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Ted And His Bed (standard:fantasy, 7599 words)
Author: MyMelodyOfTheHeartAdded: Jun 23 2014Views/Reads: 1559/1127Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Four Year Old Ted has a strong attachment to his bed, but after getting a new one, learns that getting attached to an object is not a great thing to do.

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I'll play there until school starts." I replied happily. 

Daddy and I said goodbye, then I ran over to the tree. Aside from my
bed, my tree is another things that I am very attached to. Every day at 
school, whether it's before , after school, or during recess, I go over 
there, climb the three and do many things on it, such as pretending 
that I'm a monkey, and looking around the playground from high up. 

I set my backpack on the ground and said to the tree, "Hi Tree!!! It's
me, Ted. I'm ready to climb and have fun on you today." Jumping up, I 
grabbed the first branch and swung around on it. Then I swung from 
branch to branch, right to the top of the tree. Some of my friends must 
have seen me, because just then, I heard some voices say, "Hi Boundless 
Bred Ted!!! Playing on the tree again?" I looked down and saw my 
friends, Julie, Kevin, and Mabel looking up at me from the ground. 

"Hi guys!! Yes, I'm playing on my tree. Pretending I'm a monkey. Wanna
play?" I replied, making monkey noises. "Sorry, Ted. But school is 
gonna start soon. You better come down and join us." Mabel stated. I 
lost track of the time playing on the tree! So I agreed and climbed 
down as fast as I could. 

Teacher Megan greeted me and my friends and classmates as we went into
school. "Nice to see you and your bright faces today. How are you 
doing, especially you, Boundless Bred Ted?" One by one, we replied to 
Teacher Megan's question. I replied," Boundless as always, Teacher 
Megan. I can't wait to get started!" With that, Teacher Megan grinned 
while I raced to my cubby, placed my things in there and sat in my 
seat, next to Julie, who said, " What do you think Teacher Megan will 
have for us to do today, Ted?" I wiggled in my seat, containing my 
excitement. "I don't know, Julie. But I can hardly wait!" 

The class room was very noisy until Teacher Megan came in. " Settle
down, Class, so we can get started." We quieted down. Teacher Megan 
gathered up some art supplies and paper. "I would like to start the day 
off with an art project. With these supplies, I would like you to draw 
whatever means a lot to you. When you're done, you can give it to me to 
post on the wall. Be creative, Kids!!" 

When the supplies were all passed out, I knew exactly what I wanted to
draw: my bed and my tree. I picked up some crayons and got drawing. 
"Wow!! you're on a roll, Ted!!" Julie said, seeing how fast I was 
drawing. I smiled at her and in no time at all, my picture was done. 
Teacher Megan came around and saw all the pictures we drew, including 
mine. "Nice job on your picture, Ted. Somehow, I knew you were going to 
draw your bed and the tree outside. Good work!! Can you please help 
clean up so we can begin Music Time?" I got up from my seat, smiling. 
"thank you, Teacher Megan. I can help put away stuff." My classmates 
and I put away the art supplies. Music Time is a fun part of the day 
for me. As usual, I play the drum while my classmates took other 
instruments such as the tambourine, maracas, and Kazoo. We were playing 
away on our instruments while Teacher Megan was directing us. 

I was pounding the drum happily until I began to hear some very loud
noises coming from outside the classroom. "What's going on?" I thought 
as I carefully left the circle and went over to the window. It was very 
scary when I looked over there. 

Outside, there was a big machine with some men, cutting down my Oak
tree!!! I watched, horrified, as they took the branches and the trunk 
and fed them to the machine. Why would they do such a thing to my tree? 
My mind was racing with thoughts like this at the sight. Teacher Megan 
interrupted my thoughts."Ted, stop staring out the window and join us, 
please." Wiping away a tear,  I sat back down with my classmates. "Are 
you okay, ted? You're crying." Kevin whispered to me. I nodded slowly 
and pounded my drum some more. 

My day dragged on from there. Finally, it was time to play outside, but
knowing that my tree is no longer there for me to play on, playing 
outside was no fun at all for me. I went outside with my classmates. 
They were having fun. All I could do for myself was sit in a very far 
corner of the playground, trying to look very small so no one can see 
me. I felt small, too.   "My poor tree." I muttered, looking at the 
stump that now remains of it. 

