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Transianna, the Noble |Chapter 1| (standard:fantasy, 2171 words)
Author: Natalie M.Added: Apr 16 2001Views/Reads: 2772/1836Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Transianna de Hornwall never thought it would happen... ^^ Tell me whatcha guys think, 'kay?

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But what she thought didn’t matter, for she would be in that boarding
school for four years, whether she liked it or no. Four whole years. 

Transie looked up suddenly, sensing that someone was coming. 

“My lady?” The carriage driver, George, bowed to her, and then
straightened out to hold the door of the carriage open for Transie. 

She picked up the skirt of her plain plaid dress that she was to wear
for the trip, and made her way into the carriage. 

The land it passed by was what Transie had seen almost every day of her
life. Farmers were busy watering their crops; children were playing 
games. Nothing was changing for those people, but things were rapidly 
changing for Transie. 

George stopped at an inn that night. As Transie got out of the carriage,
the crescent moon and stars shone brightly in the warm summer night. A 
shooting star streaked by, and Transie closed her eyes, tracing the 
sign of the Nightly Goddess upon her chest. The Nightly Goddess always 
sent out shooting stars when someone died. 

Transie thought, walking into the inn with George, At least my life
hasn’t gotten as horrible as that person’s family members’ must be 
right now. 


A week later, after so much bumpy traveling on that carriage that
Transie was afraid she would scream, they arrived at the boarding 
school. George told her to go to the main office, asked if she had any 
more questions, and left. 

Transie gazed at the school. The whole place was very quiet, and it was
hotter than it had ever been at Hornwall. It was divided into many 
buildings made up of wooden boards, she saw, all with a slab of granite 
that said what it was. There was one exception, however. One building 
was made of marble, and was very large. It sat in the middle of the 

The steel gate’s piece of granite read ‘Goddess Boarding School for
Ladies.’ There was the science room, math room, etiquette room, and 
more that Transie could not see. Looking down at the ground, she 
noticed that it was made up of a hard black substance. Transie wondered 
what it was, and why they did not use gravel or earth. 

Transie could sense something once more, and jerked her head upward with
a start. She saw a girl not much older than she was, with curly black 
hair that barely went to her shoulders. Her eyes were very, very cold. 

The first words someone said to Transie at the Goddess Boarding School
were, “And who may you be?” 

“I am Transianna,” Transie replied. “Who are you?” 

“Hmmph,” she responded, flipping her hair over her shoulders, and
stalked off. 

Goddess, what was that about? That snotty girl wouldn’t last a second if
she acted like so at Hornwall. 

No sooner than the girl was out of sight did Transie see a slab by a
small building that said ‘Main Office.’  Transie made her way toward 
it, pondering what to say. She also wondered why the only person she 
had seen so far had been that curly-haired girl. 

Inside the building, the first thing that caught Transie’s eye was an
adorable golden retriever. She smiled at it, and it proceeded to walk 
over and lick Transie’s hand. She patted the dog. 

Transie grew more serious as she walked over to a desk with an old,
wrinkled-up women dressed in temple garb – a flowing white dress with a 
red semicircle, the sign of the Celestial Goddess. Every hundred years, 
the half-moon turned crimson, and you could see it day as well as 
night. The moon stayed exactly like this for a month. It was said that 
if you ever swam in the ocean at nighttime, with the moon shining over 
you, you would be brought to the underwater world of mermaids. Transie 
wasn’t sure if she believed this or not. 

“Um – I am here for the boarding school.” The moment she said that, she
wished she could take it back. It was obvious what she was here for! 
Transie blushed deeply, wondering why was she acting so foolish. “Would 
you be Transianna de Hornwall?” the priestess asked, looking up from 
the papers she had been writing on. 

Transie said, attempting – and failing – a curtsy, “I would.” 

“Ah, yes. Where are your bags?” 

“B-bags?” Transie stuttered. “Oh! You mean the ones I left outside...” 

“You left them outside?” she murmured distractedly, getting up from her
desk. She clapped her hands thrice, and a servant immediately appeared 
at her side, bowing her head. 

“Roberta, this young lady left her bags outside. Have Thorpe bring them
to Transianna’s room, and show her to it.” 

Without saying a thing, the servant went back into the back of the
office and out again. She led Transie out, and into a maze of separate 
buildings, smaller than the rest. Roberta was a lovely young girl – 
probably younger than Transie – and had the greenest eyes Transie had 
ever seen. Transie’s sparkling blue eyes, which people seemed to always 
comment on, paled in comparison. 

“Are all these buildings bedrooms?” Transie asked, noticing that none of
them had a name on them. 

“Aye, my lady,” the servant replied timidly, and there was no more
conversation between the two. 

After awhile, Roberta stopped at the edge of the property, near a white
picket fence. On the other side of the fence lay an expanse of green 
grass and tall mountains, with snow at their tips. That surprised 
Transie, since it was the beginning of summer, and not winter. A few 
horses stood grazing near the only tree Transie could see, and she 
noticed an unusually small, gray horse that stood alone. 

“This is your room, my lady,” Roberta said, looking at her shoes. “’Tis
study time right now, and the ladies are all studying. Study time is 
over in five minutes, and then servants shall be bringing dinner to 
everyone. You start school tomorrow.” Roberta opened the door to 
Transie’s room, and then handed the key to her. 

The room was beautiful, with a canopy bed and two windows, one that
showed the path and building across from her, the other, the grazing 
horses. Transie drew the drapes across the first window, for she did 
not want others to be able to look into her room. There was a round 
table near the second window, and a desk on the opposite side of the 
room. A dresser stood at the foot of the bed, which was placed at the 
edge of the right-hand side of the room, near the second window. To 
Transie’s left, there was a fireplace, with a clock on its mantel. A 
mirror was straight across from Transie, who turned away because she 
looked so horrid. I need a bath, Transie thought. It had been a week, 
after all, since she had taken one. 

“Roberta?” Transie inquired, just before she closed the door and left.
Roberta, embarrassed for almost leaving when her lady needed her, 
turned around. “Where do I take a bath?” 

“You may have a servant set up a bath for you in your room. Would you
like that, my lady?” 

“Aye, I would, thank you.” 

An hour later, Transie sat in her nightgown, eating dinner – chicken,
with broccoli and a glass of lemonade – at the round table. She looked 
out at the setting sun, and the horses galloping around gleefully. 
Transie sighed. Boarding school wasn’t so bad – yet. In fact, every 
person that worked there had been nice to her so far. It was strange, 
not at all like what she had imagined. The only bad thing was the rude 
girl she had met by the gate, and that her room was quite far away from 
all the main buildings she had seen earlier; at least ten minutes away 
running, fifteen walking. She could not run, especially at a lady’s 
school. Transie would have to get more information on when school 
started in the mornings. 

The clock on the mantel of the fireplace said that it was already seven
o’clock. Transie would need to ask someone about school now, not the 
next day. 

Transie got up from her table, and contemplated whether to wait and see
if a servant would come in to take her dishes away, or to look for one 
herself. The problem was that she was already in her nightgown; she 
would have to change if she chose the latter. Being very much exhausted 
from her trip, Transie did not want to do either. Well, she reasoned 
with herself. I should just wait until tomorrow for the servant with 
breakfast to come. That will be easier... she decided as she crawled 
into bed and fell into a comforting sleep. 


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