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Rose-Part 1 (standard:fairy tales, 2322 words) [1/2] show all parts
Author: EponineUpdated: May 27 2001Views/Reads: 2146/1404Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Yes another Beauty and the Beast story....get over it, I think this one'll turn out rather well.

“Rose, wake up.  You were dreaming...again,” Lily gently shook me awake.
 I say up, with tears running down my face.  “Lily...why must I have 
the Sight?  The dreams are horrible,” I sobbed.  My sister wrapped her 
arms around me, and said, “Some would say to make up for your looks-”  
“A whole lot of good that does me, too.  I would rather be pretty and 
without the Sight, than ugly and with it.” 

She did not respond.  She knew it was true, what I had said.  She had
been born pretty, and grew more beautiful with each passing year.  
While Lily was fair and graceful, I had dark features- brown eyes, 
reddish brown hair, and as salt added to a wound, I limped from a horse 
accident.  Also from that accident I was scarred, and some people 
turned from me in fear.  “You even have a pretty name, a beautiful 
flower that Father’s trading ships bring in from exotic places, and I 
got stuck with some dumb flower no one’s ever seen before.” 

Lily sighed.  “I know you have never seen a rose before.  They were
Mother’s favorite flowers, and Father cannot bear to see them.  That’s 
why he calls you Beauty instead-“  “Another insult.  Look at me, Lily.  
I know Father means not to cajole me with that foolish nickname, but 
look at me.  I certainly do not deserve it.  You should be Beauty, and 
I should be Lily.” 

Neither of us spoke for a moment.  Finally I said, “Why can we not tell
Father about my curse?”  “Rose, it would be the death of him, you know 
that.  If his brightest and kindest daughter had the same gift that 
killed his only wife...he would go mad, at best.  You know what they do 
to those who can See.”  I knew.  Those with the Sight were burned at 
the stake having been accused of being witches.  A peddler had found 
Mother out, when she refused to buy his goods.  He had been selling 
faulty items which none could have know about unless they were in 
control of some type of magic.  I had been to young to remember Mother, 
but I still recall the day she had died.  I did not understand why I 
was being dressed in black.  There was the smell of smoke as some of 
the local citizens prepared the fire...and a scream.  I tried not to 
remember that.  My mind drifted back to the dream which had awoken me.  
Lily always wanted to know about my dreams.  She said that maybe we 
could piece them together, and understand what the Sight was trying to 
tell me.  “I was in the dark hall again,” I said aloud.  This was 
something I Saw quite often.  “The one in the castle.  But this time I 
was not alone.  There was...someone else, or something else with me.  
And I was talking to... him.  I remember being sad, and feeling 
chilled, although I was wearing a warm, velvet dress.  And that I knew 
I had to leave, but I didn’t want to.  No, I did want to leave, but not 
all of me did.” 

Lily nodded.  The hall, and the castle, frequented my dreams.  The
presence had been there once or twice, something I was afraid of, but 
the dream-me was completely comfortable with, and trusted.  I was 
always dressed in more fancy gowns than even Father could afford, and 
he was quite wealthy with his trade business.  Lily whispered, “Well.  
Maybe he is a prince.  Only royalty could be wealthier than we.”  “I 
doubt it, sister.  He seemed...I well I cannot describe him.  Huge.  
Not entirely human.”  Suddenly I found myself tired.  “I think I’ll be 
all right now.  Goodnight,” I said, and faintly I could hear Lily say, 
“Goodnight, Rose,” as sleep claimed me. 

The next few days passed without incident.  I did not dream, and while I
knew Lily was trying to solve the puzzle in her head (as was I), she 
spoke not of it.  However, she did say to me that we had been invited 
to Madame D—‘s estate, out in the country.  One week later found us 
with trunks ready.  We kissed Father goodbye, and climbed into the 
carriage.  I had brought some books with me, Lily her embroidery.  
“Rose, however do you expect to find a husband if you have no wifely 
talents?”  “Lily,” I said, half mocking her, “Who is going to marry 
me?”  She sighed, as I had expected, and went on with her work. 

To travel to the Manor of Madame D—‘s took three days by carriage.  On
the second night, the inn we were to stay at was not to be found.  The 
driver told us of the predicament.  “The horses must be rested, dear 
ladies.  I am afraid that we will have to stop here for the night.  You 
may either sleep in the carriage or on the ground.”  We decided to stay 
in the carriage, though it did little to keep out the cold of night.  
Under our cloaks and a few blankets, Lily and I huddled close.  It was 
late when we heard shouts.  The driver threw open the doors.  “Run,” he 

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