Suddenly, I overheard Kevin tell Teacher Megan how sad he saw me in
class and now, at playtime. "Can you help him, Teacher Megan?" he asked 
her. She nodded. "I'll do my best, Kev. Ted was really attached to that 
tree, but it was too old and weak, so the men cut it down. Ted is 
probably hiding around here."  I didn't want Teacher Megan to find me 
and lecture me about my attachment to the tree the same way Mommy and 
Daddy did about my bed. "Please leave me alone!" I cried, got out of 
the corner, and ran away to hide myself again. 

Finally, when i stopped running, I found a small cave that was made in
the concrete wall next to the classroom. It was the perfect place for 
me to hide. I crawled in, spread out my blanket, curled up with my 
stuffed pig, and sighed happily. "Alone at last." I fell asleep, 
knowing that no one will ever find me. 

I was wrong, though, because while I was still sleeping, I was hearing
voices in the distance. "Just the wind." I convinced myself. Rolling 
over, I realized my blanket was gone and someone was pulling me out of 
the cave. It was Daddy!! How could he have found me, especially since I 
am so small that I can hide anywhere? 

"Theodore Roeford!!! Thank goodness we found you! Don't ever scare us
like that!" Daddy yelled at me, carrying me over to where Mommy and 
Teacher Megan were waiting, looking very mad. Mommy shook her finger. 
"Theodore, you know better than to run away and hide like that. This 
attachment to things has gotten out of hand. We're stopping this right 
now!!" I was so speechless that I looked at Teacher Megan helplessly. " 
I'm afraid your mother's right, Theodore. What do you have to say for 
yourself?" she said, firmly. 

I looked at them in the eye and muttered, "I'm sorry, everyone."
Everyone nodded. "Go in the car, Theodore so that we can go to the 
store." Daddy ordered me. I picked up my blanket and bag and did as I 
was told, while Mommy and Daddy talked to Teacher Megan some more. The 
ride to the store seemed to take forever. Probably because I was sad 
that my favorite bed was getting replaced and Mommy and Daddy were mad 
at me at how I've been acting. Finally, Daddy parked the car at a fancy 
furniture store. I hung back a little as Mommy and Daddy got out. "Come 
on, Ted. There's no use stalling. We're here for you to pick out a new 
bed." Mommy said to me. " Yes, Mommy. I'll pick it out." I said, 
quietly, got out of my car seat and walked into the store with Mommy 
and Daddy. 

The second I walked into the store, I felt as if I had been transported
into another world. Everywhere I looked, there were beds, sofas, 
chairs, everything.  How could I find a bed in here? "You can go look 
around and find a bed you like, Ted. Daddy and I will find you and if 
you found one, we'll get a salesperson and buy it for you." Mommy 
instructed me.  "Go for it, Ted!!" Daddy added. I smiled and raced off 
to look for a bed. 

I tell you, picking out a bed was no easy task for me. Trying every bed,
each of them had something I didn't like about it.  Some were too large 
and soft, others were too small and hard. "I'll never find a bed for 
me." I sighed after I tried the last bed in the store. Suddenly, I 
spotted a soft glow around the corner of the bed section. Following to 
where the glow was, it lead me to a small room with a lamp making that 
glow and that said, " This month's special: A Comfortable Bed with a 
Heart." ( That's what I think it said, I can't read yet.) I wondered 
what that meant. 

The bed looked really ordinary, but I tried it anyway. "Oh boy! You're
so soft and comfy, Bed." I told it. "Why, thank you, Little Boy." a 
voice replied. Startled, I looked around to see whose voice it was that 
sounded deep and nice. But there was nobody there, so I decided that I 
just imagined it. 

Mommy and Daddy came over to where I was. "Did you find a bed that you
like, Teddy?" Daddy asked me. I pointed to the bed. " I like this one, 
Daddy. It's so comfy. But I think it talked to me. Can we get it?" 
Mommy thought for a moment, then she grinned. " I'm glad you found a 
bed you like, Ted. We'll buy it for you. Beds don't talk, you know 
that." she said with a laugh. 

