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Act Of Human Kindness (standard:poetry, 221 words)
Author: David SynnAdded: Apr 26 2015Views/Reads: 1385/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is a revise. I have been inspired as of late by the notion of helping others to fill a void in my own life. "It is its own reward."

Act Of Human Kindness 

Hey man, do you need a hand? It looks like you've got a lot on your

I can't relate, but I've had my share of rainy days. You could use an
empathetic face. 

Hey ma'am, need a ride? Going down that road anyways. Streets aren't

It's getting late. Two miles isn't out of the way. Don't worry about
offering me pay. 

I'll get my reimbursement by the expressions and the emotions. The

People, so used to looking the other way. Wasn't until what I'm doing
for you was done for me that I understood... 

The magnitude. 

It isn't about religion. It's not about good intentions or about
self-indulgence. Just compassion. 

It has to be done. Someone has to do it. Not a hero by definition. Just
a man who's trying to make a difference. 

A dent, or to scratch the surface. Give it a try. You won't be let down
by the look in their eyes. 

The intense gratitude. Not just from them. It's an indescribable thing
to witness. The act of human kindness. 

The most fulfilling thing you can do for yourself is to not understand
circumstances or the subtle nuances. 

You don't need to bleed. You won't miss the animosity lifted off your
shoulders. Just be kind. 

It is its own reward.


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