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Under the Dolphin's Nose (standard:non fiction, 1076 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Nov 06 2013Views/Reads: 1594/842Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A mountain was named after dolphin's nose as it looks like it from a distance sloping into the Indian Ocean on eastern seaboard in India. At the foot of the Dolphin's Nose were few caves that were home for various sea creatures. These caves are accessable

Under the Dolphin's Nose 

Subba Rao 

Eastern Ghats are tall mountains and small hills that spread 

across discontinuously on southeastern seaboard of India. One of the 

hills extended into Indian Ocean with a look from a distance more like 

a dolphin's nose. Thus the mountain was named Dolphin's Nose in a town 

nestled between the mountain range along the Bay of Bengal. The 

Dolphins' Nose Mountain was a natural barrier against tropical 

hurricanes to a large shipping port and naval base in town. 

At low tide, the ocean recedes to expose small caves at the 

base of Dolphin's Nose Mountain.  At low tide, the caves were 

accessible but at high tide the caves go under water.  Fishermen 

familiar with the timing of the tide venture in and out of the caves to 

collect large pink crabs. 

While Juggernaut growing up, his father an avid collector of 

all kinds of stuff came to know about large exoskeletons of pink crabs 

in the caves under the Dolphin's Nose. After consulting with fishermen 

familiar with the caves, he planned a small expedition to the caves 

with two of his nephews to collect the dried pink crabs from the caves 

to add to his collection. He took along with him a fisherman as a 

guide. Juggernaut's mother was worried sick from the beginning since 

nobody in the group except the fisherman knows how to swim or has 

experience in hiking on the treacherous mountain slopes to reach the 


After healthy breakfast, all three left for the Dolphin's Nose 

to meet the fisherman at the sea. They planned to return before the 

sunset. Juggernaut with his sibling fell asleep leaving their mother 

alone keeping a vigil as the evening fell into darkness. Juggernaut got 

up from the bed early in the morning happy to hear his father's voice 

in the kitchen. He jumped from the bed and ran into kitchen to see his 

father and two uncles having breakfast. He saw a band aid on his 

father's forehead and the two uncles looked bruised with small cuts on 

their hands. Apparently, they returned safe after mid night. 

We were so scared last night mother was crying, what 

happened? Juggernaut went close to his father to examine his forehead. 

I am very sorry for putting you all through the grief, lot of 

unexpected events happened that delayed our returned trip but the good 

news is we were safe and sound and brought back specimens of pink crab 

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