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Dreaming of You (standard:romance, 1770 words)
Author: KharyBAdded: Feb 08 2006Views/Reads: 2370/1361Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A dream that reminds a person of how much they love someone else

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does my leg.” “Ok, I'll have the nurse up your medicine so you won't be 
uncomfortable, you'll be here for at least another month. It's taking a 
long time for your burns to heal and we had to do surgery on your liver 
to remove the bullet. Another concern I wanted to discuss with you is 
your head. There was a lot of bleeding and swelling in your head. It's 
stopped now but you may experience some memory loss. The effects may 
even prevent you from doing things like walking and writing. These 
things come natural after a while but your mind may have forgotten. 
Have you experienced any memory loss?” I thought to myself that this 
was a turning point in my life. I might have to learn to walk again. 
I've walking for like........ummm........Damn! I can't even remember 
how old I am. “Yes doc. I don't know who any of these ladies are, nor 
can I recognize the young girl. I really don't know my name or how old 
I am or what I do for a living. I couldn't even tell you what hand I 
write with.  At that all I can remember is a face and this name, 
Serenity.” LADY A began to cry as she said “so you don't know that I am 
your mother. You didn't know that those two people that just left were 
your wife and daughter. You don't know your name?” She began to cry 
violently and the doctor had to calm her down. “Mr. Rolax were just 
going to step out here for a minute, we'll be back in a sec.” The 
doctor and my alleged mom left the room. 

Right back was a long time. As a matter of fact, by the time I realized
they were still gone, I had watched an entire episode of The Simpsons 
on TV. “If this lady wasn't my mother, she's putting on a good act” I 
thought to myself. Finally the door opens back up, and the doctor walks 
back in. “Your mother and wife and child left. They said they had a 
family emergency they had to deal with and they would be back ASAP. The 
nurse will be in momentarily to give you a sponge bath. She's hot too 
so try to keep it soft ok?” “Lol, ok doc. Did my mom leave a number 
where I can contact her?' The doctor looked at me and said “I'm sorry 
but no. I'll see you tomorrow.” 

About 45 minutes later, I was dosing off when I heard the door open.
“It's about time, I was about to fall asleep dirty” I said confidently. 
When I turned my head, I saw her. It had been 6 months since I seen her 
face, but it was the ONLY thing on my mind. “Shocked to see me?” “I 
don't know. I've lost a lot of memories, should I be” I asked? “What do 
you mean? Do you remember me?” “You're the only person I can remember 
well. Your name is Serenity and you are very important to me.” “How do 
you know I'm important to you” she asked? “I just know. Who are you to 
me and why can't I stop thinking about you?” “I'm the love of your 
life. We broke up a long time ago and we never got back together. By 
the time we were ready to be together, you were having a baby and I was 
too young to accept it. Your sister told me what happened I couldn't 
let you die without you knowing how much I love you. I flew across the 
country to tell you that my life is not complete without you in it.”  I 
thought for a minute. All that really went through my head is what is 
going on? Do I really believe this? “I cannot live another day without 
you as my husband.” Serenity stood up and laid next to me in the 
hospital bed. “I love you so much it hurts” she said as she caressed my 
hair. “I love you too.” And with that we were sleep. 

When I woke up, I was in the hospital no more. I was in a regular bed in
my bedroom. There was a body laying next to me. I shook them to see who 
it was. “What boo, you want some of these cookies?” “Yea” I said. When 
she turned over, I saw that it was Serenity from the dream. I smiled. 
“Why the big smile” she asked as she kissed me? “Because, I couldn't 
live without you in my life. If I was to get shot in the stomach, 
dragged by a truck, have my car catch on fire in a ditch and wake up in 
a hospital with no memory of anyone, I would still remember how much I 
love you.” She kissed me and said “baby you hate hospitals” with a 
smile. “But I love you too” 

The moral of this story is this. There is somebody for everybody and
when you find them, keep them. Love them, adore them and cherish every 
day you have with them. There is no promise that they will always be 
there. This story is dedicated to the love of my life. 


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