In no time at all, we found a salesperson and told him we wanted to buy
that bed. "That's a great choice you made, Young Man." the salesperson 
told me as he was making arrangements for the delivery of my bed with 
Daddy. "You and the bed would make a great match." I will only sleep in 
the bed, though, it will not be a friend like my old bed was. Oh well. 
I turned to Mommy. " When will I get my new bed?" I asked her. Before 
she could answer, Daddy chimed in. "The man has arranged for your bed 
to be delivered and assembled tomorrow after school. You will come home 
to your new bed." 

It was a good thing I had to wait because after we left the store and
got home, I spent all evening playing with and talking to my old bed." 
Oh, my bed, I hate to see you go. Know that I love you so...." I began 
to sing to it. Just then, Mommy came to kiss me Good Night. She had 
heard me singing to my bed. 

"That's a nice song you're singing, Ted. I know it's hard for you to say
goodbye to it, but, your new bed will be just as good. Can you at least 
give it a chance when it comes tomorrow?" I looked at Mommy with a 
determined look on my face. "All right. I'll try, Mommy, I'll try." She 
grinned with satisfaction. "That's my special boy." With that, she 
kissed me and I fell asleep. 

The next day, I went about my business as usual, getting ready to go to
school and everything. Mommy and Daddy seemed really excited. I guess 
it's because my new bed was arriving that afternoon. Daddy dropped me 
off at school. "See you later, Teddy. Your new bed will be waiting for 
you!" I said goodbye to Daddy as well. Without my tree to play on, 
there was nothing for me to do at the playground. 

My day at school seemed to go by very slowly. Teacher Megan saw how
quiet and passive I had been that whole day, but didn't say anything 
about it. She did, however, wait with me patiently for Mommy and Daddy 
to pick me up. Finally, they arrived. "Ted, please wait in the car for 
us while we speak with Teacher Megan." Mommy told me. "Yes, Mommy. I'll 
see you tomorrow, Teacher Megan." I replied. "Thank you, Ted. I'll see 
you then. Enjoy your new bed!" she said to me. I ran into the car and 
waited to be brought home. 

As soon as I got there, Mommy and Daddy took me to my room and showed me
my new bed. Again, the bed was very ordinary, not at all like my old 
one. "This is it? What happened to my old bed?" I asked upon looking at 
my new bed. "Your old bed has been taken to the Dump. Don't even think 
about it and enjoy your new bed now, Ted." Daddy replied. Mommy gave me 
a stern look. "Ted, remember we had a little agreement about giving 
your new bed a chance? I hate to see you back out now." I agreed with 
Mommy and Daddy, but it wasn't easy. With that, they left my room to 
start dinner and to leave me alone to get used to my bed. "I'll take a 
little nap on you." I muttered as I climbed into my new bed. Suddenly, 
I felt the bed shake, grow larger, and sprout a face on the headboard 
and posts next to it. 

My bed became alive!! I shook with fear as its eyes looked at me. "Hello
there, Ted. I'm Simmons. Nice to be your new bed. Wanna be friends?" he 
said and extended a post to me. After seeing and hearing this, I 
thought this was too spooky. " No!! Leave me alone!!!" I cried out and 
ran for the door. But Simmons wouldn't leave me alone. He got up on his 
posts, shrunk, and ran after me through the bedroom door. "Please come 
back, Ted!!! I mean no harm!!!" Simmons called out to me. But I kept 
running until I got to the kitchen. There, I slammed and locked the 
door on Simmons. I sighed with relief. "Ted, what on earth is going on 
here? You look like you just saw a ghost." Mommy asked, seeing how 
frightened and out of breath I was. After calming down,  I told Mommy 
about how my bed came to life. "Please help me, Mommy. My bed's outside 
the kitchen. Make it go away!!" However, Mommy gave me a funny look and 
unlocked the kitchen door. She opened it and looked. All that was there 
was a lifeless bed, the size of a baby doll's bed that I've seen Mabel 
play with, just sitting there. "You have a very strange imagination, 
Ted. There's no way your bed could've gotten here on it's own. Now, go 
put this toy bed away and come to dinner." I did as I was told. After 
putting him in my room, I saw Simmons grow back to normal bed size and 
smiled at me. "Ted!" he called for me. I ran quickly downstairs to 
dinner, ignoring him. 

