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My Magical Morning Drive (standard:Inspirational stories, 1231 words)
Author: AMY B.Added: Aug 25 2006Views/Reads: 6167/1727Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
I wrote this one day after experienceing a drive i did every morning to work. I awoke to the fact we take things for granted and don't pay attention to the small beautiful things that surround us everyday. Especially Mother Nature.

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A rabbit ran across the road on its morning forage for food. As I neared
my turn, I saw the gray barn I used for a marker. I knew, that's where 
I turned  down this little country road that I sometimes travel too 
fast.This time I slowed down, I saw the two big Weeping Willow tree's, 
they also were loosing there long fronds of leaves. I always look at 
them as I drive by, I love Weeping Willows! I feel connected to them 
for some unknown reason to me. 

I saw yellow and orange leaves softly blowing off the road as I neared
"Dallas's big red barn. I kept watchful eye out for their chickens, 
they are always managing  to scare the daylights out of me by being in 
the road. Yep! there they were just waiting for me! About four of them 
right in the road! I started honking, they go crazy! I love chickens! 
They are so funny! They make me laugh! as I drive by. 

As I near this one big black mail box it looks like a bear if you  see
from a distance and look at it just right, as I did one morning not too 
long ago. Oh! I was so sure it was a black bear! I remember thinking, 
That's a black bear!! Then I got a little closer, oh silly! Its only  a 
black mail box! Calm down I told myself! As I was also laughing at 
myself to.Trees are draped over the road, as if they are pulling off 
there orange and yellow summer jackets,and letting them fall to the 
ground. Mist is still hanging around in the low places,and sneaking 
across the road in ropey little wispy puffs here and there. 

I am now at work,before I get out of my car,I thank the divine Spirit in
charge for honorably choosing me to see the magical  magnificent 
display of this morning. Things I think we all take for granted,things 
I look at every day on my way to work but not really  see. Now every 
morning on my way to work, through this magic kingdom I travel, I look, 
and also see with my heart,and every morning its different. It's like a 
silent moving ever changing painting 

Thank you Lord for this gift of nature too us, and letting me slowly
unwrap it this morning. And I ask for the patience to allow me to 
unwrap this gift every morning.Life is Just too short to not stop and 
smell the rose's on our long journey of learning in our existence on 
this great planet called Earth. 

An Original,By Amy B. 


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