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Conformity (standard:poetry, 228 words)
Author: AhadiAdded: Apr 22 2001Views/Reads: 4456/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is a short poem about conformity. Hence the name "Conformity" Not really sure how else to explain it.

Everyone worries about conformity, 

Looking good for the public 

Who cares what my style is 

I'm here to please you, the viewer. 

Do I have...those shoes? 

Do I have...those pants? 

Does my shirt match? 

Why is my hair so nappy? 

My african print isn't in style 

Maybe I'll keep it in the back of my closet, 

it'll come back in a while 

For right now, I'll "fall into the Gap" 

Learn to love everyone elses "fashion" 

Look at my african sister 

her hair all straight and pulled back 

Forget my natural bush 

I'm going to go get it relaxed 

My conforming to my peers, 

Doesn't end at looks 

I could be out partying 

Why am I reading all these books? 

There's the music a I listen to 

I canít listen to the music that connects with me 

Some unwritten rule I have to like Rap and R&B 

My speech evidently doesn't please the public 

Don't speak proper, all blacks use "ebonics" 

"You sound like a 'white' girl" 

Does that mean that my people aren't allowed to sound educated? 

What are you wearing? 

What are you listening to? 

Why do you talk like that? 

I'm changing myself now, just for you 

After I've done all my changes 

I look in my mirror and what do I see? 

I see everyone else, what they want, but nothing that is me 


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