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Carruthers' Demise, Chapters Thirty Eight & Thirty Nine (standard:drama, 2453 words) [21/24] show all parts
Author: Brian CrossAdded: Jun 14 2013Views/Reads: 1182/904Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Approaching the conclusion of my drama. Carruthers has found Chelsey, his missing novelist wife, but dangers abound.

Chapter Thirty Eight 

Carruthers' instinct was to lunge forward, to bolt for the barn and
rescue his wife, but Casey's grip on his arm was strong and tight. 

‘Don't be a fool, Marty; you wouldn't have a chance, wait ...' 

‘But he's armed, he could kill her ...' 

‘He could kill both of you, together; that's probably his intention
anyway.' Casey crouched forward, head peering through the undergrowth, 
still gripping his arm. ‘That might provide him with some sadistic 
excitement but right now he's only got her ...' she turned her head to 
him, brow furrowed, ‘don't make it easy for him, and anyway ...' she 
crooked a finger, ‘... you've forgotten about him, the guy still in the 

Carruthers met her gaze with a cocktail of anxiety and rage. ‘What am I
supposed to do, just sit here?' 

‘They won't kill her – not until they find you – take it from me.' 

‘And you know, do you?' 

Casey exhaled heavily. ‘That's precisely why he lured you here.' 

The barn doors squealed open – instantly drawing their attention. The
dog barked again and bounded into the yard, a big Alsatian, in the 
light of the headlights its coat seemed the colour of the night. Out 
marched Adrian, beckoning to Noades who leapt from the car to join him. 
Adrian turned sharp left with Noades following behind, into the main 
area of the yard, a powerful torch lighting their way. Carruthers 
listened to the footsteps recede and then halt for brief intervals as 
they searched amongst the outbuildings. There was the sound of items 
being thrown around as though any potential hiding place was being 
overturned and laid bare, before the grinding of boots on gravel became 
more audible again. ‘They're not here anywhere,' Adrian's bitter voice 
carried on the wind. ‘They'd have been holed up in here now, that's for 
sure. We'll head up to the hanger, that'll be where they're making for 
– we can work our way back from there. We'll find them.' 

Adrian and Noades came into view, courtesy of the light thrown by the
torch, with the dog ahead of them. Suddenly the Alsatian diverted its 
course, bounded to its left and headed directly for Carruthers' 
shelter. He glanced at Casey, saw only defiance in her eyes as the dog 
bore down on them. His heart seemed to beat inside his mouth as he 
heard the shout from Adrian, the voice rasping and severe. ‘Tyson, 
here! Here now!' The beam from his torch swung over their heads but it 
was only a cursory exercise by Adrian. The dog yielded to the command, 
turning tail, close enough for Carruthers to smell its foul breath. 

Carruthers didn't risk raising his head, he heard the metallic thump as
the car doors slammed shut, listened to the harsh surge from its engine 
as it roared onto the track and only then did he peer over the bracken, 
emitting a lengthy sigh. 

He slapped Casey on the shoulder. ‘Come on, let's go for it.' 

‘You go, I'll stay here.' 

Carruthers had struggled to his feet. He gaped, his hand already
outstretched to haul Casey up. ‘I can't leave you here ...' 

Casey didn't take his hand, instead she gestured towards the barn. ‘You
heard what they said; they're going to search from the far end. Now go 
to Chelsey and don't hang about. Meantime you'll need someone to play 
nightwatchman, and that's what I intend to do. Now get!' 

The force of Casey's arm propelled him forward, and after a fleeting
glance back he hurried towards the barn. The gravel surface was 
deceptively steep however; a fact concealed from him by the night sky, 
and in that oppressive darkness Carruthers struggled for balance and 
direction, until, as his eyes adjusted he saw the black barn gables 
loom over him. Close enough now, to make out the timber double doors he 
groped for the padlock, conscious of a renewed cry from Chelsey. 

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