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Soul Mate OR Room mate (standard:romance, 10348 words)
Author: Circles of loveAdded: Nov 10 2012Views/Reads: 1498/915Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Soul Mates or Room Mates. When does two lovers becomes Just Room mates? “Friends will keep you sane, Love could fill your heart, A lover can warm your bed, But lonely is the soul without a mate.” David Pratt quot.

Soul Mates or Room Mates. Posted by Abby Fayokun on Sunday, July 29,

“Friends will keep you sane, Love could fill your heart, A lover can
warm your bed, But lonely is the soul without a mate.” David Pratt quot 

Daniel glances at the wall clock again; its 6:30 pm, everyone in the
office had gone home or about to, yet, he still has piles of files on 
his desk to attend to. He was determined to work on every file before 
he leaves for the day. Almost two hours gone, he's still head locked on 
his computer when he noticed his boss walking pass his office, seeing 
him, he turned back in. 

“What are you still doing here Daniel?” Mr. Edward asked. 

“Sir, I still have so much work to do.” he replied, standing up. 

“It's almost 8'o clock and a family man like you shouldn't stay so late
outside.” Mr. Edward glanced at the wall clock. 

“Oh!” Daniel chuckled. He had thought his boss would be impressed at his
commitment to stay back at work. “I know Sir, but there is also lots of 
work to be done here.” He smiled. 

“Hmm...,” Mr. Edward smiled, pulling a chair to sit on. “Sit Daniel.” 

Without objection, he did as he was told. 

Mr. Edward looked at him and smiled; he knew today was the right time to
tell him all he had been thinking for a while. 

“I have noticed you have been staying back at work for quite some time
now, months if I am right,” his scrutiny couldn't be missed. “You know 
the boss sees all these even if I don't say anything. I know who takes 
the longest lunch time, those who use the phone for personal calls and 
I also know those who really do the work they are being paid here to do 
effectively. I know all these.” He said looking straight at him. 

Daniel straightened himself. He was curious to know where is boss was
getting at. 

“Now, Daniel, you on the other hand is a very hard working young man,
diligent and committed to the growth of this company; you have worked 
so hard to the success of this company and to this, I am really 
grateful. I look at you and it reminded me of my old days.” He said, 

“Oh, thank you sir.” Daniel smiled, embarrassed at the compliment. 

“However, in as much as I love your loyalty, I also would like you to
learn one or two things from me.” “There is a lot you can learn from a 
man when you look into his eyes and watch his ways. Now, I know you are 
a good man; there's no doubt about that, but good men do make mistakes 
and fall short sometimes.” 

“Sir...” Daniel interrupted. 

“Hold that thought Daniel. I am not accusing you of anything. I know
your commitment to this company. I am talking about your commitment to 
your family,” he stared into his eyes. “Now, I am going to come 
straight to you. For months now, you have been taking so much work at 
the office to avoid going home, isn't that true?” He looked straight at 

“I...” Daniel straightened in his seat, feeling uncomfortable at the

“Now, son, I have been there. I know every tactics. Once upon a time,
every time I want to avoid any confrontation at home, I use my work as 
an excuse. Well, the good side of it now is this big company I have to 
call my own but on the other hand, I lost my family to gain all this.” 
His expression became gloomy. “Now son, there is no success in life 
when you have no one to spend it with. Yes, there are issues at home 
but we shouldn't avoid or run away from them. As men, we also have 

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