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THE RETRIEVER 3 : BEST PART OF THE DAY IS NIGHT (standard:science fiction, 637 words)
Author: Danny RavenAdded: Oct 24 2014Views/Reads: 869/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The Retriever is back playing his dark games on Play Station Earth.

‘Best part of the day is night 

that's when the bastard light 

grows dim... 

and lets my work begin.' 

Those were the words I whispered into the mind of the Night Stalker,
Richard Ramirez. And didn't he just rise to the bait. Then I led him on 
his black dance. Through one long year of night. Till I ditched him at 
dawn. Fifteen bodies later. ‘See you in Disneyland, Richard!' 

Yes, a fine willing subject, the Night Stalker. Such a weak mind. So
easy to dominate. To direct to kill. 

Just as I have done with so many others on your shoddy little planet
over the years. All for my own dark amusement. And who would have this 
incredible power? I do - The Retriever. Read my previous communications 
for an explanation. When you have, you'll understand that I can cross 
from my dimension to yours, infiltrate the minds of weak people and 
direct them to kill anyone I want. 

Just as I did with Ed Gein, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy. I believe you
call them Serial Killers. Serial morons, more like. All of them weak. 
All of them ready to kill. 

Old Ed Gein. Living in that lonely farmhouse all by himself. Missing his
dead Mother so bad. Till I told him how he could bring her back. “Slice 
off some human skins, Ed! Sew them together! Then you can look like 
your Mother! She'll be back with you - for good!” 

Then there was Jeffrey Dahmer. Another lonely boy. “Want some company,
Jeffrey? Company you can eat!? Snuff out some lovers, Jeffrey! Store 
them in the freezer - then they'll never leave you!” 

Now take Ted Bundy. He was young, handsome, intelligent. Women were
attracted to him. Ted didn't need to sneak around in the night to get 
women. Until I whispered to him that he did. Showed him what a grand 
idea it was. And didn't Ted just love it! 

And there have been many others over the years that I've amused myself
with - the Zodiac, Son of Sam and the Green River Killer to name but a 
few. I needed the Zodiac for an important experiment and I'll tell you 
about it later. 

Oh there have been other serial morons, I‘ll admit. Copycat morons. You
can probably name some yourself. But they didn't generate the same fear 
as my subjects. 

If I'm so incredibly powerful and advanced, how do my subjects get
caught if I'm directing them, I hear you ask? They get caught when I 
tire of them and dump them. That's when they start to kill without my 
guidance. They think they can get away with it. They make mistakes. 
They leave clues. They get arrested. 

And then they go to Court. How it amuses me to listen to their pleas.
“It wasn't me! I didn't want to do any of it! It was the voice! It was 
the voice in my head that made me do it!” 

Of course it was the voice in your head. It was me. My voice. But try
proving that to the Judge! 

Now back to the Zodiac. He was different from the others in that he was
part killer, part experiment. And the experiment? I wanted to see if I 
could suggest to him that he stop killing after I left him. It worked. 
He did. And the Zodiac has never been caught. 

This was important you see, for my finale. 

Because my next subject will be my last and finest. He will reign
supreme for twenty years. He will terrorize all of  America and Canada. 
He will kill five hundred. He will never be caught. 

So the next time I return to your shoddy little planet, I'll be
searching for someone to turn into the most notorious Serial Killer 

Any volunteers? 


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