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ANALLY PROBED BY ALIENS (standard:Flash, 928 words)
Author: Danny ZilAdded: May 27 2013Views/Reads: 2807/1433Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Frustrated Edna Kak finally meets a man who sweeps her off her feet.


The last time Edna Kak had any kind of sexual experience was when she
was abducted by aliens for three days and gently but thoroughly anally 
probed whilst strapped down on a comfortable examination couch on their 

How she had loved it! Three days of constant blissful anally induced
orgasms all brought on by those thick probing alien tentacles. 

Why an obviously very advanced species had travelled from some distant
galaxy to explore an Earthling's asshole as they reportedly did on a 
regular basis never entered Edna's mind. But the pleasure did. Again 
and again and again. 

Three days of dream come true orgasms was a miracle for a seriously ugly
fucker like Edna. Late forties and an already wrinkled flabby hag. 
Missing teeth. A squint. A dark moustache which remained loyal despite 
repeated determined efforts to get rid of it. 

But oh how Edna craved to be fucked. And nobody would. Not since her
half-blind uncle in the tool-shed and that was thirty five years ago. 

Edna had hung around the woodlands near her Idaho home for weeks where
the aliens had abducted her. Day and nite she prowled them hoping for a 
repeat but the bastards never came back. 

Not giving up, she researched alien sightings hotspots across the States
on the net on her laptop and drew up a list of them. Then she sold her 
house and bought a camper van and hung out at them all, one by one. 
Desperate. Hopeful. But fuck all happened. 

She wandered thru remote woodlands, stark naked but she was so ugly that
flowers turned away in disgust as she passed and hungry bears came up 
and sniffed her then loped off. 

Then she heard on the camper van radio that Arthur Lank, the amateur
rapist, had escaped from a secure psychiatric hospital in Oregon. Edna 
drove for two days to get there. 

She downloaded his picture and prowled the streets looking for him.
Prowled the nite tenaciously seeking him. 

She eventually found Arthur in a deserted warehouse lying next to an
attractive naked store window dummy. Both were smoking. 

The dummy had a dreamy smile on its face but probably it looked that way
before Arthur shafted it. He had poked a hole in its lips for the smoke 
and poked a hole in its hole for the poke. 

Edna stripped and cavorted around but Lank remained limp. 

Edna gave up and decided to try her luck with the horny sailor boys down
at the docks, returning after weeks at sea. 

She hung around offering blow jobs for five bucks. That is, she offered
them the five bucks. Even toothless weather-beaten old mariners snorted 
in disgust at her. 

Then the miracle happened. Two handsome Italian sailors chatted her up.
Flashed their white teeth and money. Whispered filthy things into her 
welcoming ears. Edna enthusiastically agreed to them all. 

They returned to the camper van and all three got liquored up. Then Edna
stripped and willingly allowed herself to be tied to a chair. 

Bondage! One of her favourite fantasies! 

It was bondage with a difference though. For two hours, the lusty
Italians fucked the arse off each other while she could only watch. 
Salivating. Bastards never laid a finger on her. 

They untied her and left at dawn. Arm in arm and laughing. 

As an absolute last resort, Edna tried ‘Percy Pine's Dating Magazine For

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