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Big Toby find Love (standard:romance, 2120 words)
Author: stanley mcqueen kentucky backwoods writerAdded: Jul 23 2007Views/Reads: 2116/1511Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
short backwood love story

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the green country side, just to think I was enjoying my job Moore has 
give me and getting paid as well. We stopped beside the Muddy fork 
river and talk some. She told me that she has lived in city part of 
Ohio and never had been out to the county such as this.. I guess we are 
both alike being so bulky and all I say before thinking. She laughed at 
my calling us bulky . Bulky don't seem as bad as being called fat she 
laughed and laughed, well I don't know why I have got so big I tell her 
,im just twenty one and I guess it was meant for me to be like this, my 
appetite is a large as me I say” and she laughed at these words .. I “m 
like you my appetite is good to and food is my weakness .. Some men 
have drinking problems and the likes but looks like we have eating 
problems and we just as well admit it she said and seem to be in deeper 
thoughts about our conversation, it was evening when we I drove her 
back down to the sawmill and helped her off the wagon, Moore asked her 
did she enjoy her day and advised me that the man that owned to general 
store brought me a bill for a new winder and I paid him says Moore. 
Well a man from off the town road called us tubs of lard and it flew 
all over me and I give him a tote threw the general store winder I 
explain” Moore laughed and said you sure have a way with words and he 
laughed and patted me and said I tool care of the window charges don't 
you fret about that he assured me”Sara she smiled at me when I pulled 
away toward home and she waved a good spell as I drove on toward home. 
I was thinking about Sara as I laid down on my bed before sleep, she 
was a pretty woman . Kind and caring and good hearted and just the kind 
of person that people like to be around , she was nineteen and very 
smart and well learned in book and things , just the kind of woman who 
would make a good fellow a good wife , she had told me that day that 
her Paw was a lawyer and very well off in money and land , and that she 
has never wanted for nothing and such , and I explained to her what a 
hard time folks have making end meet here in these ridges, I don”t 
think she understood this kind of live. Work here is scarce as hens 
teeth. Just a farming place no jobs to speak of other that cutting 
timber or sawmill work which is hard work . That next morning I went 
back to the mill and she was waiting as before , this day I was going 
to visit our farm and let her meet Maw and Paw she liked the idea and 
we headed back to where I had just come from. When we got there Paw was 
plowing corn on the ridge that set just before the shack and Sara went 
to writing words down and she watches paw make his turns at the end of 
the corn rows, Maw greet her with a warm smile and asked her inside out 
small shack, Maw asked her questions about Ohio and was interested in 
hearing about the city she was raised in and Maw was as interested as 
much as she was interested  in Kentucky , It pleased me that Mammy 
treated her friendly like she does everyone that visit our place. Paw 
come in the shack and he shook Sara hand and said Toby has told us your 
from up Ohio way and paw tells her one of his brothers went there some 
years back and worked there a little spell.  We all talked a spell and 
I told Sara that I would show her the tobacco crops and the corn crops 
and all so we headed off again, she was excited to see all things 
around here and she kept writing and jotting words down.. You know im 
leaving on tomorrow she said suddenly, nope I said you never mention 
that I replied, then I make my move Sara I know this is a little sudden 
I say not believing my own words , but I have got fond of you in this 
short time, and I know im a big fat man with little to offer a gal who 
is city born, but why don't you settled here and we can be friends and 
maybe be more than friends, well I was hoping you ask me to do just 
that she said” I never meet anyone with such courage you took up for me 
yesterday and I was overwhelmed with your actions.. No one has ever 
done that for me and even acted like they care for me other than my own 
kin folks, my Father is wealthy and a big man in Ohio. And mother died 
a few years back and it just me and Father living in a nice home, but 
me being so large a woman has caused folks to shun me , but coming here 
and meeting you has changed my life for the better .. It looks as if 
God has joined us together and im glad . My nineteen years on earth has 
been lonely and sad and I never dreamed of meeting someone like myself 
,,I will write father and tell him im staying and staying forever .. 
Her words was good to hear and I to had been just like her , I felt out 
of place with other people different.. .Our lips meet in the shade of a 
large oak on the side of the highest ridge in Muddy fork , it seemed 
like sparks of fire went out to top of my nogging ,deep inside my heart 
there come a feeling of love that I had never felt before .. God had 
sent my love from Ohio to muddy fork... and like the good book declares 
all things are possible with God.......THE END


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