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The Report to the Ka'lik (standard:science fiction, 1169 words)
Author: FlutterWritesAdded: Mar 17 2013Views/Reads: 3397/859Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
An alien waits for his turn to give a report on a recent expedition to earth.

The Report to the Ka'lik 

We are strictly confined to watch them from the shadows so as not to
alarm them. However, I long to be able to communicate with them face to 
face. That would give an entirely new perspective to our research.  For 
one, perhaps we'd understand why we've had to study them so intently in 
the first place. Although it has been one hundred years, the humans are 
still fascinating to our kind. 

My masters, the Ka' lik, assigned me to planet Earth when I had just
graduated from my biological studies. I had heard only urban legends 
about that blue planet, about those strange species that were capable 
of great things. The planet was on the far reaches of the galaxy, yet a 
rather large expedition party was arranged. No explanation was given as 
to our objective, our orders were simply to study the homosapien way of 
life and meticulously document all our findings. 

Today, my masters have summoned me to hear my ‘final report'. I am a bit
disappointed, if it is to be a final report, then it means that the 
study has concluded. Of course, I keep my feelings to my myself. The 
Ka'lik does not tolerate insubordination, especially from an inferior 
race such as us Twu'raq. 

As I walk toward the chamber of the grand conference hall, I admire the
splendid etchings of various Ka' lik military victories. No one would 
dispute the acumen of Ka'lik in war. No one who has disputed it has 
survived.  Gleaming sculptures of famous Ka'lik generals adorn the 
walls, while the wide sweeping architecture clings to the ceiling, and 
vibrant paintings of Ka'lik folk tales line the corridor .It took the 
Ra'mu slaves weeks and weeks of endless toil to turn this once bare 
hall into a masterpiece. The Ra'mu was lucky that the Ka'lik prized 
their artisanal skills; it saved their planet from complete 
destruction. We Twa'raq weren't so fortunate. 

I am put into the adjacent waiting room, though the doors are closed, I
can hear the hall filling with noises of the attendees. The has been 
quickly filled with Ka'lik dignitaries, minor vassal kings, nobles and 
their slaves. All of them are waiting for me to give my report on my 
observations of Planet Earth, or Ya'li as we call it. 

Finally I am permitted to take the stage; I nervously go over the key
points in my head. Did I remember to bring the appropriate images? It's 
too late now. I always fear what comes next .We all must wait for HIS 
entrance.  It's a visual reminder of who still rules this universe. 
Well, at least he will rule it soon. 

Crown Prince, Official Ruling Regent of the Kal'ik, The Colonel .Sounds
of footsteps gradually get louder and louder as he approaches the long 
runway in the middle of the conference hall. Although he wears boots to 
cover his claws, the noise is pronounced enough to sound like the 
beatings of a war drum. The countless war medals pinned to his uniform 
catch the light as he passes by, reminding us of the countless 
ceremonies where the Colonel was honored for his bravery.  Although, 
ruthlessness would be a more accurate term. 

He enters into the auditorium trailed by his lower ranking officers and
his attendants. They would never dare admit it, but they hate every 
fiber every of his black scaly being .To mask their fear of Colonel, 
they convince themselves that The Crown Prince has gained his power 
solely by the privilege of being the Generals' son. But that is 
entirely inaccurate . 

The Colonel never relied on his father's position to make a name for
him. No, he much preferred to earn his respect the old fashioned way 
.Although Ka'lik royalty  are required to serve in the military , not 
all have been deployed for combat . The majority served more as 
officers, overseeing the atrocities from behind their desks. Not the 
Crown Prince. He volunteered for the most brutal missions available, 
risking his own life many times on the front. His medals were earned in 
blood, sometimes that of his own. 

He is almost to the podium, although I don't dare make eye contact.
Keeping my eyes staring at the floor reflection, I see the outline of 
his massive body. Spikes protrude out from the curve of his back, 
sharper than a swords blade. My tentacles begin to shake as I pray that 

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