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Cheater (standard:drama, 7894 words)
Author: KharyBAdded: Feb 18 2006Views/Reads: 3327/2240Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Frank finds out his wife of 14 years is cheating on him......................

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to see if anybody else knew who he was. Nobody knows shit. He gone fuck 
around and get popped riding like that.” I laughed and asked him 
“what's been up with you my nigga?” “Man too much. Last night my damn 
baby mama came over here tripping at like 4:30am. This bitch is crazy. 
She's like 4'11 trying to kick my front door down like she the fucking 
hulk. Woke my babies up and shit, wife grabbed my desert eagle like she 
was Foxy Brown bout to shoot the bitch. I had to call the police man. 
By the time they came it was like 6:30am. Bitch slashed my tires, and 
broke the windows on my new 600. Imma kill her when I see her.” I had 
been through the whole baby mama thing before. My oldest daughter's 
mother was a crazy one. She had an unfortunate accident when a deer ran 
into her car one day and killed her. I guess what goes around comes 
around huh? “Man I'm so happy I ain't got to deal with that shit no 
more. I'm bout to take the girls to the beach, Belle Isle at that. What 
ya'll got up?” “Shit man I got to wait on the damn tow truck. I'll be 
right here for a minute.” “Well let me go my nig, I need to go get some 
shit from Wal-Mart real quick so I can shoot out here.” He gave me dap 
and said “stay up.” 

Wal-Mart was on jam. It was Wednesday but they was in here like it was
Christmas Eve. I grabbed what I needed and called the girls to tell 
them to be ready when I get there. When I got back to the house, I 
figured I should take a shower before I go. “Ya'll find something to do 
while I take a shower. I'll be ready in 20 minutes.” When I walked into 
my bedroom, my wife was getting dressed. She had a nice dress laid out 
on the bed and her panties on the floor. She had just got out the 
shower. “Baby you sure you not meeting with Nelly or one of those other 
lame ass superstars you like?” I asked her sarcastically. “No, why do 
you ask?” When she walked into the bedroom I said “because this dress 
is saying more like ‘fuck me now' than ‘sign on the dotted line'.” She 
looked me in the eye and said confidently “baby you know I would never 
give your pussy away.” “Shit you better not, I told you I would have to 
kill you and him.” “Yeah I know baby” was her response. I hopped in the 
shower, changed cloth and headed for the car. 

I had brought my daughters up to love music. I love it so they would
have to as well. When I was growing up, my mom had me listening to 
stuff like Sade and Anita Baker. I remember she used to tell the lamest 
joke. She used to say “Frank, who sings that song body and soul?” Then 
I would say “Anita Baker.” Then she'd say “for what, are you baking a 
cake?” She used to think it was so funny, but I always thought it was 
super lame. My daughters were old school orientated. One likes The 
Isley brother's and the other loves Sade. We were listening to the 
Isley Brother on this trip to the beach. I'd say we were about 25 
minutes into our trip and I heard a voice say “daddy can we get some 
McDonald's before we go. I'm hungry right now.” With I big smile I 
replied “sure baby we'll stop now.” 

It was about 1:30pm when we made it to McDonalds. It was also the same
time I realized I left my wallet in the pocket of the pants I just took 
off. “DAMN!!!!” I said as we looked at the menu, “sorry ya'll but we 
got to go home to get my wallet.” “DADDY! We only gone have like 5 hour 
by the time we get there.” “Yeah dad, good job” I guess they get it 
from me, but they can be some sarcastic little ladies when they don't 
get their way. “Ya'll want me to drop ya'll off at the beach while I go 
back. I'll call you guys and let you know when I make it back to 
McDonald's.” They both replied “Ok.” “Aaliyah you call Stephanie's mom 
and see if she'll keep an eye on you till I get back.” Of course her 
mom said yeah and I dropped them off at the beach and headed home for 
my wallet. 