Throughout dinner and before bedtime, I was dreading having to sleep in
Simmons. But I came up with a plan. Here's how it went:  As usual, 
Mommy came in to kiss me Good night. "Sweet Dreams, Ted. I hope you 
sleep well in your new bed." I smiled mischievously. "I will, Mommy." 
and pretended to snuggle down under the covers when she left. Simmons 
came to life. "Good night, Ted. Sleep Tight. Tomorrow is a brand new 
day for us together." I looked at him in the eye. "Thank you Simmons. 
See you in the morning." Then I added under my breath,"  Not for long." 
With that, Simmons grew larger and fell asleep. 

I gathered my blanket and pillow and got out of my bedroom into my
parents' as fast as I could. Breathing a sigh of relief, I snuggled on 
the floor and fell asleep. shortly, I was awakened by Mommy's snoring 
and Daddy talking in his sleep. "There's no place like home, Ted." he 
was saying. "Not the Wizard of Oz dream again. I gotta get out of 
here." I groaned under my breath. Seeing the bedroom window open, I 
decided to climb outside and sleep on the roof. What a great idea!! Now 
I can be alone at last, especially away from Simmons. I walked up to 
the window and began to climb outside. 

You may be thinking, " Ted, you're crazy to do this. Just sleep on
Simmons. You won't get hurt or killed." Well, I know I will be safer on 
the roof. I'm "Boundless Bred Ted" remember? 

The higher up on the roof I climbed, the better I felt about my plan.
Finally, I reached the very top of the roof, where the weather vane 
was. "Wow!! What a view!!" I gasped. Then I spread out my blanket and 
looked at how high up I was until I drifted off to sleep. I was 
dreaming a weird dream. in that dream, I had transformed into a piñata 
and was hanging from a tree branch.  "Okay, Kids!! Time to break the 
piñata!!" I heard Teacher Megan say, before I knew what was going on. 
Uh Oh. A bunch of kids came over to me. "Yay!!! Break the piñata!!" 
they shouted. I started to panic. "No!! Leave me alone!!" With that, I 
tried to dodge their swinging sticks, but they broke me into hundreds 
of pieces. Teacher Megan picked up a trash bag and began to pick up the 
pieces of my body. Horrified, with only my head remaining, I hopped 
away. My freedom was short lived, though, because I accidently hopped 
off a cliff!!!! I fell into the darkness, screaming. 

I woke up, feeling very frightened, but something else was strange too.
For some reason, I was hanging by my pants on the weather vane, high 
over the backyard and roof!!!" I must've did this in my sleep. Mommy!! 
Daddy!! Help!! I'm in trouble!!!"' I called out, but knowing how heavy 
they sleep and how far away I am, there was no chance I could be saved. 

My pants started to rip a little, so I tried not to move around too
much. "I'll go back to sleep. By morning, maybe Mommy and Daddy will 
hear me better." I thought and fell back to sleep. "Ted, Wake up!! I 
can help you get down off this roof!!!" A voice called out to me and I 
woke up. 

Opening my eyes, I saw that the voice belonged to Simmons!!! For some
reason, he got on the roof and was not climbing on the weather vane 
towards me. "Leave me alone, Simmons!!! I don't need you. Get away from 
me!!" I called to him. But Simmons continued to climb towards me. The 
weather vane began to bend under his weight and my pants ripped even 

"Take my hand, Ted. You need to." Simmons held out a post to me. Still,
I refused. "I said, Leave me alone!!" I slapped the post away. Simmons 
glared at me. "Fine, you little Brat!! You asked for it after rejecting 
my kindness." He got down off the vane and hit it, making it spin, with 
me on it!!! I screamed again as the vane spun around, my pants ripped 
off entirely, and I was falling off the roof!!! My life flashed before 
my eyes. 

I tumbled off the gutter and crashed loudly onto the soft lounge chair
on the back porch. Getting up onto my feet, I examined myself  for any 
damage. Luckily, there was none.  "You stupid kid!!!" I heard Simmons 
say and leapt off the roof, trying to crush me. Then I did something 

"Talk to my a**!!" I said and showed it to him. ( Normally, I'm not
allowed to say a**, but I hear Daddy slip and swear all the time, so 
it's okay to do that.) Simmons got even angrier and grew larger as he 
was falling. I jumped out of the way and Simmons crashed to the ground 
in several pieces. I saw Simmons' mad face and got the h*** out of the 
yard into the house, where Mommy and Daddy were sitting in the kitchen. 
Their faces were red and I knew they were not happy. 

