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The return (standard:non fiction, 815 words)
Author: lordviroAdded: Aug 02 2014Views/Reads: 1097/693Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This story, is about an immigrant trying to get back with his family, is a true story.

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Alfredo remembered his daughter; 

it was that kind of image that stays with you forever. 

They started running, in every direction, the 3 helicopters were

The choppers were swinging back and forth, firing with high caliber
guns, not directly at them. 

The blast raised walls of sand, blocking the view, and forced them to
take new paths every time they shot. 

They were scared; they felt like toys and part of a huge playground. 

Alfredo ran, and fell down, but not by a bullet, it was a skeleton arm
of a fallen pilgrim, 

he stood up, finding himself in atmosphere of confusion and terror, he
ran, until he couldn't hear any engine or scream. 

The fifth day initiated, Alfredo was by himself. The goal was close. 

He reached the meeting point, a white truck with the engine on, was
waiting for him. 

Alfredo delivered the savings of two year to the driver, 

he stared at Alfredo and made no further questions about the others, he
experience gave him the answer, 

he told Alfredo to buckle up. As soon as Alfredo heard the sound of the
door closing, 

he knew the first step was complete. 

On the sixth day Alfredo met with his family and friends, it was a warm

you could sense in their faces a relief feeling, but Alfredo expression,

could be compare only with the one of a working man coming back from a
long and hard day of labor. 

That day 2 things came up to his mind; what might happen with his other
2 partners and the necessity of a new pair of shoes. 

On the seventh day he called his supervisor, letting him know that he
just return from his vacations, 

he only sked for one more day to heal his feet, and was granted with it.

On the eighth day he was back driving a forklift, with a bearable pain
in his feet and legs; 

his face was the same when he was taken away. Alfredo understood that
what happened last week, was normal and now part of the past. 

Alfredo is back in his routine and only yearning for one thing: not
having to go on vacation for the rest of his life. 


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