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Behind Closed Doors (standard:Fan Fiction, 3323 words)
Author: Circles of loveAdded: Dec 10 2012Views/Reads: 1307/1142Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The Secrets behind closed doors. Bridget got a visit from her past that threatens to destroy everything that she has tried so hard to hide from everyone.

“Oh God!” Bridget screamed in awe, “His trouser is going to fall off.”
She said to her husband pointing at the teenage boy walking down the 

“Teenagers!” Mark, her husband sighs, nodding his head. 

Bridget quickly ran after the boy calling after him. 

“Steven!” She called out. 

“Ma!” Steven turned around, realising who was calling him. 

“Why do you always have your trouser so low beneath your underpants?
It's going to fall off one of these days.” She said to him. 

Embarrassed, Steven pulled his trouser up and tightened the belt. 

“I know this is the common amongst your peer but you don't have to do
that; you shouldn't join the multitude because they all do it.” Bridget 
said, looking into his eyes. 

“Yes ma'am.” Steven replied lowering his head. 

“Oh Steven!” She muttered. “You have always said, ‘yes ma'am' each time
we have this conversation and yet your trousers is still falling off.” 
She gently said to him. 

“I'm sorry ma, I will be more careful.” He smiled and then went his way.

“Oh teenagers!” Bridget said, going back to her husband. “I wonder what
exactly they are trying to show us when they pull their trousers below 
their underpants.” She said. 

“It's called ‘sagging' dear,” Mark said laughing at her. “You need to
see how bewilder  your face was running after the poor boy, Oh dear!" 
He said laughing. "I better go attend to the minster's meeting now.” He 

“It was a great sermon today dear, God was glorified.” She said to him. 

“Glory be to God!” Mark said hurrying to the minister's meeting. 

Being a pastor's wife has too many responsibilities which she has come
to accept. Bridget has to make sure everyone is attended to at the end 
of each service and things were all in their place. She had taken it 
upon herself to attend to every new converts and members; she hurried 
to the room where the ushers were attending to new members. 

She opened the door, and to her amazement, she saw a familiar face, a
very familiar face. 

“Abigail!” Bridget said aloud, surprised. 

“Bridget!” Abigail screamed, excited. 

“Oh my....” Bridget said, hugging her. “I can't believe this is you.”
She said, still surprised. 

“Oh dear, it's really me, been so long, what are you doing here?”
Abigail asked. 

“Me?” She chuckled. “I worship here... 

Just then. Mark entered with this twin brother, Peter. 

“Finally, I found you,” Peter said to Abigail. “I have been looking all
over for the queen.” He smiled at Bridget. “I guess you both have met?” 
He smiled taking his place by Abigail's side. 

“Meet who?” Bridget asked, confused. 

“This is Abi,” He announced to Bridget and Mark, “Abigail, my soon to be

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