Home was about thirty minutes away so I've been gone for about an hour.
By the time I get home it'll be about 2pm. I called my wife to see if 
she was still at home but she didn't answer. “She must be in the 
meeting now” I said to myself. When I hit the block, I saw that my 
neighbor's car was being towed right then. “Damn, she wasn't playing 
last night. She fucked his car up!” I said as I pulled into my 
driveway. I went in through the back way because I didn't want the dogs 
near the front door. We were having work done up there and when 
nobody's around, they always find a way to get through the barrier and 
to the door. The dogs were outside though. “Why would she leave the 
dogs out in this heat with no water? Why would she take them out in the 
first place?” Mega came running up first. A male Rottweiler about 3yrs 
old and Chiko came following. Now Chiko was a special breed of pit 
bull. He was white with black tiger stripes. Native to North Africa. 
This dog cost me $2200. After fighting my way from the dogs, I crept 
into the house. 

We all dream right? I remember when that song “undying love” by Nas
first came out. When I first heard that song, I had a dream about it 
that night. You never really think about things like that happening to 
you. Have you ever wondered why? Why when Lynard Skynard made “free 
bird,” nobody thought they would leave their girl because she was 
trying to change you. I bet not one female thought about their man 
hitting them when “No More” by Aaliyah came out. Sometimes dreams do 
happen. Sometime nightmares. There was a faint smell of candles in the 
air when I walked into the kitchen, and my wife's purse was on the 
counter. Funny but her car wasn't outside but it was when we left 
earlier.  She never left without her purse, shit it cost her $1300. I 
was starting to think that something bad had happened to her. I called 
her cell phone again, no answer. I always think the worse when things 
like this happen. I guess I do that so if the worse does happen, it 
won't shock me. After searching the whole house, I grabbed my wallet 
and headed for the door. About the time I made it back to the back 
door, my phone rang............................ “So where's your 
husband?” “He's at the beach with the girls. I need to stop at home and 
get my purse before we go. What movie we going to see?” “Saw 2. 
Hopefully it'll scare you enough that you'll let me get closer to that 
body.” “Nigga please, if you wanna get close to this body you do not 
have to ask. You wasn't saying all that an hour ago after my husband 
left. It was just walk in and fuck.” “Yeah maybe, but I wanted to be 
romantic baby. I do have that side.” “Well I haven't seen it. Anyway 
what time do the movie start because I got to meet my husband and kids 
at Chi-Chi's at 8pm?” “At 3:30. You got time. When we get to your 
house, can I use your bathroom?” “Yeah, but put the seat back down when 
you done. I had to catch that shit twice before, you leaving the seat 
up. My husband is not dumb, he know he's the only nigga at the house 
and he always puts the seat back down. Don't fuck up this time.” “Yeah 
ok, I'll remember.” “This is my song nigga turn that shit 

I remember that song “Call my name” by Prince. There was a line in that
song that always reminded me about how I felt about my wife. “I heard 
your voice this morning calling out my name. It had been so long since 
I heard it that it didn't sound quite the same. But it let me know that 
my name had never really been spoken before, before the day I carried 
you through the bridal path door.” Millions of things were going 
through my mind, mostly why and what? Why does she need another nigga? 
Why couldn't she just talk to me to fix whatever problem we were 
having? What did I do to drive her away? What didn't I do to keep her? 
But out of all the questions, the best one was what am I gonna do right 

Pregnant women are the worse. Sometimes they just do some crazy shit for
no reason at all. They are unstable, literally. Right now I'm 8 months 
pregnant and about to have an episode. I hopped into Vickie and pulled 
into my neighbor's driveway and blew the horn. After a while I went to 
the door. His wife answered. “Nick not here?” She looked at me and said 
“yeah, what's wrong you look crazy.” “I am crazy, can you tell you him 
to come holla at me.” “Sure, hold on.” I was overwhelmed with emotions, 
mostly anger, but confusion was not far behind. I really thought that 
everything was going great with our marriage, but I guess I wasn't good 
enough for her. “What's up my nig, my wife say you look like you bout 
to kill somebody. She's not lying, what happened. Ain't you supposed to 
be at the beach?” I had forgotten all about the beach, my babies. What 
are they gonna think? What am I gonna do? “Yeah man, I need a favor. My 
wife is having an affair, she' on her way to the house with the nigga 
right now. Can you hide my whip in your garage while I take care of 
this? Plus I might need you to go pick up my daughter's later, I don't 
know what's about to happen.” “Yeah man whatever you need” he said 
loyally. He took the keys and parked Vickie in the garage. 