"Theodore, where the **** have you been?! Your Mother and I looked all
over creation for you!' Daddy said, firmly. Mommy nodded solemnly in 
agreement. I looked down for a moment, but I knew what to do. "Mommy, 
Daddy, here's what happened to me......" I went on to explain my 
adventure, from being on the roof to how Simmons is evil. 

The way they looked at me, I thought they thought I had gone off the
deep end. "Ted, I know how you like to climb things, but, sleeping on 
the roof and getting caught on the weather vane is very dangerous. You 
could've gotten seriously hurt or even killed. None of this would've 
happened if you would just stop thinking that your bed is alive. 
Promise Daddy and me you'll never do it again and get dressed." Mommy 
told me after a moment of silence. 

I hung back a little, feeling bad about what I did. Finally, I spoke up.
"Yes, Mommy. I promise to listen to you and Daddy. I'll get dressed 
now." Mommy and Daddy smiled. "Get some pants on you're a** while 
you're at it, Teddy." Daddy added, snickering. With that, I went 
upstairs, hoping that Simmons wouldn't be in my room. But when I opened 
the door, not only was he there, but there was a nasty surprise waiting 
for me as well. 

"Oh S***." I whispered as I saw what Simmons did to my room. He
basically turned it into a living hell, complete with fire, brimstone, 
scary ghosts, and my stuffed animals turned evil as well. Simmons 
smiled at me in an evil way. "Come and join us, Ted. Hell is just the 
place for us to be friends in." He turned to the ghosts and my stuffed 
animals. " Get him. Don't let him get away." With that, they ran full 
speed towards me. 

There was only one thing I could do. I slammed the door and locked it as
tightly as possible. Then. I sat on the floor, knowing I was safe, for 
the time being at least." What the **** was going on with Simmons 
turning evil? I just don't like him or get it. " I thought to myself as 
I went to get dressed. 

Throughout that day, I tried to keep Simmons out of my mind, but, it was
hard. Because everywhere I was, Simmons followed and tried to kill me. 
At school, I sat on the rug with my classmates, waiting for school to 
end for the day. Simmons, who shrunk, sat on the jungle gym and was 
throwing rocks and fireballs at the window where I was. 

"Stupid b****!!" I yelled out the window and closed it when Simmons
threw a large fireball in response. Teacher Megan came over to me. 
"Watch your mouth, Ted. Get ready because your parents will be arriving 
soon." she said and lead me and my classmates to our cubbies. I wonder, 
how much more will Simmons do? This thought went through my mind as I 
went outside. Luckily, Simmons was nowhere in sight. Teacher Megan and 
my classmates were amazed at how damaged one side of the school was. 
"Who did this?" "Wow! it's burnt!!" "Oh Boy!!" were some of their 

I knew it was Simmons who did that, but if I told, like Mommy and Daddy,
they wouldn't believe me. So I kept my mouth shut and sat on a bench. 

It wasn't long before I saw Mommy and Daddy drive up in a strange, yet
familiar car. They waved to me. " Hi Teddy!! How's the boy?" I slowly 
got into the car, having a funny feeling that something's wrong here. 
"I'm fine. Where did you get this car? It's so weird." Mommy turned to 
look at me. She looked different as well. Her eyes were flaming, her 
skin was pale, hair all frizzy, and when she spoke, her voice seemed 
changed.  " Never mind that!! Your Father and I  need to get home and 
rest. Behave yourself, Ted!" 

Now I know something is wrong here. I tried to open the car door, but it
was stuck tight. I was trapped!! " Looking for a way out, Teddy? 
There's no way!!" Daddy said, laughed an evil laugh, and turned to face 
me. He looked just as different as Mommy looked. The he breathed fire 
and it became chains of fire that strapped my hands to the seat. These 
were not my parents!! "Let me go!! Get the **** away from me!" I yelled 
over and over again, but my fake parents only laughed. It looked really 
hopeless for me until I spotted my unopened juice box in my backpack. 
"A way to escape." I thought as I grabbed it with my foot and opened it 
with my teeth. 

