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Not Your Fault (standard:drama, 339 words)
Author: PoeticBabe14Added: Apr 22 2001Views/Reads: 2304/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
I have suffered depression for over half of my life, no one knew about it but me, i never let anyone know about my suicidal attempts because i knew they'd take me to a shrink, this is what helped me stop, poetry...

My life is just so messed up I just feel like I should die. It might
help the world a little bit If I just gave up my life. 

It makes me cry and cry Until I can't take it anymore. I just ask myself
"Why, oh why?!" If you look at my police record, you'll see I have 4. 

I hate being this stupid b*tch I pound down my fist. And yell out in
rage Why can't I just sliot my wrist. 

That would be the better of the two Yet it would make my mom cry. Why
can't my life just turn new And I would never have gotten high. 

My mom yells and yells And I scream back and cry. And there is nothing
else to do But just shoot and die. 

If my mom or sister cries at my funeral then you'll know my family loved
me. But that's something they never showed me And now it's too late to 
change my mind. 

The blood is coming out fast and I cannot stop the screaming. It hurts
so much do die, God And I was only a child who needed help. 

When you see my friends at school tell them I miss them all, and I love
them. And Charlie, I always loved you, And I always will, but now it's 
too late, for that one special date. 

And as for Anna, my very best friend there was nothing you could do to
help. But you were there for me until this tragic end You made me feel 
good all by yourself. 

But for the people that cared for me the most I want to say that I'm
thankful for your love. And at my funeral, when you say a sad toast In 
the sky, you will see a dove. And that will be my sign to all of you, 
That I am now in heaven living with am all new soul, And happy am I, 
with memories of you all. 

-Angela borchers(december 8, 2000[9:37pm]) 


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