About twenty minutes have passed since I got that phone call. We had
thought that I would hide in the house and just catch her in the act, 
but I said no. I would end up killing somebody and my daughter would 
have no parents. What we did in the 20 minutes we had left was set up a 
camera in the kitchen so we could catch them in the act. I knew my wife 
enough to know that she would never have sex with another man in our 
bed. When she was younger, she caught her father with multiple women 
fucking in her mother's bed and she found that disrespectful. But shit 
she already disrespecting me right? So we set one up in the bedroom 
also. “These camera's came in handy man, you might need some if you 
kill this nigga. Put them outside whatever house you hiding in so you 
can get a jump on the police.” “Nigga I'm going to be at your house 
hiding.” He laughed and said “you shitting me. Not around my babies and 
wife. I already deal with enough with my crazy ass baby mama. Better 
find Michael Jackson have him take you to Never land, you can be a kid 
again.” “Shit I'd rather be in jail then in that nigga house. I'd take 
murder than accessory to child molestation any day.” “Yeah you right. 
That's it lets wait for the prize.” 

We were sitting in his car in his driveway when they pulled up. “Ain't
that a bitch, the nigga in the Ls was the one fucking my wife.” I knew 
it was something not right about that car cause not too many people 
ride up other people's block's in Detroit unless they know the area, 
have family over there, or are stick up kids. I guess this case is 
special, he's a home wrecker. “Make sure we get that plate number cause 
he's not gone get away with this one. I might have to get him for this 
one.” Angry words coming from an angry person. An hour and 2 blunts 
passed before they came back out the house. I had stopped smoking weed 
as a promise to my wife 11 years ago when we got married. I guess we 
both broke a promise. “Frank you want me to follow them?” I thought 
about it, but declined. I had to think about my kids. Imagine coming 
home from the beach one day to find out your father killed your mother 
and her boyfriend and now he's in jail. Enough to destroy someone's 
life. “Naw man, let me just get my whip and pick the girl's up. I will 
bring you back the camera's tomorrow. Good look on that low key, 
they're gonna be my evidence in the divorce. Too bad for her, if only 
she was faithful, she'd be worth five-hundred-thousand dollars. The 
pre-nup says “adultery will void compensation. I holla at you 

When I made it back inside the house, I could smell the sex in the air.
It made my blood boil. How could she be so boldly disrespectful to me 
and her kids, at that herself? 11 years down the drain because of what? 
I took the tapes from the cameras and put them in my safe in the 
bedroom. I was so high I couldn't even remember the combination to the 
safe at first. 25648123848421, that sounds about right. I picked up my 
cell phone and called Aaliyah. “Hey daddy when you coming?” “I'm on my 
way right now. I'm going to bring you guy's some McDonald's and leave 
because your grandmother needs me to do something and it's kind of 
important. I'll be there in about 30 minutes.” “Ok, we want what we 
always get but I want a McFlurry too. Nevaeh said she want one too.” 
“Alright, I'll call you when I'm on the strip.” So I left the house and 
headed back to downtown Detroit. It was about 3pm by now and all the 
truth is in the air, but I have the upper hand. 

