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Instrumentalist (standard:non fiction, 216 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Jan 26 2014Views/Reads: 2067/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Working with analytical instruments in a laboratory is much easy than working with people. Luckily for Juggernaut, he spent most of his career working with instruments.


Subba Rao 

Infra-red spectrograph reveals wave length in materials but 

could never measure at what wave length the people were operating. 

Using a gas Chromatograph the contents of air samples could be 

determined but fails to find that some people were full of hot air. 

X-Ray diffraction determines contents of various materials but 

fails to penetrate the layers of camouflage to expose the real persons 


Couldn't operate a lab without a Mass Spectrograph but could live 

happily away from mad masses. 

Graphite furnace can disintegrate anything but can't vaporize layers of 

fake politeness in real life. 

Easy to operate Plasma Spectrophotometer but real plasma issues were 

hard to handle under duress in real life. 

Juggernaut was blessed to spent good part of his life surrounded by 

various analytical instruments. That was god sent. 

Prefer dealing with people on every day business or work in isolation 

with instruments? 

Are you kidding me? Working with instruments always; don't have to put 

up artificial smile or politeness and can use colorfully profanities 

freely and loudly. The instruments can take the abuse day in and day 

out, year after year until replaced with latest model without a 

protest. Juggernaut has no doubt in his mind how much he enjoyed 

working in isolation with analytical instruments throughout his career. 


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