 
picture of a cricket. Shotgun & Claw met her with a hug from both. And 
than Shotgun presented her with a Black Shoulder bar with gold hands & 
feet emblem on them. Then Jeanette gave her a Certificate. 

It read Erika Franke.  Level 10-Karat graduate. Registered in the United
States Of America Number 0004. I  JANETHAJUETT  MISHBI. SWEAR ON THIS 

Cricket reached for the award but first she said, “Thank you Miss
Janette and Claw & Shotgun. I couldn't have done this without all your 
help. Now I cannot accept this unless my Mommy & Daddy says O.K. I'm 
just a little dumb old girl”. 

Instantly M.G. and Annie looked right at Cori. Immediately he said, “I
didn't say anything, I'm not stupid”. 

All had a good laugh and Denny and Lucy both hugged Cricket and said,
“Please accept it. You have made us so proud”. 

The Reunion Chapter 10 

Annie & Claw with Shotgun continued to work with Cricket about 3
afternoon's a week.  She knew all her defenses moves.  She only got 
faster and better. Now most of the time was spent with throwing the 
disk. This kid was deadly with this little round saucer. What was so 
amazing to them all was the clay pigeon. You usually use a shotgun. She 
threw the disk and could pick them off every time. Then when Cricket 
was not there Annie and Claw spent all day working in Annie's office. 

One day M.G. said to Mr. Johnson, “I don't know what those girls are
working on but if I know Annie, it's some type of weapon”. 

Than Mr. Johnson said Son, “She has taken over my Dad's files for me and
there are things in there I don't even know about”. He than said, “She 
will tell us in her own time when she is ready”. 

A few days later Mr. Johnson was in his outer office working at his
desk. While he was bent over removing something from the drawer Annie 
and Claw rushed in. They thought he was in his private office and never 
noticed him there. He just sat there quietly watching them. He thought, 
“Father in Heaven, How blessed I am to have this family. There are some 
things I have to share with them. Father I am getting up in years now I 
am know you will bring me home some day. I have such a loving and 
understanding wife and my little girl is the most important thing in 
the world. Just as important are the Grandkids. Now you have given me 
Claw, Shotgun and the other Diamond Guards. Last but not least are 
Denny, Lucy and 6 Pack. I know one day you will tell me when it is time 
and please help me and help them understand”. 

He raised his head from his prayer and at the same time Annie realized
he was in the room. Immediately she said, “I'm sorry Daddy, We thought 
you were in the other office”. 

Claw said, “I'm sorry sir, I take full responsible”. 

Both young ladies stood straight and still waiting for him to speak.
Slowly he arose from his chair and walked directly in front of them. 
Then he knelt to his knees and took each by the hand. He kissed the 
back of one and said, ‘Annie, Darling please Feel free to enter in at 
your own accord. Starting today my office will be no different to you 
than our den or kitchen. What is mine is yours. Than he kissed the back 
of Claw's hand and said, Anna, “Starting today this office will be no 
different than the rest of the house. You come and go as you please”. 

He stood to his feet and led the girls to the door of his Private
Quarters. He put Annie's hand on it and beside it he placed Anna's. He 
placed his hand on top of theirs and pressed some buttons. 

He removed all their hands and than said, “Annie touch the panel”. She
did and the door opened. 

He pulled it close and said, “Now Claw, you touch the panel”.  She did
and the door opened. 

Mr. Johnson said,  “I am sorry for not speaking sooner, I didn't mean to
snoop on you two, I was just thinking how beautiful and sweet each of 
you are. Anna, I have grown to love you, as you were my own. I guess 
its because you are so much like Annie. 

Annie and Anna both could tell something was really bothering him but
they didn't say a word about it. 

Mr. Johnson asked, “Now may I ask what is so important to you two in
that file? Remember your work is private and secret and you don't tell 
me until your ready”. 

Annie said, “Oh Daddy! You are the John of the Johnson Empire. If you
want to know about something you just ask”. 

Then Anna took out a file and showed Mr. Johnson. It contained
information about a weapon Mr. John was working on before he died. It 
was a disc in a special holster. When you sailed it and it destroyed 
its target it would return on it's own to the holster. 

Annie said, “We want to work with Cricket with this thing”. 

Mr. Johnson grinned and said, “She could pick off a housefly at 100
yards and the disc would come back to her”.  He said, “I love it”. 

Just a few short weeks later God would answer the prayer of Mr. Johnson.
 He didn't know it yet but he would reveal all to his loved ones sooner 
than he thought. 

It all started with a phone call from a woman claiming to be Claw's Mom.
 All knew she lived out of state and Claw visited as often as she could 
but she never spoke much about her. Claw returned her call and her Mom 
asked if Claw could find a small apartment close to her. Claw new 
something was not right. 

Than she said, “Anna, I am very sick and I want to be close to you for
awhile. There are some things I have to tell that I should have told 
years ago”. 

Than her mom cried so hard she could hardly speak. Shannon pleaded with
her, “I will be there tomorrow to get you, please tell me what is 

Her Mom said, “When I get there. I love you”. 

Anna said, “I love you Mom, I will be there tomorrow”. 

Anna went to M. G. and told him about the call and asked if she could
leave the next day to bring her Mom home.  M. G. replied, “Claw, take 
Shotgun with you and leave tonight. Rest awhile and you can be back 
home tomorrow”. 

Late he next afternoon Shotgun and Claw returned with her Mom.  They
were at the gate and Erika, Annie's Mom insisted they bring her in for 
awhile. Claw introduced her to all. 

Then the very tired lady said to Annie, ”I finally get to meet you. I
have longed for this day for a long time. My name is Joyce Vessels”. 

Annie said, ”I couldn't wait until you meet Mom & Dad. Than Annie said,
“M. G. where is Mom & Dad”? 

Slowly he replied, “They are in his office”. 

Than M. G. hand his cell phone to her.  She said, “Dad Claw's Mom is
here, do you and Mom want to meet her”? 

There was a brief silence and than Annie heard her Mom say, “Sugar can
you come here a minute. Something was not right.  Please hurry” 

Annie looked at M. G. and he said, “Go honey, go now”. 

Annie hurried to his office and rushed right in. She saw her Daddy with
his head in his hands and her Mom was saying, “it's O K John, It's O 

Annie rushed right to him and demanded, “What's wrong Daddy, What's
wrong. Please Mom, tell me what is wrong”? 

Mr. Johnson' raised his head and gave his little girl a kiss and said.
“Your Dad is an old Fool; Thank God this day has come. I wish so much 
this cup could pass from me, but I know it can't, I want each of to 
know that I love you more than life itself.  It would be hell here on 
this earth if I ever have to face a time you two are not in my life”. 

Erika looked at John and Said, “My loving husband, We had a conservation
long this line right before we married, and I don't know how but I love 
you more today than back than”. 

Than they all heard over the phone, “Is all O K Sir”? 

Mr. Johnson said, “Yes son, all is O K.  Will you get all the diamond
guards in the den with you and our company”? 

M. G. said, “They are all here now Sir”. 

Mr. Johnson said, “Good, we would join you in a few minutes”.	Mr. & Mrs.
Johnson with Annie walked in the room. Mr. Johnson went directly to 
Claw's Mom, 

He said Joyce, “I'm very glad to meet you and this is my wife Erika, I
think you have met our daughter Annie”. 