What is irony? I think Alanis Morrisette explained it best. Rain on your
wedding day, free ride when you already paid, good advice that you 
didn't take, who would have thought that it figures right? Well, let me 
explain irony to you. Lets say you just caught your wife cheating and 
your on your way to bring your daughter's some food. It would be ironic 
if you just happened to bump into them together somewhere right? I was 
riding on the freeway with my top down in Vickie listening to “Dirty 
Diana” by Michael Jackson. After about20 minutes of listening to the 
same song, I got off the e-way and went to drive through. I was at the 
second window and guess who I see at the front of the line? My wife in 
her beautiful sun dress with about 4 layers of make-up on and her hand 
in his. “Now would be the time to fuck with her mind and have some fun 
before I drop the bomb huh?” “Excuse me I didn't hear you” the lady at 
the window said as she handed me my drink. “O, nothing, I was talking 
to myself.” “Well, the nuggets aren't up, so I'm going to have to ask 
you to move up for a minute. Ok?” “Yeah, that's perfect, thanks.” Was 
it irony or was it fate? By chance I was asked to move up next to the 
door, so when they come out, somebody will be in shock, and it isn't 
gonna be me. 

Actually she did pretty good to be caught so off guard. When they came
out the door, she was grabbing a fry out the bag. She looked at me in a 
shocked, but imma play it cool kinda way. “Hey baby, what are you doing 
here” she asked in a pondering way? “I'm getting food for the girls. 
They forgot to pack their lunch for the beach. This must be your 
client. What's your name man?” The guy from the Ls looked at me in a 
very confident way. His eye's looked like they were saying ‘your stupid 
ass don't even know I'm fucking your wife, but I'm going to play it 
off.' “Leroy Harvey DDS. Your wife is a hell of an agent. She got me 
into some tight places and boy were they good (chuckle). We were just 
about to head over to the new office I'm about to close on and sign the 
final papers.” Vita looked up and said “Yeah baby, I was just hungry so 
we stopped and got a quick bite. If you want, you can come look at the 
place too. It's nice for a dental office.” In my head I was thinking 
that she must really think I'm stupid. Maybe I should say yes just to 
see what lie they would come up with next, but I got a better plan for 
these fuckers. “No, I'm good. I got to get back to the girls. I don't 
really trust Belle Isle like that. Baby I'll see you at Chi-Chi's at 
8pm. It was nice meeting you Mr. Osborn.” After I said that he look at 
me upset and said “the name is Leroy Harvey.” I laughed and said 
“really, I could have swore you said Harry Osborn. I thought you were 
named after a comic book character or something. Sorry for the mix up.” 
I guess he was offended by me calling him a character from a comic, but 
he smiled and said “No problem. Nice to meet you too.” I couldn't 
believe that my wife was cheating on me. I should've reach under the 
seat and killed them both, but I love my kids. 

“My Immortal” By EVANESCENCE probably explains it best. She used to
captivate me by her resonating light. Now I'm bound by the life she 
left behind. Her face haunts my once pleasant dreams. Her voice just 
chased away all the sanity in me. By the time I made it back to Bell 
Isle, there was traffic like it was a Friday at 5:30 in Atlanta. Nobody 
was going anywhere. I called Aaliyah to see where they were. “Baby 
ya'll still at the beach?” “Yeah daddy, but we're sitting in the car 
with some friends. We're right on the strip though. You coming now?” 
“Yeah, but there is a lot of traffic now. I'm on the Isle, but it'll 
probably take me another 15 minutes to get to that side. Look out for 
Vickie.” “Ok, see you in a minute.” It actually took 30 minutes cause 
some young fools smacked out and blocked traffic. After I got back to 
the strip, I ended up having to park on the grass. There was nowhere on 
the strip to park. This was a serious Wednesday to be at the Isle. 
Imagine how it is on Saturday. You would think that after finding out 
my wife was cheating, I wouldn't be acting so cool like shit was ok. 
Well it's not ok, but revenge is yet to be gotten. She must feel how I 
feel now, and the thought of that is keeping me stable right now. I 
stayed at the Isle till 6:30pm before we decided to head for Chi-Chi's 
on the other side of town. 