What a great idea!! I squeezed the juice box over the fire chain. It
disappeared!! My fake parents turned around and saw me, freed from the 
chains. "Theodore, stop this ****  right now!!" Fake Mommy ordered me. 
bravely, I refused and squirted the juice onto her, Fake Daddy, and the 
car door. "All right, you asked for it!!" Fake Daddy declared. With 
that, they changed from being my parents to the flying demons I saw 
with Simmons before. I screamed and got the **** out of the car. As I 
was running away towards home, I looked back and saw the car change 
into Simmons!! It was his plot to kill me by becoming a car and having 
two of his demons pose as Mommy and Daddy. "The world is mine!!" 
Simmons called out and gradually, the town became like my bedroom was, 
a complete Hell. I had to get home, find my real Mommy and Daddy, and 
figure out how to get rid of Simmons forever. Finally, I was home.  
After closing and locking the door behind me, I called for Mommy and 
Daddy. But to my dismay, they were nowhere to be found. "I hope Simmons 
didn't hurt them." I said to myself, looking at our family picture and 
started to cry. 

Why would Simmons go this far in making my life this terrible?
Especially in taking over the town and taking my parents away? My mind 
was thinking hard on those things as I went upstairs and laid down on 
Mommy and Daddy's bed, holding my family picture close to my heart. 
Closing my eyes, I began to dream. 

In my dream, I was in a completely deserted park. " Anyone here? I need
help!!" I called out, not expecting anyone to answer me. But someone 
did. "Over here, my sweet darling Ted. So nice to see you again!" I 
knew that voice anywhere. It was Mommy's!! She was sitting on a bench, 
glowing, wearing a white gown and halo on her head. I was so excited, 
that, I ran over to her. We hugged and she held me in her arms like I 
was a tiny baby. "Mommy! I'm so happy to see you! Where were you and 
Daddy? Simmons is evil, Mommy. He's taking over the world and wants me 
dead. How can I stop him?" 

Mommy nodded solemnly. "Those are good questions, Ted. Your daddy and I
are safe, away from the madness that Simmons is causing right now. As 
for stopping him, I can't help you with that. Only you can stop him. 
Can you think of anything?" 

I put my head in my hands, thinking, hard. Then it came to me. "Stop
believing that he's alive and he's just a bed?" Mommy looked at me. 
"Are you asking me or telling me, Ted?" Scared, I felt myself getting 
smaller. So small, in fact, that I hung from Mommy's gown, being 
careful not to fall off the bench. 

"I'm guessing, Mommy. I really don't know." I replied and Mommy's gown
slipped out of my grip, making me fall. Luckily, she caught me in her 
hand. "Ted, you see how you shrunk to a very small size? that's your 
fears taking over and making you feel small. I'm not angry at you. Your 
answer seems to be the best solution. You should have listened to me 
before and none of this would have happened." I felt bad that I didn't 
listen to Mommy before, but it was worth a try to stop Simmons and end 
the madness. "I'm sorry that I didn't listen to you before, Mommy. I'll 
do my best to fix things and bring you, Daddy and everyone in town to 
safety." I said, and hugged Mommy's thumb tightly. 

Mommy and I laughed happily. "I accept you apology, ted. You're so nice.
Now, show me what a big, brave boy you are." She replied and placed me 
on the ground. I put on my brave face and in an instant, I was growing 
bigger;. "Mommy, Look! I'm bigger than you!!"I exclaimed when I stopped 
growing. The park and Mommy looked so tiny, I was very large. "Go get 
Simmons, Ted!!" she encouraged me. I stuck out my hand. "Please come 
with me, Mommy. I need you." 

Mommy backed away from my hand. "You're on your own from here, Ted.
Don't worry, Daddy and I sre home. Simmons didn't harm us. We love you 
and know you will do great." With that, she faded away in a divine, 
sparkly glow. "Mommy, don't leave me!! Come back!!" I cried out as she 
disappeared. Sitting down on the ground,  I began to cry, flooding the 
deserted park. 

I woke up with tears on my face, but feeling encouraged. "Thank you,
Mommy. Now I know what to do." I jumped out of bed, ran downstairs and 
went outside. From the front porch, I saw how everyone in my 
neighborhood and town was getting tortured and abused by Simmons and 
his army. This made me mad. "Okay, Simmons. You've gone far enough with 
this ****. Time to do what Mommy told me and end to you,*******!!" I 
said proudly. With that, I mounted my tricycle and raced through town. 

