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THE PLANET THAT LOVED PEOPLE (standard:science fiction, 2739 words) [1/12] show all parts
Author: Danny RavenUpdated: Mar 13 2016Views/Reads: 719/419Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
PART 3 - CH 1



‘It's like being suspended between two massive black cliffs!' Muslik
thought, staring at the Observation Screen. 

The Falcon had drifted further into the Corridor which was now lit by a
weak greenish glow from ahead, highlighting the dark area. 

Muslik had the forward scanner's remote control in his hand and was
slowly panning from one side of the Corridor to the other. The sheer 
size of it dwarfed the Ship. 

“Distance to the sides of the Corridor?” he asked the Computer. 

“It remains at one space mile on either side,” it replied. 

Muslik was alone on the Bridge. Despite the possible dangers that lay
ahead, he had refused to join Kane, Sarah and Blaze in the Safety 

“This is too damned interesting to be seen on a small monitor,” he had
told Kane. “I'm staying to see it on the big Observation Screen.... oh 
and to pilot as well!” 

Although the Falcon could be piloted from the Safety Cabin, Kane knew it
was pointless arguing with him. When they left, Muslik re-connected 
with Tyler via the Earth Screen. 

In his secret room, Tyler was able to see the view from the Observation
Screen on one of his monitors and was also able to communicate with 

“Engage Drive and take us forwards slowly,” he ordered the Computer. 

“Engaging Drive,” it replied and the Ship started moving a little faster
through the Corridor. 

“Are you picking up the picture?” Muslik asked Tyler. 

“Yes, I can see everything,” Tyler replied, watching with interest. 

Ahead, the green glow became stronger and Muslik began to see why. The
Falcon was passing into the circular section of the Corridor composed 
of massive green and purple triangles which pulsed constantly as if 
they were alive. 

“Absolute pure energy!” Muslik muttered in awe, as impressed as the
First Officer on the Zenon had been when he'd seen them. 

“Picking up the picture, Frank?” he asked. 

“We are,” Kane replied over the inter-com from the Safety Cabin. 

“Is your force-field on round the Cabin?” Muslik asked. 

“Yeah it's on,” Kane told him. 

Muslik lit his short stemmed pipe and settled back comfortably in his
seat. Remembering the film from the Zenon during the briefing sessions 
on Earth, he knew what to expect next. Shortly afterwards it happened. 

As the Ship rounded a corner in the Corridor, one of the gigantic,
spiked, titanium balls was rolling along the top of it, about five 
hundred yards in diameter. 

Muslik remained calm. The Falcon was much smaller than the Zenon and
there was no need to even alter course and take it lower. 

“One of those giant, striped balls is coming our way,” he announced.
“It's blue and red.” 

Tyler saw it and so did the others in the Safety Cabin. 

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