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"Daddy stop it!" (standard:other, 1713 words)
Author: AnnymousAdded: Sep 07 2001Views/Reads: 3640/2140Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is a story about Joanne and her family trying to hold onto there lives.

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yell. Dad heard him and rushed out as soon as possible. Unfortunately 
the police missed him as they went a different way, but they managed to 
get him the next day and put him on a restraining order. Dad would 
always come to our house, go in the backyard and yell out. At the same 
time he would slit his wrist. Yelling enough so he would get our 
attention so we could see him slit his wrist. 

As this is all going on, we have nothing to do with dad's side of this
family as they don't want anything to do with us. 

We constantly had to move as we didn't want dad knowing where we lived
as it was too dangerous. 

I was in grade six now and living in Bittern. I was at school and I got
given this letter from the office lady. I opened it, it said: 

Dear Brandi, I am writing this letter because I think it is about time
that I saw Jane, Joanne, and Shane. I am not asking for a lot, just to 
see them on special days, i.e. birthdays, Xmas and week-ends every now 
and then. I never ever stop thinking about them. They are always in my 
mind. I am human and I have feelings too. Sit down and think what it 
would be like not to see your kids for yrs.; you of all people should 
know what it is like to grow up not knowing who, or what it is like to 
grow up not knowing who, or where you matter is. These few years I have 
stayed away to keep the peace and let things cool down. All I ask is 
that you let me know if the kids are sick or if you move so I can send 
them a card etc. this is why I am sending this letter to the school. 
Can you please show this letter to the kids and tell them that I love 
them very much also give them a kiss from me. PS Please contact me 
through my parents house. Thank-you Stephen 

Mum asked if we wanted tog o and visit him. I decided then and there
that I didn't want to see him. But Shane was the opposite. He was 
missing having a father and wanted to see him. Now because Shane said 
yes, I definitely didn't want to see him because I thought if he had 
both of us together he might commit suicide, taking us with him. I just 
couldn't bare to think about it little own go and visit him. Shane saw 
him every week-end for a couple of hours. Shane saw him for about three 
weeks. He started to really love it. Until one day dad said "Sorry 
Dallas but I really have to work next week so I won't able to see you 
for a fortnight." 

But the next week.... I was in bed and Shane was in the shower. My Uncle
Pat came into my room and woke me. He started to say... "You know how 
dad said he was going to work? Well he didn't, he committed suicide 
very early this morning." I had nothing to say. Not even a tear fell 
out of my eye. I knew this would happen someday. I had cried many weeks 
before, many years before. So I think I was all cried out or it hadn't 
hit me of what actually happened. Uncle Pat kept saying "Are you 
alright? Joanne, are you alright?" He was worried as I had this weird 
look on my face and would not say anything, even worse, I would not 
cry. At the same time Jane was telling Shane. All I heard was this huge 
scream. He could have won the world record for the loudest scream. When 
mum found out she couldn't exactly control herself as she didn't know 
how he could do something like that to us kids. She just didn't 
understand; actually mum wasn't the only one who didn't understand, 
none of us did.  We were all baffled. 

Dad had a problem. A problem he never believed he had, so he couldn't
get help because he never believed he needed it. Mum had always told me 
he had a mental illness, but I never listened to her because I didn't 
want to hear things that I didn't agree with. I always thought he was 
just one mucked up, disgusting person who had no feelings, especially 
for his family. 

He hurt all of our feeling very  bad and I don't think I could ever
forgive him for that! I don't hate my father but I know could never 
love my father like most people love their fathers. He has done the 
damage now and it could never be replaced now!!!


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