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THE RETRIEVER 2 : COMING TO A HIGH SCHOOL NEAR YOU (standard:science fiction, 735 words)
Author: Danny RavenAdded: Oct 23 2014Views/Reads: 883/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The Retriever has been amusing himself with some evil games....seriously warped have been warned.

As they say in the worst of your ridiculous science fiction movies -
Greetings, Earthlings! 

The Retriever is back with you once again and I'm here to tell you about
the latest games I've been playing on that shoddy little planet of 
yours. That's one of the reasons I haven't spoken to you for some time 
- my latest games. I've been playing quite a few over the years and 
between them and returning to my own dimension for long periods...well, 
I just haven't had the time to communicate with you. 

Although it's rather tiresome, here's a brief explanation for those of
you not familiar with my work. 

In my dimension we are so far in advance of you that you are like cave
men compared to us. Despite that, some of our beings find some of your 
people interesting although I fail to see why. 

Anybody from our dimension is allowed a six month visit to your planet
when they can easily infiltrate the mind of the person that interests 
them and observe them close-up. 

Sometimes however they get so immersed in the person they're studying
that they won't come back when their six months have ended. Which is 
where I come in, The Retriever. 

When The Director sends for me and tells me someone from our dimension
has to be brought back and I visit your planet, I simply infiltrate the 
mind of a weak person, dominate them, then direct them to kill the 
person being studied and thus retrieve the being from our dimension. 

At first this work interested me and I was responsible for some notable
assassinations over the years - President John F. Kennedy, Martin 
Luther King and John Lennon to name but a few. 

In parallel with the work, I then looked around for some amusement for
myself - the games I mentioned earlier. 

Again I chose some of the weak minds on your planet to play my games
through and this time it wasn't just single assassinations I went for - 
it was multiple killings. Just for the hell of it. Just to watch you 

And the killings? Ah yes. Ever wondered about all those High School
shootings in America in recent years? Or the College or Campus 
shootings? Well wonder no more. I was behind the notable ones. Me. The 

You see, there are two types of minds on your planet - the strong and
the weak. Now I suppose I must give you some credit for your strong 
minds - the ones the beings from my dimension infiltrate and observe. 
They can't be pushed around or influenced, those minds. They're too 
strong for that. Too independent. 

But the weak minds! Ha! Once they're infiltrated they can be taken over
completely - their thoughts, their actions, their whole lives can be 
dominated. And I can dominate several weak minds at the same time. 

As I dominated the minds of one Eric Harris and one Dylan Klebold. Both
of them already loved guns and for a long time had secret fantasies 
about using them but didn't quite have the courage. Well I gave them 
it. Big style. 

All I had to do then was point them in the direction where I had chosen
the killings to take place - Columbine High School. And the rest is 

As is Virginia Tech where I directed that South Korean to carry out my

Shocking? To you - probably. To me - no. You see, you just have no
conception of what a backward race you are. To me, my killing some of 
you is the equivalent of you killing some flies. You are of no 
consequence to me. And flies are of no consequence to you. Understand? 

Well I have to return to my own dimension for a while now. I have a real
life to catch up on. Communicate with beings on a higher plane. Learn 
what new advances we've made. 

I'll be gone for some time but when I visit you again, I think another
shooting spree will take place. How I love the panic. And the fear. And 
the death. So watch your television news closely in about six months 
because when I return and my plans are made, I'll be coming to a High 
School near you. 

I haven't quite decided which one it'll be yet, so just
could be yours. 


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