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Saying Goodbye (standard:drama, 1401 words)
Author: Chris CraineAdded: Oct 29 2007Views/Reads: 2094/1031Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A woman learns that saying goodbye is sometimes harder than you think.

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mother still loves you.” Tears glistened in the little boys eyes. “It's 
not your fault, you know. He wouldn't have wanted you to blame 
yourself.” It was Kate's turn to lower her eyes. “You don't know that. 
It might have been.” The boy took another step closer, took Kate in his 
arms and held her. Kate was enveloped in love. “Daddy wanted me to tell 
you,” The boy sobbed. “He wanted me to tell you, It's okay. He loves 
you. I love you. We both love you Mommy!” Kate grabbed the boys 
shoulders and pushed him back, shaking her head in disbelief and yet 
somewhere in her heart the truth spoke out. The boy turned and looked 
around like he had heard someone calling him. “I have to go now Mommy. 
I love you!” “I love you to Kyle,” she blurted out. At that the boy's 
smiled beamed as he vanished into the evanescence of life. Kate sat 
there a moment waiting to wake from this dream before she found the 
strength to get back to the car. Kate's mother jumped from the car when 
she saw her coming back. Kate's face had taken on a moonlit complexion 
and she seemed to grow weaker with each step she took. “Kate... Katie 
are you alright sweetie!” Katie fell into her mothers arms exhausted. 
“Why didn't you tell me about Kyle mom?” Kate's mom flinched at the 
question. “Wh...Wh...what? “The baby Mom. Tell me mother.” “I think 
maybe we should get home, sweetie. It's been a long hard day for you.” 
Kate twisted from her mother in a fury. “God damn it Mother just tell 
me! Please!” “It's just...” Kate's mother let out a small sigh. “It's 
just that I was afraid it was to much to soon, dear. There was a small 
time right after the accident that the doctors didn't think you would 
make it. The baby just never had a chance.” “But I wasn't even 
pregnant,” Kate begged. “They said you were just under two months along 
sweetie. I'm so sorry.” It came back to Kate like a heavyweight punch. 
The early mornings sick in the cabin. She had dismissed it as a little 
overindulgence. The weird cravings she had applied to nothing more than 
a little spiced up love life. She shook her head. It was all true and 
deep down she had suspected even at the cabin. She had considered 
sneaking away to make a doctors appointment for when she got back but 
hadn't wanted to get her hopes to high. “Oh Mommy! I want my baby!” 
Kate wrapped her arms around her mother and applied God's band aid. 


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