She said, “It's so good finally meet you all.  Shannon speaks well of
each of you”. 

Than Anna said, “Of course Mom, In this room now is all the family I
ever knew and finally we all are here together”. 

Than her Mom said, “Yes Darling, there will be now better time to share
with you all what a dark secret I have kept hidden for the past 
twenty-four almost twenty-five years”.  She paused, and said, “I don't 
know how to start”. 

Mr. Johnson asked, “Mrs. Vessels, may I start, because I too have had a
dark secret even longer than that.  When I'm finished it may shed some 
light on your past”. 

“I want to start from the very beginning. You see, All the people I care
about the most in this world are here tonight. I told you a few years 
ago that my real name is John John. This empire God has allowed me to 
have while I'm here on this earth is worth now 100 billion dollars give 
or take a few billion.  When I'm gone it all belongs to Erika and 
Annie. I'm not real proud of how my family obtained this wealth. My 
Grand Father was head of the Mafia until his death.  A lot of people 
lost their lives and all they had to him.  If you had something he 
wanted he would have you killed and take it.  My Dad never met his Mom 
because Grand Father wanted a Son. He saw a young lady once and liked 
the looks of her. He had her husband killed and bore a Son by her. This 
was my Dad. A few months later he got tired of her and killed her. Dad 
hated his life. He set a goal for himself.  Some how he wanted to repay 
and make good all the evil his father had done.  He did all he could. 
Right before he died, he made me promise to continue his good deeds”. 

He said, “I would have to work under cover and had to change my name.  I
changed from John to Johnson.  I was in ever shelter in this city 
dressed as a poor homeless man.  I met more honest and caring people 
than I ever dreamed off.  I gave them a chance in life they weren't 
expecting.  They never knew where the money was coming from or who was 
giving it.  That is where I met Erika.  She was a volunteer. The night 
I saw her, I just knew she was an Angel.  But what could I do.  She was 
15 years younger, and there I was setting in a soup kitchen.  She was 
so nice and friendly”. 

Mr. Johnson looked at Erika and saw a little tear form in her eye. He
said, “Than one night I decided I wanted her for my wife, but I just 
knew she would laugh at me.  That night we talked and talked”.  Than I 
said, “Dear God why can't things just be different”? 

She asked, “John what's wrong. I couldn't hold it back”.  I said, “I
love you and want to marry you but I can't ask”. 

She softly said, “Why not”. 

I said, “I have nothing to offer you”. 

She said, “You have your self. I make eight dollars an hour and you make
five. I have a small apartment, what else do we need”, she said with a 
smile, “If you got something to ask say it”. 

I said, “Would you marry me”? 

She said, “Yes”. 

“ I told her first I had something to show her and if you still feel the
same way I will explain and love and cherish you forever.  I picked up 
my phone and called M.G. He had been working for me about 6 months.  He 
picked us up and drove us back here”. 

I said, “If you will still marry me all this will be yours.  I explained
to her just what I shared with you and she said this makes no 
difference, I love you”. 

“Now it's gets worse and much harder for me”. He was setting between
Erika and Annie and he took each by the hand and continued on. 

“The next thing is when Annie came into our lives.  We were the happiest
and proudest parents in the world.  When Annie was about 7 years old 
and we had just gotten over the tragic time when M.G was shot.  I was 
at a soup kitchen dressed as a poor homeless man.  I walked in and saw 
a lady setting beside a little girl that looked--------“, he stopped 
and couldn't go on. 

Than Claw's Mom said, “ Oh Dear God in Heaven----“ 

Through his tears he finally said----“That looked just like Annie. I was
scared, so I talked to her and she said---------“ 

John's voice broke and he couldn't speak for his tears. Than Joyce
Vessels said for him----“I have done and awful thing and I can't live 
with my guilt.  Very caring he said please tell me, with God's help all 
is possible”. 

She said, “It has been almost six years now and it gets harder every
day.  I love Anna so much and I am so afraid of losing her.  She said, 
“Anna's Dad and I had been married for a year and we just found out we 
couldn't have kids.  We both were heart broken. That night it was as if 
God had answered our prayers”. 

“As we drove past the orphanage, we saw a lady set a basket on the
porch. She had a note and a jar of money.  She sat them on the porch 
and she knelt there and prayed for awhile. She kissed the baby and left 
crying her eyes out. No lights were on so we stopped and went to the 
porch.  In the basket there was not one child but two.  The prettiest 
little twin girls I ever saw. They were belted together with a line 
fastened to the door”. 

“There was a note that read—“ 

She stopped and pulled out of a bag a yellow crumpled sheet of paper.
She tried to read it but the words just wouldn't come out.  Mr. Johnson 
had his head bowed and clutched to Erika & Annie.  Anna and Annie's 
eyes were fixed on each other. 

M. G. softly said to Claw's Mom, “Might I read it for you”? 

She hands over the note and M.G. read. “This is Annie and Anna. I am
their Mom and cannot take care of them. I leave with them all I have.  
Please take care of them for me and teach them about Jesus.  Yesterday 
I found out I have cancer with only a few weeks to live. I have no 
family to turn too and after a lot of prayer I was lead to you.  I 
cannot stand the thought of them being placed in a state orphanage.  
Please take care of them for me and love them, as they were your own”. 

Joyce said, “We taken Anna with us that night and rewrote the note.  We
wrote it word for word but taken out Anna's name. 

Them Mr. Johnson said, “I have known this since these girls were 7 years
old.  I'm sorry Ms Vessels I was that old man.  Your sudden turn of 
luck was coming from me.  Your worst nightmare was the rich parents of 
Annie would find out.  You just knew they would take your Anna.  You 
wanted to move from this town so much because you just knew some one 
would find out. You had lost your husband and were struggling to raise 
her on your own.  Without your knowledge I arranged for you and Anna to 
be cared for. You didn't know but I checked on you weekly.  When Anna 
was 14 and in School I sent a self-defense instructor to her school.  I 
prayed she would be interested.  She was and for the next six years I 
seen to it she was trained.  She didn't know it then but the day she 
was in training to become a Johnson Guard.  I arranged for her to get a 
try out with M.G. I was so proud of her.  I thought than my problem was 
solved but it was even harder. How do I tell my family this horrible 
secret and come out of it with a family.  I wanted to tell Erika so bad 
but I felt I was breaking a promise to you Joyce.  I kept telling 
myself I would tell soon. I don't blame any of you for hating me”. 

He looked at Erika and with tears in his eyes, he said “I will take a
bag of clothes and all my possessions are yours and Annie's. I will 
leave tonight if you wish”. 

Then he put his head in his hands to cover the tears.  Than immediately
with Erika on his side along with Annie and Anna, they couldn't hug and 
love him enough. 

Erika, his beautiful wife said, “You are crazy if you think you are
going anywhere.  I love you and know matter how hard you try to get out 
of it, it's not going to work”. 

Annie said, “Daddy, you done good for a dumb old boy. Do you realize if
you and Anna's Mom hadn't done what you did, we may not be here today”. 

Than Annie grabbed Claw and said, “I love you Little Sister or are you
my big Sister”. 

Claw said, “I don't care just so you are my Sister”. 

Than Joyce Vessels said. “There is just one smaller problem.  Legally
Anna does not have a last name.  We couldn't legally adopt her so we 
forged her name as Vessels”. 

