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devil pass (standard:Inspirational stories, 2120 words)
Author: stanley mcqueen kentucky backwoods writerAdded: May 14 2009Views/Reads: 1831/1114Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
mountain preacher meets old slew foot old satan

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he ponders, that uneasy feeling was still troubling him this was no 
ordinary rider it was something more he thinks to himself, was this the 
old bugger man like his mammy had spoke of that ever man would meet at 
one point in his life and come to head to head and face to face with? 

he prayed that the lord be his help at this uncertain time, and the
rider got closer at each lighting strike and was soon in very near him 
at about ten feet , he hollers who you be? And over again who are you 
sir he asked loud against the noise of the storm, and the rider sets 
like a dead man on his mount with not a movement , his face is covered 
with a darken cloth like a spider web , then a strong voice come raging 
from the dark rider, you know you I be the strange voice of power 
answered, I be you worse nightmare, I am the called many names. But my 
name is Satan to most men , why do you seek to come to my refuge on 
this stormy night Rev Bishop shouts for and answer?,, 

Watch this the rider says and point his finger toward a large oak and
lighting comes from his finger and blast the tree that it split and is  
set a fire by just the pointing of his finger, the burning of the large 
tree lighted up the area that he could see the rider plain as day now, 
his form was all he could make out the cape covered his looks, don't 
you know I could kill you where you stand the voice from the rider 
declared... you can't less the lord would bid you to Rev Bishop 
answered,, that is the truth replied the rider but this I can do Rev 
Bishop I can follow you all the days of your life and  I always come 
behind you after you have preached the word, I come  and take the faith 
that you have put in mans heart, I have been following preachers for 
thousands of years and thousand of ages, and  your life is short but I 
will remain after your bone rot in the earth, 

Old Satan points his finger and a big bolt of lighting proceeded to come
from his finger and then a loud clap of thunder shook the earth and the 
cliff that he was under rocked as if a earth quake had hit the earth, 
Don't you see the power in my strength that I can command the lighting 
and the thunder and the wind,  I had this storm to come tonight because 
I knew you would be riding this trail. Old slew foot brags ‘ you only 
work evil and evil will be your folly when the lord comes back to claim 
the saved saints and then you will be put in chains and locked that you 
don't deceive the nations anymore Rev Bishop reminded old slew foot. 
You will be turned into the fire of hell and there where you will spend 
eternity where the false prophet and all liars are and men that have 
killed other men for no reason but the lust to kill and steal , if you 
so powerful  go ahead and slay me where I stand , that the lord deliver 
my soul to heaven square , where the soul of saints never dies but 
lives in paradise forever more Rev Bishop tells old slew foot, oh you 
saints trust in the blood of Jesus Christ that you sins be covered and 
washed white as show, says the devil,  but I say to you this night quit 
the preaching and stop before I have to have some man to kill you with 
the hate that I will built against you from the hearts of one of my 
servants of men, says old slew foot, 

Oh I see says Rev Bishop you cannot kill me but you can temp man that he
might do you wicked work, your nothing but a big blast of win with lies 
and deceit as your brother, your = of little stature a short beast of 
wicked intention and lies and murder , I rev Bishop am told of God to 
fear no man nor even you old bugger man, who is the father of all lies 
and hate and envy , and greed and malice in which you feed men to do 
evil , but you know that doom is behind you and time is against you , 
as the clock ticks the hours away you grow closer to you everlasting 
hell fire punishment , and here you stand tonight to brake my faith and 
threaten my life, you cannot steal men souls less men allow that nor 
can you touch my flesh with murder less the lord would allow  you, like 
I said slew foot you a little wimp and short little frail subject that 
the lord God made and give a lot of power , but greed was found in thee 
because you want to be your creator boss, you a fool to fight against 
the God that created you, because your end is planned out already the 
chains lay wait to bind you for the doom of hell, so get from hence in 
the name of the lord Jesus Christ and leave me God servant alone to bid 
my way to preach, 

I shall go at the lord Jesus name , because I cannot bare the very name
of the holy son of God, says the devil, I say to you rev Bishop when 
you ride the trails to preach ever now and then take a look over you 
shoulder , and behold my form that will continue to follow you wherever 
you sow the word in men hearts I will come later to steal the faith 
that you have planted, I will temp men to do evil , till the hours of 
time tick no more, I figure if I get enough souls to hell that God will 
 drop the charges against me and  because so many souls have follower 
me that he might acquit me from the doom of hell eternal punishment, 
that want happen at all rev bishop declares your doom is promised and 
sure, go ahead and follow me I will sow the deep seed of faith in men 
hearts that you cannot dig down in men and dig our their faith, be off 
I say again in the name of the lord Jesus Christ Rev Bishop commanded,  
and old slew foot disappeared right before his eyes in a fiery mist, 

It was a true saying that ever man will meet old Satan and come nose to
nose and face to face with old slew foot himself,  come morning the 
rain stopped and Rev Bishop rides again for the lord service, he sang a 
old hymn that his mother always loved amazing grace how sweet the sound 
that saved a lost soul like mine , I once was lost but now I am found 
was blind but now I see” it was grace that taught my heart to fear the 
hour I first believed' Rev Harm Bishop lived to be and old  aged man 
his hair turned white as his soul and he died in the service of  his 
beloved almighty God , he is buried beside and old wagon trail in the 
mountains of Kentucky and there is no marker for his grave, his bones 
remains but his soul went home to God...... 


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