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Little Little Sister (standard:fantasy, 9936 words)
Author: MyMelodyOfTheHeartAdded: May 13 2014Views/Reads: 1571/1320Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A 10 year old boy is happy with being an only child, but finds that a sibling can bring him even more happiness, big or small.

Anyone how has siblings knows how much a sibling can mean to them. For
some, they can be best friends, others can be annoying and one would 
wish to be an only child. I was always very happy to be an only child 
in my family, but a very big change in my life has proven me otherwise. 

My name is Harris Vincent Packard and I am 10 years old. I live with my
mother and go to Southside Elementary School. My mother and I have a 
very close relationship and we do almost everything together, from 
playing sports to making music. It fits very well because my Mom is a 
Kindergarten teacher at my school, so I see her often. 

She loves kids and being around them, including myself, brings her lots
of joy in her life. Mom has always wanted more kids besides me,  but 
since my father died a few years ago, she has been unable to have more 
kids. She has told me every day since then how she longs for more 
children to care for and love, a new sibling for me to play with.  I 
have taken this in stride for years. 

"Mom, you have me.", I would say to her," Isn't that enough?" Mom puts
her arm around me  and says," Of course, Harry. But I have more love in 
my heart to give to other children of my own besides you. Also, 
wouldn't you love to have a sibling to play with?" I nodded, even 
though I am perfectly happy being an only child without siblings. 
Little did we know that a simple event in our lives would lead to Mom's 
wish coming true and a lesson learned for me. 

It all started one day at school, where I was in Mrs. Mistretta's
English class. In that class, we have been reading Fairy Tales and 
studying the morals behind them. Today, Mrs. Mistretta was reading the 
Fairy Tale "Thumbelina" to me and my classmates. 

Normally, I am fascinated by Fairy Tales, but this one seemed strange to
me. How can an old woman adopt a very small girl as her child? Wouldn't 
she easily get lost from the woman and not be her child anymore?  
Questions like these were running through my mind as Mrs. Mistretta was 

"And Thumbelina and the fairy Prince lived happily ever after." Mrs.
Mistretta finished reading.  When she finished, some of my classmates 
applauded, even though I was sure there was no reason for that if you 
enjoyed the story. Mrs. Mistretta smiled. "I'm glad that all of you 
enjoyed the story. To continue with our study of Fairy Tales, we will 
now reflect on and discuss the moral of this story. Can anyone start us 
off with their thoughts on this?" 

Hands were raised all around the room, including mine, which I was
raising higher than the others. Mrs. Mistretta saw this and called on 
me. "Harry?" I sat up tall in my desk. "Mrs. Mistretta. I believe that 
the whole moral to this tale  is while Thumbelina is a very small 
person, she can do many great things, including meeting a Fairy prince. 
Small people like that are only in Fairy Tales because bigger people  
are better and more important." 

After I said this, my classmates murmured among themselves. Nick
Lansing, one of my friends and classmates, spoke up and said, "Harry, I 
agree with your moral, but your statement is so discriminating. Small 
people are great. Isn't that right, Mrs. Mistretta?" She nodded 
solemnly. "I'm afraid Nick's right, Harris. Presenting  your opinion as 
a fact like that is wrong and egotistical of you. You did a great job 
interpreting the moral of the story, but please, keep your opinion as 
your opinion next time. Do you understand?" I nodded and looked at my 
notebook. because I am so proud of being an only child, I sometimes 
can't help being a show-off and looking down on others in my life. 

As if that didn't happen, Mrs. Mistretta continued the discussion,
calling on my other classmates for their take on the moral as well. 
"Who cares?," I thought to myself," Thumbelina is a dumb fairy tale 
anyway."  But I focused on the class, until finally, the bell rang, 
signaling the end of the school day. "Have a great day, everyone. 
Remember your assignments and I will see you all on Monday." Mrs. 
Mistretta said as everyone left the room. 

I made my way down the hall towards my locker. There, I opened it, put
some of my books in, grabbed my baseball uniform, equipment, and shut 

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