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A Royal Prisoner (standard:non fiction, 4446 words)
Author: Circles of loveAdded: Nov 10 2012Views/Reads: 1109/970Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A young man's dreams is destroyed by just one reckless night that sent him to Jail.

A Royal Prisoner. 

The violent banging on the door jolts Ben from his sleep. He sat up
quickly wondering if it was a dream. Then, he hears the screaming from 
his mother's room and his father shouting. The noise was becoming 
louder; the footsteps were heavy and nearer to his room. Alarmed and 
frightened, he stood up quickly from his bed, walks towards the door 
when suddenly it was forcefully kicked open and in a matter of seconds, 
flashes of light, fierce shouting and about two men grabbed his 
shoulders and pinned him to the ground, trying to restrain him. 

"What is this?" he shouted, confused. "What's going on?" he screamed,
struggling with them. "Who are you?" “Are you Benjamin Cooker?” Someone 
shouted in his face. “Yes, yes, yes, please, who are you?” he whimpers 
in fear. The light in the room suddenly came on; only then did he 
realize who they were; several police officers in his room. "Benjamin 
Cooker, you are under arrest for rape," one of the officers addressed 
him, putting a handcuff on him. "What!" he gasped; mystified. "You have 
the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used 
against you in a court of law..." "You have me confused with someone 
else," Ben struggled with the officers holding him. “This is all a 
mistake.” He shouted louder to be heard. They took him out of his room, 
there, he saw his mother struggling with the officer keeping her back. 
"What are you doing to my son, please," she cried out. "Where are you 
taking him to, he's done nothing." he heard his mother's voice behind 
him. His father was shocked, just staring at the whole scene in horror. 
"You have the right to speak to an attorney, and to have an attorney 
present during any questioning, if you cannot afford a lawyer, one will 
be provided for you at government expense." 

Ben was stunned and appealed as he was put behind the police car. His
heart aches seeing his mother running after the police car he was in 
and his father struggling to hold her. "Please, you have me confused 
with someone else, I didn't rape anyone," he shouted fearfully at the 
officers. "This is wrong, I haven't done anything." "Say that to your 
fellow perverts you would meet in jail." they smirk at him. He stared 
in disbelief; he was frightened, terrified at the whole thing. His 
hands hurt behind and felt already like a prisoner. ‘This was probably 
a dream', he tried to console himself. ‘This couldn't happen to me; I 
mean, this shouldn't happen to me; I am the Benjamin Cooker.' He 
thought in his mind, terrified at the horror before him. 

Within few minutes, they were at the police station; as he was been
walked into building, all eyes were on him; threatening and damning 
eyes stared furiously at him. Fear gripped him; it was the early hours 
of the day when he should be sleeping safely in the comfort of his own 
room not being bombarded by police officers. A slate was hung around 
his neck and flashes of light as the camera went off, he was asked to 
turn in different position to take his picture, then, his finger print 
were taken and a swap from his mouth for DNA sample. Not long after, he 
was led into a tiny room, and the heavy gate shut behind him. He sat 
quietly on the flat single bed, dejected and terrified. Then, it 
physically registered on him that this wasn't a dream, it was really 
happening. Being confined in the tiny room brought tears running down 
his face. 'Benjamin Cooker' he said to himself. That was his name, the 
name he had so much protected and prided. He couldn't believe how much 
trouble he had gotten himself into; it was only a night of fun that 
turned into a night that may destroy the rest of his life. Few days 
ago, he came home for the summer holiday from school; it was his first 
year as an undergraduate student at the University of Coventry, 
studying to be an Architect. His Parents were so proud of him when he 
received a scholarship to study; seeing their eighteen years old son 
off to the university and succeeding brought so much joy to them. 

Right from his primary school, he's won numerous awards for best student
in various competitions and was well known in the community as one of 
their best student.  Shortly after his entrance into the university, he 
was introduced to join a fraternity; they called themselves, 'The 
brotherhood'; he's watched so many movies about fraternity group which 
most likely always go by the same name but didn't know they truly exist 
until he was invited to one. He was just a freshman in school and being 
invited to well esteem and rich boys club was somewhat great for him. 

The guys there were from very rich families and had connection and
everything a young man would want in life. From the movies, he had 

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