In Justin Timberlake's video for cry me a river, he retaliated by taping
himself cheating in their bed and leaving the tape on repeat for her to 
see when she came home. When the girl came in, you can pretty much 
imagine the feeling she felt. I like that idea a lot, but it's not 
Frank.  I had a better idea. I was gonna make sure that she knows the 
consequences of destroying a 12 year marriage. At Chi-Chi's that night, 
I acted like nothing was wrong. I mine-as-well enjoy the family I had 
now before it all comes crashing down. My wife was so beautiful. I 
remember when we first met. I was so nervous when I talked to her, I 
kept stuttering. I hadn't stuttered since I was a kid. All she could 
say was yes. Later she told me she said yes because she felt bad for 
me, plus I was cute. The day we got married was the happiest day of my 
life. I felt like the luckiest guy in the world. I had a beautiful, 
smart, and compassionate wife who wanted to spend the rest of her life 
with me. Now, I just don't understand what happened. That thought of 
confusion sparked this event. 

“Did you get some today baby?” She almost choked on her margarita and
look me dead in my eye's and said “some what?” “What do you think? I 
hope it was good too cause there's a lot of bad going around these 
days. You never know what your getting from some people.” I had caught 
her off guard and she didn't know what to say. If I was just asking an 
honest question, I would've known something was up. She was always bad 
at hiding guilt, and lying at that. “Baby what was I supposed to get? I 
don't know what you mean.” Before I could continue playing with her 
mind, Nevaeh jumped in and said “GAS MOM DUHHHH! Weren't you telling 
everybody this morning to remind you to get some gas? Jeez mom, get a 
grip.” We all laughed. All of them were genuine but one. It was more 
obvious now than ever my wife was gone a long time ago. All the kisses 
in the morning, and the "I love you's" at night were just means to 
cover up the lies. 

That night I watched the videos. It was all there. My wife had sex with
this “dentist” in the kitchen and in the bed. I was destroyed when I 
saw how much she did. She sucked this man's dick like she had aids and 
his dick was the damn cure. After watching the tape, I knew that the 
only thing I could do was retaliate. A week went by as usual. My plan 
had fallen into place almost perfectly. About a year ago, one of Vita's 
friends had express an interest in wanting some sexual healing from a 
man with great sexual abilities. She practically threw her panties at 
me. I had, through the help of my wife and a good excuse about doing 
her taxes, acquired her number. I led her to believe that I was gonna 
leave my wife for her. Lonely women are easy to persuade. It would be a 
win-win situation for me because she had a fat ass booty and I heard 
she give head like Janet Jackme.  Vita and the kids were all going to 
be out of the house this weekend and that was the perfect time for me 
to go through with my plans. What is right and what is wrong? I don't 
know anymore, but my feelings say that the difference is the cost of 
the pain. How much pain will it cost her the make me feel better? 

“Sing with me, sing for the years. Sing for the laughter, sing for the
tears. Sing with me if it's just for today. Maybe tomorrow the good 
lord will take it away.” Aerosmith said it best. That day at Chi-Chi's 
was probably the last day we sung together and tomorrow the lord will 
take it away. Today is Friday. Vita's flight leaves at 5pm and the girl 
are going over their cousin's house for the week. Me, I had revenge and 
pussy coming over. Tonight will be a good night.  As the sun went down 
and I set up the camera in the bedroom, I stumbled across a letter that 
was hidden underneath the television..................... 

Dear Frank, 

I don't know how to say this so I will just say it. I've been cheating
on you for the last 6 months. Why? Many reasons I guess. Nothing wrong 
with you, it was a problem I was dealing with myself. You're such a 
great husband. You gave me so much and always made me feel like the 
most beautiful person on the face of the planet. I remember when we 
first met you were.............never mind. I lost confidence in myself. 
I started to feel like I couldn't make you feel like you always made me 
feel. I mean you always kept yourself up and worked out, me I've gained 
30 pounds in the last 2 years. Even though you never complained, I felt 
like you didn't want me anymore. A lot of people were telling me that I 
looked different and I needed to work out or something. Plus, I let a 
friend persuade me into thinking that you were cheating on me already, 
and that you would leave me soon. I don't know what I was thinking. I 
had somebody follow you for a month straight and I felt so bad because 
I spent our 2nd honeymoon money to pay him to follow you, and by the 
time all the money was gone, all he could tell me was that I had a 
great husband. But by that time I had already cheated. I let him 
destroy a great marriage with a great man. I don't deserve to be in 
your world anymore. I know that it is Christmas right now and I sorry I 
had to wait so long to tell you. I just wanted to make sure you were 
straight before we got a divorce. I hope you can forgive me one day. I 
love you. 

