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Hundred Dollar mule (standard:Inspirational stories, 1669 words)
Author: stanley mcqueen kentucky backwoods writerAdded: Dec 30 2009Views/Reads: 2279/1100Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
back wood tales

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best he kept saying!! I paid him out of that jar, I had nigh one 
thousand dollars saved from my army time, and I planned to buy paw some 
more grown that was level and easier to ten corn on, paw was going to 
be the happiest man in these parts, when I get up there on the  ridge 
to where we live, paw and mammy never knew that I was discharged and 
this would be a totally surprised when I come in unexpected , it was a 
long walk up to our place the wagon road winded around like a black 
shake has been the one that directed the road ways. Leading the pretty 
mule up that road toward was a great feeling , just to be home and not 
having them funny looking fellows shooting at me was so good now, and 
no bombs going off , now just to hear the sound of the mountain bird 
chirping was music to my ears When I got their paw was setting on the 
porch stoop and he sees me coming he meets me in the yard and by that 
time maw has seen paw coming with out stretched arm toward me and she 
come running as well and they both hugs me and go to hitting me on the 
arms in pure joy of seeing my face again,  , After all the fuss of me 
returning paw notices the mule I have behind me, Who's mules is that he 
asked ? Paw this mule is yours I blurt out , mine he says! Yes yours, 
mercy sakes alive son how you get him,  paw I saved  my wages in the 
army to get you this mule and that ant all paw here is nine hundred 
dollars I said and reached him the nine one hundred dollars bills, now 
you can buy that level bottom land down along the muddy Fork river, paw 
eyes light up like a lantern , big tears started rolling off his 
wrinkled cheeks, son I don't know what to say he said, don't say 
noting paw, just take this mule and put him in the pastor,  I had to 
kill a bunch of men to get this money paw and to that  part I'm not 
proud , but they were shooting at me and my army buddies and I had to 
fight them paw,  well son I know what you mean, and I hate that son, 
you had to do that not because you hated them fellows , it weren't your 
fight son but the government fight and you had no way out but to honor 
and fight for our country cause. Maw hug me over and over again and paw 
was the happiest I ever seen him, he just kept going to the pastor and 
taking long looks at the find mule he now owned, After a while of 
talking and ketching up on things" maw fixed a real good supper we all 
take our seats on the little porch that paw and I had built some years 
back on our cabin, we talk about the land paw is going to buy  and how 
good it feels to have our own plow mule , life for me had went from a 
bloody mess to pure peaceful bliss being home again with the folks that 
I love the most on this earth my good hard working paw and mammy, Folks 
don't make fun of paw nowadays now he owns the best land in Muddy Fork 
county and the best mule for forty miles around just don't get 
no better than this ......the end 


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