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The return (standard:non fiction, 815 words)
Author: lordviroAdded: Aug 02 2014Views/Reads: 1296/823Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This story, is about an immigrant trying to get back with his family, is a true story.


Alfredo was waiting a signal from his partners, he was nervous; 

it wasn't the first time for him. All of them knew that it was going to
be harder than last time. 

Alfredo observed the people around him, some of them praying and others
with a blank stare, 

waiting by the fence to make the first move, all of them knew that it
could be their last trip, 

but at the same time they thought about it, like a step in a short
staircase, no long or darker than any other step, 

just the first step. 

Alfredo gazed at his friends, all of them carrying back packs with
everything they needed, not a lot; 

it wasn't a long trip, but still small things that make the difference
between life and death. 

The first day was the hardest one, sleeping through daylight and walking
by night. 

Physical and mental change, but their bodies had memory and took them
only one day to adapt. 

While walking, Alfredo looked down carefully. He couldn't take off his
mind the dying face of one his partner, 

left behind for a rattlesnake bite. They kept walking, 

now they were 3 travelers walking under the desert sun and always
observing the sand below them. 

Cactus, sand, snakes and skulls were among the landscape. It was the
second day, 

they could see a shining light emerging from the far end, Alfredo knew
the name of those lights, 

it was Tucson, it evoke a peaceful feeling in him, he could forget about
the sand in his shoes, 

the smell of garlic from his feet and the face of his 2 partners, 

that reminded him that this was the first step, a survival step. 

The third day was about to start, the lights appear closer; they could
even hear airplanes passing by. 

They were a group without a leader, no desire to take that role, because
it wasn't need, it was a pilgrimage. 

They slept and woke up on the fourth day, but something different in the
middle of the day happened, 

it wasn't the fauna around them, either the sound of an atv far from

it was something bigger, closer and up in the sky, they saw 3 shapes, 

and Alfredo remembered that one day he saw one of those in a festival
near his house. 

It was any given Sunday; he took his kids to see an airshow, his first
impression when he saw them again in his journey, 

was the face of his youngest daughter telling him that she wants to
pilot a helicopter one day: 

his other kids were entertained with candies and fighting between them.

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