Than they all noticed Mr. and Mrs. Johnson were whispering and he said,
“Good. Now I know why I fell in love with you, you are so smart”. 

He said to Joyce and Anna. “Would either of you object to becoming Anna
Johnson?  Erika and I always wanted Annie to have a sister.  Claw you 
would be perfect”. 

Than to their surprise little Cori and Lori who was suppose to been to
bed run in the room and said “Aunt Claw, we love you”. 

The Next Generation			Chapter 11 

A few years had passed now and there were no major changes around the
Johnson family, only a few more birthdays for everyone.  On this 
afternoon Erika Johnson found her husband John working on something and 
he didn't even notice her enter the office. Than suddenly he threw down 
his pencil.  Quietly she watched and she heard him mumble. 

She grinned as he pushed down the intercom button and said, “Erika
Darling wife that I love so much, will you come here a second”? 

She turned her head away from him and answered back, “Give me a second.”
Then immediately she said, “What you want”! 

She liked to have scared him to death.  She walked up behind his chair
and said, “I'm sorry Poppy, I couldn't resist that”. 

He said, “That's OK. Scare the old man to death, he's not good for
anything any more”. 

She hugged him and kissed the top of his head and said, “I can think of
one or two things if I think real hard, what did you want darling”? 

He said, “I need to know how old I am”. 

She said , “I've told you before you are 15 years older than I am”. 

He said, “But how old are you”? 

Erika said; “Around 40 years old not quiet”. 

Mr. Johnson said, “I don't have room to write all that on this line”. 

Erika said, “Tell me what you are working on and I will finish it for
you. If you had only asked me before you started I could have already 
been done”. 

Mr. Johnson said, “Please sit down so I can tell you.  I want us to have
a very important family meeting today, but I want your approval before 
I tell the kids. I want to deposit one million dollars in a Swiss 
account in your name only. Than I want to do the same for Annie and 
Claw. Cori and Lorilee will get one million each.  In the case of my 
death all the rest of my estate will go to you.  There is one more 
small detail I have to work out and I need your help.  Cricket is a 
senior in High School and she has already made plans for college.  Her 
college tuition along with all her sisters has been in a trust for 
years.  Cricket plans on working for us after she gets out of college.  
M. G. has worked that out with Cricket and her Mom and Dad are 
delighted. Claw and Shotgun said she was awesome and only a senior in 
high school”. 

Than Mr. Johnson said, “Since she plans on working for us after
graduation I want to start her a one million-dollar Swiss account the 
same time as all the rest.  What can I do for the other five girls of 

Erika thought just for a minute than said. “Our Cori wants to be a
lawyer after graduation and work here.  Lorilee wants a degree in 
business and work here also.  We can offer the other five girls the 
same deal as Cricket.  I know for a fact that the other five girls' 
wants to be Doctors. We can give them their choice.  If they would like 
to work for us after graduation, we can give each of them one million 
dollar Swiss account, or they can go head with their Doctor's degree 
and receive two hundred & fifty thousand dollar account.  Erika asked, 
What you think about that Jessie Duke”? 

Poppy said, “Stick a fork in it, it's done”. 

Before Erika could finish writing there was a knock at the door. It
opened and in walked Annie, Claw M.G. and Shotgun.  Mr. Johnson said. 
“I am glad you all come up, We were getting ready to call for an 
important family meeting”. 

When Shotgun heard this he said, “I will wait outside”. 

He turned to leave and Claw followed him. Mr. Johnson said, “Anna”. 

She said, ”Yes Dad.” 

Mr. Johnson looked at M.G. and smiled.  M.G. said, “She's a dumb old

Anna said, “What did I do”? 

M.G. wasn't going to let this go. He said, Anna, this is your sister
Annie. I am your Bother-in-law. This is John Johnson, your Dad, and we 
have Erika Johnson your Mom.  Your name is Anna Johnson, so your as 
close as family as it can get”. 

Anna said, “I forgot”. 

Than Mr. Johnson said, “I have been meaning to talk to Shotgun and I
think now would be a great time because it involves the whole family”. 
He said, “Come back in here Shotgun and shut the door”. 

He did as instructed and faced Mr. Johnson.  Mr. Johnson said, “How long
have you been involved with my daughter and what is your intention 

Shotgun cleared his throat and replied, “I love her very much”, Then he
looked Anna directly in the eyes and said, “I plan on asking for her 
hand in marriage but first I will have to find another job.  I love 
security work so maybe I can get a job as night watchmen at one of the 
plants around here”. 

Mr. Johnson asked, “Why would you have to do a stupid thing as that”? 

He said, “Sir, Claw is a guard and I am a guard and it is against policy
for two guards to be man and wife”. 

Mr. Johnson put an arm around his shoulder and said to him.  “Son, when
this guard just happens to be one of my daughter's, she can make the 
rules to suit her and I dare someone to say something about it.  You 
two talk it over and I want to assure you now, If my little girl wants 
you for a husband I couldn't be prouder”. 

Anna threw her arms around Mr. Johnson and said through all the tears,
“I love you Daddy”. 

Than Annie cried and hugged Anna and Mom cried and they all hugged. 
Than Shotgun asked Claw, “Does this mean yes”? 

Now it was his time for a hug and kiss and she said, “When ever you are

Soon all was quiet and Mr. Johnson got everyone back in the room and
told them all what he had in mind. He told Annie and Anna their money 
was already wired and was in the bank as they spoke. He said, “The 
money for the six pack would be there only if the both of them agreed 
with it. Cori and Lorilee's money was also in the bank.”. 

Annie and Anna talked just for a minute and they told their Mom & Dad,
“If this makes you happy it will be fine with us”. 

Mr. Johnson said, “Thank you girls; I will talk to Denny & Lucy

Before they left the room Mom, Annie and Anna were already planning for
a wedding. Than over the intercom, they heard the guard at the gate 
say, “Mr. Johnson, Cricket is on her way to the house, she should be at 
the door in a minute”. 

He replied back, “Thank you D-One, D-Two, tell Cricket to come up to my
office, we all are up here”. 

Before Cricket had time to get up stairs in came Lorilee. She was crying
and wanting to hug Claw.  She had just found out the news about Claw 
and Shotgun. Than when Cricket walked in they all went through the 
crying and hugging again. 

Shotgun told M.G., “Now I know why Cori calls them dumb old girls”. 

That day before all the girls left the room Anna knew whom was going to
be in her wedding.  Annie was going to be Maid of Honor and the 6 pack 
plus Lorilee would be Bridesmaids. Anna reminded Shotgun that he would 
have to pick the guys.  He acted like it was no big deal but she knew 
M.G. and Cori plus a few more of the guards would be in it also. 

The next afternoon Denny and Lucy brought all 6 of the girls over for a
visit.  When they were loaded up in the van Denny smiled at Lucy and 
said with a proud grin, “I forgot what it was like to have all our 
babies together with us at the same time”. 

Cricket smiled and said, “Daddy; you know we love you”. 

Denny said, “You never tell me any more”. 

Lucy said, “You are a good one to talk, when was the last time you told
me you love me”? 

Denny said, “I told you when I married you and if any thing changes I
will let you know”. 

Soon they were all with the Johnson family and Mr. Johnson explained
what he wanted to do. Denny and Lucy was so proud and they told the 
girls, “Cricket, you and Diane are seniors in High School now and we 
will be proud of you no matter what you do”. 

