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Cause and Effect (standard:poetry, 131 words)
Author: David SynnAdded: Jul 11 2015Views/Reads: 1353/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Hitting on the philosophical idea that doing nothing is the same as doing something.

Cause and Effect 

To right or flight? To vandalize? Cause or consequence, whatever chosen,
repercussion. Choosing a positive kills something negative that could 
have happened- Sets things in motion. 

Fueling and motivating, through my spite, I write. Or I fight. Scars
remain from my injuries- Post Concussion Syndrome, blackened eyes and 
broken hand. A feeling of emasculation. 

Choosing a path of glory or wrath, one action destroys another's
possibility of being. We could do nothing and wait for the coming- I 
have waited too long. Nothing is something. 

Doing nothing could be a definitive decision, making the difference in a
war that could have been prevented. Just a choice. Nothing more. 
Nothing less. Choose wisely, or with regret. Wish upon a star or leave 
it to your god. 

Cause and effect. 


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