After reading the letter and putting it back, I sat on the bed and
thought. “My wife cheated on me because she was insecure.” I guess she 
wasn't listening when I said ‘till death do us part.' Now I felt guilty 
for what I was about to do. Honestly for the first time in my life, my 
feelings got hurt and I felt sorry for the person causing me pain. I 
always told her she was beautiful, and that even if she was 700lbs, I 
would still be sleeping next to her fat ass. After more than ten years 
of marriage and a beautiful daughter, you would think that we were 
better than childish insecurity. I guess even in marriage, you just 
can't trust anybody. 7pm rolled around before I decided what I was 
going to do. I had scratched my plans to cheat on her and decided to 
just confront her. 

My sudden change of heart meant that I would have to come clean with the
lady I chose to help conduct my evil deed. This lady was the definition 
of a hoe. After explaining the truth you know what she said? “We'll, 
let's do it anyway. Vita doesn't have to know. Once you get a feel of 
this pussy, you'll never go back.” All I could really say to that was 
“where are your kids? You need to get a man instead of trying to take 
other people's property. You need Jesus in your life woman. Shit I 
might get SARS fucking around with you.” I treated her to dinner that 
night at the Hard Rock Café in the new Compuware building in Downtown 
Detroit. After I dropped her off, I went to see my mother. 

My mother loved my wife. She told me right before I asked Vita to marry
me that she was a great person and she would be the perfect person for 
me. I opted not to tell her what was going on because I wasn't ready. I 
didn't know what I was gonna do yet. “Hey baby how you doing?” “I'm 
fine mama, how's the leg?” “It's a leg Frank, it hurts. What brings you 
to my side?” “Nothing really just came to see my favorite person in the 
whole world.” She looked at me and said “Lies. You never come over here 
with that face on unless there's something wrong. At that you look like 
something is really wrong.” Amazing how mothers know stuff. I couldn't 
hide it from her, but I refused to tell her. “Nothing's wrong mother, 
I'm just tired.” “Yeah whatever boy, just say you don't want to talk 
about it. How's Vita?” “She's in California on business. You know she 
works a lot.” I really wanted to say “In California with her fellow 
adulterer. You know she cheats a lot” but that would defeat the purpose 
of not telling her. “Yeah she loves her job. How are my grand babies? 
Have you lost your mind yet?” So much had been going lately that I 
rarely even thought about my daughters, unless they wanted something of 
course. “They're ok and no I'm not losing my mind yet. They treat me 
pretty good and they don't ask for much. But it's coming soon I know. 
They'll both be in high school next year, so boyfriends are coming.” 
“Do you remember when we were at the beach that day and you had a crush 
on that life guard that went to your school?” I smiled and said “yes.” 
“And your brother ended up dating her for two years. The day you came 
home with the new hair cut and the $200 out fit on talking ‘bout you 
were gonna ask her out the next day at school and your bad ass brother 
was on my couch doing unmentionables to her?” “Yes mom...........what 
about it?” “The look on your face, that pathetic ‘my dog just got hit 
by a car' look. That's what you have right now.” Not only did she bring 
up some real old shit, but she trying hard to find out what's wrong. 
“Mom nothing's wrong. If you want to know the truth, I was lonely at 
home by myself so I decided to spend my evening here. You want to drink 
with me tonight?” My mother was a true drinker, but she only did it 
with family. She said she learned her lesson a long time ago when she 
got drunk at a party and ended up stabbing a girl 5 times in the hand 
for touching my father. She said she could never stab her family, and 
that's why she only drinks with family. “Call your brother and see if 
he'll come. If he's says yes then ok.” My brother ended up coming and 
we got drunk off some Bacardi Limon'. It actually felt good to forget 
about my cheating wife. 