Diane said, “Poppy I love you very, very much, would it hurt you if I
went on for my Doctor's Degree”? 

Mr. Johnson said, “Absolutely not.  Just so you don't forget us”. 

She got up and gave them both a big hug and said, “Never, in a thousand

Than Cricket looked at Mr. Johnson and said, “Poppy, I want to work for
you money or no money if you will let me”? 

He kissed her forehead and said, “As soon as you are ready your spot
will always be here.  He said to the rest of the girls, “I know each of 
you wants a Doctor's degree also but if you change your minds before 
you graduate High School your jobs can be here too”. 

Denny and Lucy thanked Mr. Johnson and they told the girls it was time
for them to go. Mr. Johnson and M.G. went up stairs to the office to do 
some work and Denny and Lucy tried to get the girls all loaded up. 

Cricket hung back with Lori and Cori and than Lori asked, “Uncle  Denny,
can  Cricket spend  the night”? 

Her big brown eyes just sparkled as she just stood there and than Annie
asked, “Please let her it would tickle Daddy to death”. 

Than Denny said, “How can I say know to those eyes”? 

Lorilee said, “Thank you, we have a lot of things to work on”. 

As soon as everyone was in the van Lorilee pushed down the intercom
button and said “Poppy”! 

She grinned at her Mom and Anna and they heard Mr. Johnson say, “Yes
Sugar I am here”. 

She said, “Cricket is going to spend the night and Cori and I are busy
with home work and Granny and Claw and Mom are busy, is it OK if she 
just sits here alone for awhile until get through”? 

Cricket crossed her fingers and held her breath and after a few seconds
of silence they heard Poppy say, “Mom, --Annie,--Anna,--Can Cricket 
come up to the office with us for awhile”? 

. Cricket was shaking her head yes and silently pleading please. Than
Mrs. Johnson replied with a smile, “Yes, there's nobody here brave 
enough to try to stop her and for sure not stupid enough to try”. 

Cricket ran and gave her a big hug and than she hugged Lorilee and said
“Thank you, thank you so much”.  She was on her way up stairs in a 
flash. Cricket got to the door and gave it one little peck.  
Immediately she heard,  “Come on in sweetheart”. 

She rushed right in and Mr. Johnson said, “Shut the door”. 

Before it could closed she hugged Mr. Johnson and she said, “I love you
Gunner Poppy, you don't have to give me any more money”. 

M. G. smiled at her and said, “Honey your Gunner wired that money last
week”. Annie and I think it is a very wise investment. Shotgun and Anna 
requested we let you work some with us while you're going to school. Do 
you think your Mom and Dad will let you”? 

She said, “Sure they would but are you ready for a dumb old girl right
out of High School”? 

M.G. said, “I don't think anyone thinks of you as a dumb old girl any
more, not even Cori. Beside that, Mr. Johnson has fooled people for 
years but you knew he was Gunner all along didn't you”? 

Cricket said, “His eyes told me”. 

Mr. Johnson said, “You never shared that with no one did you”? 

Cricket said, “I knew you didn't want any one to know”.  She said, “I
didn't even realize that M.G. knew it until that last day I saw you at 
our new house”. 

Just a few short weeks later school would be out and Lori, Cori and
Cricket would graduate and be off to college. Either of the two liked 
the idea of two Johnson Guards going with each one of them but they had 
grown accustom to this.  Cricket found out that her classes required 
two days a week on job training.  M. G. assigned her to Mr. Johnson 
personal guard.  That was one of the most important and prized 
positions in the whole service.  Every guard on the team knew she 
earned this position because not even M.G wore gold hands and feet bars 
on her shoulders.  Even before her very first year of school was over 
she would prove just how bad she was. 

One morning about a month later Mr. Johnson told M.G he needed to go
across town on some business at one of the other plants.  He wanted 
Cricket to accompany him so he suggested Claw and Cricket come along.  
M. G. had planned to spend the day with Annie so this would work out 
just fine. 

That morning before they left Mr. Johnson asked Claw and Cricket to meet
with him in M.G.'s office.   Cricket and Claw went right up and they 
found the guys drinking coffee.  They couldn't figure out for the best 
of them what he wanted. 

They sit down and Mr. Johnson asked M.G. “Would it upset you if I asked
the girls to go in plain clothes today and not in uniform. You have to 
promise not to tell Mom or she will kill me her self. I forget what 
it's like just to walk around and not fell like a prisoner”. 

M. G. said, “I know, that's why you like to dress as a homeless street
person, I don't blame you”. He said, “Look at the girls; you will 
attract more attention with them wearing halter-tops and shorts than if 
they were wearing guard uniforms”. 

Mr. Johnson looked at them and said, “Yes, I see what you mean”. Than in
the next breath he said, “You would have to wear socks”. 

M.G said, “yes guess that would stop the lookers. Let me think, what is
wrong with this picture. Two knock out babes with short shorts and 
halter-tops with no bras”. 

Than Cricket said, “But we will be wearing socks”. 

Mr. Johnson said, “I love it and I will wear my blue jeans and Cricket,
can we drive your 55 Chevy”. 

M.G. just shook his head and said, “If any one in the world could pull
this off it would be you three”. 

Claw said, “I think it will be great, I get to spend the day in public
with my Daddy”. 

Mr. Johnson said, ”I know of a place that has the best fries and burgers
you ever tasted, lunch will be on me”. 

M.G. said, “I will agree to all this under one condition.  All three of
you have to write down on paper, I swear that M.G. knew nothing about 
this trip”. 

Claw said, “O.K. but we need a witness. M.G. will you sign it for us
that you witnessed it”? 

He said, “Yes and than I will have proof to show Mom my self”. 

Mr. Johnson said, “Yes Son you sigh it and we will make copies for each
of us”. 

Cricket said, “This really high lights the phrase Dumb Old Girls doesn't

Mr. Johnson enjoyed his self more that day than he had in months. They
were strangers in that town that day because everyone that lived there 
and knew about the Johnson family and knew when he comes to town he 
would be in his private car with guards every where.  Today people saw 
a man with his two daughters.  How much more normal could it get? 

They were walking down the street arm in arm with Mr. Johnson in the
middle. Now of all the people in that town to pick from, here come a 
guy from behind and grabs the purse of Claw's shoulder. As soon as he 
appeared from behind he took off in a dead run.  Before they realized 
what had happened he was about 100 feet in front of them weaving in and 
out of what few people that were on the street. Claw's first thought 
was gun, but Mr. Johnson puts his hand on her arm and shook his head 
know.  Cricket flipped her wrist as if she was snapping her fingers and 
instantly a little disc not much bigger than a silver dollar dropped in 
her hand. You could here it his as it left her hand. 

It sailed like a bullet about 3 feet over everyone's head until it got
to the purse snatcher and than it dropped and the flat side hit him 
behind the ear.  He dropped to the sidewalk just as if he had been 
shot.  It knocked him out cold. The disc turned and back toward Cricket 
it hissed.  When it was about 5 feet from her she raised her left arm 
and right in her wristband it went. 

When the three of them got to him there was a young policeman there not
too many years older than cricket.  One of the ladies in the crowd 
said, “Officer the purse belongs to this young lady, I seen him grab 

The officer picked it up and said “Ma'am, I think this is yours”.  He
hand it to Claw and than he spotted Cricket.  He tipped his cap and 
said, “How are you Ma'am”. 