Simmons' army did try to stop me by trying to knock me off my tricycle.
Luckily, I was too quick for them. "Give up now." they chanted at me. 
"Never, you stupid ********!!" I replied and raced right through them. 
Having lost them, I searched all through town. But in the distance, a 
dark cloud surrounded the Observatory on the outskirts of town. It had 
Simmons' face on it and when it stopped, the observatory became another 
Hell. "This must be where Simmons is." I thought, " Time to destroy the 
**** out of him." I followed the path all the way there. 

Finally, I was at the front door of the Observatory. "Open up!! I order
you!!" I shouted and grabbed the doorknob. The knob burned my hand. In 
response, I cried out loudly in pain and stuck my hand in my mouth to 
soothe the burn. I heard Simmons' voice laugh. " Ha,Ha,Ha!! Give up, 
Ted. there's no hope for you!!" and knew that I had to find another way 
to get in. 

How else can I get in? I looked and looked. The tallest Pine trees next
to a river held the answer. Thinking back to how very well I climbed 
onto the roof of my house, I knew that I can easily use these trees to 
climb into the Observatory where Simmons was. "Ted, you're so smart." I 
complimented myself. Using my tricycle as a stool, I got in the Pine 
trees and began to climb. 

Surprisingly, it was much easier to climb the Pine trees than it was
climbing on my house. Higher and higher I climbed, until I reached the 
branch that was next to the open window of the Observatory where 
Simmons was. "At last." I sighed and went for the window. Suddenly, a 
fire ball came towards me!! I jumped into the window when it came and 
it burned the tree to the ground. "Oh ****, that was too close!!!" I 
exclaimed, stood up, and brushed myself off. The inside of the 
Observatory was so wacked out, how can I find Simmons and get rid of 
him once and for all? 

It didn't take me long to find him because I only needed to follow the
fireballs being thrown at me (dodging them, all the while) to their 
source: the skylight room, where you can see the whole town  at a great 
view. Sure enough, Simmons was there, basking in his evilness, and his 
demons bowing down to him.  How can I get in the room without Simmons 
knowing? Carefully, I tiptoed in there and hid under some chairs 
occasionally. But I was in trouble because just then, I heard a demon 
say," I sense an intruder in here, Simmons. Shall I seize him?" "Yes. 
This time, bring him to me and I'll get rid of him." Simmons answered.  
My heart was pounding fast. What do I do now? just then , what Mommy 
and I talked about in my dream came back to me. "Stop believing he's 
alive and he's just a bed." That's it!! All I need to do is to just 
face Simmons and tell him that he's not alive. He will be destroyed in 
no time. 

After I thought of all this, one of Simmons' demons flew up to me and
grabbed me." You're coming with me, Ted. Simmons will be so glad to 
have you now!!" I squared my shoulders and calmly looked at him. "Take 
me to him. I don't care or give a **** at all." The demon looked 
shocked. "Wow, that was easy! Let's go!!" He picked me up and flew up 
to the top of the room where Simmons was. "**** you." I said to the 
demon and as soon as I said that, he fell down and faded into a pile of 
dust. That's what kills his demons, I figured. Needless to say, Simmons 
was not happy when that happened. "Causing trouble, you little brat? 
Well, it's about to end here!!" he wrapped his sheets around my arms 
and legs. Then he made a cage of fire around me and hung the cage with 
me inside it over a hole of total darkness. "I don't care. Do whatever 
you want with me." I said as Simmons lowered the cage slowly. 

Then I thought of something. "Hey *******!! Can I get some last words?"
Simmons gave me a funny look, then gestured with his post. " Go ahead. 
No point in doing so, though." I carefully ripped out of the sheets 
that I was wrapped in, then I climbed to the top of the cage. ( Don't 
worry! Despite the fact that the cage was made of fire, it didn't burn 
me like the doorknob did.) Then I stood up tall with my arms raised. 

"Simmons and all evil things, I come before you with a taste of reality.
I know you all want to kill me and I believe you really can't. Wanna 
know why? because you, Simmons, are just a bed that I sleep on. You 
aren't alive or even a friend to me. Same goes for all you ********, 
obeying Simmons. So I believe you all don't really exist and get the 
**** out of this world." 