Monday came along and it was time. Everything went as usual that day. I
went to work and got hit on all day by my boss. The kids went to 
school, and Vita................well she did whatever she does all day. 
That night, we had dinner at the family table like we do everyday. As I 
sat there eating the salmon my wife made, I looked at my family and 
enjoyed how it was. My wife cooking like a pro chef, and my daughters 
talking about school and boys. The dogs pacing the table looking for 
whatever they could find. Then there was me sitting at the head, 
wondering how I could be so blind and stupid. I had trusted her too 
much. I thought that's what it meant to be married, to stop cheating 
and trust your wife with everything. To come before god and say “I vow 
to do right by this person and stay with them through sickness and 
health, rich or poor, and blazay-splee.” Regardless of how it was 
supposed to be, this is how it was. Pretty soon, it'll be different. 

After I did the dishes, I headed to the bedroom. My wife was in the bed
with my favorite lingerie on. Doesn't she get enough dick? Now she 
wants the good shit huh? “Let's watch a porno Frank. You got anything 
good?” The opportunity just presented itself. “Yeah I got this video I 
just picked up the day we went to Chi-Chi's. It'll blow your mind.” She 
looked at me in with an excited grin and in a sexy voice said “put it 
in.” Before I hit play, I initiated some four-play. I wanted her to 
feel, on every inch of her body how much I loved her before I busted 
her fucking bubble. After my tongue got her soaking on the silk sheets, 
I told her I wanted her to get on top while she faced the television. 
After about 5 minutes of slow sex I ‘mashed' play. I looked at her as 
the tears came down her face and said “why?” She didn't respond. She 
moaned but never spoke. My wife of 12 years was making love to me like 
she never did before, as an adulterer. “How could you ruin all that we 
have, all that we been through. I thought everything was great in our 
marriage.” Still she said nothing. She moaned, but she never spoke. The 
tears still fell and they were more abundant now. “We were supposed to 
die together and you threw that all away...................WHY!?!” At 
that point she laid on my chest and really started to give it to me. 
“I'm sorry baby” was all she could say. She cried and moaned and said 
sorry the whole time we had sex. We never changed positions, never got 
up, and it seemed like she never wanted to stop. “I was gonna cheat on 
you to retaliate but I didn't want to stoop to your level. I want to 
know why Vita” I said as the sex got more intense. I knew this would be 
the last time we made love and I didn't want it to end. I loved my wife 
more than she could ever understand and it was showing right now. When 
the tape stopped, I cut the TV off and darkness filled the bedroom. I 
wrapped my arms around her and continued to make love to her for the 
last time. At one point she sat back up, looked me in my eye and said 
“please don't leave me Frank. I'll do whatever it takes to fix this. 
Please don't leave me.” An hour went by and we came at the same time. 
Afterwards she got dressed and left and I went to sleep wondering if I 
was going to take custody of my kids in the divorce, or we both take a 

My alarm went off at 5:30 the next morning. I woke up alone. I hopped in
the shower and got dressed. When I went to the kitchen to get my 
morning pick me up, I saw the letter she wrote on the counter next to 
the espresso machine. “Why read it again” I said out loud. I ended up 
ripping it up and throwing it away. I have to be at work by 10am but I 
wake up early to get my early morning run in. I got back to the house 
about 7:30am. Aaliyah and Nevaeh were at the bus stop. I pulled them to 
the side and told the both of them that I love them. The rest of the 
day went by without incident. Vita called me around 4pm and asked me to 
meet her at the place we first met at 8pm. I agreed. 