Cricket said, “I am not a Ma'am, I'm a Cricket”. 

He turned red face and than he said “Well chirp, chirp, I am a frog”. 

Mr. Johnson said, “Thank you officer. These are my girls and I eat

Cricket said, “Poppy your embarrassing us”. 

Than Mr. Johnson looked at Claw and said.  “Honey; tell the nice young
office your name”? 

She said, “Claw”. 

Frog looked at Cricket and than noticed the hands and feet bars on her
shoulders. He said, “Oh Dear God”! 

He than turned to the crowd that had gathered and said, “Please move on
folks, Please move on”! He picked up his radio and said, “Dispatch, Can 
you send me a car to transport a purse-snatcher. I'm on the corner of 
Main and Second Street”? 

He cuffed the young prisoner to a lamppost and he asked Mr. Johnson. 
“Would you three mind sitting in my car until I get all these people 
out of here”? 

Mr. Johnson said, “I think that may be a wise idea”. 

They got in and shut the door. Soon the other car arrived and loaded up
the young man.  They heard Frog tell the other officer, “I'll drive the 
family back to their car if they are ready”. 

Frog got in his car and he said to Mr. Johnson, “I am expecting to see 4
big Giants of Guards to roll in here any second and they will kick ass 
and take names.  Please tell me I'm wrong”? 

Mr. Johnson said, “Son. I promise you they will not show up today, but
think you for keeping our secret”. 

Frog said, “Any time you want to show up like this it is fine with me. 
It would be an honor just to get to buy your lunch some day. I have 
read a lot of articles about all of you but I never expected to get to 
meet you in person. If your Anna that means Annie is home. How could 
there be two people as pretty as you? Cricket, I believe you are the 
sweetest girl I ever met. I got to see you in person and you do wear 
the gold hands and feet bars just like the paper said”. 

They didn't say how pretty you were. Frog said, “Mr. Johnson I would
love o drive you back to your car if you're ready. I'll have to fill 
out a police report but I will say your names were unknown.  Will that 
be O.K”? 

Mr. Johnson said, “That is mighty nice of you”. 

Frog said, “If I can keep this quiet I might get a chance to have dinner
with Cricket”. 

She said, “I would like that very much”. 

Mr. Johnson said, “Frog, I have a feeling you will be seeing us real
soon again”. 

He said, “The sooner the better Sir. Thank you”. 

Gold Hands-Gold Feet Black Bar Down                       Chapter 12 

The months passed by and 4 years had passed by before anyone thought. 
Cricket called and visited each time she was home but than one day she 
called and asked Annie if all the family could attend her graduation.  
Yes little Cricket was graduating College. When Annie told her Mom & 
Dad they were over come with joy.  There would be nothing that could 
keep them away.  Each and every one of the family plus Cricket's was 
present.  People wondered who all the big Giant men were.  No one would 
have ever guessed they were security and whom the families were they 
were protecting. 

One of Cricket's friends did have a brother there and he did ask him,
“Wonder why all them big guys are here”? 

With a grin he looked at him and said, “You remember when I introduced
you to Cricket”? 

His brother rolled his eyes back and replied, “I sure do, I have dreams
about that beauty”. 

His brother said, “Make a fast move on her or make a move on that
gorgeous doll with them here”.  He smiled and said, “Little brother, if 
you tried something and was not a perfect gentleman this is what you 
will have to do.  Find you a seat and bend over with your head down 
between you legs. Stretch back and hold there as long as you can.  
While you are there kiss your butt bye”. 

Little brother said, “I think I understand”? 

Big brother said, “They are some of the kindness people I ever met, I
don't know who is who in that group but I do know them big guys take 
their job serious, Dead Serious. You can talk to any one in that group 
just don't get to close. Two of them guys will step in front so quick 
it will make your head swim”. 

He asked, “Have you seen the two that hasn't taken their eyes off

.  He said, “Yes I noticed that”. 

Big Brother said, “Believe me it is not just because she is beautiful. 
Cricket can take well care of her self but when that family is with her 
two of them big guys watch every one around her”.  He said, “We will 
talk to her later but we will ask them if it's ok before we even think 
about it”. 

Than little brother asked, “Isn't that the girl with the Gold Hands and
Feet Bar on here shoulder”? 

Big Brother said, “That is her.  The reason they watch out for her is
because next week she will be one of them.  Believe me them guys will 
die for each other.  Cricket feels the same way toward them”. 

Cricket spent the next week home with her mom & Dad.  Denny & Lucy were
so proud of her.  They wanted so much for her to move back in with them 
but they knew she would spend her days and nights at the Johnson home.  
If only she would come back home one or two days a week on her off days 
would be better than her not there at all. 

The day she was to report to work did come.  Denny couldn't believe how
beautiful this little girl had become.  He watched her that morning 
while she combed her long brown hair.  It hung half way down her back.  
Than Denny asked, “Sweetheart do you mind if I watch you?  How could 
anybody so beautiful become even prettier”? 

She smiled at him and turned to him and gave him a kiss.  She said, “Mom
said that was why I was a Daddy's girl, you were too nice”. 

He said, “I love you so much, I am so afraid something might happen to

She pinned her little gold feet and hand pin on her shoulder and said,
“Daddy please don't worry I have studied for four years how to kick 

Denny said, “I know, but you are still my little girl”. 

Soon Cricket was on her way to the Johnson house.  She pulled to the
gate and the two guards looked at her and smiled and opened the gate.  
They smiled and said, “Johnson's guards don't have to ask permission to 
the house. May your day be good and we wish you just enough”. 

Cricket thought for a second and said, “Thank you”. 

When Cricket got to the door Annie and Anna met her there.  She glanced
at their wrist. 

Cricket didn't see M G there but she heard him say, “Code two blue—red”.

She smiled and put her arms around Annie and said, “I can't believe this
day has come”. 

Immediately she was hugging Claw and she said, “Anna, I owe it all to
you”.  Than she turned to M.G. and said, “Thank you for the code, is it 
OK if I kiss my boss”? 

Before he could answer she kissed his cheek.  MG smiled and said, “At
least 6 times a day”. 

Cricket smiled and replied back, “As long as Annie don't mind you can
have all the kisses and hugs you want”. 

Annie said, “That will be fine but Poppy will be jealous”. 

Cricket asked, “Where is Poppy, may I see him”? 

M.G said, “Of course.  He is in his office, you go on up and I will join
you later”.  Cricket went up stairs and knocked on Mr. Johnson's door.  
She said, “It's Cricket Sir”. 

He replied, “I don't remember Cricket, but I remember a Sunshine”. 

She smiled and said, “Its Sunshine Sir”. 

He said, “Please come in”. 

She went in and immediately & stood at guard attention.  She waited for
him to speak.  Out of respect for him she did this.  In that office 
only diamond guards did this.  In fact only diamond guards was the only 
ones allowed in that office.  All other guards stayed in the outer 
office.  That was Mg's office.  She stood with head back and if she was 
frozen in time.  Mr. Johnson walked in front of her and than he spoke. 

