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I Couldn't Careless (standard:non fiction, 308 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Dec 28 2013Views/Reads: 2289/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Most news items we see everyday were repetitious and boring. To get away from boredom from watching these news items, say "I couldn't careless."

I Couldn't Care Less 

Subba Rao 

Lots of events occur all the time in the world around, some are 

important and some are trivial in nature.  The news is full of these 

events, every news channel repeats the same story again and again; if 

they ran out of news, they create one as filler. We the audiences have 

a choice either to watch or change the channel but that is impractical. 

The ancient sages used a technique to seal the mind from outside 

distractions it is called mantra or chant like Ram, Ram or Krishna, 

Krishna or any other word or a phrase. Juggernaut's mantra is I 

couldn't care less, to block the mind from the repeated news events 

that bothers him.  Following are some of the news events Juggernaut 

couldn't care less to listen 

Political deadlock in Washington DC 

Daily poll results on state of affairs in the country 

Unemployment rate in US 

News on social security and Medicare 

Increasing American debt 

Daily stock market index 

Stats on new home sales 

Changing mortgage rates 

Stats on new car sales 

Stats on people without health insurance 

Current revolutions, civil wars and uprisings in countries around 

News on increasing Chinese influence in the world 

Pirates taking ships' crew members for ransom 

Daily health watch reports on elderly politicians and celebrities 

Rising sea levels from climate change 

News on dwindling glaciers at North and South Poles 

North and South Pole shift 

Ever increasing Hispanic population in US 

Gross worldwide revenue stats for Movies 

News on Movie stars 

Day time talk shows 

Extramarital affairs of politicians and celebrities 

New weight loss diets and programs 

Stats on student performance on ACT and SATs 

Stats on students' math and science grades 

News on Kardashians 

Lindsy Lohan shenanigans' 

Lady Gaga outrageous costumes 

Miley Cyrus lucid dancing 

Celebrity run-ins with law 

British royal family news 


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