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Roses (standard:Ghost stories, 1656 words)
Author: ZethAdded: May 18 2008Views/Reads: 2029/1225Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Dont go into a haunted house.

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sleeping over at Nick's. Nick just left, his parents were not good 
ones.  Rich, but never cared for their son. 

The sun was still see able, but was falling fast.  They headed four
blocks north-west until they came across a huge house, a wrought-iron 
fence surrounded the Forrest and the house, the entrance door was 
locked with a chain and a master lock.  It looked almost seven feet 
tall, and none of them were bigger 

then five eight.  All the sudden a blue Saturn Vue pulled up, rolled
down the window and yelled out,  "Good, you made it, climb on top of 
this, and hop over". 

The top of the iron square bars was a sharp arrow-shaped thing.  Nick
hopped on it first and jumped over the fence and landed on soft, green 
grass, surprising for the time of year. 

" Are you sure that it is okay that we do this", David asked Will. 

"Yeah, it's fine, no one has been back here for years." 

"Okay".  He hopped up onto the car and jumped over with no trouble.  Ty
did it next, and also cleared it without trouble. 

"Nick, will you go into the house, if you find anything cool, just shout
our names, we should hear you. David and I will go look for the lost 
cemetery, we'll do the same, if we find anything, k?", Ty said.  All 
three boys nodded, and walked off.  Ty and David paired up.  Will 
turned on the radio, leaned the seat 

back, closed his eyes, and tapped his foot to the beat. 


The screen door opened with ease, but the large, wooden door was a
struggle, it slammed himself against it a few times, until he herd a 
!SNAP! as the door swung open.  For it being nine o' clock, it was well 
lit, yet the outside remained dark. Dust covered everything, furniture 
was covered with a white sheet, 

it was a very creepy feel in it. 

He walked up the stairs, saw that the doors were wide open, he stepped
into the first room, empty, except a piano, he walked over to it, a 
dried up rose was was on it's seat.  It was so dark red, it was black. 
He struck a note on the piano, it responded with a horribly out of tune 
note.  He stepped out of it and 

entered the next room. 

A bedroom with a cheap wooden casket, another black rose lay ed on its
face.  He feared to open it, so he stepped into the next room.  In it 
was thirteen candles, burning for infinity, bath was filled with red 
wine, and inside it was a rotting body of a man.  A scream escaped 
Nick's mouth,  as his scream faded, 

the door behind him slammed shut.  He quickly turned around and threw
himself at the door.  It was stuck.  He screamed even louder, throwing 
himself at the door again and again.  Then he saw that the body had 
gotten out of the bath,  it was wearing a tux.  He started stumbling to 
Nick.  Nick screamed as 

loud as he could.  His throat was on fire, he still yelled.  Then, with
an uncanny swiftness, the beast attacked him. 


Will was listening to the music. He was relaxed.  He hummed silently
when he herd a small horrible note, he turned down the volume, and 
listened closely, shortly after a horrible shriek came from the house. 
He grabbed his ears, trying to escape from the uninevitable.  The 
flashbacks flooded his mind,  The 

slashed throats, the glazed look of death in their eyes, even the damned
funeral.  They attacked his mind until it was gone.  He got up, opened 
the car door, and climbed on top of the roof, he hopped over to the 
other side of the wrought iron fence.  He started for Ty and David. 
Sanity depleted. 


They walked through the pine Forrest.  Listening to the owls, and crows.
They didn't talk much, it was too creepy for small talk.  They wondered 
until the moonlight shone on a small gravestone, about 50 feet ahead.  
They ran forward until they saw the perfect circle of grave stones.  
Thirty were buried, and 

only 27 gravestones. And yet, it was a perfect circle. 

They looked at the stones, and saw etched names and numbers.  Five black
ones were lined in order, the were the first ones killed.  Rose's was 
the biggest. It had a ominous power, unknown to them.  "These were the 
first ones killed." Ty said, looking at the black ones. 

Then they herd a horrible scream. A few seconds, another and more
terrified scream, two more seconds, and the loudest, and most desperate 
one, it was cut off. 

"Um...", David said, not knowing what to say. 

"Look, a well," Ty said, trying to change the subject, mildly
traumatised. "It is surrounded by a whole lot of roses, there black.." 
He said walking over to it. David joined him. 

They looked down, the moon was full and bright, it showed that the water
wasn't water, but wine.  Crimson wine.  They stared into it for some 
time. Then looked at each other, each on the other side.  Ty frowned, 
and before he could say anything, David's head was grasped and thrown 
against the stone of the 

wells wall.  He fell to the ground, blood trickling from his nose and
mouth.  Ty tried to run off, but Will was too quick and grasped his arm 
and threw him around, but, when he grasped his arm, Ty saw everything, 
He saw Will pick up an ax, every thing was faded, he walked up to 
Rose's room, right in the 

neck , he put the ax, then he attacked the husband too, he fell without
much trouble, then he went after the two twins, both killed with a blow 
to the head, then to the baby's room, it was thrown. 

"She was your SISTER", Ty said astonished. His head was thrown against
the wall too. He dumped both unconscious bodies into the half full well 
to drown, he picked up a black rose, smelt it, and held it over the 
well, and let it glide down, it fell into the water, and floated. 

He hummed as he left: 



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