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Ted And His Bed (standard:fantasy, 7599 words)
Author: MyMelodyOfTheHeartAdded: Jun 23 2014Views/Reads: 1660/1199Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Four Year Old Ted has a strong attachment to his bed, but after getting a new one, learns that getting attached to an object is not a great thing to do.

Hello Everyone! Nice to see you. Allow me to introduce myself. My name
is Theodore Roeford Marsden II, but you can call me Ted. I am a very 
happy and playful four year old. I am very active at Pre School and at 
home. My Mommy, Daddy, Teacher, and friends at Pre School all call me 
"Boundless Bred Ted" because of my brimming energy. 

Aside from being active, I have a very soft spot for things. From my
stuffed animals, the tree in the School yard, to the TV, I love them 
all very much. Most of all, I love my bed where I sleep, sometimes eat 
if Mommy lets me, play, and pretend I am in different worlds on it. My 
attachment to my bed is so strong, that, we are inseparable friends. 
But it really scares me how lately, Mommy and Daddy have been talking 
about getting me a new bed. I ran up to my bed. "Don't worry, Beddy. 
Mommy and Daddy will change their minds. I hope." At this point, is 
where my story begins. 

One night when I happily jumped into bed to go to sleep, Mommy came in
to kiss me Good Night. Then she looked at my bed. "You know, Ted, I 
think now would be a good time to look for a new bed for you. This bed 
is getting too old and unsafe." Well, I had this bed since I was two 
years old and bought from what Mommy and Daddy call a "Second Hand 
Store", a store that sells old things. 

I clung to one of the bedposts after hearing this. "No, Mommy!!!!!! You
can't get rid of my bed!! It's so special!!!" I cried out in protest. 
Mommy stroked my head gently. "I know it is, dear. But you are getting 
to be a big boy, and you need a new bed that will be better for you. 
Wouldn't you like that?" I shook my head and held on tighter. She sure 
doesn't make this easy. Mommy saw that and got annoyed.  "Good Night, 
Ted. See you in the Morning." she said firmly, turned off my lamp, and 
left. I went to sleep. 

The next morning, Mommy woke me up for Pre School. She seemed to have
forgotten all about getting annoyed at me until I jumped out of bed, 
gave my bedpost a big hug and said, "Good Morning, Beddy. How's my 
favorite friend today?" Mommy rolled her eyes and replied," Ted, please 
stop hugging your bed, get dressed, and get downstairs for breakfast. 
We don't want to be late for Pre School, do we?" 

I stepped away from my bed. "no, Mommy. I'll get dressed right away."
With that I gathered up my clothes and went into the bathroom to get 
dressed. When I finished that. I quickly came over to my bed. " Don't 
listen to Mommy.' I said to it, " She is a crab this morning." and gave 
it another hug. Just then, Daddy called me for breakfast. I raced 
downstairs to the kitchen where Mommy was serving French Toast, my 

"Hey there, Teddy!! How's my special guy doing?!" Daddy greeted me and
placed a plate of French Toast in front of me as I sat down. "Just 
great, Daddy! You made my favorite!" I picked up my fork and began 
chowing down. Daddy smiled and sat down. "Slow down there, partner, or 
you'll get a tummy ache!" Mommy said with a laugh when I was eating 
quickly. I laughed and slowed down. 

When we all got done eating, we each gathered our things for work and
school. Daddy was going to take me to Pre School on his way to work. 
Mommy goes to work also. "Let's go, Teddy. On the way to school, I need 
to talk to you about your bed and what you, me, and Mommy will be doing 
after we pick you up from school today." Daddy told me as we said good 
bye to Mommy and piled into his car. Soon, we were on our way. 

I was very quiet on the way. Daddy looked at me through the mirror.
"Ted, I know you don't like this idea, but get used to it. This 
afternoon, Mommy and I will be taking you to the store to get you a new 
bed. You are a growing boy and a new bed will be beneficial to you. 
It's not healthy for you to be so attached to your old bed. 

I guess what I was hearing really was going to happen. "Yes, Daddy." I
said, softly with tears spilling down my cheeks. Daddy pulled into the 
School parking lot.  He handed me a tissue when he got me out of the 
car seat. "Buck up, son. It's not that bad. Since you have a few 
minutes, why don't you play on your favorite Oak tree over there?" 
Daddy pointed to my favorite tree next to the playground. That 
instantly cheered me up. "Oh, I forgot about my tree!! Thanks Daddy!! 

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