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The room was empty (standard:romance, 721 words)
Author: KilgoreTroutAdded: Apr 01 2015Views/Reads: 887/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
One day they meet in his room.

The room was empty and dimly lit. Small lamp on nightstand pointed
towards ceiling and diligently transformed electricity into light and 
heart. The owner of this room was absent, he left the room in a hurry 
and forgot about the lamp. 

Distant noise and rattling off key announced the entrance of owner. He
threw his bag on its designated location in the corner and he closed 
shades of all windows leading from this room. He took out his mobile 
and slowly composed a message for her. He stopped and triple checked 
the contents of message. He adjusted the text slightly, stood for a 
while just looking at the screen and then send it. 

He put the phone on the nightstand and stood for a while indecisively
above it. He knew that the response usually came much later, but he had 
hope, because for today they had planned to meet. He picked up the 
device again, lit it's screen and wishfully looked at it. He noticed 
that the message was delivered, then read and finally she was typing 
her response. 

She took long time to write it, but the message was short and clear -
she was coming. He wandered if she spend some time thinking about the 
message too, or if she just forgot to send it. 

He looked around the room, his eyes stopping on items they could talk
about after she arrives. Some time passed and he didn't do anything in 
the meantime, than rearrange some items to new arbitrary places. He 
checked his phone several times. Eventually he stepped out of the room 
and drag in sofa with two sitting spots. 

Blue blinking light announced new message - she was here. He
unconsciously took a long breath and went outside the room leaving the 
doors opened. Uneasy hello was exchanged and two figures entered the 
room. She looked around and sat upon a chair. He moved the sofa closer 
and sat alone on it. His feet touched hers. 

They talked both enclosed in their small universes. Funny stories and
events of the day were exchanged. The room remembered an evening not 
that long ago when he confessed his love to her and she sat in silence 
while his speech crumbled into sounds. Today it seemed they both 
remembered the day. She told a story and her nodded and smiled, but his 
mind was elsewhere. He showed her his attempts to create art and she 
vaguely commented upon it. He randomly shook his head a lot. She seemed 
distracted and unconsciously made a repeated clicking noise with her 

He spoke a few words, she agreed and they both stood up to rearrange the
room. He moved the sofa in front of computer and clicked a few buttons 
on keyboard. She sat next to him and watched him start the movie. When 
the initial movie sequence started, he held his hand behind her and put 
it on her shoulders. She moved a little but she left her arms in her 
lap. They watched for about an hour and then she tiredly said a few 
words. He stopped the movie, stood up and looked at her with uneasy 

She began to pack her things and moved towards the door. He moved a
little bit towards her and asked her for something. She shook her head 
in a smile, but then she waited for him to hug her. After a while he 
wouldn't let go so she tickled him a bit. He looked into her eyes, 
making her feel uneasy and asked a question. She rolled her eyes, but 
she allowed him to kiss her. After a while she escaped the embrace with 
laugh and exited the door. He followed her. 

Distant sound of the main doors and then he returned into the room. He
very slowly moved the sofa outside and then with deep sigh returned. He 
changed his clothes into pajamas and briefly looked into mirror. He 
stuck his tong out, grabbed toothbrush and left the room for a bit. 

He returned, put the toothbrush to it's place and turned off the lamp on
the nightstand. In darkness he climbed into bed and crawled into small 
ball. He felt very alone in this world. 

The room was disturbed from outside noise and by him turning on the bed.


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