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The Beckoning (standard:fantasy, 2105 words)
Author: A.C BunkerAdded: Jul 09 2003Views/Reads: 3139/2129Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Alessondro and his companion Filipo two elite guards for a shrewd elf king get warped into a unknown world and search for a way home but soon lose vision of returning home in attempt of helping a mysterious girl and her town on the brink of war..

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thing I stuck my hand out as a sign of peace and asked her name she 
replied gently "Amy what's your name?" "Alessondro and I don't have a 
name for the tiger,"she relplied sweetly but firmly  "I think its name 
should be Ryan." I hadn't planned on naming the tiger but I guess Ryan 
was as good as any name. I found it odd that she didn't seem the slight 
bit scared of me or the tiger. We talked or she talked I just enjoyed 
listening to the sweet sound of her voice. She told me all about her 
village and the surrounding jungle.She informed me on the brooding war 
between her village and another not so far away.  I promised to help 
defend the people even if they wouldn't accept me. And with that she 
left me to my thoughts. I awoke the next morning to the smell of fire 
in the distance; I grabbed what little equipment I had and ran outside 
the small hut. The fire was off to the east where the villages where 
now, I started to make my way over in that direction, running through 
the jungle and jumping over dead trees, swatting at pestering leaves 
when I suddenly broke into a small clearing. I came face to face with a 
full grown bear; I took a step back knowing my slim chances fighting a 
bear in closed quarters and drew my daggers, I began to circle the 
beast looking for a chance to attack. Before I knew it the animal 
charged at me and swatted at my head, I rolled to the right right 
stabbing her leg as I rolled past. I quickly arose to my feet and 
launched myself onto the bear's backside stabbing my scimitar into the 
bear's chest, I thought the battle was won but my knowledge on bears 
was obviously not enough because the bear turned into me causing me to 
fly backwards into a group of small bushes. As the beast closed in to 
finish the kill Ryan burst out of the jungle and tackled the bear to 
the ground tearing his head in two. I climbed to my feet slowly and 
unsure if I had broken anything, but luck was definitely with me this 
time, all I had to show of my fight with the bear was two bloody 
scimitars and a bruise the size of my head on my shoulder. Once again 
we were on are way to the still burning village, as we arrived I 
spotted four men with torches standing in front of a burning hut, I ran 
over with swords drawn and stabbed both of them in the back and ripped 
up through there heads. I then quickly spun around and at the same time 
my tiger jumped on top of both the guards knocking them down and put a 
claw in the back of there heads. I ran through the town putting all the 
bodies that weren't totally burnt to ashes into a pile. The sky was 
filled with black smoke and my eyes were burning from either the smoke 
or the smell of the scorched bodies, probably both. After I was done 
searching the town and I was pretty sure Amy wasn't among any of the 
bodies there I continued following the path of destruction that lay 
before me. I searched town after town always a step behind the chaos, I 
came finally to a town where battle was still going . The town was at a 
base of a small cliff and had what looked to be a royal house sitting 
on top of the cliff. I drew my scimitars and ran to what appeared to be 
the invading army. I ran to my first victim and cut the hand that was 
holding the spear and the other sword went between his eyes. I took my 
scimitar from his face and ran to the next man, he swung at an arch at 
my head and I blocked the attack with both my daggers and continued the 
motion with an arch of my own cutting the head clear off his shoulders. 
This continued until I was positive "Amy's Army" would turn out 
victorious. I ran up to the palace on top of the cliff and ran through 
the double doors, as I entered the room I saw traces of blood and body 
parts splattered across the ceiling and floor. And standing in the 
middle of the room was a man dressed in a red cloak thrown over one 
shoulder revealing a shining plate of armor; he wielded a large ax 
stained crimson from the the blood of the innocent. In a fury I drew my 
scimitars and ran to slay the slayer. He easily evaded my attack and 
swung down at my head in an arch, I rolled to the right to avoid the 
blow and stabbed forward with my scimitar, he swung his ax down and 
broke my blade in half. I stumbled backwards in shock as he swung down 
Ryan jumped in over me and bit his calf, the ax fell and sliced Ryan's 
hind foot clear off. I stammered to my feet and kicked him square in 
the chest briefly knocking the wind from him causing him to double over 
giving me a split second to attack but that was time enough for what I 
had to do. I planted my foot firm on his bent knee and launched myself 
up over his head sticking the point of my scimitar in his eye and 
ripped as I spun around his head putting a deep cut from the top of his 
eye to the back of his neck. I landed on my feet a little behind him 
and I struck the final blow by grabbing his head and cutting out his 
adams apple. I collapsed to the ground sicken with grief and 
exhaustion. From the top of the stairs a little voice erupted "I would 
like to thank you for all you have done for my people," I looked up and 
saw Amy's body spiraling towards the ceiling " And I want you two to 
take care of each other, your meeting was not a coincidence." And with 
that she was gone from me forever and before I had time to think about 
what had just taken place I found myself in the middle of a desert with 
Ryan at my side and a group of men in toga's coming after us........ 


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