He didn't say relax so she held that position.  He said, “What did I
ever do for god to bless me with all he has given me.  I have Erika, 
the most loving wife anyone could have, and I have two of the most 
sweetest and beautiful daughters anyone could be blessed with. I have 
two of the greatest son-in-law's in this whole world. I have been 
blessed with two of the most wonderful grandkids any one could ask for. 
I have all my wealth and my 6 pack.  I keep it no secret; I love them 6 
girls as if they were my own.  One of them little girls I cherish more 
than my life itself. She's my Sunshine”. 

Cricket still stood at attention and never moved.  There was a tear on
her cheek.  Mr. Johnson kissed away the tear and softly said, “Relax 

Cricket went into his arms and said, “I love you Poppy, I love you”. 

Mr. Johnson held her in his arms and said, “I love you too Sunshine”. 

Either had noticed M.G. had entered through the open door.  He did
something he hadn't done for years.  He was at diamond guard attention. 
 Mr. Johnson and Cricket looked but Mr. Johnson didn't say relax 
immediately, instead he took Cricket by the hand and moved in front of 
him.  He said, “Sunshine this is my little boy.  He has grown into a 
fine young man whom I am very proud.  Than he said, “Relax son”. 

MG was so proud but before anyone could speak the intercom beeped and it
was Annie.  She asked, “Dad when you and MG are finished with Cricket 
would you send her to the secret lab”? 

He replied, “Yes girls, but can each of you come to my office first and
than you three can spend the day there if you like”? 

Claw's reply back was two of the most favorite words he ever heard. 
They were “YES DADDY”. 

Just in a few minutes the girls were at the door.  When Mr. Johnson
heard them coming he arose and said to MG, “There is something I 
forgot, it's in my Private Quarters”. 

He put his hand to a panel and the door opened.  He entered and when he
returned it was if the three girls hadn't seen each other for years.  
When they saw him they went to attention.  Mr. Johnson said, “Please, 
don't you four do me that away”. 

Annie said, “But you are John John”. 

He looked at them and said, “No darling I am Daddy”, he looked at
Cricket and said, “I am Poppy”. 

They all agreed OK.  Mr. Johnson had a small box in his hand.  He looked
at MG and said, “Son, I know you have done this for the last two times 
but with you permission would you allow me the honor this time”? 

.  MG said, “I would have it no other way Sir” 

Mr. Johnson taken Cricket by the hand and led her in front of MG, Claw
and Annie.  He opens the box and took out a golden bracelet with 
diamonds all around it.  He picked up Cricket's arm and snapped the 
bracelet on.  She stood in disbelief.  She couldn't get over the beauty 
of that bracelet. 

Mr. Johnson asked, “Son how many of those do you have now”? 

MG thought for a second and replied, “With Annie's  and Anna's that
makes eight.  Theirs are a little different but they are your 
daughters.  They have red and blue stones in them so the guards can 
tell them apart.  Those bracelet's are worth a half million dollars 
each.  There are people out there that would kill them just for the 

Mr. Johnson said, “I know, that why Erika and I struggled with the
decision on Cricket's bracelet.  Beside her diamonds were green 
stones”.  Mr. Johnson said, “I'm sorry guys but I wanted the girl's 
bracelet to be different.  These girls are so pretty I wanted them to 
have pretty jewelry”. He said, “Sunshine, that bracelet is valued at 
one half million dollars also.  Don't tell Erika I said this, but her's 
has red, blue and green stones.  It is valued at one million dollars”. 

Than Mr. Johnson took Cricket's hand once more and said. “One last thing
in here and we will be through”.  He led Cricket to the panel on the 
wall.  He placed her hand on it and placed his on top.  The door 
opened.  They removed them and in seconds the door slid closed.  He 
said, ‘Cricket place your hand on the panel'? 

She did so and the door slid open.  He looked at Cricket and said, “my
office is your office.  Enter just like my kids and wife. Any time you 
want.  Now I know my two girls are working on something-top secret.  
Neither MG nor I either know what it is.  When they are ready to show 
us they will.  I know you have longed to be one of my private guards.  
This was the toughest decision MG and I have ever tried to make.  If 
anything happened to you I don't know what I would do.  We had just as 
tough decision to make when Claw become our daughter.  She was one of 
Annie's guards.  MG is the other.  I would like to make a selfish 
decision and had two guards around each of them.  I know that would 
made them unhappy because they trained to be guards and if I said no 
they might think I didn't have confidence in them.  I have all the 
confidence in the world.  I just love them so much.  Sunshine I know 
you have trained and dreamed of this day.  MG & myself have decided 
when I leave here you and D1 and D2 will accompany me.  Annie and Anna 
almost live in the secret lab. If MG, Shotgun or Mom or My self want to 
see them we go there.  We stay out of their way but we go just to drink 
coffee.  They want you to join them Cricket because you remember when 
you were younger.  You three came up with that disc and holster. I 
remember when you wore it on your wrist.  Now it is on your shoulder 
opposite your gold hands and feet.  When you receive it back after you 
sail it, it's sailing over 70 miles per hour.  You watch it coming 
right at your face and you don't even blink when it hits in that 
holster.  There is not anything that would make me prouder than you 
accompanying me where  ever I go.  Now if you three Miss America's 
beauties are ready to go to the lab I'm finished unless MG has 

MG said, “Only one thing Sir”.  He looked at Cricket and said, “The
Johnson Security team is one of the most feared and strongest groups in 
this nation.  Today we became one more strong.  Welcome to our team”. 

Than MG smiled and said, “OK John's Angels, you can leave when you're

They all grinned and as Annie passed she patted his cheek and said,
“Words like that will get you anything you want”.  She then winked at 
him and left him red faced. 

The next few weeks the three Angels lived in the lab.  If you wanted to
see or talk to them you had to go there.  MG would hear them giggle and 

One day when he was setting there, Cricket came out with some kind of
tights on. MG said, “I can't believe this, one of my guards is wearing 
tights.  What would the public think it they seen this”? 

Cricket said, “Uncle My Giant, what color do you want yours”? 

Annie said, “I thing yellow would look good”. 

Claw said, “Oh No; MG's has to be pink.  Hot pink”. 

MG said, “OK; I can tell when I am not wanted.  I love all three of you
but I'm not loved.  Do you know I could fire all three of you”? 

Claw said, “But we would say, DADDY that mean old MG doesn't like us”. 

Cricket said, “I would have to say POPPY, that mean old MG fired me,
will you call McDonald's and see if they will hire me”? 

He said, “OK, All three of you in front of me and remember who I am”? 

He had to turn away from them to keep from laughing.  When he turned
back all three were standing at guard attention.  They didn't crack a 
smile.  He bent over laughing and when he raised back up they were 
still there at attention. 

MG than said, “I forgot the code today and I want to kiss my wife and I
don't know which one it is.  I will have to kiss both of you long and 
passionate before I know”. 

Immediately Cricket said, “Do you want to practice on me for a few

That did it.  All four went to the floor laughing.  MG said, “I love all
three of you so much.  What would I do without you?  I love you. I 
almost forgot what I came in here for.  Cricket Mr. Johnson needs to 
run to town.  Claw would you like to go with them.  They will be back 
in about an hour”. 

Claw said yes but what is Annie going to do”? 

.  MG said, “I could think of a couple things right off”. 

Annie said, “Me too, but what will I do the other 59 minutes”? 

More grins came over Claw and Cricket's face.  They tried hard not to
laugh.  Than MG asked Claw, Can I borrow your gun”? 

She said, “Yes but don't you have yours”? 

