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Fire Eater Stunt (standard:non fiction, 1676 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Jan 05 2014Views/Reads: 2251/1113Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Performing fire eating stunt is dangerous, despite the risk, Juggernaut classmate in the school performs fire eating stunt with ease in his backyard.

Fire Eater Stunt 

Subba Rao 

Fire eating is an art that started in ancient India. Hindu 

Sandhus and Fakirs perform extraordinary feats like eating fire to show 

their mental and physical endurance. Now a days, trained people perform 

fire eating in circus and fairs as an entertainment. It is amazing to 

see large ball of fire coming out a mouth particularly in the 

background of total darkness. 

Naidu was one of the quiet students in the class at the high 

school; tall and handsome, he kept to himself always sat on the back 

benches to lean on the wall behind. Sometimes, teachers reprimanded him 

for his laid back attitude and not being attentive in the class. He was 

never disobedient to the teachers and at the same time never complied 

to their orders either. He has a look of a movie actor with black curly 

hair and handsome face with perpetual smile. The school has no 

designated lunch room; most students brought lunch from their home ate 

lunch on the back verandah near the drinking water tank.  Juggernaut 

always bought snacks at one of the kiosks at the crossroads near the 

school. Since a handicap woman with deformed hand took over one of the 

shops, he purchased snacks at her place only.  The woman shopkeeper 

despite her handicap opened the soda bottles with ease to the amazement 

of Juggernaut spent his lunchtime sitting on the long wooden bench in 

front of her store eating snacks for lunch. After eating snack he spent 

time with select group of his friends under the shade of a huge 

Plumeria tree chatting until the school bell rang. Naidu is one of the 

few students lived close to the school went home for a quick lunch. One 

afternoon Naidu approached Juggernaut standing under the Plumeria tree 

and asked “do you want to visit my house close by across the field?” 

At first Juggernaut was surprised since he hardly knew Naidu 

during the year except exchanging smiles or brief words. “Sure, if we 

can return in time for the classes,” 

“It takes only few minutes to walk to that y house across the 

field,” replied Naidu pointing a large yellow building on the other 

side of the vacant land. 

“How long you have been living there?” 

“We moved to this place from a nearby village so my sister and 

I can get better education in town here,” replied walking on the narrow 

dirt path between the overgrown bushes.  Nobody takes care of the empty 

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