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The Red Thread (standard:fantasy, 5845 words)
Author: MyMelodyOfTheHeartAdded: May 22 2014Views/Reads: 1612/1141Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Eighteen year old Wendy has a bad day, but finds that, after a daring adventure, something good always comes from a bad day.

At some point of in everyone's lives, we experience a bad day that is
filled with one embarrassment after another.  For most people, it's 
just a bump in the road of life. But for me, a bad lead to a daring 
mission, a new friend, and lessons learned. 

My name is Wendy Michelle Kerns. I am 18 years old and consider myself a
"Woman of the Arts". Why do I consider myself this? Because in my life, 
I have a strong love of anything in the arts, whether it's on paper or 
performed in front of an audience. 

The high school that I attend, Landale Public High School, is, in my
opinion, the best place for a student like myself to nurture my 
academic life as well as take Music and Art lessons. That is, until I 
had a bad day there. 

My day started out in school, in Science class to be exact, where my
classmates and I were learning about alternative forms of energy to 
electricity such as wind, water, and the sun. Our teacher, Mr. Bunsen, 
was using a box fan and a pinwheel as visual aids to explain how the 
wind can move objects in order to make energy. He used other things in 
his lecture like a paddle wheel, flowing water, and other items as 

As I sat in the class, taking notes on sheets of paper and drawing a
picture of a cat at the same time, I thought," Mr. Bunsen's class is 
interesting today. My day ought to go great from here. " But I was 
about to be proven wrong.   While Mr. Bunsen excused himself to use the 
restroom, Kevin Snyder, the school bully, and his group of Hooligans 
decided to have a little fun by tormenting me. While I sat at my desk, 
quietly working on my drawing of a cat, they got up, and took all of my 
papers, including my cat picture. 

Horrified, I called after them," What are you guys doing?! I need those
papers. They're mine!!!" I got up and started towards them. But Kevin 
stopped me and asked in a mocking tone of voice," Oh, does little Windy 
Wendy want her precious papers back?"  "Windy Wendy", by the way, is a 
nickname that everyone has been calling me since I was really little. 
My Grandmother gave me that as a sign of how I am like the wind, 
touching her's and everyone's lives in my own artistic way. Once my 
Mother called me that in school, my classmates started doing that as 
well. I love my nickname, but in the case of Kevin bullying me, he 
should give it more respect, like everyone else does. 

"Kevin, I need my papers back. Otherwise, Mr. Bunsen will not be happy
to see this." I tried to be firm with him, but I guess he sensed some 
pleading and crying in my voice. Because he and his gang just scoffed, 
laughed at me, and did some of the most despicable acts I've ever seen. 
I lunged at Kevin once more for my papers, but he pushed me and I fell 
flat on my back. "If you want your papers so badly," one of Kevin's 
friends told me as he held the papers towards the box fan," Go get 
them, Windy!"  And with that, Kevin turned on the fan and my papers 
flew all around the room. 

Some of my classmates  and I tried desperately to catch them, but they
were too quick for us. Gently, they sailed out the open classroom door 
and disappeared. I was really heartbroken, but the next thing I knew, 
Kevin broke my heart even more. 

With the fan still running, he held my picture of a cat over the blades.
"Please, Kevin!!! Please don't harm my precious cat!!!!"  I was on my 
knees, crying out in a loud voice. Maria Bergstein, one of my nicest 
classmates and friends, chimed in. "Come on, Kevin. You have gone far 
enough with this. Let Windy Wendy have her picture back and leave her 
alone for once." 

Kevin, apparently, decided to ignore us both. He rolled his eyes and
dropped my cat picture into the fan's spinning blades where it got 
shredded into a million pieces. Then they fluttered onto the floor. I 
felt my heart go along with them. 

Just when I was just about to burst into tears in front of my stunned
classmates, the bell rang. As my classmates were leaving, I heard some 
of them say things like, " Poor Windy Wendy." "Is she okay?" and 
"Kevin's such a jerk to Wendy."   I just finished picking up the pieces 
of my destroyed picture when Maria came up to me. "Are you okay, Windy 

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