He said, “Yes but I don't want to kill this foxy little lady with my
gun”.  He hugged and kissed Annie and he said to the girls, “Take a 
week off.  See you in a week”. 

Mr. Johnson or MG or any of the family would have ever guessed how much
fun life would be with Cricket around all the time.  The three girls 
were so close.  One day MG came to the lab and said, “Mr. Johnson needs 
to go up state for a few hours.  Cricket can you get away”? 

She said, “Sure, we are done now”. 

Annie said, “All we got to do is test it and than make improvements if
need be. We are about ready to show you and Daddy”. Annie asked, “MG, 
Mom has gone for the day, do you think Daddy would mind if Claw & I 
went along?  We have neglected you two for awhile.  Shotgun went with 
Mom.  If you will come with us we will buy you and Dad lunch”? 

MG said, “Darling, that is one date your Dad would cherish.  You know
Dad would never let three gorgeous dolls like you three pay.  I know I 
can't.  Come on let us go”. 

When they got down stairs MG asked Mr. Johnson. “I found a couple of
lonely girls that wanted to tag along with you and Cricket.  If you 
take these beauties I would like to come too if that is OK”? 

A look of delight came over Mr. Johnson's face.  He said, “I would be
honored.  If only Erika & Shotgun were here we could make a family 
trip.  I miss Cori & Lori so much”. 

MG said, “Only four more weeks Sir, and they will be home”. 

Mr. Johnson asked, “Maybe tomorrow when Erika and Shotgun are here we
can do this again.  Please, you four come with me today”. 

MG said, “Let me get 4 more guards and we are out of here”. 

This trip was no different that the one Mr. Johnson had made a thousand
times before.  Today not only were his guards but 4 of the people he 
cared most about in the world with him.  This was not a dangerous town 
or did the family fear evil like they did when all was younger.  All 
Mr. Johnson had to do was get out of the car and walk twenty feet to an 
office.  He would enter and sign some papers like he did every month. 

Today D1 got out, than Cricket.  Mr. Johnson would be between them with
the car at his back.  Today there was a car parked 10 spaces in front 
of them.  That was where D1 and Cricket both had their eyes locked.  
When the three was out two more fell behind them.  Cricket didn't like 
the looks of the car parked in front. Suddenly the doors came open and 
shots were fired.  Cricket picket off two instantly.  D1 got two on the 
driver's side.  This scared Mr. Johnson to death.  He pulled away from 
the two guards and was trying to get to Cricket.  All that was left on 
Cricket's side was one person shooting.  When Cricket realized her 
Poppy was out in the open she stopped shooting and turned her back to 
the shooter and stepped in front of Mr. Johnson.  MG was out of the car 
and closed the door but before him and all the other guards had taken 
everyone down.  Suddenly they heard a shot and a hissing sound.  Before 
Cricket turned she was after a person on the roof.  None of the other 
guards, not even MG knew he was there.  The disc knocked him off the 
roof and the hissing sound was the disc returning.  All the bad people 
were dead except one that Cricket knocked off the roof.  The shooting 
stopped and than Cricket fell into Mr. Johnson's arms.  She had taken a 
slug in her side.  She lay very still while Mr. Johnson held her. His 
heart was broken.  He couldn't hold back his tears.  Not anyone not 
even MG was going to keep Annie in the car.  She was out along with 
Anna.  Every guard in that group was around the family with guns drawn. 

A very emotional Mr. Johnson just held cricket and said, “My Baby, My
precious Baby.  Why did you take my bullet?  What will I do?  Oh God.  
Please don't take her.  Let me keep her.  What will I tell her Mom & 

Than all he could do was just hold her.  Than the guards heard a
helicopter.  Every gun in the group had that chopper in their sights. 

Than very softly they heard these words.  “Poppy, I'm OK.  It just
hurts”.  The guards couldn't hold back Annie any longer.  She along 
with Anna was in the open over Cricket. 

MG was on his mouthpiece and said , “BLACK BAR DOWN”. 

In a flash Black Cap was out of the car and handed MG a small white
bundle.  MG placed it on Mr. Johnson's shoulder and hit it.  Suddenly 
red was on his neck and it was if his head was half blown off.  One of 
the guards shot in front of the helicopter missing it by inches.  He 
wanted their attention.  It worked, because the helicopter moved and 
repositioned so they could see it was a news helicopter.  They allowed 
it to hover over them but all guns were sighted on it.  In the distance 
you could here sirens coming.  The first was a white ambulance but 
behind it was a red ambulance. 

When the paramedic's from the white ambulance walked up MG said,  “Check
the car but be careful”. 

Than two from the red ambulance went straight to Cricket.  They removed
two stretchers.  They lay the lifeless body of Mr. Johnson on one and 
Cricket on the other.  They put an IV in Mr. Johnson and worked with 
his neck for awhile.  They made sure the news chopper filmed all.  They 
loaded both in the ambulance and off to the hospital they screamed. 

Annie, Anna, Mr. Johnson, and MG along with one more guard.  Instead of
the Paramedics working that much with Cricket, it was Annie & Anna.  
They pulled off her shoe and in the sole of her shoe was a pair of 
special scissors.  They removed her blouse and started cutting the 
material under it.  But first lying against the material on her side 
was a slug big as a gumdrop.  They used the scissors to cut away the 
material where the slug lay.  They cut away about a 12” square.  All 
they found was a bruise. 

Cricket looked over at Mr. Johnson and said, “Poppy, why did you do
that.  You know better”? 

He said, “I don't know, I was scared you would be hurt.  I am going to
have to have a new rule.  No guard takes a bullet for me”. 

Than the words that came out of MG's mouth touched his heart.  They were
simply; “You can forget that Dad, that will never happen”  Than MG 
said, “Do you want to tell them or should I”? 

Mr. Johnson said, “You go ahead, you know my life better than I.  But
first I have to call Ericka and we have to send someone for Lori & 

MG said, “Lori & Cori would be home this afternoon.  You call Mom and I
will tell everyone what will happen.  Today Erika Johnson became a 
widow.  John Johnson was ambushed and killed.  One guard was severely 
wounded.  That guard is in critical condition”. 

Mr. Johnson got off the phone and said, “Erika and Shotgun will be here
shortly.  They are waiting for the announcement of my death and they 
will come straight to the pen house floor of the hospital”. 

When they arrived on the pen house floor Ben, Mr. Johnson's friend was
there.  They wheeled a x-ray machine over Cricket and took a picture.  
A few minutes later the x-ray Tec said, “I don't under stand.  The 
x-ray will not penetrate her clothes”. 

Cricket smiled and said, “It works, but it hurts”. 

Annie said, “Cover her with a wool blanket and take another picture”. 
She did and the x-ray showed a broken rib. 

Cricket said, “That one is that old boy rib that God used to make us

They all laughed but Mr. Johnson lay lifeless.  The x-ray Tec asked, “Do
you want me to x-ray the gentleman”? 

Ben put his arm on her shoulder and led her to the door.  Very softly he
whispered, “It is to late, he is gone”. She sadly left the floor. 

The youngest guard walked over to Annie & Anna. He said, “I am so
sorry”.  He asked MG, “With your permission I will wait down stairs.  I 
will make sure no one enters here except family”. He said, “I will call 
you and announce them before I let them come”.  He left the floor with 
the x-ray tech. 

