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Ignorant (standard:poetry, 212 words)
Author: UnsunAdded: Apr 26 2001Views/Reads: 1845/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
who says cynics have no motivation.


I don't know so you don't know! I'll fall down to pick you up. Your
rules mean nothing. The more I see the more I fear, the more I learn 
the more I hate, the less I am the better the better I feel. 

Metal against flesh, meet force demands. I doubt my limits. 

Cut through flesh and bone you predict I'll saty down. A mystifying
prophet you are swirling in the smoke of time. Nostradamus was stoned 
you prick. Push my way up feel splintered bones and grin. It's all a 
great big fucking mary go round with a joyfully sadistic spin. 

The less I am the better I feel, invert my limits, and spin the wheel.
broken and worn fight on. I don't know so you don't know. 

A tug of war with god. neurons will fire, bones will snap, muscles will
tear and rend. God will laugh and I'll still fight for my share. 

Befriend the devil and slaughter my foes. I doubt my limits. Subvert the
laws and bury their makers. The less I am the better I feel. 

Rip the system destroy the world, fight on live on, beat yourself
senseless and claim the victory. Doubt your limits. I don't know them 
you don't know them.


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