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THE RETRIEVER 4 : FAREWELL EARTHLINGS (standard:science fiction, 580 words)
Author: Danny RavenAdded: Oct 25 2014Views/Reads: 862/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The Retriever is now finished with Earth and Earth is now finished.

This is my last communication with you Earthlings as I have now grown
weary of my games on Play Station Earth. After this there will be no 
more messages and in the not too distant future, no more Earth. Read on 
and find out why. 

The theme for my last communication revolves around a term you
frequently use for a person who has messed things up rather badly in 
their silly little life on Earth - I believe your expression aptly 
describes them as being a ‘fuck up'. 

This expression covers people who have screwed things up by their own
foolish actions. When I became involved however, people ‘fucked up big 

These were people I gradually guided to great heights. Allowed them to
enjoy their success. Then guided them into destroying all they'd 
achieved. And watched them drop like stones. 

As you are aware from my previous messages to you, I can cross from my
dimension to yours at any time, infiltrate the mind of a weak person, 
dominate them and then direct them to carry out the actions I want. 

My first subject goes back some time but you've probably heard of him
anyway - one Adolf Hitler. Such a weak mind and so easy to dominate. Oh 
how I led him from the start, suggesting all the right moves to him. 
And didn't everything just fall into place for Adolf until he 
eventually became the Fuhrer and led Germany into World War Two. Then 
just as it looked as if he was set to win the war and rule your planet, 
I suggested the massive ‘fuck up' to him - why not invade Russia? And 
that was the beginning of the end for the German Army. Bogged down in 
the Russian winter and then defeated by the Allies. Bye-bye Herr 

My next subject was a more recent one and you all probably knew of him -
one Saddam Hussein. Yet another very weak mind and again so easy to 
dominate. And so I led him over the years as he worked his way up 
through his political party. By double-cross. By torture. By murder. 
Until he stood proud at the head of Iraq and its Army. Invincible. Or 
so he thought. Especially after he easily defeated a small, weak, 
neighbouring country. Then I suggested to him that he was capable of 
taking on America and its allies and eventually ruling the world. The 
rest you know. 

These games and all the others I have played on your shoddy little
planet  amused me over the years but I have now become bored with your 
predictable backward world and I am moving on to play some intelligent 
games on a more advanced planet whose very existence you are unaware 

My final act on Earth will be my last and it concerns two of your small
countries - Iran and North Korea. I'll admit I spent some time guiding 
the leaders of both countries into their respective positions of power. 
Allowing them to think they were achieving everything by themselves. 
Encouraging their highest ambitions - which was to have nuclear 
capability. And they are both slowly getting there. And in the near 
future, both will possess nuclear bombs. Shortly afterwards they will 
use them. Which is when other countries will respond with theirs and 
things will rapidly get out of hand. Then it will be goodbye Earth. 

I'll watch for the big orange mushroom clouds. 

Farewell then, Earthlings. 


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