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The Bio of my Awesomeness (standard:non fiction, 931 words)
Author: Swordfly95zoinksAdded: Dec 28 2014Views/Reads: 1286/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
It's a little 'long' Bio about myself. Here, I'll be telling you about me and what i want you to know about me and about me, myself and I... and me.

Dear Readers and Mister Creator of the site. I hereby bestow you the
knowledge of my past before the very time I... I... careered being a 
writer and not a lawyer. First, let me take a selfie XD 

I am Nick... not telling my whole name because not everyone is worthy
enough of my awesomeness. I am currently 14 years old and I am writing 
this story at umm... December 27, 2014 (I asked mom). I was born in 
August 21, 2000 and I completely forgot where I was born. The reason 
why I am making a story for my Bio? It's because the bio in the account 
thingy won't let me write more than a few words and a few words, barely 
satisfies me. 

I started out making stories when i was 10 years old. I would get up at
the early morning and do whatever I want with my few hours of total 
freedom. I usually make stories or movies and act like I'm one of the 
characters but only when nobody can see me. I have made LOTS of stories 
but I only finished some, it's because more ideas come burning up my 
insides and I want to just let it all out and just completely dump the 
story I WAS making and proceed making the new one. This continued for a 
long time until one fateful day... I was searching some comics but i 
can't find any until this freaking Google suggested me with this site. 
I entered and saw some stories to be read, I read, read... and read. 
Then I laughed at random parts of the story which isn't even funny to 
normal people. that's because I'm not that normal. 

I am a person who has a really high sense of humor and I have my
advantages and disadvantages. You can easily make me laugh by your most 
boring jokes and I might laugh all out for no good reason. I used to 
think i have a disorder but I was all like... MEHH!!! I didn't put too 
much thought to it because, it might be an asset at some point (I don't 
think it's a disorder at all). You can actually make me angry very 
quickly, probably because I'm still in puberty stage and that's normal 
but MEHH!!! I also tend to make my anger, well... funny. Me being angry 
at some ways make people happy so I didn't want to change that. 
Sometimes, We must all understand these things also have their bad 

Before, I used to think being a writer is so insignificant and boring!
But when I started reading and seeing people make stories, I was 
inspired. I asked myself. "Why roleplay stories when you can make it 
real and spread it to the world!? Nick you're SHOEPID!". I didn't 
really say that but it's close. As a child before, my view upon writers 
are people wasting their time making nonsense and boring things. Now 
that I know what it means, I wanted to be one. What do I like about 
writing? I love the fact that you can share your ideas to people and 
let them see your creativity and artistictryliriditymisy... Something 
like that. I also love the fact that, I won't forget the stories I made 
because it's WRITTEN and not just stored in my brain. Writing also fits 
me because I make a story out of very little things an even take 
inspiration from an ant carrying it's food to it's nest, or the winds 
blowing and carrying the leaves. There is so much more you can see from 
the nature and crafts of mankind. 

"A writer's eyes are like a scope. To a normal person's eyes, the target
is small and a handgun or an automatic can never hit it precisely. But 
if you use the scope, the small things... become significant." - Nick 
Calingo (That's me) 

-wiping tears off eyes- I made that one myself. Ya like? Every writer
must take inspiration from everything just like the scope. This is one 
more thing I used to advance from making private stories, to publishing 
it for the world to see.God has given us the power of imagination and 
creativity. We all can use it our own ways, I prefer sharing them not 
through anything else but writing. 

If you ask me who my favorite writer is? God. God wrote the longest,
most logical, most  reasonable, most umm... He created the Bible 
through individuals. A writer must know or learn how others will take 
it, God didn't task the Angels to make the Bible because Angels do not 
understand the way we feel. Only people like us can understand the 
suffering, happiness, sorrow, upliftingness and other fun stuff like 
that. He is the perfect example for a writer. And that's just one 

Things that i like huh? I love pancakes, cheese, milk, butter, toast,
pasta, noodles, circles, MLP (Yes I'm a brony), keyboards, sticky or 
furry stuff. here's more where that came from.s 

-inhales deeply-

Things I dislike? Angry Dogs, Ads, Lags, Short Bags, Tags, Some old
Hags, Gags I don't understand, Wrist Bands, Not Being on the Lands, 
Sands on the Beach, Leach, Trying to Reach my feet with my Hands, 
falling things and white. 

Well that's not much I can contribute to you because I'm running out of
time. It's night here and I'm going to bump at my curfue barrier if I 
don't stop now. Anyway. Quills and Letters guys XD. I might edit some 
errors if I find some...


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