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The Paper Route (standard:drama, 982 words)
Author: Maureen StirsmanAdded: Dec 02 2003Views/Reads: 3191/1692Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
My husband, Tom, was twelve years old in 1948. His paper route was in the high rise apartments in Chicago. And--it was Christmas.

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to her. 

She wiped her hands on her apron and sat down at the table.  She laid
the bills out in piles of tens and started to count.  “My goodness, 
this looks like a lot.” 

Tom Pat touched the rest of the bills in his pocket with his sweaty
hand.  “Yes, Mama, two hundred and fifty dollars.”  he said pulling the 
money from his pocket.  “This is for Christmas for our family.” 

“You worked so hard, Tom Pat.  I hate to take it from you.” 

“I know, Mama, but it is for Christmas for all of us, you and daddy and
Larry and Richard.  Merry Christmas, Mama.”  Tom Pat kissed her on the 
cheek and went into his bedroom to find his brothers. 

Eloise looked at the crumpled bills on the table and thought of the slim
shopping she had been able to do. Tom Pat was only twelve years old.  
It gave her a pain in the heart to take his money.  But she knew she 
would.  She knew it would make Christmas. “I will make it up to you, 
honey.”  she whispered looking at the worn coat he had tossed on the 
kitchen chair.  “I will make it up to you.”   She touched her eyes with 
the corner of her apron and put the money in the kitchen drawer.  She 
scrubbed at the oilcloth and smiled through her tears.  “You are so 
good, my first born son.  You are such a good boy.  And you have the 
real spirit of Christmas in your heart, the Lord Jesus.  God has truly 
blessed us.” 

And may this spirit of Christmas, the Lord Jesus Christ, be in us all. 


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