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Why did I ever had a crush on him? (standard:Creative non-fiction, 257 words)
Author: abigail drewAdded: Sep 07 2012Views/Reads: 3262/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
a secret conversation regarding leader issues with HIM.

Do you have secret crushes when you were in your teens? Surely yes, but
have you ever known them the deeper side? Maybe, if you stalked on them 
everyday. How about in their own lips? Not kissing,ok? I never kissed 
someone in the lips, ever. 

It was a fine Monday morning, not a good start with anger right? Sadly,
my crush did it. But not to me; to his members....Ok, backup. In class 
we have five groups for the five days in school. I am the leader in 
group 4 while my crush is the leader in group five. We are classmates 
but no one has ever teased me of that crush things.You see, no one 

I, the class president, he the vice, often argue in leadership skills. I
am more of the "responsible" and "respected" leader types;he is the "I 
don't care" and " It's your fault!" types of leader which many of my 
friends dislike.Including me. 

That day, he literally ran to me and asked for my advice. No fireworks
there but I was willing to help. And so I did. 

"They are traitors, not helping in projects..."he would always complain
to me. "If you want to change your members' attitude, then change 
yours",I would often say in reply. But always say "I don't care" which 
irritates me. 

Don't you think it's weird for me to have a crush on an irresponsible
person? I don't know; he doesn't seem like that when the priorities are 
debate in thesis class which I am his partner. 


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