As soon as I finished saying my speech, the whole Observatory rumbled
and I saw a blue sparkly dust cloud come in through an open window. I 
was fascinated while Simmons and all the demons shrieked "Oh ****!! You 
really done it this time, you stupid little *****! Get that cloud outta 
here!!" Simmons ordered the demons. I watched as the demons tried their 
hardest to fan the cloud away, but it was no use. The cloud covered 
over and turned them into worthless dust. I cheered from the side. "Way 
to go, Cloud!! Now destroy the **** out of Simmons!!" The cloud 
appeared to have heard me. "I'm on it, Ted. Don't worry!" it seemed to 
say. With that, the cloud grew into a blue tornado. Simmons glared at 
it. "Oh no!! I'll never let you destroy me, even if my army has been." 
He tried to get rid of the tornado by throwing fireballs and blowing at 
it. But he was no match for the tornado as it overwhelmed him. 

I covered my ears as Simmons was screaming bloody murder. When the
screaming stopped, I turned around and saw what the blue tornado did to 
Simmons.  It made Simmons a big pile of trash and took the life out of 
him, too. "Awesome!! he is so done for!!" I turned to the cloud. 
"Thanks a lot for getting rid of all these ******** for me." The cloud 
sparkled at me. "You're welcome. Thanks for summoning me." it seemed to 
say and flew out the window. 

I let out a big sigh of relief. What a relief it was to end the
madness!! Suddenly, I heard some voices calling, " Ted! Where are you, 
Boy? Ted!!" They belonged to Mommy and Daddy!! I ran out to the front 
lobby to where they were. "Mommy! Daddy! Here I am!! I'm so glad to see 
you!!" they looked happy to see me as well. 

"There's our Boundless Bred Ted!! We're so glad you're all right. Mommy
and I have been looking everywhere for you!!" Daddy said, picking me up 
and hugging me. We walked outside to where the car ( Normal, Thank 
goodness!!) was parked. "How did you know I was here?" I asked them. 
Mommy and Daddy looked at each other with a twinkle in their eyes. "Oh, 
we have our secret ways. We know you very well, Ted." Mommy replied and 
stroked my head. It felt great, the way it did in my dream with her. 

Daddy added," We also found your tricycle next to the Observatory. Next
time, watch where the **** you leave it."Mommy gave Daddy a Look and a 
firm nudge. "Watch your language in front of Ted, Dear." With that, we 
went home. I was so glad to be there. When we went inside the house. 
the first thing I did was go upstairs to my room to see if Simmons was 
really gone. It turned out, I was right. My room was back to normal, 
complete with a lifeless bed in the place where Simmons used to be in 
there. "Back to normal." I sighed and ran to get ready for bed. 

In no time at all, I was in my pajamas and snuggled comfortably in my
bed. Mommy came in to kiss me Good Night. She was wearing a sparkly 
blue nightgown that looked surprisingly like the sparkly blue cloud 
that destroyed Simmons and everything associated with him. It was 

"You better get to sleep, ted. It has been a long and busy day for all
of us, especially you." Mommy said as she kissed me. I smiled." I will, 
Mommy. That nightgown is very nice on you. I like it." She looked very 
proud when I told her that. "Why, thank you, Ted. It's my favorite. 
Good Night and Sleep Tight." "Good night, Mommy." I snuggled up in my 
bed and Mommy turned off the light. 

As she left, I noticed, with one eye open, that her nightgown was
divinely glowing in the dark. Sparkles came from it and all over me. 
"Sweet Dreams." they seemed to say. I fell asleep, feeling happy and 
blessed. From that time on, I came to believe that objects are just 
objects. They have no life, feelings, or minds of their own.  Mommy, 
Daddy, Teacher Megan, all my friends, family, every animal and every 
person in my life are the only ones I care about. No objects ever 

As for Simmons, I'm sure he's gone forever and I heard that his remains
have been taken from the Observatory to a **** yard. If he comes back, 
I know that I have my beliefs ( and the blue sparkly dust cloud) to 
protect me from harm. That's my story. I hope you enjoyed it as much as 
I have experienced it. It taught me a lot and hopefully taught you too. 
Goodbye for now!! **** 


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