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Trapped (standard:horror, 916 words)
Author: Arkajyoti ChakrabartiAdded: Jan 07 2015Views/Reads: 1801/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Two friends,in a town completely unknown to them,in the night,searching for a hostel...Read this story to know what happened them...

We were new to this town,and the vice-versa. After passing class12 from
that school in our village,me and my friend Darshan were now here to 
take admission for our graduation. We were to arrive at the afternoon 
but the train was late. We arrived at almost 9p.m-Our Bad Luck. "It 
would be good if fortunately we find a hostel this night itself,or else 
we'll have to pay a lot for staying at a hotel or lodge.",We thought. 
The markets and buildings were about 2 or 3kilometeres far from the 
station. What else could we have expected of a hill station. We decided 
to go there on foot thinking that we may miss the hostel(if any,on the 
way) if we go by a vehicle. 

While walking,one or two vehicles were passing by,at times..but still,we
felt so lonely,as there was no one to be seen there on foot. On our 
way,we noticed something written on a stone which was protruding from 
the hill on the right side. I took a closer look,the moonlight helped 

"Whoa",I thought,"Who could have written this type of evil quote on a
stone like this. Maybe someone who has hatred for God in his/her heart 
due to some reason.". "What's written there?",Asked Darshan curiously. 
"Nevermind! Just an useless quote.",I said,"Let us continue.". And we 
started going farther. 

It seemed that the roads were usually dark. "What would've happened if
it wasn't a full moon night today...",We thought. We had completed 
almost half of our journey,just about 1kilometre more to go. Just 
then,on the left side of the road,we saw a big house,it was on the edge 
of the hill and thus was so beautiful looking. We walked a little to 
the main gate and the signboard read that it was a hostel. As we 
entered the gate,we were confused if it was really a 'Hostel' or a 
'Hotel'-Maybe a spelling mistake on the signboard..? So many lights 
were there,and so many plants and trees in the garden,and also a 
colourful fountain in the middle. From outside,we peeked into the rooms 
through the window and saw some students sleeping,and some rooms were 
vacant also. As we entered the door,the signboard read,"Admission 
Time-8a.m to 8p.m". Darshan checked his wristwatch,it was showing 
9:40p.m. "There's no chance...",He said. But suddenly we noticed inside 
that the warden sitting on a chair was sleeping in a head down position 
on the table. We thought of a plan. We thought,"If we wake him up 
now,there's no chance that we would be admitted now." And thus we 
sneaked silently past him into the nearest vacant room. We went to 
sleep on the soft and cozy bed there for that night,and thought that 
tomorrow we'll explain everything to the warden and take the admission. 

Soon,tomorrow came,I opened my eyes and found Darshan waking me up. It
was a pleasant morning. We remembered about our task. As we came 
outside our room,we were surprised to see that no students were there 
in the corridor. "Strange,It's 8:20a.m...",said Darshan while checking 
his wristwatch. "Maybe,today is a holiday.",I said. We walked straight 
to the warden who was still sleeping. And as I patted him to wake him 
up,his body fell on the floor. He was dead. We screamed loudly in 
fear,but no one came. We didn't have the courage to enter there again. 
We forgot about our luggages and ran straight to the exit,the main 
gate...but it was locked tightly. We tried to break it using all the 
strength we had but in vain. We realized that it was not the gate,but 
some other invisible force which provided this strong resistance to the 

Outside we saw,there were lots of vehicles and many people passing by
now. We shouted for help but no one heard us. Just then,two college 
girls stopped at the gate outside,perhaps to take rest. One of them 
pointed at us and said to her friend,"Look at this 
beautiful,isn't it? But once there used to be an even beautiful hostel 
here,but one night,a landslide occured and the entire hostel went down 
the hill...You had probably seen the news,it happened about 4years 
ago.". "Oh so sad!",said her friend,"I hadn't seen the news,today only 
I came to know this after you told me just now. I don't understand,Why 
does God do like this to some people...". She said,"Who knows? It's not 
so easy for normal people like us to understand God...". They while 
chatting started continuing their journey. We shouted with all our 
energy at them to notice us,to help us..but they also like the others 
were unable to listen. 

Many hours have passed,we have no more energy left,not even to shout or
cry,we have lost all our hopes by now. We just know that now we have 
two options. Either to live with these dead bodies without food and 
water,and eventually one day starve to death. Or else,to jump from the 
edge of the hill behind the hostel and commit suicide. But one thing is 
for sure,there is no escape now,and our death is imminent. Now just an 
useless evil quote is striking our minds again and again,and we are 
full of regret that we didn't try even once to realize it's worth - THE 


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