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THE PLANET THAT LOVED PEOPLE (standard:science fiction, 2211 words) [1/15] show all parts
Author: Danny RavenUpdated: Mar 10 2016Views/Reads: 712/429Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
PART 2 - CH 1



“Final check,” said Kane. “Primary course for leaving Earth?” 

“Plotted and logged,” Talis told him. 

“Energy banks?” 

“At maximum,” Miller replied. 


“All charged! All functioning! All ready!” a grinning Sinto responded. 

“Computer status?” 

“Aware,” it replied crisply. 

“Communication lines?” 

“Connected with Tyler on his secure channel,” said Muslik. “I can put
him on screen when you say.” 

Kane nodded and leaned back in the Captain's chair and surveyed the
scene on the Bridge. Talis was in the Pilot's chair to his left with an 
excited Blaze sitting next to her. Miller was in the Engineer's chair, 
intently studying the instrument panels. Sinto was in front of the 
weapons console. Muslik was over in the Navigator's corner. Corthan was 
in the Observer's chair, ready to help anybody who needed it. 

Everyone was wearing black jump-suits and black combat boots except
Talis who had insisted on wearing her dark blue Fleet Pilot uniform 
with its yellow epaulettes. 

“Put Tyler on the Earth Monitor,” Kane said to Muslik. 

Muslik nodded and pushed a button on his console. 

A small Earth Monitor had been installed next to the large Observation
Screen and it flickered to life and Tyler smiled out at them. 
“Greetings Earthlings!” he said. 

Blaze sniggered. 

“I've been watching,” Tyler went on. “All set for lift?” 

Kane nodded curtly at him. He glanced round at them all. “Lock in,” he

Blaze whooped and fumbled with his chair lock and a smiling Talis had to
help him as they all locked in. 

“Clear us for lift,” Kane ordered Talis. 

She looked up at Tyler. “Fleet Falcon RX115C. All systems checked. Power
at maximum. Primary course plotted and logged. Permission to lift.” 

Tyler grinned round at them. This was the moment he had been waiting
for. All his months of planning had come to this. “Good luck on your 
mission,” he said. “Fleet Falcon RX115C - clear to lift.” 

“Engage Drive,” Kane ordered. 

Talis keyed in some buttons on her console and the Falcon's Drive whined
to life. 

“Boost power for lift,” Kane ordered. 

Talis flicked another button and the Drive whined higher. 

Kane had a final glance round and grinned at them all. “Lift!” he
ordered. Talis hit another button and the Falcon lifted slowly at first 
then gathered speed and arrowed into the air. Within a minute it was a 

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