All was present was Annie, Anna, MG, Cricket, Ben the hospital director
and what was to be announced as the body of John Johnson. 

Next thing MG's phone was ringing.  He answered and said, “Send them
right up”.  Than MG turned it off and said, “Mom and Shotgun are here”. 

Soon the door opened and Erika went into the arms of John.  She looked
at Cricket and asked, “Are you OK darling”? 

Cricket said, “Yes, it hurts and it messed up my little brown belly”. 

Ben smiled and said, “That little brown belly will be fine.  You or no
one else will ever know it happened just by looking.  You keep your 
string bikini because you will be wearing it very soon”. 

MG than said, “OK you three, you got some explaining to do.  Cricket
what were you wearing under your blouse”? 

.  She smiled and said, “Tights.  You remember, you saw me in them that

He said, “You didn't tell me they were bullet proof”. 

Claw said, “We didn't know it until today”. 

MG said, “I will never fuss at Cori again.  He is right. You all are
dumb old girls”. 

He than realized he was in striking distance of Cricket.  He stepped
away immediately but he stepped right next to Anna.  He turned and saw 
her and than he went into the arms of Annie.  He said, “Help me.  They 
hurt me once and I can't survive another hit like them two pack”. 

Mr. Johnson laughed and said, “MG, your mouth has written a check your
butt can't cash”. 

MG said,  “ Dad get me out of this and make them leave me alone”. 

Mr. Johnson was still laughing along with every one else.  He said, “OK

Cricket said, “Please don't make me laugh, it hurts to laugh”? 

MG seen away out or he thought.  He said, ”I will give it a sugar and
make it all better.  He did. When he raised up Annie was just looking 
at him.  He said, “Well someone had to do it”. 

They all laughed and Annie said, “would you come over here by me before
you get hurt”.  He did so and she held him and said, “I love you big 

Mr. Johnson removed the bag from his shoulder.  Ben wiped away the red
stains and than Mr. Johnson turned on the TV.  The nightmare they just 
had lived through was on the news.  It was coverage from the news 
chopper.  It showed Cricket going down and in the arms of Mr. Johnson.  
The next thing they saw MG place a bandage on John's Shoulder. 
Immediately it was blood soaked. 

A hospital spokesman said, “it looked as if a bullet struck an artery in
his neck.  We have just been informed that the Coroner Ben Orr has 
produced John Johnson dead at 2:15 today.  His guard is in critical 
shape and if they can get her stable she may make it through.  Her name 
has been held until her kin can be notified.  His wife Erika and two 
Daughters, Annie Starburst and Anna Lambere survive Mr. Johnson. He has 
two grand children, Lori & Cori Starburst”. 

Mr. Johnson than turned off the news. He said, “Oh God!  If Lori and
Cori hear this it will kill them”. 

The next thing they all heard MG's phone ring.  He answered and said,
“Send them two up. MG said, “Cricket your Mom & Dad are on the way up”. 

Mr. Johnson said, “After this only them and Lori & Cori will know what
happens in this room”. 

The door opened and Denny & Lucy went straight to Cricket.  Denny asked,
“Are you OK precious.  Please tell me John just told the news what he 
wanted them to believe and he is fine and so are you”? 

She smiled and said, “Dad, Mom look at my side, do you see any blood”? 

They said, “No”. 

Cricket said, “Because there is none. Thank you Jesus”. 

Than Lucy seen Erika standing there.  She went into her arms and said,
“Please tell me the news was wrong.  Our John is still here”? 

Than John spoke.  He said, “Don't you know with these guards I have, no
one can hurt me.  If only I could figure out how to keep my diamond 
guards from taking my bullets for me”? 

.  Than MG's phone rang again.  MG broke down in tears.  He said, “Come
up stairs son hold your sister and tell her it will be fine.  We will 
get through this”.  He said, “I love you too”. 

He turned it off and him and Annie rushed to the elevator doors.  When
they opened the kids went into their arms.  MG and Annie both were 
trying to tell them at the same time, “He is OK.  How did you get here 
so fast”? 

He said, “Please Mom, Dad, don't be mad at us.  I sold my car for two
tickets on the fastest jet that could get us here”. 

MG said, ”Son, you loved that car.  He sobbed back I love you and Mom
more”.  He said, “Please tell me it's a Johnson ploy and this is not 

Mr. Johnson said, “kids I am here”.  They both rushed into his arms and
reached out for Erika to join the hug. 

Cori said, “Poppy; I didn't get to tell you I love you”. 

Lori said, “I didn't either.  I love you Poppy.  I love you”> 

He said, “Bless your heart, you tell me every day I talk to you”. 

Lori said, “We hadn't talked to you and Granny to day”. 

Mr. Johnson said, “Bless your hearts”.  He said, “I owe you a car.  So
you pick something out or call the person who bought you old car.  No 
matter where it is or what it cost it is yours, and Lori, are you still 
driving your old junk”? 

She said, “Yes”. 

John said, “I don't deserve kids and Grandkids such as you.  Your
parents and Grandparents are billionaires and you insisted you paid for 
your own vehicles.  You are going with us.  We will bring back two 

Than both kissed him and rushed to Cricket.  Lori said, “Please tell us
you are not shot”? 

She smiled and said, “No blood, just my belly hurts”. 

Mr. Johnson smiled and said, “Will all have a seat and let me explain
what will happen next. I have longed for this day for years.  Some of 
you heard MG on the phone at the scene say The Black Bar Down. I am the 
Black Bar.  I went down today. The only people in this world that will 
know I am still alive are in this room.  We will have my funeral and 
they will be burying John Johnson.  My 100 billion-empire give or take 
a couple of billion will go to my wife Erika.  She along with my girls 
and son-in-laws will run our business.  With the help of Ben I will 
leave here today, as Dr. It will be announced that he flew in a special 
MD just for cricket. Cricket will return as a Diamond Guard as long as 
she likes.  There is enough money put away today for her that she would 
never have to work another day in her life.  She will make that 
decision whenever she wishes.  My beautiful Erika will fall in love 
with the Dr. that saved Cricket's life I hope.  In a few months he will 
ask her to marry him.  I hope she falls in love with him and marries 
him, I will ask her anyway.  As long as I am welcome I will enter 
Erika's house through the tunnel.  There is an entrance at the 
orphanage. That is where I will do all my doctoring.  I am so good all 
I will do is consult.  When ever I get in over my head Ben has agreed 
to pull me out.  Kids you think of me a name and we will start this 
immediately.  Any Questions”? 

Erika said, “Yes-just one.  Would the world think bad of me if I shacked
up with the good Dr. the first night my husband lay corpse”? 

John said, “Just tell them you couldn't keep your hands off the HOT Dr..
Oh yes, I forgot one thing.  Don't worry about anyone finding out about 
me, I am I master at fooling people of whom I am”. He said, “Isn't that 
correct Cricket”. 

She smiled back at him and said, “Yes sir the best, Dr. Love”. 

John looked at her and smiled.  Cricket said, “My senior year I had to
do a term paper of old cemetery's. I found a old stone that had the 
name Jim Love.  That stone was 100 years old.  I discovered the last of 
the Love's died 25 years ago”. 

Ben smiled and shook his head.  He said, “John Johnson, now I know why
you are where you are today.  The people around you made you what you 
are today.  I am honored to be a friend of this family. I hope you will 
always consider me you friend Mr. Jim Love. 


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