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Rose Cottage (standard:Ghost stories, 938 words)
Author: kathygAdded: Sep 04 2005Views/Reads: 3416/2123Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Rose Cottage is a place like no other. Its simplicity speaks for itself. Memories of past lives linger here in the form of apparitions...A Prologue to the story I am working on... feedback welcome.

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here. The crash of the ocean waves below stir up feelings of love, loss 
and loneliness. "My child, why didn't you listen to me! I warned you 
not to go into the rose maze at night! A winter night, no less... Now 
you are gone... I must find you." 

The sound of weeping fills the night sky by the ocean tide at Rose
Cottage. The sound of love and mourning. "Why couldn't it be me instead 
of my little girl?" 


Marie gazes out a window. She sees a woman in black walking by the edge
of the cliff by the sea. At first, she doesn't recognize her, but then, 
the childhood memory rises to instant recognition. "Here I am!" 

She transforms into a little girl from so many years ago. 

Marie rushes to meet her, but is stopped by Isabelle. 

"No!", says Isabelle. "She can't see you, because she believes you are
lost forever. She wants to see you but won't believe her own eyes. You 
are a ghost like us, like her even! We all have been here for a very 
long time. My brother and I died here from the fever even before you 
were born here. We are blood, you and I, even though you don't remember 
me. I know you. Your grandfather was my father. He built Rose Cottage. 
He loved us and he died in the Great War. My mother heard the news of 
his death and she was so sad that she locked herself inside her room 
and never came out, even when we begged her to come out for us! The 
same year my brother and I came down with the influenza. Back then, it 
was death to have the influenza. But Mommy didn't come out of her room 
to tend to us, so we died, without a doctor to save us. 

Life cut short and eternity an endless illusion. A puzzle never to be
completely in focus. 

To be continued... 


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