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life in the arid (standard:Inspirational stories, 590 words)
Author: DhiblaweAdded: Sep 21 2014Views/Reads: 931/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
I was born and breed somewhere in the semi arid plains of horn of Africa

I was born and breed somewhere in the semi arid plains of horn of Africa
a prominent mark in the map of Africa and that of the planet earth 
situated in such a geographically distinct location in the colored 
continent. Like any other arid place in the world, life meant great 
hustle, continues trials and triumphs but that is how life has been 
since the Neanderthal era. There is popular English proverb that goes 
‘necessity is the mother of all inventions' people in the horn have 
always found ways to keep on moving even when natural calamities 
dictated otherwise. A living testimony are my very own parents and 
grandparents and those who lived in the horn before them have all 
drunken life from the vinegary glass. 

My dear mother among many loving mothers had braved and tested such a
sorrow life, by giving birth to me and my loving siblings, at a time 
when life was even impossible to imagine.  I was born at a time when 
drinking water was almost impossible to come across, when hunger was a 
daily experience, when there was no clinic to get antenatal care or a 
pharmacy, when there was no medicines to arrest bleeding or pain in 
that sense, where there was no vaccines to boost the Childs immunity, 
where there was no qualified nurses to attend to a mother who is in 
labor or doctors to perform cesarean sections in case it was needed. I 
was born at a time when life was nearly meaningless and death was 

My mother as poor as vulnerable as she was, she withstood the most
treacherous and unforgiving times of her life to give birth to me and 
to breastfeed me and most of all to care for me from all the predators 
and epidemics that was rampant at that time; such as killer infections, 
hunger and other natural calamities that existed at that time of life. 

As soon as I was able stand up right, I was taught the rules and values
of life in the arid land, the survival skills, and social 
responsibilities and my role in the family. At the age of six I was a 
camel boy and at the age of twelve, I was an independent thinker who 
knew the ways of life, the dos and don'ts in the arid lands of Somalia. 

As far as the thoughts of those haunting and life banishing moments are
concerned. much of what it was and what I can remember about my past 
struggle have influenced my attitude towards life  and shaped me in a 
solid and positive manner. although many of my childhood friends did 
not reach much far than their parents and even though some of them 
didn't believe that there was a better world than the one they found 
living with their parents I took a different and strange life discourse 
and pushed hard the shell of ignorance. I always had the believe that 
‘success is not a chance but a choice' that one chooses. I reconciled 
with my past and made a positive outlook about life and imagined a 
better and prosperous life head. 

It sticks hard in my sub-conscience mind that I am who I am because of
those times of my life that had contributed and shaped my inner being 
my thought my goals and objectives in life. Knowing who I was and where 
I am from, is as important as knowing where I am going and what kind of 
person I want to be in life;


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