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The Hunt (standard:Suspense, 675 words)
Author: Arkajyoti ChakrabartiAdded: Jan 07 2015Views/Reads: 3519/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Save the Endangered Animals. In fact,we should love every living being as they are the nature's creation. We should never treat them like mere tools for entertainment.

I saw the dead body covered with a blood stained white sheet inside the
hospital's morgue room. Slowly I pulled the sheet back and it was my 
elder brother's face,as supposed. My brave brother!He was a remarkable 
hunter,an exellent shooter. It was very surprising to see him lying 
dead pathetically like this on a hospital bed. My mind was just 
resisting to accept it. But a fact is a fact,especially when you have 
the evidence right in front of your eyes. 

The police inspector slowly walked to me. He enquired,"So Mr.Suresh,I
was expecting to hear at least one or two mourns from you,but now it 
seems that I was wrong...". "We are trained hunters!",I replied,"To 
control our emotions is also a part of that intense training. By the 
way,being a police inspector,you already know this I guess...". He 
smiled and asked,"Your brother was last seen yesterday when he was 
going on a hunt,and he also possessed a rifle,isn't it?". I 
replied,"Yes". He said,"But the strange thing is,we found his rifle 
dropped next to his body,unloaded. And we even checked his clothes and 
backpack but didn't find any bullets there also." 

"Damn,how can he be this careless",I shouted in disappointment,"I'll
never believe this...". "Relax,my friend...",said Manoj standing beside 
me,"We all know he was a professional hunter like me,and no doubt he 
was better than both of us..but maybe,due to ageing...". He looked at 
the inspector and said to me,"Umm Suresh,I say let them do the 
post-mortem,until then let's go to my house and talk..Can we leave 
now,Inspector?". "Ya sure." Replied the inspector. "Come Suresh.",Manoj 

Manoj was a very close friend of ours. We met him at our training. At
his house,he started telling me his plan,"Now Listen,your brother is 
killed by a tiger,the scratches and bites on his body say so...and we 
can't just sit like this,I think we should avenge him..What do you 
say?". I said,"Yes,if this is the case,then I would also be pleased to 
avenge him,but how..?". He said,"See,now it's only 11a.m.,let's go to 
the forest and kill a tiger,after killing it we'll sell the skin...". 
"Superb Idea,and let's just hope that luckily we hunt down that one 
only which has killed my brother...",I said. He brought two huge 
rifles,fully loaded them,and said,"Ok,all prepared,now let us take a 
bath and then we'll start..." I nodded,"Yes". 

Both of us after bathing took the rifles and started our journey. We
reached the hospital on our way. I remembered that my brother always 
used to keep a compass and a pair of binoculars in his backpack,I 
thought we may need those. But Manoj said that we would be late..and it 
may take a lot of time to convince them,especially if that inspector is 
still there... I told him to keep going then and try to find a 
tiger,I'll catch up with him after convincing them and taking those... 
He then agreed and left. 

At the hospital,I reached outside the morgue room. Inside,I saw my
brother's dead body was no more on that bed. They had perhaps taken it 
for the post-mortem. His backpack was lying on the main table outside. 
I sat there and felt the rifle bullets in my pant's pocket,the ones I 
had taken out while he was bathing. There are 16 of them-8bullets from 
each of the rifles. 

I have no regrets. To kill endangered animals is a crime and still they
are doing it. My brother was known for his extraordinary bravery for 
killing those animals WITH A RIFLE,while the animals are always 
unarmed. I wanted to see his true bravery,so I just fixed a fair fight 
between them..and to my disappointment,HE FAILED. Now it's Manoj's 
turn,but I don't think he will succeed either. He went to take revenge 
on tigers,but for what?Revenge is taken when someone willingly does 
something,not for natural instincts. It is so sarcastic about him when 
I think that he has two Winchester94 rifles with him but he can use 
neither of them. As for me,I only expect to see his dead-body tomorrow 
here,inside this same room.


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