Davita Leanne Morrison. That was her name when I met her 15 years ago in
this place. She was so beautiful. She was at the track at Redford High 
running and I was walking by on my way home from work. I made it there 
about 8:15pm. She was sitting in the stands wearing the exact same 
outfit she wore 15years ago. It didn't fit though. “I wanted to meet 
you here because..................because I want another chance. I love 
you Frank, and if you read that letter then you know why I did what I 
did. I'm not saying that's an excuse to ruin a great thing, but it is 
the reason why I did it.” “Vita I never told you that you were fat. At 
that I told you even if you were fat I would be next to you every 
night. That was just dumb.” She started to cry and said “I know baby, I 
made a mistake. I started to feel ugly and Leroy made me feel like I 
was so beautiful. He gamed me and I lost.” I feel like I've been doing 
a great job through this whole situation when it comes to controlling 
my anger, but I couldn't control it no more. “So you mean to fucking 
tell me that another nigga can tell you your beautiful and that's 
enough for you to cheat? I always said it and it was genuine, from the 
fucking heart and it didn't mean shit? I married you. I helped you when 
you needed it. I was there in the damn hospital room when you had 
Nevaeh and you through it all away for that? I don't believe you.” “You 
were there. Baby I'm sorry, just give me another chance. Please!” She 
started to cry even harder and got on her knees. “Please Frank I'm 
begging you. I can't be without your love. I know that nobody will love 
me like you do. Frank I love you, please don't leave me. I will do 
whatever it takes to make it better.” I turned around and looked at the 
football field. I remember when I went to this school. I used to be a 
major hoe. I would fuck anything that walked and had good teeth. I had 
a girlfriend for 4 years in high school but I was never faithful. I 
loved her though, a lot. When I finally got caught, I couldn't imagine 
being without her in my life. I thought nobody would ever love me like 
she did. Then I found Vita. 3 years later I found someone to love like 
my high school loved me. I guess what goes around comes around. 

“How do you expect me to trust you? You betrayed my trust for 6 fucking
months Vita. 6 months! And I was blind to the fact. This marriage will 
not work anymore. Every time you say you going here I'm not going 
believe you. If I call your cell and you don't answer the phone, Imma 
think you with somebody else just like on Wednesday. Only difference is 
on Wednesday I thought something bad happened to you. The thought never 
crossed my stupid fucking mind that you were cheating on me. NEVER! 
What the fuck do you think you can do to fix this huh? What? Can you go 
back and take back the pussy you gave that nigga huh?!!!” By this time 
I was yelling. “Can you go back and make it so our children won't be a 
statistic along with the other kids in their school who have to deal 
with divorced parents? NO YOU CAN'T!!!!” She looked down at the ground 
and stopped crying. “Frank...................please give me the chance 
to make it right...............I swear on my life that I will be yours 
for the rest of our lives together. Everybody makes mistakes. I've 
learned from my mistake Frank.” I picked her up off her knees and said 
“no you haven't but you will.” 

Vita and I were separated for 3 months. I stayed in a nice penthouse in
the Westin Hotel for about $200 a night. It was a small price to pay to 
teach my cheating wife what it was like to destroy a family. My 
daughters eventually put two and two together and realized what was 
happening. They came to see me every weekend and I assured them that 
the outcome would be for the best. I did have sex with one other 
person, my boss. It wasn't worth it. All I thought about was my wife. I 
told her about it but what could she say. My boss ended up getting 
married about a month after we had sex. She said “I had to have you 
before I got married. I need my last taste of freedom.” I eventually 
came back to my wife and 2yrs later we had a second wedding. This time 
I made sure she understood what she was saying. I made her recite the 
10 commandments with emphasis on the last one “thou shall not commit 
adultery.” We ended up having another child, another girl named 

As for Leroy whatever his last name was. I heard one day he was riding
down the block creeping at about 10:30pm one night and was confronted 
by the local thugs. They asked him where he was from and why he was 
always creeping through the hood but never stopping anywhere. The 
dentist tried to get tough thinking he could strong man himself out of 
the situation. He was shot 10 times in the chest and once in the head. 
Call it karma but when you steal from people, you get something taken 
from you. Unfortunately for him, it was his 


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