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Toonie and The Dark Cloud (standard:fairy tales, 2406 words)
Author: FlutterWritesAdded: Mar 10 2013Views/Reads: 1520/1039Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Toonie is a strange girl , and she is friends with a strange cloud.

Toonie and the Black Cloud 

She had been born under a bad sign. A bad meteorological sign, that is.
The day she came into the world, it was a dark and stormy night. 
Overused clichés aside , it was the truth. The weather man had 
predicted a 100% chance of heavy showers and scattered thunderstorms. 

It was the worst weather the city had seen in decades. The streets began
to flood and the booms of thunder would rattle the windows. But, that 
was the least of worries of a heavily pregnant young wife. She was just 
recently admitted, having found that her water had broke. The delivery 
went smoothly as could be expected, finally, she had given birth. 
However, the present nurses all agreed that it was a very strange child 
that was now before them .Naturally, no one dared to vocalize this, 
lest they appear shallow. 

The baby was tiny, but it looked as if her head, hands and feet were too
big for her. It would be years before she'd grow into them, if ever. To 
top it off, she had humongous eyes, with a teensy little line of a 
mouth. She looked like something out a cartoon. Stranger still, the 
infant was absolutely silent .She gave no cries or screams. She just 
sat there staring, right through the hospital staff. Imagine their 
surprise upon discovering that the child was staring at a small dark 
cloud that had appeared out of nowhere, and was now hovering over the 

Wanting to keep composure, the doctors and the nurses ignored the little
cloud went about their duties.  Their mouths said “She's beautiful”, 
“She's lovely”, but their minds said, “She's a freak.” At that moment 
however, the dark cloud drenched them all, as if to say ‘I heard that 

Her mother however, was beside herself with joy. She didn't notice the
subtle disdain of the hospital staff  , nor did she see the small dark 
cloud that still hovered over her child. All she saw was her baby, how 
beautiful she was, the love and wonder in her large eyes. 

“You remind me of a cartoon I used to watch as a kid. It was about a
koala cub named Petunia, and she was my absolute favorite.” 

This is how Petunia, ‘Toonie' for short was ushered into this roller
coaster we call life. 

Although just a baby, Toonie understood that this cloud was going to be
a constant companion .When her parents took her home from the hospital, 
they were a little alarmed to see a cloud continually follow their 
daughter. When they put her in her bassinet, the cloud would descend 
low enough for Toonie to reach for its wispy ends with her baby 
fingers. Toonie was delighted, and after much activity of playing with 
her cloudy friend, she fell asleep. 

Deeply concerned, Toonie's parents tried their hardest to get rid of it.
Her father tried to yank the cloud away, it responded by zapping his 
hand with miniature lightning bolts. Her mother tried to use a fire 
extinguisher, thinking that the foam might dissolve it. But the cloud 
just sneezed and then shrugged the foam off. It wasn't going anywhere. 

As Toonie grew up, she spent a lot of time with her cloud friend. Its'
clinginess was a bother to her parents for sure, but, what was a real 
bother was the reactions of people. Toonie was aware of being 
ridiculously petite with freakishly large eyes, but she didn't believe 
she was any weirder than others. But when she would take walks, 
strangers would always stare and point at the troll child with a 
levitating cloud. 

One passerby muttered to his friend to check out the midget with wombat
eyes and a floating cloud. 

Toonie jumped around excitedly, trying to get a glimpse of the ‘midget'
child they were talking about. Unfortunately, she saw no one. So she 
figured that it had probably left, not wanting to hear all those 
negative comments that had been said about it. 

They decided it was a fine day to play in the park .They invited some
children their age to join them. Toonie and the cloud though, wanted to 

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